Dream Interpretation Sperm for a girl and a woman in a dream, why do you dream?

If a young mother dreams of a pacifier, then questions about why she is dreaming are unlikely to arise. This is understandable and without explanation - troubles with the baby project the events of the day into night visions. It’s another matter if you don’t have small children, and this infant attribute appeared to you in a dream. According to dream books, these images indicate the dreamer’s desire to relieve himself of responsibility and return to childhood.

Where did you get the pacifier

Predictions of what a pacifier means in a dream may sound very different if in a dream it came to you in different ways. Here, for example, are several of the most popular, according to most dream books, options:

  • in a dream they presented it to you as a gift - to success in your planned business;
  • found on the street - to acquisitions that may turn out to be useless;
  • I dreamed of a pacifier found in my own bag - the matter does not justify the costs;
  • buy a pacifier - to self-deception;
  • stolen from a baby - you will take on someone else’s troubles.

According to Vanga's dream book

Seeing a blowjob on a man in a dream means that your neighbors will come to visit you, visit old friends, or receive an unexpected gift. Vanga avoided visits from guests to her house in every possible way, and really did not like their presence. For this reason, such dreams can be found in its “unfavorable” category. However, if you expect guests with joy and fun, then such a dream will be happy for you.

Is it possible to speed up the dreams of men? Vanga said that the coming true of a good dream can be accelerated in a simple way. Firstly, you need to remember well all the details and details of the dream. Then you need to light any candle, preferably a church candle, and go around the corners of your room.

Sucking a pacifier in a dream is a sign of fatigue from life’s hardships

A very funny vision in which you suck a nipple, according to the Eastern Dream Book, has a completely logical explanation: you are too tired of the worries and responsibilities that are entrusted to you. You dream of returning to the time when your life was easy and relaxed - to childhood. Realizing that this is not possible, you subconsciously look for a person who will make your life easier.

Here are a couple more interpretations of a dream in which you sucked a pacifier. The lunar dream book believes that this symbol denotes vain hopes. But interpreter Vanga advises thinking through your decisions, as they can lead to mistakes and disappointments.

Men according to modern dream books

If a man dreams of a blowjob, it means improving his financial well-being, planning an important purchase, achieving his goals and dreams. You should take a close look at the details of the dream, which may provide more clues. A great variety of clear images can promise very quick enrichment. And if it is repeated time after time, it promises making the right life decisions.

The modern dream book contains all the corrections of old editions, correcting them for current research. Centuries of cultural development invariably influence human perception. For example, the meaning of men in dreams has changed repeatedly over the years. And if the symbol you are looking for is completely new, the answer will probably be exclusively in a modern dream book.

Baby's fun as a symbol of pleasant surprises

If you dreamed of a child with a pacifier, then this is a sign of unexpected joys and funny surprises, says Longo’s dream book. Pay attention to the baby, namely, whose it is.

To dream that it is your child sucking a bottle of milk is a sign of attentive attention and care from a loved one. But this is why you have a dream in which someone else’s child is sucking a bottle of baby food: a person whom you either don’t know at all or have a “casual acquaintance” with will help you out a lot.

Why do you dream of a blowjob according to the dream books of Freud and Tsvetkov

Oral sex has always been considered a pleasant foreplay before sexual intercourse, which can deliver a lot of positive emotions to partners and bring them to a state of excitement. We find out why we dream about blowjobs in well-known dream books.

General interpretation

Blowjob in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. On the one hand, it can personify the peak of sexual activity, youth, and passion.

For men, this predicts the opportunity to assert themselves, to feel their strength and power over a woman. But it also indicates his desire to be needed and loved by someone.

For some, such visions arise due to the desire to have a family, a reliable and faithful friend, children. For some, this scenario promises a rise up the career ladder.

On the other hand, this sign can indicate a woman’s attitude to the events taking place around her, personify her life principles, cunning, deceit and mercantile interest in relation to men.

A woman dreamed of how she provided oral sex to a man, or simply gave a blowjob - this means that in life she is ready to do anything to achieve her goal. She will not be stopped by pride or prejudice; she is obsessed with vanity, career success, and wealth.

Sometimes, this indicates a desire to quickly achieve what you want, bypassing all obstacles and difficulties.

Watching through the window how someone is being given a blowjob and getting excited by this is, in reality, avoiding tactile contacts and close relationships. Your loneliness does not bother you at all, but sometimes you want communication and attention. Thus, you can easily get involved in a situation that will turn out to be very unprofitable for you and will cause a lot of trouble.

For a young lady to give a blowjob to the first person she meets in a spontaneous atmosphere is to succumb to temptation and neglect her life principles. This behavior shows a desire for new sensations, emotions and impressions. You want to escape the captivity of an ordinary, gray life and find yourself in the rays of luxury and glory.

Sometimes such dreams indicate the opportunity to experiment, be bold and open to everything new that expands your horizons. Allowing yourself to do this means seeing and doing something special that will make you admire and be proud.

A chaste girl dreamed of caressing a man’s phallus - this reflects her subconscious desire to lose her virginity with an experienced partner. But her modesty and high morality slow down the process of sexual development, instilling in her uncertainty.

A man asking his girlfriend for a blowjob in a dream speaks of his weakness of character and indecision. The more constraint you experience in dreams, the more uncomfortable you feel during real intimacy.

If you dreamed that a woman was biting your penis, it means that in reality you have somehow offended a charming person who harbors anger, hatred and is looking for a way to take revenge.

Sigmund Freud

Blowjob represents the open sexual desire of the sleeper. This also reflects his unrealized fantasies. The penis is the dreamer’s most vulnerable and sensitive organ, which can embody the desire for dominance, power over a partner, her conquest, recognition, love.

For a man, such visions are explained not only by a lack of active sex life, it may mean that he lacks female affection, attention and care. It is difficult for a man to hide his excitement, so through this organ his need to be the most desirable and in demand is embodied. He wants to be perceived as he is and not try to change him.

For a woman to give a blowjob in a dream, it means reaching mutual understanding with her lover and conveying information that is significant to her to his consciousness. This is a good opportunity to achieve the desired behavior from a man.

For a young man to reject oral sex offered by a woman means to experience a feeling of inferiority. The reason for self-doubt may be the size of the penis, the first unsuccessful sexual experience, fear of intimacy with a woman, or childhood complexes. In this case, you should contact a specialist and not deal with the problems yourself.

For a man to enjoy oral caresses from a woman - in reality, get rid of the causes of stress and conflicts, begin to trust someone who previously seemed very suspicious and unreliable to you. You will be able to turn the situation to your advantage and at the same time maintain good relationships.

Other uses for pacifiers, or Beware of deception

Why do you dream of a baby's nipple through which the baby of some animal drinks milk, Pastor Loff's dream book will tell you. You will encounter deception. Someone will try to mislead you for their own benefit. And if you see a monkey or puppy chewing on a baby's pacifier, then be prepared for unpleasant discoveries.

Did you dream that you plugged a hole in the wall or furniture with a baby's pacifier? Be prepared for disappointment. What you had high hopes for will turn out to be unpromising and unclaimed, the Slavic interpreter upsets.

Making love interpretation of the dream book

During sleep, we see different dreams. They do not prevent us from getting proper rest, and, nevertheless, contribute to many questions that arise in the morning. Stormy emotions, a surge of feelings and frantic pleasure in real life, we most often experience when merging with a partner.

But how can you find out why you dream about sex while your body is resting? The dream book will help us cope with the thoughts that have arisen in our heads and completely unravel the dream. It is thanks to him that the interpretation of dreams becomes simple and accessible to everyone.

Making love in a dream

A dream in which you indulged in sexual pleasures suggests that you subconsciously want to attract the attention of representatives of the opposite sex. However, there are still many interesting, unexpected interpretations regarding what dreams of making love mean.

For example, if a young woman found herself in the arms of a man in a dream, then in reality she will have to be bitterly disappointed in her gentleman. If a man is hugged by an ardent lady, then the dream book promises him prosperity. True, there is one small but important clarification. Things will go well for a gentleman only if his partner in the dream was a stranger.

But if he passionately squeezed his wife in his arms, then this threatens to aggravate relations in the family, and even divorce. If you watched from the sidelines in a dream how a couple in love hugged, then don’t worry - success in any endeavor is guaranteed.

Intimacy reflects emotionally missing sensations in reality. If you dreamed of having sex in a dream and you got the pleasure you deserve, the dream book indicates that your real relationship is in complete harmony and order. If sex in a dream did not bring pleasure, then behave with extreme caution. You may have moral and ethical problems.

For women, an intimate dream brings many impressions into life, from unexpected and pleasant moments. If a man had pleasure in a dream, then he certainly becomes interested in why he dreams of making love, although the answer is quite simple. The dream book shows clear rivalry with the opposite sex.

Why do you dream about sex with your ex?

The interpretation of the dream book, why you dream of sex with your ex, shows you that you have not yet completely cooled down to your past partner. In reality you miss him, and in your subconscious you compare him with your new lover. Why dream of making love in a dream with your own husband, then in reality pleasant experiences and a great gift await you.

If you see people you know and are close to you in a dream, but not yourself, the dream book warns that your current partner is not entirely suitable for creating a happy family.

Dream Interpretation sex without love

Why do you dream of having sex with a stranger - for a man, for a woman it means a quarrel with someone. Even if you were not a participant in such an action, but accidentally caught an unfamiliar couple, then be prepared for unexpected changes that will not bring you anything good.

If, due to chance, you went unnoticed, then you may be in danger.

Strangers will want to trip you up, and if you don’t have time to react in time, you will have the opportunity to show yourself not at your best.

A dream in which people have sex is like a small nuisance. Therefore, the dream book advises to play only fair games, so that you don’t have to take unnecessary risks.

Unusual, curious interpretations

The noble dream book, authored by N. Grishina, suggests that making love in a dream means disappointment. But a lot depends on who acted as the partner in the dream.

If it was a woman's dream, then there is no reason to worry. On the contrary, in the coming period the dreamer will experience, albeit small, joys.

If it was sex with a brother, then the dream book suggests that relatives will not come to the rescue at the right time.

N. Grishina explains why the girl dreams that she made love to a woman. It turns out that this predicts participation in some event shrouded in secrecy. If a young lady dreamed that she had become a victim of a rapist, then in reality she would be able to complete all the assigned tasks.

An even stranger vision of intercourse with the father predicts good luck. Over the course of several weeks, the dreamer will become Fortune's favorite.

The dream book also guarantees luck to a male dreamer who slept and saw that he had entered into an intimate relationship with a beautiful lady. But if he made love in a dream with his legal wife, then, alas, it is with her that he will have a deep misunderstanding and the relationship will go wrong.

Why dream that you are the lover of a married woman? This is a vision with a good meaning, promising the fulfillment of desires. The dream book prophesies to those who indulged in carnal pleasures with a young man the successful completion of a started project or business.

Why dream that you have had sexual intercourse with a professional priestess of love? Not everything is clear here. At first, the waking person will feel that he is happy and enjoying life, but then he will feel unwell. And doctors can diagnose a serious illness.

A powerful influx of energy will be felt by those who slept with their sister in a dream. Moreover, dear. Was your partner a daughter who is not yet married? This means that soon the matchmakers will come to the house, and the sleeper will begin preparations for her wedding.

The dream book promises wealth to those who, while asleep, have sexual contact with an animal. An even stranger connection with a deceased foreshadows the acquisition of valuable property.

It’s bad if your partner is your own mother. This is a sign of wrong behavior and decisions. All this will have an extremely negative impact on your future fate.

Interpretations of the Modern Dream Book

Life will throw up a lot of surprises and make you worry, which is what the Modern Dream Book means when you dream of sex in the air. For example, on an airplane. Ambiguous situations in which you will find yourself in reality will be a reason for worry, but if you have enough confidence and optimism, you will overcome all troubles.

The interpretation of the vision that you are having sex with your loved one and watching the process in the mirror indicates that you desperately need approval from others.

What does it mean if intercourse does not bring you satisfaction - you failed to achieve orgasm? In this case, the dream book recommends that the sleeper engage in criticism of his own person.

One should think: is self-esteem too high?

Why dream of making love virtually? The modern dream book warns against misconceptions. The dreamer incorrectly perceives the attitude of others and experiences complexes about appearance. Something confuses him in his relationship with his real partner.

An excellent omen if you sleep with your legal spouse in a dream. She predicts harmony in the family, mutual care, love. After such a vision, you can openly talk with your husband about the problems that have accumulated, and rest assured, he will understand you correctly, and any misunderstandings will disappear.

Probably, few people would actually think of throwing themselves into the abyss of passion in front of strangers, in a public place. This is possible in a dream. But because the dreamer subconsciously strives to make his thoughts and plans public. He needs this - he needs assessment, advice from a more experienced, wiser character.

An unprecedented excitement from the opposite sex is predicted by the dream book for those who, in a nightly phantasmagoria, indulged in sinful passions with a young beauty. If the sleeper is still alone and only dreams of mutual feelings, then in the near future he will meet his love.

All kinds of obstacles and obstacles await the one who, in a dream, without hesitation, and without even undressing, has sexual intercourse with a man. Unfortunately, the dream book predicts that the dreamer will not be able to complete previously started tasks.

Sex with a public, popular person characterizes the sleeping person as an extremely ambitious person, ready to do anything just to become famous. She does not disdain the opportunity to simply cling to the glory of another person. But if a young man dreams of something like this, then he will get a chance to climb high up the career ladder.

Exes and Horribles

It is not difficult to guess what a dream means about passion with a former lover. This is a longing for the past, for what we experienced together. Even if you want to return your old feelings, it is impossible. Live in the present, the future. You will certainly meet a person who will help you forget about your past romance.

A woman who dreams of making love underwater is ready and wants to become a mother in real life.

How is intimacy with a monster in a dream interpreted? This is a reflection of the confrontation with management.

Successful sex with a dark-skinned person is dreamed of by someone who is impulsive, does not bother thinking about the consequences of his own actions, and does not think about tomorrow. But if intercourse with a representative of the African race was painful, then the person sleeping in reality very bitterly regrets something, or worries about something, experiencing mental anguish.

If in a dream after lovemaking you felt that you were in a position, then see the interpretation on the page of what dreams of pregnancy mean.

How to identify a prophetic dream

After interpreting a dream, we think about when dreams come true. Whether the dream will come true or not depends on which lunar day you dreamed about and on what day of the week. Let's look at the lunar calendar - what phase of the moon is today and what lunar day it is.

By comparing the data on the lunar day and the day of the week, we can guess whether the prophecy of the dream will come true.

Source: https://i-sonnik.ru/zanimatsya-lyubovyu-vo-sne/

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