Why do you dream about scoring a goal - 35 interpretations from different dream books

Think about it!

Did you dream about how you managed to score a goal while playing football on the street? You have the ability to manipulate others at your discretion, without even knowing about your own abilities.

Football itself reflects teamwork in a dream, and if you dreamed that you personally scored a goal, then the dream book believes that in reality you may have to become a leader.

Seeing football from the outside, for example, at a stadium or on TV, means that you will have to observe the correct execution of some task, but you will practically not be able to influence its course.

Who had the dream

Scoring a goal in a dream means victory and success. In a woman’s dream, new achievements in professional activities await. For men, the dream promises a quick move.

To a woman

If a woman is lucky enough to score a goal in a dream, she will soon experience dizzying popularity and incredible success in opening a new business.

To a man

Interpretation according to Miller: a dream in which a man scored several goals means that in reality a quick and rapid rise up the career ladder awaits you. If a man watched others beat him up, he will need help in life, for which he should turn to old friends.


Vanga's dream book: a goal scored by a pregnant girl in a dream means unpleasant troubles and worries. Difficult situations may arise due to the fault of people who wish and want to harm you.

Shall we argue?

Why do you dream about hockey in the same plot? In reality, you will earn the honor and respect of others. If you were unable to score a goal in a dream, then get ready for a fatal coincidence of circumstances.

Family dreamers may dream of hockey as a sign of domestic disagreements in which your word will be the last. For everyone else, the dream book guarantees various quarrels and disputes with the same result.

How to score a goal in a dream

From the penalty spot

If you dreamed of a penalty kick on goal, this is a sign that your love relationship in real life is coming to its logical conclusion; you should not keep and return the person. A time of financial crisis and job instability.

Free throw

If you dreamed of scoring a goal from a free throw, then you need to give your significant other personal space and time to rest. For women, the dream promises changes in finances.

From a corner kick

Vanga's dream book interprets such a dream as life in harmony and love. An ideal time to start a family and make joint plans for the future. For the older generation, this dream can mean the imminent loss of close friends.

From the center of the field

Interpretation according to Rick Dillon's dream book: a dream in which your children scored a goal from the center of the field means the receipt of finances and a profitable investment in a new business. If you score yourself, a long journey is expected.

Goal kick

In a dream, if you hit the ball from the goal and score a goal, it means that disputes will arise or you will meet a stranger. You have often imagined what your family happiness would be like, and now you have the opportunity to build it according to your vision.


Why do you dream that the ball flew straight into the goal? The dream book promises a slight improvement in financial condition due to a successful transaction or a smart move.

Remember exactly how you managed to score into the goal in your dream. The dreamlike nuances of dribbling the ball will help determine what can be done in reality.

Did you happen to see others getting into the gate? You will come up with some idea or project, but other people, perhaps colleagues or subordinates, will implement them.

How many goals did you score in your sleep?


If you were lucky enough to score a couple of goals in a dream, it’s a good sign that there will soon be an unplanned income stream, possibly an inheritance from relatives.


According to Vanga’s dream book, if you hit the goal more than twice in a dream, it means that you are in danger of loss and disappointment in your partner. A modern dream book about such a dream says that problems are likely to arise in personal relationships.


If you hit the goal four times in a dream, it means that you will have new things to do in which you will be able to achieve excellent success, but you will need to put in enough effort.

A lot of

If you hit the goal many times while playing football, it means a break in your love relationship. For males, such a dream portends well-being and prosperity.

Take action!

Did you dream that you were a skilled goalkeeper and no one could score a goal? The dream book is sure: you are a very insightful person who knows how to spot danger in advance.

In a dream, did you famously hit the ball with your head? In reality, you will do something unexpected, perhaps even crazy, but it will definitely lead you to well-deserved happiness.

Why dream that you constantly missed goals and lost? You are literally floating in the clouds, forgetting about business and problems.

What scored the goal


If you score a goal with your foot in a dream, such a kick promises stress and separation from your partner. Avoid talking and meeting with a person who is now in the past.


According to the prediction of the famous healer Akulina, if you hit the ball with your head and it reaches the goal, do not show or expose your feelings to everyone. Be a little more modest and remember that happiness loves silence.

By hand

The ball was destined to hit the goal from a hand strike - in reality it means that you will face anxiety and torment from the loss of something dear and important to you. Men, seeing such a dream, should think about the reliable well-being of their family.

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