Why do you dream about riding a roller coaster - 30 interpretations from different dream books

A sharp turn, new victories, career growth and stormy love affairs are promised by modern dream books to everyone who dreamed of riding a roller coaster. It is rare to see a breathtaking attraction in a dream and get a dose of adrenaline. But you always want to know why you dream of a hard takeoff and an equally sudden fall.

Meet passionate love

If you dreamed of riding a high-speed ride, be prepared to plunge into a suddenly flared relationship. Passion, tears, dates, long proceedings, divorces and new marriages - this is exactly what roller coaster fun is like in dreams.

To see in a dream how someone flies upward while you are sharply descending means competition for a loved one. The interpretation of the dream in Freud’s dream book predicts a rapid change in intimate relationships and a number of high-profile scandals within the family.

Riding a roller coaster in a dream and not feeling anything means frequent changes of job and sexual partners. Dream books claim that the dreamer is in no hurry to take on obligations in real life, tries not to be responsible for anything, and is looking for adventure.

What kind of roller coaster did you dream about?


According to Jung’s dream book, if you dreamed of a big roller coaster, it means that you will be respected by your superiors and colleagues. For many, you are a role model, and some consider you an undoubted leader.


A dream in which there was a huge roller coaster promises an upcoming offense against a loved one, this could be family members or parents. But you have the power to change everything and not feel guilty.

Little ones

A dream in which there were small slides means that you need the help of your friend. And you shouldn’t be at all embarrassed to ask for help; it won’t look stupid. The sooner you apply, the less you can lose.


Leiman's dream book: if you dreamed of high slides, it means that influential people will support you. You need to try to meet all their expectations and then you can start working on a big project in your life


According to Astromeridian’s dream book, seeing long slides in a dream is a sign that a long journey awaits you soon, which you should not set off on in a bad mood or understatement. Otherwise, something irreparable may happen.

Very cool

If you dreamed of a very cool roller coaster, it means that a person will soon appear in your life who will change it beyond recognition. At first you will resist, but after that you will give in and be glad for it.


According to N. Soboleva’s dream book, a dream in which there were wooden slides foreshadows misunderstandings and bewilderment on the part of colleagues at work. Difficulties in solving business projects.


If you dreamed of new attractions, it means that grief or sadness will happen in your life. Pull yourself together and don't panic, stick to the man's strong shoulder.


Dream interpreter N. Stepanova predicts: seeing old roller coasters in a dream is a sign that you will soon receive a reward for long and diligent work and an increase in salary. Distribute your income evenly.


Dream Interpretation by A. Tikhomirov: if you dreamed about broken slides, it means that misunderstandings and disappointment with your lover will arise in your relationship, but you should not do rash things.


A dream in which you saw an abandoned roller coaster foretells that your loved one will give you an unexpected surprise related to your dream.

Don't miss the chance

Sometimes psychologists explain sharp turns in a dream by the restless nature of the dreamer. People who in reality want to always be on top, to manage to do several things at the same time, may not give themselves rest even at night, during rest. They may dream of descending without insurance, or in a bizarre position.

If you dreamed that acute emotions overwhelmed you, be prepared for public recognition. The dream means that a tempting financial offer will appear ahead, which is important not to miss.

What I had to experience

  • Fear – conflict with family members due to different views on raising children;
  • excitement - for a fun event with colleagues;
  • joy is a good sign, foreshadowing a new addition to the family or the sudden arrival of distant relatives;
  • inspiration - for dramatic changes associated with moving to another city or looking for a new job;
  • anxiety - the vision symbolizes the bad intentions of others, which can ruin your reputation. Ill-wishers will try to slander and spread non-existent rumors. But you should not succumb to provocations, be above them and then you can find peace of mind.

Get serious

It’s not difficult to understand why dreams of sudden changes in an attraction mean - extravagant behavior can lead to partners refusing deals for fear of losing their deposits, and a loved one going to someone who offers comfort and constancy. Dream books encourage you to grow up and think about the stability of your earnings and the stability of your relationships.

Seeing a roller coaster in a dream, riding, experiencing thrills means the same rapid development of events in reality. Frequent career ups are replaced by sharp reprimands and downfalls. Dream books warn of caution - choose easier and safer paths.

Who had the dream

To a woman

Interpretation according to Rommel’s dream book: if a woman saw a roller coaster in a dream, it means that new turns in fate, career growth, victory in endeavors and bright love affairs await her ahead. All this will bring you a lot of positive emotions and an unforgettable experience.

To a man

A dream in which a man saw a roller coaster - according to the Lunar Dream Book, promises troubles, being in a tense state, constant and incessant thoughts about implementing his projects and introducing new ideas.


Felomena's dream book interprets the dream as follows: a dream in which a pregnant woman saw a roller coaster means that she is in a tense state, constantly thinking about finances and the well-being of the family.

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