Why do you dream of soup: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

Seeing soup in a dream according to Miller's dream book According to Miller, a dream about soup is interpreted as a harbinger of good news and a peaceful, calm life. If you dream that in your presence someone is satisfied with this dish, it means marriage is possible, and in the very near future.

If a representative of the fair sex is busy preparing soup in her dream, then in reality she is unlikely to have to cook, except perhaps for pleasure, because her husband will soon become a very wealthy man. Also, a dream about soup foreshadows the kind attitude of your closest friends, who will show sincere care and understanding towards you.

If in a dream you prepared this dish quickly and easily, it means that you yourself will become the master of your destiny, and you will manage it courageously and very successfully. Why do you dream about soup in the Esoteric Dream Book? In this dream book, the interpretation is also very interesting - cooking soup can mean that in reality your partner will happily fulfill all your desires, provided that you can specify them.

Peas in a dream: interpretation from 100 dream books

Dream book of the 21st century

Why do you dream about Peas and what does it mean:

Eating peas in a dream, especially if they are very small, is a sign of great success; boiling and eating them is a sign of chagrin. Peas in pods dream of upcoming joy; dry ones are a harbinger that you are missing a good opportunity or a good opportunity to get out of difficulties.

Miller's Dream Book

Why do you dream of Peas in a dream?

Peas – To dream that you are eating peas is a sign of good health and increased income. For farmers and their wives, this dream foreshadows active work. Seeing growing peas in a dream means successful entrepreneurship. Sowing peas is a sign that your hopes are solid and will be fulfilled.

Seeing harvesting peas in a dream means the implementation of plans: soon you will enjoy the fruits of your labors. Dreaming of canned peas means that your bright hopes will be very uncertain for a while, but in the end you will achieve success. Eating dried peas means resentment and neglect that will follow success, as well as great fatigue.

Children's dream book

The main activity for the near future is idle chatter with friends.

Ancient Russian dream book

I dreamed about planting peas

Foretells tears; Eating well-cooked peas in a dream means increasing honors, great fame and all good things; eating raw peas portends a quarrel with a neighbor or friend.

Aesop's Dream Book

Allegories about peas

This symbol means a delicacy while the peas are green and just ripe, and dried peas are ordinary food. They talk about deeds that do not achieve their goals, about people who cannot be influenced “like peas against a wall,” meaning that all efforts and words fly away without leaving any trace. Since ancient times, peas have been used to punish particularly disobedient and resistant children; they were placed with their knees on peas scattered on the floor. The one who is called the “Princess and the Pea” is particularly delicate. This expression came into use from a fairy tale by H. H. Andersen. The expression “under Tsar Pea” means a very long time ago, almost a fairy tale.

To dream that you are invited to visit the palace of King Pea - memories of the past will invade your life; the old person will try to become a good friend for you; When in a difficult situation, look for answers in the past.

To see an adult standing in the corner on his knees, on scattered peas, is an insult; your parents will cause you trouble, perhaps causing you shame in front of your friends; you lack the tough beginning of a person to guide you through life.

To dream that you are trying to break through a wall by shooting peas from a tube at it - your efforts are in vain until you decide to take extreme measures; you misjudge the situation; you should get down to serious business.

Freud's Dream Book

Why did you dream about pea soup?

If you dreamed that you spilled peas, this indicates that you yourself are to blame for the disagreement that occurred with your partner.

Picking pea pods in a dream means you are striving for pleasure without delivering it to anyone and without making any effort. But that’s not possible. If you want to have fun, give it to someone else, this is how the dream book interprets this dream.

Ukrainian dream book Dmitrienko

Why do you dream about Peas?

How to dream of peas - these are tears; Eating boiled peas is an honor. To count is to quarrel, to settle accounts, as the dream book says - a fortuneteller.

Dream Book of the Wanderer (Terenty Smirnov)

Interpretation of peas from your dream

Peas - Dry - a nuisance; resentment; in pods, green - joy, hope.

The ABC of Dream Interpretation

To dream about peas, what does it mean?

Seeing peas in a dream is a symbol of abundance, choice (“peas from a pod”) or numerous troubles. Peas in pods - joy, wealth. Dry peas - the troubles and worries will be justified. Eating peas and boiling them means poverty and grief.

Mistakes when cooking soups

All funny life situations can be deposited in our subconscious, and it draws us pictures of our vanity in night visions.

Just as in life, when we cook something in the kitchen, mistakes can happen, so in dreams we can get things done. What do dreams warn about, in which either an unsuccessful cook spoiled the dish, or an overly efficient housewife mixed up the recipe, or did strange things. Let's look at some situations more specifically:

  • the dish that had just been cooked was already sour - this is a call not to get acquainted with representatives of the opposite sex during the period of separation from your lover, because new acquaintances will lead to disappointment and pain;
  • soup running down the stove emphasizes your haste when making serious decisions;
  • pouring food that is still in the process of cooking into plates and honoring guests is a sign that your friends will slander you;
  • dreams of cooking milk soup, adding a large amount of seasoning - this is a call to beware of scammers;
  • I dream of a pot of soup boiling vigorously - a noisy skirmish is coming.

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Why do you dream about there?

If a person sees himself eating the fruit of a tiger nut in a dream, it means that he will rule the people of his city.

If a person sees himself eating donkey meat in a dream, it means that he will become great.

If a person sees himself eating crocodile meat in a dream, it means good, it means receiving what a nobleman has.

If a person sees himself eating grapes in a dream, it is good - they will give him something from his property.

If a person sees himself eating sycamore fruits in a dream, it is bad, it means pain.

If a person sees himself eating cattle meat in a dream, well, it means that something will happen to him.

If a person sees himself in a dream eating a catfish from a ditch, it is bad - he will be captured by a crocodile.

If a person sees himself eating hot meat in a dream, it is bad, it means that there is no excuse.

Decryption of the image

Dream book of Gustav Miller

Seeing soup in a dream is an omen of peace of mind and good news for the dreamer . The life of the sleeper will be measured and happy.

New family dream book

According to this dream book, dreaming about soup means peace and good news . This also means that the sleeper has friends who will not leave him without help in difficult times.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

For a woman, a dream in which you dreamed of soup means that soon events will happen in your house, which can be both positive - if the soup was fresh and hot, and negative - if the soup was yesterday's, cold.

Summer dream book

This interpreter interprets the dream of soup as a harbinger of bustle and worries that will take up your time.

Autumn dream book

If you dreamed of soup, you can expect a stable family life , with your partner you will be side by side for many years in mutual understanding and calm relationships.

Gypsy dream book

According to the Gypsy Dream Book, a dream about soup foretells the dreamer good health even if he is sick with something.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

The soup that you saw in a dream means that spiritual comfort will not leave you in the near future . You may also have an opportunity to improve your financial situation.

Islamic dream book

According to the Islamic dream book, the soup seen in a dream symbolizes a person’s daily worries, his financial situation, and work . How good the appearance and taste of the soup will be in a dream, the extent to which it will reflect the dreamer’s real state of affairs.

Intelligent dream book

A dream in which a person saw soup portends good health and freedom from illness.

From pan to plates

Why do you dream of a pot of soup filled to the brim? The dream predicts excellent financial condition.

When the soup is not yet fully cooked, but is actively boiling over a fire in a special container, a conflict is foreseen.

The dream reflects the desire to fully or partially change your future.

What a girl or adult dreams of about a plate of soup directly indicates the homeliness of the sleeping person, marital life with a worthy person, care, the need for comfort and the desire to create it for family members.

As practice shows, with such a spouse, many men come to successful results.

A dream in which you had to pour soup expresses good things in the family and peace, and is also considered a sign of a successful marriage. In reality, you will be able to take care of the prosperous future of family members.

Do you want to serve everyone soup by filling their plates? Take a look at the Gypsy Dream Book. According to his version, full containers are comparable to wishes for the best health in night dreams.

What actions did you take?

Cooking soup in a dream - this dream may mean that you are so bogged down in household chores that they come to you in your dreams. Try to shift some of your responsibilities to your loved ones, ask for all possible help, and take some time for your own rest.

Perhaps you should take a vacation and spend it outside your home - when you return, you will begin your worries with renewed vigor, which will certainly affect the results of your activities.

Soup from a bag, at home and in a restaurant

Sometimes a dream predicts an unexpected trip or the receipt of a gift or profit that was not expected.

If soup is a negative symbol of your dream (for example, instead of water you were handed over-salted bagged soup), beware of troubles, coldness and a long period of difficulties and worries.

Taking packets of noodles and soup from someone means that this person is cold towards you. Although for some people the dream predicts receiving unexpected profits or part-time work.

Eating and preparing soups at home means news and conversations. Remember their taste and consistency. Thick, tasty and rich soups dream of prosperity in the house and a favorable financial situation.

Spicy dishes indicate disputes and disagreements, and thin soups with almost nothing in the dream indicate a lack of events and poverty.

What was he like?

Remember what exactly the soup was like in your dream. Depending on what ingredients it consisted of, the interpretation of the dream will be as follows:

  • Pea soup in a dream means that in real life you are experiencing a lack of vivid impressions. Try to move away from routine and make your life more varied to feel moral satisfaction.
  • Okroshka in a dream portends you a pleasant time with your friends.
  • A dream about hodgepodge means that you will soon be in a festive mood, and this may not necessarily be linked to a calendar date.
  • If you dreamed of cabbage soup , this means that you should take a closer look at your partner. Perhaps he is not being honest enough with you.
  • You dreamed of an ear - this symbolizes your concern for children. You are worried about thoughts about their material or mental well-being.
  • Pickle in a dream means that you should devote more time to pressing problems and in no case let your affairs take their course.

Who had the dream?

It is necessary to take into account who exactly acted as the dreamer. For a single person and a married person, the same plot will have different meanings. The same applies to the gender of the sleeper.

Portends pleasant changes and finding peace in the soul. This also means:

if a girl cooks it - to a luxurious life;

cooking in a hurry in a dream means you are a confident person

  • preparing soup in a hurry - to the ability to act boldly;
  • eat it with pleasure - for the wedding;
  • a tasteless dish means temporary separation.

At the same time, a dream about soup promises a young girl the support of friends.

For pregnant women

The dream indicates the need to relax and not worry about the future, then everything will turn out well.

The meaning of night dreams:

  • just seeing the soup means relatives will invite you to the wedding;
  • eating it means pregnancy;
  • treating loved ones - to fulfillment of desires;
  • for the patient - to a quick recovery.

And if a woman cooks the first dish in a dream, then in reality her family will always live in abundance.

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