Why do you dream about long curly hair - 117 interpretations from different dream books

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Hair as an indicator of health and vitality. It is a fetish and a very powerful symbol in many mystical rites and occult practices. If hair has captured your attention in a dream, this fact should not go unnoticed.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman saw black curly hair in a dream, according to Fedorovskaya’s dream book, the search for an additional source of income may be delayed. But sooner or later it will give its results and you will be able to improve your financial situation.

To a man

According to David Loff's dream book, a man dreams of thick curly hair and risks missing out on the opportunity to take a leadership position.


The plot, in which a pregnant girl dreamed of beautiful curly hair, suggests that she will soon be able to solve a problem that has been worrying the dreamer for a long time. Help will come from a stranger.

Interpretations for everyone

There are several common meanings.

Dreamed of playful curls

  • Curls seen in a dream warn that you should not do frivolous things.
  • You may dream of having curly hair before festivities, joys, and exciting adventures.
  • If you dreamed of a head covered with curls, then in reality the marriage of a family man will be strong, and trusting relationships will develop between relatives.
  • A similar hairstyle on an unfamiliar baby hints at the spontaneity, sincerity, and kindness inherent in the dreamer.

Take into account the mood of the dream, because good emotions together with curly images almost always give a favorable interpretation; a negative mood will hint at possible personal problems.

Psychological characteristics of sleep

A person will indulge in love affairs, which will entail negative consequences, says Miller’s dream book.

Artificial strands in dreams will tell you that in order to achieve your goal you will have to make sacrifices, resort to tricks and deception.

Freud and his interpretations, based on phallic symbolism, consider the curls discovered during a dream as an overestimation of one’s own capabilities, both ability to work and sexual needs.

What soothsayers, mediums and astrologers will tell

The opinions of famous practitioners, astrologers and sorcerers differ.

  • Why do curly-haired people dream according to Vanga’s dream book? A person is in the center of unpleasant events, they are trying to fool him, mislead him, in order to direct him onto the wrong, slippery path.
  • Keep your distance from your enemies, watch their actions, so that after dreams with curly hair, you do not lose the financial stability created by long work of a good reputation.
  • Tsvetkov views signs with curls as upcoming changes, improved health, and strengthened fortitude.

Watching luxurious hair is a sign of the holidays, and combing tangled ends is a sign of solving accumulated problems.

Meaning according to modern interpreter

Favorable news will come from afar, for example, you will be pleased with the news of receiving an inheritance, or the birth of a child from close relatives, assures the modern interpreter.

  • Finding curly hair in a dream means you will meet the love of your life.

Gather unruly curls into a braid

The modern dream book hints: although curled curls symbolize unshakable feelings of love and respect, there may be envious people nearby who intend to disturb your peace.

What kind of curly hair did you dream about?

According to Olga Smurova’s dream book, long curly hair symbolizes a chance to get promoted to a management position.

  • short ones - for love adventures;
  • thick - to problems due to frivolous behavior;
  • beautiful - to the danger of suffering from the actions of scammers;
  • luxurious - for help from loved ones in a difficult situation;
  • light ones - to a promotion and salary increase;
  • dark - to problems in the family due to gambling;
  • gray - to poverty and despair;
  • dim ones - to love and prosperity;
  • lush - to signs of attention from a married man;
  • well-groomed - to high emotional stress;
  • confused - to the appearance of an influential patron;
  • falling out - to the risk of finding yourself in an awkward situation;
  • shiny - to cure a serious illness;
  • trimmed - to slight malaise;
  • dirty - to changes in the professional sphere;
  • wet - to a series of troubles and troubles;
  • with gray hair - to deception on the part of a relative;
  • burning ones - to fun adventures in the company of friends;
  • with lice - to the right choice and changing your life for the better.

What color did you dream about curly hair?

Try to remember what color you saw in your dream about curly hair and look at the popular meanings taking into account these nuances.

  • black - dream of bankruptcy;
  • white - to the implementation of original ideas;
  • red - to small chores around the house;
  • pink - good news;
  • green - to reconsider life goals;
  • yellow - to the return of an old debt by a relative;
  • redheads - to danger on the road;
  • blue - to serious problems due to inattention;
  • blue - to an unpleasant meeting with an old acquaintance;
  • brown - to receive financial assistance from parents;
  • chestnut - to intrigue from colleagues;
  • fair-haired - to a successful solution to an old problem;
  • purple - to attend a gala event;
  • golden - to a conspiracy that will destroy a career;
  • multi-colored - to the emergence of a creative idea.

Who had curly hair

Denise Lynn's dream book draws attention to who exactly had curly hair. This will tell you how best to act in the current conditions.

  • you dream of a country trip with your family;
  • for the mother - to worry about the health of a loved one;
  • for a deceased mother - to a sudden receipt of an inheritance;
  • for dad - to an unpleasant situation in the family;
  • for the deceased father - to a quick solution to an old problem;
  • for a brother - to a period of calm and prosperity;
  • for a sister - to intrigue from envious people;
  • for a daughter - problems due to the inability to control emotions;
  • for a son - to a successful purchase of a vehicle;
  • for a grandmother - to difficulties in communicating with relatives;
  • for a deceased grandmother - to the loss of an important client;
  • for grandfather - to success in all endeavors;
  • for the late grandfather - to interesting events;
  • for the husband - to a quick improvement in relations with parents;
  • for an ex-husband - a long business trip;
  • for the wife - to difficulties in communicating with her loved one;
  • for an ex-wife - to participate in a dubious project;
  • for a friend or girlfriend - to unexpected expenses;
  • for a stranger - to participate in a profitable business;
  • for a neighbor - to unpleasant and sad events;
  • for a colleague - to get rid of a bad habit;
  • for the boss - to an exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • for the enemy - to receive good news;
  • for a deceased person - to problems due to gullibility.

What actions were taken in relation to long hair in a dream?

The meaning of this dream very much depends on what you did in the dream, what happened to your hair.

  • To see - a dream itself has many interpretations, its meaning depends on the circumstances, but it most likely concerns your internal state.
  • Washing is a good dream. He will lead you to luck. But all that is known so far is that all the problems have receded and the worst is over.
  • To paint is possible disappointment, falsehood, deception. This will give rise to anxious thoughts.
  • Shave - you are too annoying. Someone is starting to seriously feel burdened by communicating with you.
  • Combing your hair means thinking long and carefully about something, remembering, analyzing the reasons, weighing the pros and cons.
  • - to yourself - you will get rid of the problem that has been weighing you down, unravel all the intricacies down to the smallest knots and finally live in peace.
  • - for some - achieving goals and fulfilling desires not without the help of good people. Do not hesitate to ask, ask questions - a response will definitely follow.
  • Braiding is a long road, which can be perceived as a journey, or as a path to self-awareness or mutual understanding with a loved one.
  • Smoothing hair - the dream concerns property, its condition, and can often save you from breakage, damage, or loss of valuables if measures are taken in time.
  • - theirs - glory, honor and respect. You will receive great pleasure from the compliments, admiration and praise that shower upon you like a cornucopia.
  • - someone else's - do not ignore the advice of people of the older generation. From the height of their years, they have the right to this. Moreover, all their words will turn out to be prophetic.
  • Cutting your hair is considered a bad sign and a bad omen in most cultures. It means great losses (finance, mind, luck) and serious illness.
  • - your own - there is a great risk of becoming completely confused in causes and consequences. As a result, everything you do is doomed to fly past the target, as if your aim was lost.
  • - strangers - to reach a new level of relationships or change the environment at the cost of parting with people close and dear to the heart. The dream may foretell a divorce or the death of a loved one or relative.
  • Grow - good profit, good luck, success, increase in wealth.
  • Dissolve - the formation of new relationships or the revival of old feelings with renewed vigor. In any case, you will feel incredible lift and lightness.
  • Curl - this dream is the embodiment of the low, dissolute behavior of your spouse, he has an affair on the side and you will soon find out that he leads a double life.
  • To admire - something unexpected will happen, and it cannot be called a pleasant event.
  • Curling a curl around your finger means self-digging interferes with your development. Instead of taking action, you hesitantly mark time.
  • Losing your hair means the risk of great losses, the possibility of even being investigated and going to prison. You may have to go into hiding, hide evidence, cover your tracks. For the sake of salvation, you will be ready to do anything.
  • Walking down the street with long hair will draw attention to yourself, but not in a flattering way. Curiosity will be more likely negative and caused by your shocking and defiant, arrogant behavior.

Where was the curly hair?

Curly hair on the head, according to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, symbolizes depression due to lack of creative inspiration.

  • in your arms - to causeless fear;
  • na nonah - to losses due to one’s own fault;
  • under the arms - promise recovery after a long illness;
  • on the face - foreshadow a conflict situation;
  • on the eyebrows - predict a deterioration in financial condition;
  • in the ears - dreams of an awkward situation;
  • in the nose - to vain expectations;
  • on the pubic area - to losses due to frivolity.

Other dream plots

Try to remember your dream in detail and look at the popular meanings taking into account these nuances.

  • straightening very curly hair - dreams of boredom and apathy;
  • curling your hair in curlers means appropriating the merits of others;
  • cutting off curly hair means scandals based on jealousy;
  • buy a wig with curly hair - means meeting influential people;
  • finding curly hair in food means a pleasant holiday in nature with your family;
  • giving birth to a girl with curly hair means the end of a period of bad luck;
  • stroking someone's curly hair - to a conflict due to jealousy;
  • straightening curly hair - to gossip about the dreamer’s past;
  • hiding curly hair with a wig is a disappointment;
  • braiding curly hair means an event with negative consequences;
  • doing a hairstyle with curly hair means recognition and respect in society;
  • curly hair after a shower - to conflict in the women's team and loneliness.

The reality and meaning of dreams

A dream with pleasant images is considered a good sign. It promises joy from successful changes in life and travel. A monotonous dream that could not be remembered in detail indicates the low social activity of the sleeper. Predictions come true on the coming Friday or Saturday.

The picture seen does not contain secret codes or hidden meaning: it directly points the sleeper to important moments in his life. The qualities that you will have in your dream indicate those advantages or disadvantages that you need to develop or, conversely, overcome.

A dream on the waning moon belongs to the category of cleansing: it indicates that it will soon lose value in real life. Only dreams with negative content come true: they carry a good meaning.

A dream may hide an ambiguous context. It’s better to forget it and don’t rack your brains over its interpretation: there’s a high probability that you won’t be able to do it correctly.

Interpretation of sleep, depending on the day of the week

The correct interpretation of sleep depends on the day of the week:

  • on Monday hair - dreams of bright impressions;
  • on Tuesday - to positive changes in your personal life;
  • on Wednesday - to a serious illness of one of the family members;
  • on Thursday - to moral and/or physical fatigue;
  • on Friday - to popularity with the opposite sex;
  • on Saturday - to misunderstandings in relations with superiors;
  • on Sunday - to attend a gala event.

What is the length and color of the curls

The length and color of the curls also have their meaning.

If you see long, curly locks, this is a wonderful sign from above, promising you success in financial matters. And why such a night vision promises success in business and money both for the sleeping person and for his closest relatives. But often such visions are associated with intricate plans and high-flown ideas that the sleeper himself is endowed with.

But if you see curly locks on your head, arranged in a beautiful, intricate hairstyle, a breakthrough has come in matters, even complex and stagnant ones. And here events will develop at a rapid speed and it is important not to miss the chance that fate gives.

There are also several interpretations regarding the length of the strands:

  1. In reality, the sleeper experiences an obsessive need for new sensations and experiences, to somehow diversify his routine life. Therefore, the advice from above is to take a vacation and travel.
  2. If at this stage of your life you are busy signing an important contract or opening your own business, such a night vision bodes well for you.

But short hair is a very unfavorable sign from above, which speaks of a real danger hidden from your eyes. Therefore, it is worth analyzing your surroundings, words and actions, decisions and identifying where trouble can come from.

Dream book by numbers: interpretation table

Day of the monthInterpretations
1to betrayal by a friend
2to money luck
3to uncertainty in your decisions
4to pleasant changes
5to conflicts in relationships with family
6to profit or bonus
7to unreasonable fears
8to fear of difficulties
9to slander and envy
10to disappointment and tears
11to the ability to avoid danger
12to develop your own project
13to new sexual discoveries
14to perform noble deeds
15to solve financial problems
16to reconciliation with a friend
17for a long-awaited vacation
18to a promising acquaintance
19to a profitable business offer
20to a profitable but dangerous business
21to problems in the family
22towards an elusive goal
23to meet an old friend
24to conflicts with family or friends
25to meet an unknown enemy
26to resolve financial problems
27to implement a creative idea
28to forced separation from loved ones
29to worry about other people's affairs
30to a successful investment of personal funds
31to deterioration of relationships in the team

Other details

To better remember the night's plot, you need to put a pen and a notepad under your pillow: upon waking up, a person can immediately write down what he saw. 15 minutes after waking up, 80% of the information is erased from memory, and when interpreting, every single nuance is important:

  1. Cutting your hair in a dream always means change. If someone cuts the dreamer’s hair, then material losses and unexpected grief await the latter. To cut another person's hair yourself means that those around you will soon need help and support.
  2. To see long hair in a dream and comb it - such a vision can be deciphered in different ways. If you do this and be proud of your hair and have pleasant feelings towards it, then the person sleeping in reality successfully controls his life, everything works out for him.
  3. Unraveling and combing your hair unsuccessfully, while feeling irritated and nervous - a complex and confusing situation lies ahead that will take a lot of time and effort.
  4. Combing someone else's long curls means being too intrusive and boring towards others.
  5. In the dream, short hair was able to grow in a short time - in reality, the dreamer will very quickly achieve what he wanted. In most cases, we are talking about career growth and well-being in personal business. The same interpretation is true for a vision where the hair darkens right before our eyes.
  6. Stroking another person's hair means that the person who sees the night plot will make peace with the person who has been in a quarrel for a long time. Resolving long-term conflict with others.
  7. If you wash unsuccessfully, the sleeper will soon go on a long journey, where he will receive a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Long hair in this case means a long road.
  8. Braiding a beautiful braid for a girl means meeting her other half, getting married, and starting to lead a sedate lifestyle.

If in reality the dreamer does not have a luxurious head of hair, but in a dream he does, then this is definitely a good sign. However, it is worth paying attention to the manipulations performed with the hair.

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