Why do you dream of a boil on your face, leg or back - 55 interpretations from different dream books

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If you dreamed of an abscess, a boil bleeding with pus and blood, this is a sign of troubles to come soon, for example, the hypocrisy of friends, which will become a source of great concern for you. If you dreamed of boils on your own forehead, it means that a loved one will get sick. If your entire face is covered with abscesses in a dream, leaving no living space on it, then in reality you can turn into a criminal or wallow in sins.

Who had the dream

In order to understand the meaning of a dream about a boil, you need to pay attention to who dreamed it. Depending on the gender of the dreamer, different conclusions can be drawn about the meaning of the dream.

To a woman

Interpretation from the dream book of Catherine the Great: if a woman saw a boil in a dream, then she should expect her partner to betray her. This is not a very good symbol, foreshadowing adultery, deception and betrayal. It can also mean deceiving a partner in the area of ​​family finances.

To a man

According to Fedorovskaya’s dream book, if a man dreams of a boil, he should think about his reputation. Those around him do not think as well of him as he thinks, and whisper behind his back. The reason for this is a close person who tells something that should be kept silent.


Interpretation according to Martyn Zadeki’s dream book: a pregnant woman who sees a boil in a dream should worry about her relationship with her partner. His feelings will soon have to overcome a serious obstacle. This dream marks a loss of trust and a deterioration in family relationships.

Treatment of boils as a symbol of struggle and victory

If you dream that you are squeezing out a boil on your head, this is a sign that you will be struck by a great idea on how to get out of a “wet case” comfortably, the Lunar Dream Book consoles you.

If you dreamed that you were trying to squeeze out an abscess on your hand, but you were having trouble doing it with one healthy hand - in reality, your loved ones will help you overcome troubles.

Squeezing out a boil on your leg - the interpretation of the dream is that you will have to “go a hundred roads” to achieve what you want, but the joy of victory will bring unforgettable moments of delight and pride in yourself.

To dream that you were able to cure your body of numerous boils means that in reality you will do something worthy of praise, which will have a very positive effect on your reputation.

What kind of boil did you dream about?

There are different types of boils that can appear in a dream. They may differ in size, quality, appearance, and color. All this also affects the meaning of the dream.


According to E. Erickson’s dream book, if a person sees a large boil in a dream, he should expect a deterioration in his financial condition due to health problems. The disease can be defeated, but before it recedes, it will significantly spoil the dreamer’s financial well-being.


Seeing a huge boil in a dream is, according to Loff’s dream book, a good sign. It promises a man success with women and a meeting with his soul mate, destined by fate. For women, this is a sign that someone has feelings for her, but is afraid to admit it.


Interpretation according to the Jewish dream book: a small inflammation dreams of injury as a result of negligence. We are talking about small wounds that will not cause damage to health, but will greatly spoil the mood and affect the dreamer’s immediate plans.


According to Felomena’s dream book, if a person saw a purulent boil in a dream, in life he needs to beware of hidden enemies who are trying to pass themselves off as his friends. These people are dangerous, they want to denigrate the dreamer in the eyes of others and cause him serious harm.


A boil covered in blood, according to G. Ivanov’s newest dream book, dreams of the emergence of a secret passion, which over time will develop into a serious relationship. This is the color of mutual love. In the coming days, the dreamer should take a closer look at those around him - someone already wants to take the first step.


According to interpreter Miller, a black boil is for a person who has put off an urgent matter for too long “for later.” This is a symbol that the time to act has passed and now the dreamer will face retribution for his frivolity.

Interpretation from dream books

An important detail of any dream is a person’s general feeling of what he saw. Pus in most cases is interpreted as an unpleasant sign that concerns not only the physical, but also the mental state of a person .

If you believe Miller’s dream book, then pus coming out is evidence that a person has unforgiven grievances that need to be forgotten in the near future.

Freud's dream book determines that pus in any of its manifestations is a symbol of dissatisfaction in sexual life. A person has accumulated a lot of energy, which he cannot realize even if he has a permanent partner. Perhaps the couple's relationship should be reconsidered. When your sex life is not satisfactory, you should think about changing your other half. If this is not done on time, then such circumstances can lead to betrayal, which will also end in separation .

If the pus comes out, then according to Zhou Gong’s dream book, a big win awaits the person. A rational decision would be to buy a lottery ticket or participate in some kind of drawing.

Where was the boil located in the dream?

An important role in the interpretation of a dream about a boil is played by its location on the human body.

On the head

Seeing a boil on the head, the dreamer must reconsider his way of thinking. His bad thoughts greatly influence his life and harm the people around him. If nothing is done, the consequences of such thinking will be irreparable.

On the face

If the dreamer saw a boil on his face, according to the dream book of Simon Canaanite, he will have to commit an act that will destroy his reputation in the eyes of others. Shame and ridicule await him, and it will not be easy to regain his former appearance in the eyes of society.

On the nose

Schiller-Shkolnik in his dream book interpreted this dream as follows: having seen a boil on the nose, the dreamer should carefully monitor his pets. They may soon have an injury or health problem. If the dreamer is more attentive, trouble can be prevented.

On the cheek

According to Stuart Robinson's dream book, a boil on the cheek is a symbol that the dreamer will be punished for his long tongue. If a person is too talkative, inadvertently betrayed someone else’s secret, or his words harmed another person, he will soon be punished for such an act.

On the forehead

Arnold Mindell's dream book interprets this dream as follows: if a person saw a boil on his forehead in a dream, then he will have to implement a very bold plan, but at the same time it will not be understood by others. On the one hand, it is a symbol of successful achievements, but on the other hand, it is a symbol of future ridicule from others.

On the neck

Interpretation according to Rommel’s dream book: a boil on the neck is a harbinger of rash promises that will tie the dreamer to his current way of life. In the future he will want to change it to something else, but this will be impossible. In the coming days, carefully consider your decisions.

On the back of the head

When you see a boil on the back of your head, according to the Lunar Dream Book, you should listen to conversations behind your back. Someone secretly mocks the person who had such a dream and spreads evil rumors. This harms the dreamer's reputation and can greatly ruin the mood.

On the right leg

Felomena's dream book interprets the dream as follows: a boil on the right leg means a loss of motivation to do something. The dreamer will be overcome by laziness and reluctance to act, but this is a trick of fate that wants to test his strength. Don't give in to this weakness.

On the left leg

A boil on the left leg portends that in the coming days the dreamer will be very active, all problems and matters that he had not previously gotten around to will be in his field of activity. Good luck will help you in your endeavors.

On the right hand

According to Jung's dream book, the appearance of a boil on the right hand promises theft from the person who saw such a dream. It is also possible to lose valuables or financial savings that will be impossible to return.

On the left hand

Leiman's dream book warns: a boil on the left hand means unexpected profits. This could be a bonus at work, winning the lottery, or suddenly repaying a debt. Anyone who saw this dream will have good luck in matters related to money.

On the butt

Raido's dream book interprets this dream as follows: a boil formed on the butt is a harbinger that in the coming days everything will not go according to plan. This will cause great inconvenience to the dreamer, and will significantly affect his daily life and appearance in the eyes of others.

On the back

A boil on the back symbolizes a quarrel with close friends. The basis for this discord will be misunderstanding - life paths will diverge forever if one of the disputants does not give in to the other.

On the stomach

According to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, if a person sees a boil on his stomach in a dream, he should be prepared for an exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases or the appearance of new ailments. Poisoning or stomach upset may occur, which will cause severe discomfort.

On the finger

Juno's dream book says that the one who saw such a sign gets too hung up on other people's problems that do not concern him. Someone close to you is irritated by how unceremoniously the dreamer interferes in his life. This will soon provoke a strong quarrel.


Interpretation according to the Complete Dream Book of the New Era: when you see a boil under your armpit in a dream, you should be careful: this symbol marks a serious danger posed by vehicles. It is advisable not to drive and, if possible, reduce travel by transport to avoid troubles.

Under the eye

According to the City Dream Book, a boil under the eye means that the dreamer's lies will soon be revealed to the one he is trying to deceive. You can’t hide an awl in a bag – and in the near future everything secret will become clear.

Under the nail

According to the Noble Dream Book by N. Grishina, a boil under the nail is a sign for the dreamer. In the coming days, he should not borrow money or borrow money. This act will not bring him anything good, it will upset the relationship with the one from whom he took the money, and besides, the purpose for which the funds were needed will not justify itself.

In the ear

According to Miss Hasse's dream book, if a person dreams of a boil in his ear, it means that he will soon learn some secret that he will be forced to keep. This secret will connect him with another person with invisible ties, but it will be impossible to give it away - the truth will harm a lot of people.

In the mouth

According to the lunar dream book, a boil in the mouth promises troubles and minor troubles in the dreamer’s house. Relations with household members will worsen, it will seem that all relatives are opposed to him and wish harm. Harmony will leave the dreamer's house.

Purulent wounds

If in your night dreams you saw a sore that oozes pus, or you noticed such suppuration in a stranger, then in real life you will experience some serious illness. However, if in your night dreams you are trying to bandage this wound and remove the pus, then in real life the illness that has occurred will soon leave you.

If you notice purulent wounds on your legs, then dream books interpret such dreams completely differently. Such dreams are a favorable omen. In the near future, some lucrative offer awaits you, because of which your life will turn in a different direction.

Who had a boil in a dream?

An important role in the dream is played by who exactly has the boil.


Denise Lynn's dream book interprets this dream as follows: if the dreamer suffered from a boil in a dream, he should be more careful with fire. Such a symbol promises danger to humans that will come from an open flame. The whole family should be warned and be more attentive to the fire.

From parents

According to Vanga’s dream book, if boils appeared in the dreamer’s parents in a dream, a person will soon appear who will try to deceive them. This dream predicts fraud, deceit and theft, as well as the theft of money or valuables.

The child has

Interpretation according to Meneghetti's dream book: a boil in a child in a dream promises minor health problems - a cold or acute respiratory viral infection with a low fever. In general, the disease will not be life-threatening, but will cause a lot of trouble for the child and parents.

Husband or wife

According to Simeon Prozorov, if in a dream the dreamer watches his husband or wife suffer from a boil, it means that in life they are thinking about cheating. Perhaps his partner already has a person with whom he sees behind the other half’s back, or a new object of love.

From a brother or sister

A boil that appears on the dreamer's brother or sister foreshadows a major purchase or a successful deal in the coming days. If relatives are planning something, they can rest assured: good luck will smile on them soon.

For a daughter or son

According to the interpretation of the Schiller-Shkolnik dream book, if a boil appears on a daughter or son, they are not telling the dreamer something, trying to hide important information from him.

At grandma's or grandpa's

Smurova’s dream interpreter says that a boil on a grandmother or grandfather promises them good health and a long life.

From a friend or girlfriend

Psychoanalytic dream book V. Samokhvalov believes that if the dreamer’s friend or girlfriend suffered from boils, then this is a good sign - they will have an unexpected and pleasant journey.

At a loved one's or loved one's

Having seen boils on a loved one, according to healer Akulina, you don’t have to worry about reciprocal feelings: they are definitely mutual.

From strangers

According to the Noble Dream Book by N. Grishina, if in a dream a person sees boils on other people, it means that in life he intuitively feels those around him, which is why he can have big problems.

At the dead man's

According to Artemidor’s dream book, seeing a dead man in a dream with a boil growing, one can conclude: fate warns of an impending danger that can still be prevented.

Why dream of squeezing out a pimple with pus?

Squeeze out a pimple with pus - you will find the strength to solve a painful problem. You will become more collected, decisive and active, which will allow you to quit your unloved job, take revenge on your offender, make peace with a relative, remind a debtor of his obligations, or divorce your unloved spouse. When you realize that your future depends only on you, your actions will become purposeful.

Squeeze out a pimple with pus on your face - you will become more attractive to the opposite sex. You will be able to develop qualities that you lacked, change your clothing style, or begin to react in a new way to the compliments of others. If you are not single now, the future of your romance will be in jeopardy because of new suitors.

Other dream plots about boils

There are other dream plots associated with boils.

  1. According to the Wanderer's dream book, a large number of boils symbolizes quarrels with others. There may be conflicts at work or in the family, many of which will not be justified.
  2. Squeezing out a boil in a dream is a good sign, foreshadowing a quick and simple solution to seemingly insoluble problems.
  3. If in a dream you squeezed out a boil while experiencing pain, then this foreshadows spiritual growth through some life trials. Soon life will turn in such a way that you will have to use all your humility and generosity to solve problems.
  4. According to Aesop's dream book, if a person opens an abscess in a dream, then in life he will have to face misunderstanding from his superiors. Conflicts and problems at work are possible, and no one will appreciate his efforts and hard work.
  5. If blood flows from a boil, the dreamer will have to greatly moderate his ambitions.
  6. Seeing a bursting abscess in a dream, the dreamer will have to find himself in a stupid situation that will make him a laughing stock.
  7. Having washed the boil in a dream, there is no doubt that in life the dreamer will make the most correct decisions that will help him in the future.
  8. According to the Islamic dream book, smearing a boil with ointment is a good sign that promises reconciliation with enemies.
  9. Squeezing a boil in front of a mirror - according to Freud’s dream book, this dream plot means that soon someone from the dreamer’s environment will harshly criticize him and point out his shortcomings.
  10. Shereminskaya's dream book says that if in a dream a person puts a bandage on a boil, then in life he will have the opportunity to correct his mistakes, even if they were committed in the past. Fate will not give him a chance to make new mistakes.
  11. According to the interpreter of Nostradamus, if you see a boil bursting in a dream, you can have no doubt about the success of your plans and plans.
  12. You are trying to squeeze out someone else’s boil - according to Seraphima’s dream book, such a dream plot may indicate that the dreamer is too worried about other people and is providing them with real help. The one to whom the dreamer squeezed out a boil will be his faithful friend in the future.
  13. If a person washes a boil in a dream, then he will get rid of gossip and envy from other people.

On the body

So, we continue to consider why we dream of a wound with pus, as well as pus on other parts of the body. If you see this substance in your eyes, then the sleeping person will witness some illegal and impartial act. At the same time, the dreamer will not be able to tell anyone about this, because this action will be performed by some person close to him. If pus oozes from a wounded eye, then this predicts future changes in the material sphere, as well as early prosperity.

If a nursing woman dreams of pus coming out of her breasts, then this is only a physiological reflection of a discomforting condition that is associated with the accumulation of milk in the mammary glands. If a non-breastfeeding woman had a dream about this, then such night dreams foreshadow the repayment of debts in real life. Please note that the more pus there is, the more debt obligations will be terminated.

If pus flows from the ear, then in real life a person keeps many secrets of strangers, and in the near future they will have to be revealed. However, you should not blame yourself for this, because you simply will not be able to survive without divulging these other people's secrets.

If pus flows from a finger or from a wound, then this is an unfavorable picture. If the abscess on the finger hurt, and the pus could not stop, then in real life the sleeper will face problems and conflicts.

Makeup tricks

The women's dream book will please those who, in a nightly phantasmagoria, had to apply a thick layer of makeup to their face to mask boils. Oddly enough, but this promises good luck and luck in reality.

Joyful surprises await in reality for those who in a dream intended to squeeze out the contents of a boil on the body, but discovered that the abscess had disappeared.

A nightmare in which your friend takes off a scary mask that imitates boils on his head and face will actually turn into a pleasant discovery: this character will give you a great surprise or surprise you by doing a good deed. And if you sympathize with the person who appears in the night vision, then in reality he will admit that he feels mutual affection.

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