Why do you dream about the ceiling and walls: interpretation from the dream book
The ceiling symbolizes the sensations of the soul of a sleeping person: low and dark in a poorly lit room -
dream book brother
Why do you dream of hitting your brother - 14 interpretations from different dream books
There is nothing strange about seeing your brother in a dream, if he
Dream from Saturday to Sunday kiss with a guy you like
if you dreamed of a kiss with a guy you like from Saturday to Sunday in a dream Dream Interpretation
why do you dream about drinking?
“Why do you dream about drinking? If you see Drinking in a dream, what does it mean?
Go for it, everything will work out. In dream books there are many other explanations of why you dream of drinking alcohol.
Why do you dream of a fight with your father: interpretation of the plot from dream books
Dream books interpret a fight with relatives differently. In many books such night vision has
washing feet
Why dream of washing the feet of a dead person, what awaits the dreamer?
Quick transition to interpretations Interpretation depending on the gender of the dreamer Whose feet did you wash?
What does it mean to feed small animals meat, fish, porridge?
What does it mean according to the dream book to feed or give milk to kittens in a dream?
Kittens are little fluffy bundles of happiness. When they come in a dream, such dreams are always
“What is the purpose of talking in a dream? If you see Speaking in a dream, what does it mean?
Opinion of the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima Conversations in a dream themselves do not represent
Why do you dream about deceased parents?
The meaning of deceased parents in dreams is described in the dream book. Why do deceased relatives dream and what do they warn us about?
Scientists from the California International Dream Association found that more than 60% of men and about 50% of women
Why do you dream about an ax?
Dream Interpretation Butchers: why do women or men dream about Butchers?
Dreams still remain one of the most mysterious phenomena in human life. World
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