Why do you dream about the moon - dream book, seeing a lunar eclipse in a dream, a full or falling moon in a dream

Some natural phenomena evoke mixed feelings when we observe them. And we feel no less awe if we see them in our dreams.
An eclipse is included in the dream book as one of the dreams that usually bring good news. True, it is possible to explain a dream fully enough only if you remember its details. Have you seen a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, total or partial, and, of course, what did you feel when looking at the sky in a dream.

Dream time

The interpretation of a dream with the Moon will depend on the day of the week on which it appeared.
A dream with the Moon on the night before Monday indicates that the person deservedly claims a promotion. This symbol predicts that management will highly value the dreamer’s efforts and career growth awaits him. To speed up the process, management should remind them of this and declare their rights.

If you dream about the Moon on Tuesday night, you should spend more time doing unusual and new activities, since such a symbol indicates the dreamer’s desire to gain new emotions. Having satisfied this deep need, he will find inner peace and harmony.

On Wednesday night, the moon predicts happiness and the best moments of life. The dreamer’s charge and energy infects those around him, and people begin to gravitate towards this person, because when they are with him, they forget about difficulties and enjoy themselves and life.

A dream with the Moon on Thursday night serves as a warning about future diseases. The symbol encourages the dreamer to be examined by a doctor for preventive purposes. He will later thank himself for the timely examination.

A lunar dream on Friday night predicts changes in the storyline on the love front, which will bring the dreamer a lot of pleasure. They can confess their love to him, if this is a girl, in reality she can be asked to marry. Having received an offer and listened to the speech of the suitor, you should think carefully.

The night luminary in dreams on Saturday night marks constant thoughts about business. In particular, the symbol of the full moon encourages the dreamer to remember that his life consists of several areas, and only harmony between them will make him happy. A thin month indicates the opportunity to infect a manager and several employers with your unusual idea.

The moon in dreams on Sunday night predicts a strong feeling of love with reciprocity. The dreamer just needs to not spoil anything with unnecessary words and intrusiveness. A slight detachment from the object of love will provoke him to take steps towards the person who has received such a sign. His feelings will warm up and intensify, and it is likely that he will soon begin to appear at the dreamer’s house.

Full moons and months

The Full Moon is a symbol of change for the better and success in achieving your goal. A thin month is evidence that the dreamer’s wishes will not come true in the near future. However, this will happen after a while.

In dream books, a huge full moon indicates the presence of domestic problems and difficulties in the love sphere. It is worth putting everything aside for a while and putting things in order in these areas of life, then the dreamer will be able to move on much easier. The growing Moon in dream books predicts the appearance of a new boyfriend or a good result for the dreamer in his business. It foreshadows an important and interesting acquisition that will evoke warm feelings in the sleeper.

Seeing both the Moon and the month at the same time means expecting the emergence of strong feelings in reality. This also promises good profits in the near future.

The dimness of the Moon seen in a dream demonstrates the presence of indifference in the dreamer’s life. Its cold reflection indicates that the sleeper is making many attempts to win over an indifferent person.

In dream books, the huge Moon predicts difficulties that will be caused by the presence of a love affair. The dreamer will be faced with scandals that will distract him from work.

According to dream books, looking at the Moon as it wanes means the need to beware of something unpleasant. This is a sign that urges the dreamer to be careful in the near future. While the growing luminary indicates good luck in love and a bright streak full of prosperity.

If the night luminary is reflected in the surface of the water, this symbolizes a person’s knowledge of his own deep motives and feelings.

Vanga's dream book: why do you dream about the full moon?

Vanga is a blind woman known throughout the world for her predictions. Even political leaders listened to her opinion regarding the future. Many books have been written about her and many feature films have been made. In reality, no one knows exactly where she got the information for her predictions. Based on information from Vanga, a dream book was compiled.

A large full moon in a dream predicts a person’s reflections on his life, as a result of which he will be ready for decisive action. After such a dream, people can radically change their lives. Sometimes this manifests itself in communication with loved ones: a person may quarrel with former comrades or simply cut off contact with them without explanation. A new month means renewal, the beginning of a new relationship or a new activity or hobby. If a person is involved in politics, then a young month in a dream predicts a successful career for him: he will lead millions and gain real authority in the eyes of his fellow citizens. If a big bloody moon, hanging menacingly over the horizon, appears in a dream, a person should mobilize all his strength. He is on the verge of critical changes in his life. One wrong step - and the dreamer can lose everything: authority, money, influential friends

To prevent this from happening, it is important to fully analyze your behavior and avoid making critical mistakes that in the future will lead to irreparable damage both to other people and to yourself. Watching the clear night sky with stars and the moon shining in it - to the fulfillment of a cherished desire

This dream is especially good if several or one of the stars falls to the ground. This omen indicates that soon all plans will be fulfilled, litigation will be resolved in favor of the dreamer.

The meaning of the dream about the shadow of the moon, Sivananda’s Vedic dream book

According to ancient Vedic sources, the solar eclipse you are seeing is definitely a negative omen. It usually predicts all sorts of unfortunate events in your life, some of which may prove fatal. If you dream of a solar eclipse, it encourages you to think about the frailty of everything material in this life. Your hopes and dreams are destined to dim because death is very close. Solar eclipse in a dream - expect the end of pleasure. You will not have time to bore your wife, since the end of life is just around the corner.

Seeing a solar eclipse means betrayal of a loved one whom you sincerely considered your friend. Such a dream warns that your expectations will be in vain and will not bear fruit. Eastern sources believe that an eclipse of the Moon in your dreams is a very sad sign. In most cases, if you have such a dream, it predicts the illness or death of your close relative, a woman whom you value and respect very much. When, for example, a woman is a dreamer and she sees a partial lunar eclipse in a dream, it predicts a serious illness for her daughter. If you dreamed of a total eclipse of the moon, unfortunately, you should prepare for the worst.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus: decoding features

Nostradamus believed that dreams are sent by some Higher Mind in an attempt to warn a person against mistakes. He argued that even the most ordinary citizen, who has nothing to do with politics, can have a dream that will predict the path of development for an entire country

It is only important to correctly interpret such a vision and not make critical mistakes for your life after it

  1. Why do you dream about the full moon, which has risen above the horizon and illuminates nature at night with its dim light? Such a dream indicates that a period of calm awaits the country and all the people who live in it. The population, including the dreamer, will live poorly and sometimes barely make ends meet. But the reigning peace will ensure satisfaction with the authorities and rulers. The people will be grateful for the period of peace and tranquility.
  2. Why dream of a full red or even burgundy moon rising above the horizon? Such a dream indicates an imminent regime change, which will be accompanied by military action. In some cases, such a dream for the dreamer means preparing for a war in which he will sacrifice his life for the peace and well-being of his country.
  3. I dreamed of the moon surrounded by many stars - a good omen. It portends a favorable outcome of judicial delays. If the dreamer has debts, unexpected outside help will help solve the problem. If a woman has such a dream, she will meet a wealthy man who will awaken a desire to take care of her and help improve her life, subject to reciprocity.

Interpretation by days of the week

If a lunar darkening predicts minor failures, troubles in your personal life, or an unfavorable outcome of the dreamer’s bad intentions, then a solar dark predicts major troubles, temporary deterioration of circumstances and losses.

The dream book writes that it should be interpreted by day of the week. Here are several such interpretations.

Seeing a solar eclipse on Monday night means don’t do anything new. It’s better to finish old things or make the day free. Everything could go wrong.

A solar blackout on Tuesday night predicts failure in relationships, quarrels, conflicts and aggressiveness.

Exercise caution, especially at night. There is a possibility of an armed attack, robbery or scandal

Wednesday predicts troubles with money. Any transactions, investments, savings and starting a business will bring adversity and tears. In addition, there is a possibility of an unsuccessful road or trip.

To see on Thursday night how the lunar disk covered the sun in the daytime sky - to tears and collapse in your entire life, failure and fatal coincidence. Very often, a dream predicts trouble at home, a funeral, death and a major loss.

On Friday night, an eclipse is seen as a sign of great experiences in your personal life. You will lose a loved one or your relationship with him will deteriorate. Sometimes such a dream predicts collapse in all areas of your life, but more often in love.

Seeing the sun darken on Saturday? Everything bad in your life will soon go away, although you will have to go through a lot. At this time, there is a possibility of scandals in the family, disagreements with those who are dear to you.

If you dreamed of an eclipse on Sunday, this is a lucky sign. The dream predicts minor troubles and minor delays in business, but most often it foretells a pleasant surprise for the dreamer.

On the day you see the sun darkening, you should not take any action. It’s better to wait to see what happens next and do what you planned in a week or a few days if the matter is urgent.

Try not to do bold things, otherwise you risk getting into trouble. It is worth canceling trips, flights, long journeys and roads.

Postpone a serious conversation until a better time, including a declaration of love. Nothing good will come of this. And try to take security measures to avoid becoming a victim of thieves and robbers, especially in the dark.

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Dream Interpretation - Eclipse

Seeing a solar eclipse in a dream is a warning about some events that affect fate. If you dream of a solar eclipse from Monday to Tuesday, then in reality you have ill-wishers who are trying to put pressure on you. But if you take action in time, you will turn the current situation to your advantage. If you saw an eclipse in a dream from Wednesday to Thursday, it means that in reality temporary difficulties await you. By and large, these are little things, but they will greatly complicate your life. If you dream of an eclipse from Thursday to Friday, then you have reason to worry: your husband is looking for entertainment on the side. Fortunately, his hobby will be temporary, and soon your family life will improve. If you see a lunar eclipse from Tuesday to Wednesday in a dream, this warns that you will experience some kind of loss. But you don't need to worry. After loss there will definitely be gain.

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In a dream, as in reality, there may be a desire to watch the eclipse.
If for this the dreamer used darkened glass and saw how the sun was first hidden by the moon, and then reigned in the sky again, then slight sadness in life will be replaced by happiness and joy. If the dreamer observed it in a dream without any protective measures, but realized that they were necessary, then, despite any obstacles in life, the dreamer will not only achieve the goal, but will also avoid the negative consequences that he fears.

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In addition, if you dreamed of an eclipse, it is important what accompanied it. For example, a storm during a solar eclipse suggests that the dreamer is so preoccupied with the general course of affairs that he does not notice a turning point in an important area of ​​his life

Being very worried during this astronomical phenomenon symbolizes that the dreamer is too worried about temporary troubles, and he should look more positively at the difficulties that have arisen.

Dream Interpretation: seeing the moon in a dream

According to Miller's dream book

the moon encourages the sleeper to listen carefully to intuition. An eclipse is considered a sign of a serious illness, the treatment of which must be started as soon as possible. The famous dream interpreter interprets the full moon as a stable position in society, stability in the personal sphere.

Vanga's dream book considers the moon appearing in a dream to be a bad omen. A full bright disk means the approach of global problems for all humanity, the rampant of dark forces. A crimson moon indicates the likelihood of an environmental disaster. As a result, people will die. But the prophetess Vangelia interprets a flight to the moon as a good sign for the dreamer

A person will show his talents in reality: make an important discovery, create a beautiful thing, write a book

According to the French dream book

If you dream about the moon, it means happiness in your personal life. Sympathy can lead to the creation of a strong family. However, a disk covered with clouds indicates the need to monitor the well-being of loved ones in order to provide help in time. According to this source, a blood-red moon means an exciting journey.

Red Moon

According to dream books, the red Moon is interpreted as a sign of a militant attitude, aggressiveness and anger. The use of weapons is not excluded. In dream books, the bloody Moon is a harbinger of bloody events, armed conflicts, and, moreover, very large-scale ones.

Having seen such an omen in a dream, you should be vigilant and pay attention to all the events happening around you. After all, what the red Moon means in a dream may be related to the people closest to the dreamer. To avoid violence against your family, you should take care to ensure that you have good protection in the near future.

The Red Moon in Vanga’s dream book marks an environmental disaster, the scale of which will be so great that it will take at least hundreds of human lives. It will occur when the sky is illuminated by the red Moon, symbolizing a reminder of how much harm people have caused to the planet.

The Red Moon in Miller's dream book is a symbol of large-scale military operations. If such an omen appeared in a girl’s dream, she was destined to accompany her lover to war.

The French dream book interprets the red Moon as an omen of exciting trips.

Dream Interpretation - Star

Supports hopes and desires. Symbolizes fate. Flashing and dying stars promise changes and mysterious events. Dim stars are a sign of illness and trouble. Sometimes a star can be a harbinger of the birth of a child. The star symbolizes fate, aspiration to the future, avoidance of real problems. Sometimes a star is a harbinger of the birth of a child. Bright stars - to success; twinkling stars promise changes and mysterious events. Dim stars are a sign of illness and trouble. The appearance of stars in a dream often echoes the symbols of the sun and moon. Thus, among the Aztecs, the morning star is the rising, male power of the sun, and the evening star is the intuitive, female the power of the moon.


- a symbol of happiness and good luck. And although it seems that its eclipse should promise something very bad, in reality everything is not so simple.

According to many dream books, a total solar eclipse promises troubles to come in the near future. But you will not only be able to easily transfer them, but also get great benefit from them for yourself. The stage of failure is necessary for the transition to the next, favorable moment in the future.

Also, a total eclipse of the sun in a dream is often interpreted as changes in the family. Possible replenishment, wedding, acquaintance of the chosen one or chosen one with the parents. If at the same time you see how the dark disk is gradually sliding away from the disk of the luminary, events in the family will be especially joyful and will take place surprisingly quickly.

A solar eclipse that you dream about at night can be a harbinger of an imminent creative upswing. In reality, you will be overwhelmed by a whole storm of emotions, new impressions and discoveries that will greatly transform your views on your own life and guide your creativity.

Interpretation of sleep according to Miller's dream book

  • If the dreamer saw the full moon in the sky, then good luck awaits him in his career. Single people will find a partner, and married couples can expect a new addition to the family.
  • According to Miller’s dream book, a celestial body of incredibly large sizes in a dream marks failure in new affairs and on the love front. A break in relations with your soulmate is possible.
  • A lunar eclipse does not bring good news either. You, your friends and loved ones could become seriously ill.
  • The new month is dreamed of on the eve of a meeting with useful people.
  • Talking to the moon in a dream means a strong marriage.
  • Two moons in the sky signify the end of a love relationship.

Additional signs

If the luminary in a dream had a red surface, in reality this predicts financial losses and warns the dreamer against rash decisions.

According to Miller's dream book, the night luminary predicts future destinies and gives amazing, pleasant gifts. For a young female representative, turning to the Moon in a dream with requests for help predicts a marriage proposal from an interesting man in the near future.

Flying to the moon in a dream means in reality striving for everything unknown. Miller associates such a dream with the desire to find out the truth and understand the essence of the universe with the Moon. Often such a dream promises gifts from a partner.

Moon symbol in a dream

The moon in the night sky always puts a person in a romantic and philosophical mood, provoking thoughts about the meaning of life and man’s place under the sun. You can dream about a new moon, a full moon, an eclipse

It is important to remember whether stars appeared in the night vision and how many there were. Or maybe the person dreamed of a starfall? There is also a special category of visions - fantastic, in which events are possible that are unlikely to happen in reality.

For example, the month turned upside down or the full blood moon crashed to the ground.

A variety of dream books interpret the symbol of the moon with slight differences - such a dream indicates a certain turning point in a person’s life. After such a dream, life will no longer be the same: in the near future the dreamer should expect some event that will become a turning point. This could be military service or a change of job for men, marriage or death of a spouse or parents for a woman.

Much depends on the personality type and worldview of the person who had to see the full moon in a dream. If the dreamer is an impressionable and subtle person, then such a dream can be provoked by even minor events, which in his subconscious will be inflated to grandiose proportions. The psychological dream book testifies that dreams are just a reflection of our daily experiences, and there is no point in trying to find a prediction of the future in them. But the dream books of Vanga or Nostradamus, on the contrary, assure that a dream can inform us about the consequences of our behavior in the distant future. Allegedly, one memorable dream sometimes predicts the path of life several years in advance.

We analyze the vision in which the shadow on the Sun was dreamed, interpretation by psychologist A. Meneghetti

An eclipse - in psychology, it is a symbol of the false values ​​that guide you in life. When you dream of an eclipse, such a dream may indicate that you are in a situation that prevents the realization of your true essence. An eclipse in a dream often suggests that you have to act against your will, go against your beliefs or desires, but at the same time you do so completely voluntarily, without any coercion from the outside. This is exactly what your subconscious is pointing to when sending you such a dream.

An eclipse in night dreams is often a sign that quite painful experiences await you, the cause of which will be your loved one. Perhaps these are some problems and ambiguities in personal relationships, you will no longer understand the behavior of your chosen one, you will be tormented by vague suspicions, although there will be no really obvious and serious grounds for them. If you dream of an eclipse, it symbolizes clarity and confusion of thinking, under its influence you can commit some rash actions - “it’s like an eclipse came over me.” In a sense, this is true.

General interpretation

Dreams about the Moon are very significant; its image personifies the feminine principle, hidden thoughts, secrets. In a dream, it serves as an indication that in the near future a representative of the shadow side, a girl, will appear to the dreamer. This symbol promises to receive an unexpected silver gift.

Depending on the circumstances that took place in the dream, this sign indicates changes in life - in the dark or light side. Sometimes he predicts death.

While the Sun is the personification of business activity, smart start and enterprising activity, the shadow luminary reflects the world of sensory perception, hidden thoughts, subconscious and impulsiveness in decisions and thoughts.

Such a dream predicts that everything will turn out in a completely different way than what the dreamer planned and expected. The time will come for deep feelings and emotions. The features of the moon from a dream give clues as to what a person should prepare for in the near future. Any dream in which the Earth’s shadow friend appeared predicts changes in the erotic and sensual spheres, as well as in the depths of the human subconscious.

Other dreams

If in a dream this luminary appears in an unusual form, this predicts the appearance of thoughts about the most important thing in life for a person. A square-shaped night luminary reflects the dreamer’s concern about his own health, while a triangular luminary reflects anxiety about the situation on the love front. The Oval Moon indicates that the sleeper’s worries about the opinions of others are groundless. Let them think what they want!

The image of the month appears in dreams before visiting guests. A luminary drawn by a child promises the arrival of relatives. A professionally depicted Moon is an omen of an imminent visit from an old friend.

Seeing the Moon drawn with crayons on the asphalt is an omen that soon a person who enjoys his respect will become a guest in the dreamer’s house. A drawing of the Moon on the walls foreshadows a meeting with a colleague.

Touching the Moon in a dream means you will soon experience a night full of passion.

Walking on the Moon means you will soon be struck by a brilliant idea.

Heading on board a spaceship to the Moon means meeting an interesting person.

The luminary, split into pieces, is tenderness from a lover.

Observe the heavenly body from the hayloft - experience changes on the love front.

A stable, strong and trust-filled relationship is predicted by the night luminary leaving behind the mountains.

The half of the luminary in the night represents uncertainty in relationships. The quarter moon promises a confrontation with deception from a person from a close circle whom the dreamer trusted.

The month swinging in the sky promises pride in the decisions made. A spinning moon predicts praise from a leader.

A month in the form of a human profile indicates that several people of the opposite sex are indifferent to the dreamer. A month with a cap on it predicts receiving a declaration of love in the near future.

In dream books, the black moon is the most negative symbol. Such a sign promises the sudden death of a woman dear to the dreamer - wife, sister, mother, daughter.

In dream books, the bright Moon predicts that the dreamer’s plans will come true. Mutual feelings and the achievement of internal harmony await him.

According to dream books, the Moon in a dream during the day represents future assistance to the dreamer from a person endowed with power.

Why do you dream about the moon according to the French dream book?

All dreams in which the moon appears are considered auspicious. Such visions promise a happy family life, long-term love relationships that smoothly transform into a strong marriage, as well as excellent health of loved ones. True, if you dream that the moon is not visible in the sky, but its light breaks through the fog or cloud, then such a plot speaks of an imminent illness of a relative or friend.

When you managed to see a bright, light moon, the number of happy moments in life will depend on its phase. That is, the full moon is very good; decreasing or increasing – a little worse. According to the French, even a blood-red moon does not foretell anything bad. She dreams of traveling.

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Moon and stars

A dream in which the dreamer looks into the night sky strewn with stars and sees the moon on it predicts imminent changes in life . Bright celestial bodies speak of a happy life. If the stars and moon are faded , then the dream warns of imminent sorrows and apathy towards life.

Twinkling stars next to the moon indicate good health and success in life. The reflection of the night luminary and stars on the surface of the water is considered a symbol of understanding one’s inner world.

Anyone who sees the lunar and star reflection will soon find harmony and peace and get rid of harmful thoughts.

Dream Interpretation - Moon

Swallow the sun or moon - a noble heir should be born. Bow with respect to the sun or moon - portends great happiness and prosperity. The sun or moon burns with fire - support for a great man. Sailing in a boat to the sun or moon - wealth. Worship the stars and the moon by burning incense - great happiness. The birth of a noble daughter. Sitting in a boat, look at the moon or sun - appointment to a position. The sun and moon are about to appear in the sky - you will receive a post. The sun and moon illuminate your body - you will receive an important position. The sun and moon with the skies are falling - grief, you will lose your parents. The sun and moon are hiding behind the mountain - the servant is deceiving the master. The sun and moon are united - the wife will give birth to a son. The sun and moon are dimming - the wife is pregnant. Fortunately. The sun and moon that have just appeared in the sky - there is prosperity and wealth in the family. The sun or moon is blazing with fire - support for a big man.


Often such dreams are associated with the financial side of life.

  • If in a dream a shadow passes along the sides of the luminary, in reality do not expect unexpected luck, but there will be no problems either. Stability, tranquility and even some calm in financial matters await you.
  • When the shadow slides across the top of the disk, you will soon receive a profit. There may be a salary increase, bonuses, additional earnings or unexpected winnings in a competition or lottery.
  • The passage of a shadow along the lower edge of the moon or sun in a dream is a warning. In the near future, it is better to avoid any transactions, operations and any other actions related to money. The conditions are not the best for such actions.

Why do men dream about the moon?

Men have completely different priorities in life than the fairer sex. Therefore, for guys, a dream about the moon foreshadows changes in their professional activities.

You should expect changes in the near future after such a vision: moving, military or military service, breaking up a relationship with a close friend, quarrel with your boss and subsequent dismissal. A dream is a kind of warning from the subconscious: you need to gather all your strength into a fist and not give up under the pressure of external circumstances.

If a man is sensitive, if relationships with his beloved are a priority in his life, then a dream about a blood moon may reflect his thoughts about love and intimacy. In some cases, a man, like a woman, has such a dream at the beginning of the divorce process. Sometimes it indicates the impossibility of allowing a separation from his beloved: the guy is considering the possibilities of keeping her at any cost, even if it means using his connections or committing a crime.

Lunar Eclipse! How to behave correctly during this period?

From time immemorial, a lunar eclipse was considered a very difficult period. People are massively deprived of the support and energy of the earth's satellite. What does this mean?

What is a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse is the phenomenon of the Moon immersing itself in the cone of the Earth's shadow (the Earth is located on the line connecting the Sun and the Moon), accompanied by a significant decrease in the brightness of the lunar disk.

A lunar eclipse can reveal in people a tendency towards depression and psychological instability, which threatens to commit rash actions that they will later regret.

How does a lunar eclipse affect people's behavior?

First, let's remember the well-known truths about what not to do in the days leading up to a lunar eclipse and directly on the day of the eclipse itself.

Usually, information about this seems to us to have been known for a long time and is widely accessible, but, as a rule, during the period of an eclipse, the emotional background becomes so intense that many people completely forget about it.

Firstly , everything you do in relation to the people around you during the lunar eclipse - the day before the eclipse, the day of the eclipse itself and the day after - will affect your future life. Therefore, be careful, act consciously and do not pay attention to emotions.

Let go of everything that suddenly decided to leave you during this period: be it people, things, money, social connections, work... Don’t hold on to those who are leaving, let them go in peace - it means their time has come, it means some stage of your life is closing , but only so that a new, brighter and more successful one has the opportunity to open up.

Secondly , try to abstain from heavy and meaty foods, and, at least for a while, give up bad habits. If possible, it is better to fast, to allow the body to cleanse and renew itself.

Thirdly , be attentive to your health. Especially try to avoid planned surgical interventions and trips to the dentist. During the eclipse, be careful with your legs (bruises, dislocations, fractures are possible), and also pay attention to the stomach and intestines - chronic diseases may suddenly worsen.

Pregnant women should also be attentive to their well-being - this does not mean that something bad is going to happen, it just means that you need to be more careful and careful during this period of time.

Fourthly , on the day of an eclipse it is not recommended to start anything important, since a lunar eclipse enhances the slightest negative vibration factors of the day on which it occurs. Cases that are nevertheless started may be withdrawn even after 18 years.

However, if you are confident of success and your thoughts are pure before people and before God, and also if the general characteristics of the day of the eclipse are favorable, you can act. But remember that sooner or later you will have to answer for all your actions and even thoughts related to the day of the eclipse.

A lunar eclipse may have an echo for three months, but the full impact of eclipses ends within 18.5 years, and the larger part of the luminary was covered, the more powerful and lasting the impact.

How is it recommended to spend the day of the lunar eclipse?

It is good to spend the day of the eclipse in nature, in unity with the Earth. To feel kinship and unity, to feel that the Earth, in which remarkable power and strength lurks, knows how to endure and forgive us for blatant mistakes.

Look deep into yourself - whose mistakes you have not forgiven in your soul, how much energy you spend on remembering, reproaching yourself or others, imagining a million times that everything could have been different if...

Sit by the fire, shake out your Soul chests and get rid of everything unnecessary. Release into the flames of fire everything that prevents you from freely creating, freely feeling, freely rejoicing... Follow your feelings in every subsequent moment, follow the energy of inspiration...

Perhaps these days some of you will feel disoriented in society, in life. All ideals may seem false and meaningless, all dreams may seem like illusions. Let go of everything and devote maximum time to yourself. Listen to yourself, your body, which has long wanted to tell you a lot.

If you want to sleep, sleep; if you want to sing and draw, sing and draw. Listen to your inner voice, your intuition and you will discover new horizons in yourself...

This eclipse gives us all the great opportunities to finish what we started and create within new beginnings the space and path that we will follow for the rest of this year and even the years to come. Think about this when you make a choice in the coming days between public opinion and your inner voice, between fear and despondency, and love and acceptance...

How is a lunar eclipse characterized in Vedic astrology?

From a Vedic point of view, a solar or lunar eclipse is unfavorable in nature, since in the first case the Sun is eclipsed by the disk of the Moon, and in the second case, the Moon is eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth on which the Sun shines. The Earth finds itself on an axis, between the Sun and the Moon.

The sun is our spirit, consciousness, willpower, volitional actions, creative energy. Symbolizes a father, a husband for a woman, the man himself, his vital energy. The moon is responsible for intuition, the subconscious, subtle energies of premonitions, unconscious behavior, symbolizes the mother, maternal instincts, fertility, everyday life, family, a wife for a man, real estate.

The period of eclipses is extremely unfavorable for any actions and undertakings. But the most interesting thing is that if actions are connected with a person’s spiritual life, with serving God/the Absolute, then the time of the eclipse can and should be used for spiritual practice.

You can and even need to read prayers or listen to church music and religious chants.

At the moment when the sun's rays are suddenly interrupted, darkness falls on the Earth, both literally and in the sense that “absolute evil” comes into its own. At this moment, people, animals and all living things experience extreme suffering, consciousness and logic do not work, the brain itself seems to be experiencing an eclipse.

Wrong decisions are made, intuition is not activated and does not help in difficult situations. Any events are perceived as life-threatening, “an elephant grows out of a molehill,” not only at the level of one person, but also at the level of society.

According to Vedic Astrology, it is recommended to follow certain rules during solar and lunar eclipses:

  • On the day of the eclipse itself, you should read prayers, mantras¹, books on spiritual development, meditate, be in the water (take a bath, swim in the sea, river), and fumigate the room you are in (stock up on chopsticks in advance). It is not recommended to look at the eclipse itself. It is advisable to be indoors at the time of the eclipse. If you are on a trip, then at the very moment of the eclipse of the Sun or Moon, go indoors, or park the car, sit for 5-10 minutes, stop thinking, mentally forgive those who offended you, mentally ask for forgiveness from those to whom you feel guilty . It is not recommended to eat food 3 hours before and after the eclipse. It is not advisable to make transactions; it is better to postpone all financial issues until the next day; it is also advisable not to make important purchases. It is PROHIBITED to perform any operations on the body on the day of eclipses. Avoid places with large crowds of people. You can start to “quit” smoking and work with bad habits.
  • The influence of a lunar eclipse begins to appear 2 weeks before the exact moment of the eclipse and 2 weeks after it. This is especially felt by older people; illnesses worsen; poor health forces them to limit their activity and be more attentive to their diet. Meteorologically dependent people are especially affected.
  • Considering that the Moon is the image of a mother, the image of a wife, the image of a Woman, it is the female half of the population that will be the most stormy on the eve of the eclipse. However, forewarned means forearmed, so after reading this article, if you wish, you can not only avoid the negative manifestations of a lunar eclipse, but also turn them into a positive, creative direction that will lead you to new horizons and achievements.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to leave the house during solar or lunar eclipses, as this is fraught with the appearance of pathologies in the fetus. The moon is a luminary that is very close to us. The Sun gives energy (masculine), and the Moon absorbs (feminine). When two luminaries are at the same point during an eclipse, their energies have a strong impact on a person. Health is especially bad on the day of the eclipse for people with cardiovascular pathologies and hypertension.
  • Even doctors say that on the day of an eclipse it is better not to engage in activity - actions will be inadequate and the likelihood of mistakes is high. They advise you to sit this day out. To avoid health discomfort, it is recommended to take a contrast shower on this day (which, by the way, would be good to take not only on the days of a solar eclipse, but regularly, every day). In the morning, dousing should be completed with cool water, and in the evening - with warm water.

The consequences of an eclipse, in the form of a powerful earthquake or other natural disaster, are very possible during the week before or after any eclipse. There may also be economic instability for several weeks following the eclipse.

How does a lunar eclipse affect people?

In any case, eclipses bring changes in society. During a lunar eclipse, the mind, thinking and emotional sphere of people are very vulnerable. The number of mental disorders in people is increasing. This is due to disruption of the hypothalamus at the psychophysiological level, which corresponds to the Moon.

The body's hormonal cycles may be disrupted, especially in women. During a solar eclipse, the functioning of the physiological correspondence between the Sun and the Thalamus is more disrupted, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases also increases, since the Sun controls the heart.

The perception of “I”, of pure consciousness, is clouded. The consequence of this may be increased tension, radical and aggressive tendencies in the world. When times get tough, the best thing we can do is turn to the Absolute². During eclipses, it is better to think about peace in your country and throughout the world.

If people around you are acting crazy during these tough times, be tolerant and sensitive. Rest is the best recommendation during lunar and solar eclipses.

Eclipses have a strong negative impact on:

  1. geographic regions that are ruled by the sign in which the eclipse occurs;
  2. areas where they are visible;
  3. areas ruled by the zodiac sign in which the eclipse occurs (for example, Capricorn - rules mountainous areas, you should not travel to the mountains).

How do eclipses affect politics and world leaders?

Research on eclipses shows that the likelihood of various types of disasters increases during the “sphere of influence of an eclipse.”

In the next few weeks, events such as intensifying war, fires, airport disasters or unusual weather events are likely.

One of the world leaders may get into a scandal or tragedy; powerful rulers can be blinded by anger, jealousy and personal ego, so illogical or stupid decisions may be made.

During this period, secretive, immoral behavior and cunning are clearly manifested. Therefore, the governments of the world must be hypervigilant in matters of terrorist organizations and subversive activities. Smugglers and terrorists often strike during the 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the eclipse.

Riots or mass food poisoning are possible. Seismic activity cannot be ruled out. For governments and police forces, the most important thing is vigilance.

What does Pavel Globa say about the eclipse?

“The role and function of eclipses is very serious. They realize the karma³ that we have accumulated in one way or another, and realize it in the shortest possible time. They sharply compress our problems and quickly expose them.

Eclipses are a cleansing, they have a medical function, cleansing, surgical, but they can also be scary, not everyone can withstand them. This is a surgical intervention in our destiny, which is caused by ourselves.

If something bad happens to us during an eclipse, then it’s good that this happened and not something else. It is from this position that we need to analyze eclipses.”

Lunar eclipse practice

With this practice you can get rid of diseases, bad habits, complexes, damage and the evil eye.

  1. Take a contrast shower in preparation for the eclipse and immediately before it. Men start and end with cold water, and women with hot water.
  2. An hour before the indicated time of the eclipse (note the difference between Greenwich time and Moscow, if it is not indicated in the calendar: in winter it is 3 hours, and in summer - 4; to obtain Greenwich time they must be subtracted from Moscow), drink a glass of spring water, then take cold and hot shower.
  3. They sit in front of a lit candle, thinking about what they need to get rid of.
  4. Ten minutes before the eclipse, look in the mirror and lie down on the floor with your head facing north. Relax. Imagine their reflection in the mirror. Here it goes, taking with it what needs to be gotten rid of. Looking at their reflection in a mental mirror, they think that it is they who are sick, smoke, drink, are shy, have complexes, and so on.
  5. It takes away loneliness, love failures, bad luck in business, unfaithful friends and everything else that prevents luck and success from entering life.
  6. When the reflection shrinks and becomes a black ball, a blue or purple dot will flash inside it. After this, the dark ball is pushed away from itself or burned. Then they get up and extinguish the candle with their fingers.
  7. Take the same contrast shower as before the practice. Drink a glass of spring (clean) water.

Don't tell anyone what you did. Changes will not keep you waiting.

Good luck! OM!

Notes and feature articles for deeper understanding of the material

¹ A mantra is a sacred text in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, usually requiring an accurate reproduction of the sounds that make it up (Wikipedia).

² The Absolute, the absolute, is the fundamental principle of the world, the beginning of all that exists, eternal and unchanging, which is understood as one, universal, beginningless, infinite and in turn opposes any relative and conditioned Being (Wikipedia).

³ Karma, kamma is one of the central concepts in Indian religions and philosophy, a universal cause-and-effect law, according to which a person’s righteous or sinful actions determine his fate, the suffering or pleasure he experiences (Wikipedia).

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Why do you dream about the moon - dream options

red moon - warning; big, huge moon - troubles caused by love affairs; two moons - to achieve the goal you will have to sacrifice something; lunar eclipse – risk of contracting a viral disease; the moon is falling - an imminent wedding; the moon during the day - help and protection of a major official; the moon and the sun at the same time - sudden wealth; flying to the moon - a thirst for new information; dim moon - pregnancy; to be illuminated by moonlight - promotion; the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water - self-knowledge; waxing moon - happy marriage; waning moon - caution should be exercised; moon and month - new love is born; three moons - dissatisfaction with family life; many moons - chaos in business; The full moon is the time to implement your plans.

Dream Interpretation - Month

The light of the month symbolizes weakness, fragility, lack of stamina, indifference, and selfishness. No wonder folk wisdom says: “It shines, but does not warm; It’s only in vain that God eats bread.” They say about unfaithful and changeable people: “The new moon does not shine all night.” If a person was forced to be content with little, then in such cases they said: “And the month shines when there is no sun.” In folk tales, the month is considered the younger brother of the sun; if you wanted to praise someone, they said: “Your face is as bright as the moon.” If you saw in a dream a month from which a weak or dim light emanates, this means that you look indifferently at the life events happening around you and allow fate to carry you along the flow of life. Seeing a clear month in a dream means that in reality you will be content with what you have and will not attempt to change anything. A dream in which you feel a cold light emanating from the month means that you are trying to achieve feelings from a person who cannot reciprocate your feelings.

If in a dream you are basking in the light of the moon, in reality you will be pleasantly surprised by unexpected attention. Seeing a falling moon in a dream is a sign that you will encounter indifference and selfishness

To see the moon hiding behind a cloud in a dream means that someone will try to deceive or mislead you. The dream in which you saw the reflection of the month symbolizes variability and hope for life changes. To see a month floating across the sky in a dream - in reality you will meet a person who will bring a lot of beautiful things into your life. If in a dream you saw dark spots on the month - be careful! You should not indulge in unrealistic dreams that can only bring you troubles and disappointment. A month surrounded by stars means mystery and an unexpected turn of events.


An eclipse of the sun or moon can also be caused by natural phenomena. The dream in which you saw such a picture also has its own meaning.

  • Did you dream of an eclipse caused by a sandstorm? Heed this warning: It's time to take charge of your health. You should be more careful in the future. Dress warmly and don't indulge in exotic dishes. The subconscious gives you a hint - take care of yourself and get plenty of rest.
  • The cause of the eclipse was a man-made disaster, for example an explosion - you should be more careful with transport. Moreover, be more careful both as a driver and as a pedestrian.
  • If the lunar glow or, for example, the northern lights are blocked, in reality you will experience an uplift and a light romantic mood. You will be immersed in dreams, and perhaps this mood will be channeled into some creative direction.

Dreams in which we see unusual and slightly frightening phenomena do not mean anything bad at all. To more accurately interpret a dream in which an eclipse of the sun or moon appeared to you, try to remember all the circumstances of the dream.

And remember that not only the meaning of the dream itself, but also the direction of your thoughts plays an important role in the forecast. If it is positive, then the future will be painted in bright colors. Author: Ksenia Maisova

Negative interpretations of the image of the moon in a dream

  • Two moons in the sky symbolize loss. This loss can be both material and personal. To avoid the first, dream books recommend not making unexpected purchases for a while. And the second will help prevent disrespect and intransigence towards your partner.
  • A dream involving three moons at once is seen by people who are tired of their romantic relationships. Such a dream symbolizes uncertainty.
  • If you dream about the moon being too big, it signifies problems at home. There may be bad news from distant relatives.
  • A dim light in the sky means unrequited sympathy.
  • You need to be especially careful when you have a dream involving a waning moon. Be attentive to your surroundings; even those people from whom you do not expect meanness can dig a hole for you.
  • A dream where you saw a lunar eclipse does not signify anything good. The dreamer may find out about false friends, lose his job, become seriously ill, etc. You need to be prepared for anything.
  • The moon with a red tint means serious financial losses.

USEFUL INFORMATION: Airplane in a dream - interpretation

Man's dream

For a man, the Moon in a dream denotes a female person - a relative, spouse or lover. For him, the night luminary will be an omen of increasing passion for the female half in life. There will be more female influence, he may get carried away with a new novel. The presence of several luminaries in the sky symbolizes that the dreamer will actually be faced with a choice between two female representatives. For married men, this may be a symbol of disagreement between the wife and mother-in-law.

Often the night luminary symbolizes the dreamer’s lifestyle. He may often stay awake at night while working or having fun. The Moon may also indicate a transition to work that will be carried out at night.

If the night star was bright and beautiful, you should expect changes for the better in reality, as well as reciprocity of feelings. The change of phases predicts betrayal of the partner, changeability of her moods. The fading Moon indicates illness and death of a female representative from the dreamer’s inner circle. The disappearing luminary predicts the departure of a woman from the dreamer’s life irrevocably and forever. For people suffering from alcoholism, such a symbol promises delirium tremens and clouding of reason.

What kind of moon did you dream about?

When interpreting a dream, sources take into account what size the moon is in the dream and what it looked like. The reflection of the night light in water or a mirror has a special meaning. Events will begin to develop according to an unpredictable scenario.

Too huge

the moon reports a sharp surge in negative emotions caused by jealousy. You should be more careful, because your significant other can mistake even light flirting for cheating. However, according to psychologist A. Meneghetti, a large moon is a wonderful symbol. In reality, a harmonious period awaits the sleeper.


the moon is a bad sign, foreshadowing the illness of a female relative. Financial losses cannot be ruled out.


the moon in a dream is interpreted ambiguously. The positive meaning lies in the unexpected support of a stranger. However, in most sources, a blood moon portends trouble. Major conflicts and even military action are possible.

A bright orange night star means that soon someone will begin to show signs of attention to the sleeping person and demonstrate ardent love. The dream warns: it is unwise to trust “sweet speeches”.


the moon - to prosperity. In the personal sphere, this symbol promises mutual love.

The unusual color warns against frivolous handling of money. It's too easy to get into debt in the short term.

If you dream of the moon behind the clouds, in reality you need to show all your diplomatic skills. Tactlessness can significantly damage relationships.


the moon symbolizes positive changes. Fate will be favorable and will delight you with generous gifts.

The falling moon encourages you to listen to your inner voice when solving an important issue. Intuition will help you make the best choice

Waning moon in a dream - warning

Possible decrease in vitality, caution must be exercised

Two moons in the sky

- an image warning against excessive commercialism. Being too practical in matters of the heart can be harmful. Also, several moons mean a confusing situation in the personal sphere, sexual disharmony. You need to first understand yourself and your needs, and then prioritize your relationships. A lot of moons in the sky are a reflection of hidden claims against the person who is nearby. A frank conversation will help you understand the existing relationship.

Earth satellite

A lunar eclipse in real life is a very beautiful sight.
During it, the moon has a dark red tint due to the specific movement of the sun's rays. That is why these astronomical phenomena caused awe and fear in ancient times. But for quite some time now there has been a scientific explanation for the phenomenon, not connected with anything sinister. If you dreamed of a bright red moon, the reason may be precisely an impression taken from life - however, you also dream of a lunar eclipse as a reflection of the work of the psyche, then you should turn to the details of the dream.

A total lunar eclipse in a dream signals the danger of empty worries, this is especially true if you dreamed late at night. Approach reality more simply, relax more and have fun.

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If you dreamed of an early morning and there was an eclipse of the moon, then you need to take a close look at your surroundings - there may be a person in it whose inner qualities you are mistaken in assessing. If the eclipse lasted a long time and the dreamer did not see the moon come out of the shadow, then in life you need to maintain courage and perseverance when problems arise - after they are resolved, life will shine with new, unusual colors!

A partial lunar or solar eclipse is a sign of stability. If the shadow passes along the right or left edge, you can expect a prosperous financial state of affairs. If the shadow covers the upper edge of the disk, then not only will the dreamer’s financial situation stabilize, but also successful financial transactions will unexpectedly turn up. But if you dreamed of an eclipse that affected the lower edge of the disk, then during this period you should refrain from risky transactions with money.

In addition, dreams in which the light of the moon or sun is hidden from the dreamer's eyes due to smoke or sandstorms are common. Such dreams are close in meaning to dreams where a person sees an eclipse; they warn of the presence of factors in life that in some way serve as an obstacle for the dreamer.

Interpretation of dreams in which the night or daylight disappeared, depending on the reason:

  1. Sandstorm - pay close attention to your health, especially if you had a dream during a period of exacerbation of acute respiratory infections.
  2. Smog, smoke, man-made disasters - increased attention should be paid to situations on the road and to the serviceability of equipment.

In some dream books, an eclipse is interpreted as a symbol of faded hopes and dreams. Perhaps the waking dreamer was faced with the impossibility of fulfilling his desires. Then a person needs to believe in himself again. The dream indicates disorientation, which can be easily overcome by setting your priorities correctly. Author: Ekaterina Volkova

The meaning of the moon image

Since time immemorial, humanity has been observing the moon, trying to understand the logic of the movement of the star, observing its phases of illumination, and also trying to determine future events. Most of the magical rituals of antiquity were in one way or another connected with the moon. Priests and soothsayers believed that the moon in a dream foreshadowed the following life events for a person:

  • Love adventure, vicious passion.
  • Danger to life.
  • Committing dark deeds and bad deeds.
  • Sudden and unexpected changes.
  • Obtaining secret power.
  • Long journey.

For correct interpretation, the gender of the dreamer, as well as his age, matters. So, for women, the moon means future melancholy, hopelessness and failure in personal relationships; For men, such an image promises impulsive decisions, as well as loss of energy.

For older people, the yellow luminary is a reminder of a mistake that the dreamer made in the distant past. A child’s dream about the Earth’s satellite indicates his anxiety and fear, which he is embarrassed to admit (for example, fear of the dark).

One of the darkest symbols in a dream is the full moon. It is this sign that can provoke dark forces into active action. In addition, during the full moon there is often an increase in activity among maniacs, mentally ill people, as well as some predatory animals. In a dream, such a symbol predicts for the dreamer a danger to life due to an accident and a difficult period full of failures and disappointments.

However, in some cases, the month can also be interpreted as a sign of prosperity and strong love.

Some dream books claim that, in addition to the Earth’s satellite, it is extremely important to pay attention to the sky. The cloudy sky, behind which the month hides from time to time, is a symbol of many problems, while a clear sky portends favorable changes for a person

Sign from above

If you dream of a solar eclipse, beware of danger and trouble.
The modern dream book writes that you may find yourself in dubious circumstances or become a victim of an attack. Remember during what action the solar disk was covered by the moon. It is in this matter that the dreamer may face a major failure.

The Muslim dream book says that danger may be looming over you.

But sometimes a dream predicts an eclipse of the heart or mind, rash actions that a person can commit in a state of passion and strong rage. To see and feel the exact meaning of a dream, look at your actions and states. Remember what you were thinking about before you went to bed. It is in this matter that the dreamer will fail.

Seeing the sun in the sky with the moon during the day means a temporary stop in business. Notice which planet prevented you from seeing it completely.

An annular eclipse predicts surprise, trouble and fear.
It rarely foreshadows global changes in the dreamer’s life and major failures. Often it indicates minor troubles and quarrels, worries and scandals. To see during the day that the sun has turned into a month means losses.
It also matters when exactly you saw this vision. In winter, seeing solar darkening means changes in friendships. If you had a similar dream in January, beware of cooling in family relationships, betrayal and lies.

An eclipse in February symbolizes melancholy and love failures. Seeing him in March means all changes can bring great trouble into your life. Do not take new steps and do not seek to travel.

If you dream about it in April, beware of troubles with your children. Seeing it in the sky on a May day means major troubles at work. An eclipse in June is seen as a sign of tears and minor troubles.

For farmers, this dream can predict economic losses and crop failure. An eclipse in July will block your luck in money and love, and may dream of theft. Seeing the sun obscured by the moon in August or September means poor health and material losses.

In October it dreams of tears, tragedy in the family and troubles with loved ones. The worst thing is if you see this sign in the November sky.

It foreshadows a fatal combination of circumstances, troubles and great losses, troubles in the family and personal life, collapse. And in December it dreams of happiness and the beginning of a new life.

How Miller's dream book interprets the appearance of a month in a dream

Gustav Miller is a famous American psychologist. He compiled his dream book a long time ago, more than a hundred years have passed. Nevertheless, today people actively use his system of dream interpretation. It is built on the idea that dreams are the foundation for a better understanding of one’s desires and the ability, thanks to their analysis, to predict the optimal behavior for oneself in a given life situation.

  1. Why do you dream of a full moon according to Miller’s dream book? Such a dream foretells success in love and entrepreneurship. Soon a person will experience a strong feeling. He will be successful not only in love, but also in making deals.
  2. Feeling the approach of evening in a dream and admiring the night sky for a month, surrounded by stars, portends disappointment for a person. The dreamer is too immersed in dreams and makes plans for enrichment in his fantasies. Life can cruelly disrupt these plans by making its own adjustments. The dreamer should not drown in dreams; it is better to do something real that will help avoid disappointments.
  3. Seeing a clear evening with a starry clear sky, contrary to the pleasant and beautiful symbolism, foreshadows imminent sorrows, which will subsequently be replaced by a chain of bright successes. Perhaps one of the relatives will die, but leave the dreamer a large inheritance. This is one of the possible developments. For a woman, such a dream can foretell the death of her husband; as a result, she will remain a wealthy widow and young men will begin to seek her affections.
  4. Why do you dream about the red moon? Miller's dream book interprets such a symbol as the possibility of illness for the dreamer himself. A person can become seriously ill due to indifference to his own well-being. In the first few months after such a dream, you should try to avoid hypothermia, not abuse alcohol and eat plenty.

Partial eclipse

A total lunar or solar eclipse is a fairly rare phenomenon.
More often it is possible to observe partial shadows overlapping the luminaries. And if such an event was seen in a dream, an explanation for it can also be found in dream books. Incomplete overlap of the disk of the moon or sun in a dream may be a signal that fate gives you. You probably chose the wrong guidelines, and your value system is going through hard times today. The dream is a hint: it’s time to reconsider your views, perhaps adjust something in your own behavior and mood.

We recommend:

One interpretation states that a lunar or solar eclipse in a dream may mean your disappointment in your own dreams. And the problem did not arise because of the dream itself - you simply did too much routine work, which tired you out. It's time to shake things up, awaken your inner dreamer.

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