Do dreams come true from Tuesday to Wednesday: the meaning of the dream

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The interpretation of dreams is influenced not only by the symbols seen, but also by the days of the week. The day of the week can enhance the meaning of a dream, change it, or cancel it altogether. Dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday are prophetic and carry a very serious semantic load for the sleeper.

Dreams seen on this day must be taken seriously. By correctly interpreting and taking measures to eliminate the consequences of a dream, you can avoid troubles or enhance their positive effect.

Dream from Tuesday to Wednesday: prophetic or not?

Under the influence of Mercury, many people prone to clairvoyance see prophetic dreams. And, indeed, in a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday you can see what to do in a given situation - you just need to correctly decipher the message. Perhaps you should adjust your plans and change your priorities in real life. Or change your attitude towards the people around you, become more tolerant of other people's shortcomings, see good qualities and turn a blind eye to the negative. In any case, a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday means a change in life, and if you approach the realization of your dreams correctly, then positive events will definitely happen.

Features of interpretation

It should be borne in mind that when interpreting a dream that you had on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday morning, you need to take into account your emotions. How did you feel during the dream? Joy, boredom, anger, fear, fear? The emotional state of the dreamer is very important when deciphering images:

  • If in a sleeping state you experience positivity, joy, happiness: soon you will receive pleasant news in reality
  • A sad dream means separation from a loved one
  • A kaleidoscope of events, a string of unrelated images - you need to put things in order in your life
  • If you dreamed of a person who gives you something in your hands - to profit in reality
  • A frightening dream, an unpleasant image - a sign of illness
  • Longing associated with the loss of a loved one in a dream - to the long life of the latter

A vivid, emotional dream is well remembered, so it will be easy for you to interpret it. But if you are afraid that you will forget a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday, then write it down in a notebook or diary. And when you have a free minute, you can return to the dream interpreter and find out what your vision meant.

This is interesting! Did you know that you can order a dream to see what you are interested in? Since ancient times, magicians and sorcerers have known a special technique using a special pentacle. During a dream, advice from the Universe is transmitted to the sleeper. But to see a prophetic dream, practice is required.

Should we believe the dreams we saw that night?

Whether you believe the dream or not is entirely your choice. If you are a pragmatic person who is not interested in mysticism and the nature of mysterious phenomena, then most likely you are not inclined to believe dreams. However, many people look for meaning and signs in night visions, interpret them with pleasure and use the prompts of the Higher Powers in everyday life.

There are many cases when a night vision that occurred from Tuesday to Wednesday helped make the right decision. Vivid images in dreams are often identified with real events in life. Sometimes the meaning is just the opposite.

  • A blooming rose in a crystal vase dreams of a gift from a loved one.
  • A trip on public transport means a quick trip in reality. Perhaps there will be a business trip or an important meeting.
  • Dreaming of searching for a missing thing means finding something that you once lost and then forgot.
  • If on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday you dreamed of an unfamiliar woman holding flowers, this means a pleasant conversation with a close relative.
  • If you dream of an aggressive man, then be prepared for a problem to arise in reality.
  • Unfamiliar images, often changing without any connection - an empty vision.

It is important ! Prophetic dreams with a negative connotation do not always have to come true in life. If you dreamed of something unpleasant from Tuesday to Wednesday, and you are afraid that what you saw will come true, then take steps to prevent this from happening.

Do not participate in conflicts (especially with relatives), avoid public places where there are a lot of people, monitor your spending, beware of scammers and obvious ill-wishers. Show tolerance and kindness towards those close to you, especially in the coming days. If providence sent you a prophetic dream from Tuesday to Wednesday, then take it as a warning.

If you had a bad dream

Every person has nightmares from time to time. Somnologist researchers associate such visions with an overloaded nervous system, daytime experiences, depressive states, increased anxiety and fatigue. However, nightmares from Tuesday to Wednesday can be interpreted, depending on what you dreamed about. Let's look at a few examples of nightmares.

1. Falling from a great height , turning upside down in the air. Often awakening occurs suddenly, from the fact that a person “landed”, “hitting the ground.” You probably know that feeling when you wake up jumping on your bed? This is an unpleasant vision that portends:

  • Disease, exacerbation of chronic pathologies
  • Bankruptcy, loss of money
  • Breakup of relations with a significant other, quarrel, major scandal
  • Claims from neighbors, colleagues, management, etc.

Sometimes falling from a height in a dream is interpreted as a fear of losing hard-earned benefits or position in society.

2. Monster, witch, demon . Aggressive actions towards you from a representative of evil spirits. Assault, stalking, intimidation. Did you dream that you were being chased by a terrible pursuer, a maniac, often armed, trying to kill you? Try to overcome your fear and turn your face to it - you will be surprised, but an evil and dangerous person or demon in a dream will not harm you.

However, such nightmares are charged with negative energy. They talk about the unstable emotional background of the sleeper, about hidden fears and fears for the future. Perhaps in reality you are tormented by uncertainty about the future, about the precariousness of your situation at work. By overcoming life's problems, you will get rid of periodic nightmares.

3. Death that happened before your eyes . These are very sad, painful dreams. Often they are associated with the closest people. Seeing the death of a loved one in a dream, you experience very strong emotions, and perhaps you will find that you are crying when you wake up. Such nightmares indicate that you are worried about loved ones, worried about them in reality. Fortunately, such dreams are interpreted in exactly the opposite way - in reality, nothing threatens your loved one.

4. Snakes, spiders, cobwebs, scorpions and other unpleasant and dangerous living creatures . Dreams with these “characters” always cause hostility; a person sees himself in danger and often cannot “switch” to another dream until he wakes up. Read on the Belshazzar website what snakes mean in dreams, and analyze your own dreams about creeping reptiles. Most often, reptiles are associated with something negative, with worries and problems. Especially their bites, wrapping themselves around your arm and just crawling around the house. Probably, someone who saw a snake or a dangerous insect in a nightmare will face not very pleasant events in real life.

What does a dream in the morning portend?

Soothsayers and clairvoyants unanimously claim that dreams seen from Tuesday to Wednesday (especially in the morning) are the most truthful. Before dawn, the subconscious is in such an elusive borderline state when a person can see what awaits him. It is important to remember what you saw on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Try to consider all the details of the dream, the colors, all the people that surround you in the dream. If a phrase was heard in a dream, then remember it, and when you wake up, write it down on a piece of paper. Probably, through someone, the Higher Powers are sending you a warning or advice.

# If the vision is very bright, positive, in which people you like appear, expect happy news from afar.

# If you see yourself in a new position and in a dream you are doing great, in reality you will be promoted, or you will go into business and be very successful.

# You were given flowers, does a stranger seem like family and friends? Get ready for a new romance in reality!

# Have you found a plump wallet with money? In real life, your business will go uphill.

# Did you dream about a storm and broken trees? Unfortunately, you are about to have a big fight with a loved one.

# Dream about dirty water, do you swim in muddy waves? This dream is interpreted as an illness, a difficult moral state, nervousness, depression. Dreaming of clean water symbolizes a joyful event.

# A wedding that you dreamed about in the morning hours of Wednesday is a sign of a valuable gift.

A dream in the morning from Tuesday to Wednesday is almost always prophetic; it predicts the future and shows what to do in a given situation. Sometimes you may receive advice that may not make sense at first. But then, mentally returning to your night vision, you will discover that the advice was not so stupid. Whether or not to follow the prompts of the subconscious is up to each person. Everyone decides for himself whether to believe or not the dreams he had from Tuesday to Wednesday.

This is interesting! How to learn to remember dreams - practical tips that help beginners have lucid dreams.

Dreams about the dead

Dead relatives or friends do not appear in nightmares randomly. Their appearance is aimed at attracting the attention of the sleeper and telling him a way out of a difficult situation. If the deceased speaks, it is good to remember his words - they will answer an important question.

Words spoken in a dream by deceased parents are prophetic

  1. Mother. Sad means troubles that await the dreamer, happy means good news, a pleasant surprise. Her words are interpreted individually, depending on personal circumstances. A quarrel with your mother is a serious conflict with relatives. If a pregnant woman joyfully sees her dead mother, a girl will be born. For a man, this dream foretells career growth.
  2. Father - warns against intrigues, envious people, calls not to commit frivolous acts.
  3. The dreaming brother will be called to help. Fighting him is a profit.
  4. Sister - you have to be decisive, make a choice.
  5. Friend - useful acquaintance, career advancement.

A dream in which an influential person dies - a president, a politician - means that there will be global upheaval in the world. Thousands of people are dying - humanity will face an unknown epidemic.

Seeing a person: what does the dream book say?

Since dreams are a series of images closely related to reality, people most often appear in them. Acquaintances or strangers, relatives or strangers, loved ones or unpleasant ones, colleagues (former or current), neighbors, managers, teachers, etc. If you tend to dream, then you probably periodically dream of one of the people listed.

When interpreting dreams, it is important to pay attention to such aspects as:

  1. How does the person you see make you feel?
  2. What he says
  3. What is he doing
  4. Is he holding anything in his hands?
  5. How he is dressed, etc.

The truthfulness of the interpretation of the dream depends on how accurately you can remember the details. Also pay attention to whether you saw the person clearly or unclearly, how he behaved towards you, what you thought about when you woke up.

Read along with this article: how to correctly interpret your dream.

I dreamed about a guy or a man

If from Tuesday to Wednesday you dream of a male person, then such a dream is interpreted ambiguously. As a rule, there are several explanations for a night vision in which a man appears.

A girl/woman saw a man or guy in a dream . If you dreamed of a stranger, then soon an interesting person will appear in your life with whom you will begin a long-term love relationship. The romance will be long and pleasant. It will end either in strengthening the relationship and registering it in the registry office, or you will remain good friends for life. Seeing a guy you know means success in society.

A man dreamed of a guy (or vice versa) . The interpretation of the dream depends on the social status and family ties with the dreamed person.

A father or another older relative appeared in a dream - a warning about danger in reality.

If you saw a male ill-wisher in a dream, it means competition in love or work.

Friend - for a meeting and a fun party.

I dreamed about a male employee - perhaps they are trying to “sit on” you at your workplace, gossiping behind your back.

A manager praising you in a dream means a promotion or salary increase awaits you.

I dreamed about a girl or woman

If a guy saw an unfamiliar girl on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, then this is a positive sign. The options are very different - from sudden love to mastering new skills in the profession. A guy may dream of a girl he knows as a reminder of his obligations. Perhaps you haven't seen each other for a long time or haven't kept your promise.

When girls/women dream of other girls, the dream should be interpreted as follows:

  • Dreaming of a mother, sister, grandmother, aunt or other close relative means household chores.
  • If you saw your mother-in-law on Wednesday morning, it means a difficult conversation.
  • I dreamed about the boss - about nagging in the workplace, possibly about dismissal.
  • Girlfriend - to gossip and gossip.
  • A stranger is a possible rival in love.

If you dream of a fight or quarrel with relatives, this means a good relationship in reality. You dreamed that a young girl was giving you a gift - signifying pregnancy. Dreaming of an angel in a female form means revelations in reality. Perhaps you will find out someone's secret.

Seeing a deceased relative - what is it for?

On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday you can see both familiar and unfamiliar places; people who live next to you, as well as those who are no longer in this world... It is interesting that the dead come to us in dreams on the night of Mercury in the form of living people, and we don’t even think about the fact that they are already no, and we communicate with them as with real people. This brings happiness and peace, because it means only one thing - meeting with beloved and dear friends or relatives who have left us, but their souls are always with us.

If you dreamed that a deceased friend or relative was alive, this is good. A dream from Tuesday to Wednesday foreshadows happiness, good news, new things, resolving a problem, resolving a protracted conflict. Perhaps you will be able to get rid of a bad habit that is bothering you.

If you dream of a dead man in a coffin with dirt in it, it means you haven’t been to the cemetery for a long time, to his grave. This vision suggests that it is time to visit the churchyard and restore order there.

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On Tuesday night, dreams about kisses reflect the innermost desires of the sleeper. Vivid visions foreshadow future events. To correctly read the message of the night, esotericists recommend taking into account the nuances: who to kiss, place and time, your own feelings about this.

A kiss from a stranger is a meeting with a scammer.

  • Stranger - meeting with an insincere, deceptive person, communication with whom will lead to trouble;
  • spouse - the couple will have an ideal marriage, harmony and well-being;
  • For the lover, the relationship will be tense and insecure;
  • in the dark - friends gossip behind their backs;
  • relative - complete understanding with household members;
  • mother - protection of force majeure circumstances;
  • children are happy company;
  • deceased - illness, mourning;
  • another woman’s husband is a fleeting affair;
  • patient - disappointment, fatigue;
  • the enemy is reconciliation.

A passionate kiss on the lips is a change. Whether they will be positive or negative depends on the details of the dream. A gentle touch - the guy you like will pay attention to the girl. Kissing the hands of a stranger is deception, material loss.

Interpretation of dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday

To find out what a night vision means, whether it will come true or not, whether it is prophetic or empty, just read the dream book of Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Messing or another famous interpreter. The interpretation of a dream depends on the image and situation itself, as well as on certain circumstances. What matters is the day of the week, time (at least approximately), brightness and emotional coloring. In addition, you should take into account your impressions of the dream you saw.

What does a dream about love and relationships mean?

Love dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday are the most vivid and pleasant. Tender feelings in a dream intensify, making you experience the most exciting moments of your life - a declaration of love, passionate hugs, a feeling of warmth and calm, reliability and security. Let's see what dreams about love from Tuesday to Wednesday mean.

If a man dreams of a beautiful girl , this means a new romance in reality. You will find a girlfriend at a party or in a work group.

A girl saw an unfamiliar handsome guy in a dream - a pleasant purchase, a new hairstyle, a beautiful manicure.

My husband dreamed of his beloved wife - in reality you will be visited by thoughts about marital relationships. There may be a temporary cooling between you and your wife.

The wife dreamed of her husband - the subconscious gives a hint: pay more attention to your spouse, break away from routine affairs. Your union lacks warmth and trust.

In general, love-themed dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday are charged with positive energy. When you wake up, you will feel light and pleasant. Creative thoughts will come to your mind, and you may want to change for the better.

What does a dream about money, work mean?

Dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday in which money appears mean unexpected profits. Perhaps you will win the lottery, receive an inheritance, find banknotes, etc. If money and work are combined in a dream, then we can talk about career growth. Dreams in which you have to perform routine operations, tedious boring work - to minor troubles.

If you dreamed of a wallet with a large sum of money, expect important news from distant relatives.

If you dream that you are spending money in a store or purchasing something, this means excessive spending in reality. Perhaps your subconscious mind is warning you that you are too frivolous with your earnings.

Did you find money in a dream ? In reality, you will have a chance to earn extra money for a decent salary.

Metal coins - to tears, regret about the action.

Counting paper bills - if they are old, tattered, then this is a quarrel. If you dream of brand new banknotes, it means new ideas, development.

Do you often see your boss in your dreams ? Perhaps you are not completely conscientious in handling your responsibilities at work. Make an effort to earn management's approval.

The meaning of a dream about vacation, travel

On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, did you dream of a bright trip to an exotic country ? Do you dream of a sea with clear water, a sandy beach and green palm trees? This means that you often think about going on holiday abroad. Dreaming about a pleasant trip indicates that your dream will soon come true.

Did you dream that you were sent on a business trip ? Get ready to have extra work thrown at you.

A trip in public transport - a bus, a trolleybus - means the loss of something significant to you.

A fun party with friends means a quick meeting with loved ones in reality.

Do you dream that you are sleeping , or that you feel sleepy? Such a dream suggests that you are overtired in reality and cannot get enough sleep in real life. In this case, you need to adjust your schedule, try to go to bed early and not get overtired at work.


The appearance of the dreaming girl reveals the dreamer’s inner state. A beautiful young woman dreams of a man who is in harmony with himself. Talking to her is a joy.

A beautiful woman's dream - success awaits

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A girl expects her wishes to come true if she met a pretty lady in a dream. A man who is walking with a beautiful stranger will be helped by elderly relatives.

Many women dream of gossip, young women dream of wealth, and naked women dream of illness. If the girl runs away - change of place of residence. A long-haired girl means a long journey, a disheveled girl means trouble, a pregnant girl means good news.

Should I believe these dreams?

Wednesday dreams rarely come true. But if they were exciting with a clear storyline, they could be prophetic. Prophetic dreams tonight appear during the full moon and before midnight. Morning and afternoon dreams come true in the reverse order - meeting someone means a break in reality, cheerfulness foreshadows sadness, travel means life without changes.

For people born on Wednesday or Tuesday, visions of letters and gifts received are of great significance. Those born on the 3rd, 7th, 21st, 22nd and 31st of any month should pay attention to dreams about guests and new acquaintances. A dream on the 14th day is considered prophetic if the dreamer remembers it.

Moon and gods

Before you begin to interpret the meanings of dreams on the full moon, you need to learn more about it itself. Even in ancient times, ancestors considered the moon to be something extraordinary, they worshiped and revered it. They believed that the moon was some kind of deity.

The Egyptians believed that the lunar god Thoth could be appeased. Therefore, they presented him with various offerings, even sacrifices. And the Greeks had three lunar goddesses at once: Selene, Hecate and Artemis.

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