Why do you dream of hitting your brother - 14 interpretations from different dream books

There is nothing strange about seeing your brother in a dream if he is always nearby in reality. This is simply a reflection of life transformed by fantasy. What if you never had one? Or did you dream of unpleasant incidents or strange circumstances? More often, dream books interpret these events “by contradiction,” in a positive way: they predict strong family ties and longevity, and sometimes warn of danger.

Native or stepbrother

If a sister and brother live nearby, it is not necessary to look for the hidden meaning of the dream. In other cases, the interpretation of the dream is prophetic and depends on the degree of relationship.

I dreamed about my own brother - cheerful, healthy, friendly - as Miller’s dream book says, you can envy your own destiny.

Seeing him sick in a dream is a harbinger of strengthening his own health, drunk - there is a danger of getting hurt, naked - he can get into an awkward situation. Talking peacefully with your brother means longevity, swearing means trouble.

Seeing your brother's wife in a dream foreshadows discord with loved ones and cooling of relations with relatives; his wedding is a pleasant gift.

A little brother is a symbol of the need to take care of someone. Elder is a sign of the need for protection.

Freud's dream book explained why men dream about the closest of their peers - this reflects rivalry, the struggle for the attention of a loved one, as well as a premonition of a difficult period: with fierce competition, one will have to face hypocrisy and deceit. For the ladies, a famous psychoanalyst predicts a new sexual relationship or jealousy, which also does not promise an easy life.

A cousin or second cousin who really exists is a sign that it’s time to visit relatives. And if this is a purely virtual character, then in your immediate circle there is (or is about to meet) a kindred spirit, a true friend. Dream books associate communication with a cousin with disappointment in a loved one.

Other dream plots

  1. Beating a brother until he bleeds - according to the clairvoyant Vanga, such a dream predicts longing for one of the relatives, perhaps already deceased.
  2. If a cousin was beaten in a dream, according to Miller’s dream book, a quarrel with someone close may arise due to the dreamer’s reluctance to control his emotions and restrain himself. Making amends will not be easy.
  3. According to the Chinese dream book, hitting your deceased brother in a dream means bad news.
  4. If your brother beat you in a dream, the Mayan dream book suggests that some actions of the past will become known to those around you and will cause condemnation.

Someone's relative

I dreamed about my friend’s brother - there is a meeting with him, cooperation. A cheerful, friendly husband's brother means good luck ahead.

Dream books interpret the brother of a loved one as dissatisfaction with the relationship. You will experience a new sexual attraction if you dreamed about a guy's brother, and he could also be an object of interest. Why do you dream about your ex-boyfriend’s brother: the girl has a fan that she doesn’t yet know about.

Why do you dream about the death of your cousin?

It is most likely that after such a plot, seen in night dreams, the dreamer will receive a request from relatives to help them financially. But according to the Noble Dream Book, on the contrary, a deceased cousin portends help from relatives to the sleeping person.

This dream may also mean that the dreamer’s plans and ideas will finally be implemented in the real world.

It is very important to pay attention to what the relative looked like. His depressed appearance and isolation may warn that his relatives will not provide support at a difficult moment, and the dreamer will have to solve all problems on his own, take full responsibility and pay from his own budget.

A dream in which your cousin gave you something predicts financial gain and wealth. And if you congratulated him on something, then in reality you will decide to act well and nobly.

A portrait of a deceased relative suggests that you will receive moral support from a person who has not previously helped you.

Quarrels and hugs

For men, the meaning of a dream about a fight with a brother is rivalry and close friendship. Why dream of beating him - to family disagreements, hugging and kissing - to a truce. According to the 21st century dream book, fighting means a profitable deal, while a quarrel means financial losses due to one’s own stupidity.

A girl should not panic if she dreams of sex with her brother - this is a reflection of strong family ties and receiving support from loved ones. Dream books talk about emotional attachment if you happened to marry your brother in a dream.

Where did they beat my brother?

The Slavic dream book believes that when deciphering a dream, one must take into account where in the dream the brother was struck.

By the face

If you hit your brother in the face, the inability to admit your mistakes will not allow you to take the first step towards reconciliation with a dear person. This may cause a break in the relationship.

On the head

Hitting your brother on the head suggests that the desire to get your way at any cost has already served a bad purpose in the past. But no correct conclusions were drawn. You step on the same rake again and again.

On the stomach

Business failures will be caused by the actions of competitors. Most likely, one of their colleagues or partners provides them with information. It is worth concentrating all the key points in your hands.

Birth and death

A good omen is to see that a little brother has been born. His birth symbolizes a profitable project, for a man - increased competition.

Why do you dream that a little one is crying? To my disappointment. They calmed the crying person - the implementation of the project will require serious efforts; if he died, he would fail. Seeing a baby dead means overcoming your immaturity.

To see an adult die means he will live a long time. Death of a brother: in reality they will ask you for help or to borrow money - do not refuse. Be careful, the image of the deceased warns of possible danger.

According to the dream book From A to Z, attending a funeral or seeing off the deceased in a dream means the health of family members. Seeing a brother in a coffin means he will live for many years. Saying goodbye at the grave of the deceased reflects real feelings for a loved one.

If you dreamed about an accident or the murder of your brother, you will be overwhelmed by strong emotions. Seeing how the deceased was killed is a violation of plans, sadness that can be overcome.

Dream books predict longevity and prosperity for the one before whom the deceased brother appears alive. If a deceased brother appeared in a dream as if alive, remember the deceased and light a candle in the church.

Dream interpretation of beating a person in a dream - interpretation from a collection of dream books

This dream book assures you that such a dream mainly carries the following meaning - the triumph of justice. In a particular case, the situation may be completely different, but the outcome of the dream will lead to the fact that in reality you will be able to make peace with loved ones and find peace of mind. In real life, you should not be afraid of this dream, since in any case you will resolve the dispute in your favor. The dream hints that in real life you are holding back too many emotions, and most often they are negative.

If in a dream you see a person being beaten, then when you wake up, you will notice how you will become useful to other people. This means that you can help a person out of a difficult life situation without making any colossal efforts. Do not refuse to help people - you are the one who can help them. However, the decision is yours - to provide help or ignore the request.

If you have to hit a person in the face in a dream , after waking up, do not take everything to heart. The collection of dream books believes that such a dream will give you a lot of positive or negative things, depending on how the events unfolded in the dream. Correctly interpret each nuance to understand what you should prepare for in real life.

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