Why do you dream about ice cream: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

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A favorite summer treat, ice cream in a dream gives a lot of joyful and pleasant sensations. It can only portend happiness and success.

However, the dream book will ask you to remember all the details: the type of ice cream, its shape, taste and emotions that it gave you in a dream. But in most cases, dessert is a dream of favorable events. The exception is if in the dream it was melted, spoiled or tasteless.

Plot details

A modern dream interpreter is sure that to interpret a dream in which you happened to eat ice cream, the appearance of the cold dessert matters:

  • ice cream - to cool the relationship with a partner;
  • with jam - for a pleasant unexpected gift;
  • with chocolate - indicates the end of problems;
  • creme brulee - announces quick success;
  • vanilla - your hobby may end in a whirlwind romance;
  • popsicle - you will sacrifice time for the sake of a friend;
  • fruity - speaks of a talkative and voluptuous admirer.

Actions with ice cream in a dream

When you dream about ice cream, you definitely need to remember what you happened to do with it. If vivid emotions were experienced during sleep, they are also subject to interpretation.


ice cream means that in reality fate will also provide options. You shouldn't rush into making a decision. It will greatly affect the future.

For single people to buy

ice cream - to meet a very pleasant person. Perhaps this is exactly the same notorious “soul mate” with whom you want to continue through life.


ice cream in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. If you don’t feel the taste, your former lover or partner will appear in your life again. However, it will not be possible to return your past passion. Eating ice cream with pleasure is a harbinger of nascent passion. However, dreamers who decide to commit adultery should know that it will not be possible to keep an extramarital affair a secret. Sometimes savoring an ice-cold delicacy is interpreted as causing toothache.


ice cream - warning. In reality, there will be a temptation to spend much more money than the dreamer can afford on all sorts of trifles.

Such a plot as treating

ice cream is considered a willingness to share joy. Helping others will not have a significant impact on your level of well-being.

When considering the options for what ice cream means in dreams, there is no need to be afraid of unpleasant predictions. If you slightly adjust your behavior or postpone making important decisions, you will have a chance to avoid difficulties.

What does Freud foretell?

Dr. Freud predicts a pleasant meeting with an old friend, someone who had to eat ice cream in the heat. But a revival of feelings or a love affair will not happen, the dream book prophesies.

Seeing someone eating chocolate ice cream that has melted a little in a dream speaks of the dreamer’s unsuccessful attempts to revive something that has long been lost. Eating hard, frozen ice cream speaks of your desire to enjoy life. However, know that the pleasure is fleeting.

Did you dream about enjoying sweet ice in the cafeteria? This means you should prepare for an entertainment event. Try to control the dose of alcohol you drink, otherwise in the future you will remember this event with shudder and regret.

Interpretation of sleep by the type of ice cream


ice cream portends a pleasant intimate rendezvous. Meetings will bring especially acute pleasure.


ice cream means that soon a new hobby will turn your head. Most likely, it will not last long, but it will leave a pleasant aftertaste.


ice cream in a dream means that in reality you will face rude flattery. For men - the attention of an annoying fan, for women - insincere compliments from a person pursuing selfish goals.

If it was strawberry

ice cream, the meaning is much more favorable. There will be a pleasant meeting with your loved one. For family dreamers, the dream promises a great time with their other half. A cold delicacy made from exotic fruits means that you will need to be creative when solving problems.

When you dream of chocolate

or other glaze is a warning symbol. Soon you will unexpectedly learn someone's personal secret, but it will be unclear what to do with this information.

Sweets for business people

ice cream means that a complex project is nearing completion and will bring good profits. It is also a sign of reconciliation with a person with whom you quarreled due to a misunderstanding.

Tasteless ice cream is a shame. It will be accidentally inflicted on the sleeping person by his most beloved people.

If you dreamed a lot

ice cream, you will have a pleasant time with a lot of entertainment. There will never be a dull moment.

A period of prosperity is approaching, this is what you dream of ice cream in a waffle cup

. The relationship will be stable.

Popsicle and ice cream on a stick

give a signal to the sleeper that there is some selfishness in the character. It is advisable to pay attention to the interests of loved ones so that feelings do not cool down.

A whirlpool of passions may soon take over if you dreamed of ice cream in a bucket

. However, it is advisable to restrain your emotions.

Not a very good sign - melted

ice cream. A sudden unpleasant event will greatly upset you.

About love aspirations...

The Dream Interpreter of Lovers promises love and prosperity, interpreting why you dream of enjoying a chocolate dessert dish. If you dreamed that they threw it at a friend or chosen one, it speaks of excessive cruelty towards the character and, as a result, loneliness.

The dream book for the Bitch confidently interprets why one dreams of eating a chocolate milk product, hinting at a passionate, but, alas, fleeting love adventure.

Dream Interpretation: seeing ice cream in a dream

According to Miller's dream book

enjoying ice cream in a dream means achieving success in reality. If you dreamed of children devouring sweets, a period of prosperity will come. Separately, the famous dream interpreter considers a plot in which a girl drops ice cream next to her lover or husband. In this case, in reality she will soon become interested in someone else, and at the same time show cruelty towards her real partner.

Bulgarian fortune teller Vanga

interprets a dream in which the sleeper envies someone who is enjoying ice cream as a passionate desire to change his life. There is sweetness for yourself - for good endings for all started projects. However, if clothes were soiled, the dream warns that the long-awaited date will be postponed and an important meeting will be disrupted.

A loved one will move away, that’s why you dream of ice cream according to the Wanderer’s dream book


A pleasant event will lead to disappointment. Dream Interpretation Kananita

interprets ice cream in a dream as a symbol of a short-lived romantic interest.

According to the dream book of a housewife

a lot of ice cream in the refrigerator - a warning. There is a possibility of getting sick.

Summer dream book

also warns that ice cream portends a deterioration in health. It is advisable to take care.

Autumn dream book

interprets treats as pleasant emotions and pleasure.

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