Why do you dream about bird cherry: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

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A dream about a flowering bird cherry tree speaks of purity of thoughts and honesty of emotions, according to famous dream books. Basically, the interpretation of such a dream is positive, but what does the bird cherry and its berries mean in a dream, what details of the dream should you pay attention to?

Gustav Miller's predictions

Bird cherry blossoms are always associated with the arrival of love and the desire to fall in love. So, according to Miller’s dream book, dreaming about this plant means the onset of a period of love and harmony. If there is a misunderstanding between spouses in the family, then such an image promises reconciliation.

You will go on a journey that will bring you pleasure, the interpreter promises those who in a dream saw themselves sitting under a white bird cherry bush. But a quarrel with relatives means a dream in which you break off branches with flowers.

Seeing bird cherry in a dream

A dream is interpreted based on the person who dreamed it - a guy or a girl, a woman or a man. After this, they begin to consider the significance of dreams according to the noticed elements.

To the girl

A young woman will experience changes in her usual rhythm of existence. In a dream, a bird cherry berry means that in the near future someone will appear in your life, a relationship with whom will provide many happy moments and bring new meaning to life.

Red fruits promise a girl her first sexual experience and ardent passion.

To a woman

A dream in which a woman dreams of bird cherry berries promises unambiguous signs of attention from the opposite sex. Take a closer look at potential life partners, perhaps among them you can find the one and only one.


For a woman in this position, bird cherry in a dream promises good health, joyful moments and unexpected pleasant surprises. All this will brighten up your regular daily life, and your pregnancy will proceed without problems and will be resolved by an easy birth.

Bird cherry fruit color

What bird cherry dreams about, according to dream interpreters, can have many meanings. Often the interpretation of a dream is influenced by the color of the berries that you saw on the tree in a dream. So:

  • black - to profit, and obtained without any effort;
  • red - for the first passion or first sexual experience;
  • green - to excellent health and good mood;
  • blue - for a successful trip that will bring positive changes.

Interpretation of a dream regarding circumstances

You cannot interpret a dream simply by remembering the basic data; you must remember what happened earlier. Synchronization with consciousness is an integral part of your journey into the world of dreams, only in this way can you extract basic information and truly become a friend of your unconscious idea of ​​\u200b\u200byourself.

Try to imagine a picture of your dream, how exactly it went and how it ended. You need to remember everything: from the character to the object on which the action was performed. Even the flowers that were nearby, their size, color and distinctive characteristics can know a lot.

You should not be upset if you could not remember some detail, but replacing it with a more “interesting” or “exciting” detail in order to simply improve your sleep in your own eyes is the last thing, your dream can turn into a useless movie with the impossibility further interpretation.

  • They picked bird cherry. If in a dream you decided to simply brazenly pick this magnificent flower, then in life you will face serious problems associated with changing your job or changing your place of residence. Don’t get upset and think that in a given period of time everything in your life will be subject to terrible corrosion and the influence of a black streak;
  • Bird cherry seeds were planted. They acted as a gardener and planted bird cherry seeds according to someone’s instructions or their own desire. Such a dream predicts joyful events in the dreamer’s life; you will be able to truly feel the taste of a wonderful life and become a real professional in your field, if only you do not forget about those who helped you while you were not yet successful;
  • We smelled bird cherry. If you just enjoyed the smell of bird cherry and didn’t need anything else, then we hasten to please you - a journey awaits you. And not a simple business trip, as you might think, but a real planned vacation. You will share emotions after it for a long time, and the memories will remain with you for the rest of your life;
  • Gave bird cherry to someone. Do not underestimate dreams with a similar plot, since they can provide quite a lot of information about the dreamer, who, judging by the dream, is not used to believing in the supernatural and often closes himself in his own dreams, constantly dreams and cannot make dreams come true in real life;
  • A huge number of flowers. If in a dream you were lucky enough to see a huge number of blooming bird cherry trees, then you should neglect your fatigue and stop being lazy - you need to work to provide for your own whims, you try not to think about this rule and relaxation comes to the forefront of your priorities;
  • We saw a huge bird cherry. The size of the bird cherry symbolizes the size of the changes that will occur in your life. You should not neglect this dream simply because of the fact of projecting your consciousness onto strange plants, because they can provide you with that minimum of information that can be decisive for changing priorities and a certain course in your daily life;
  • If you were able to tune in to a positive mood as soon as you saw the bird cherry in your dream. Such a kind of “double” insight can only come to a dream for truly creative dreamers who are ready to sacrifice their time just to become real professionals in their field. You know what you want and do not miss the opportunity to achieve your goal, no matter what the cost.
  • The bird cherry is small in size and quickly breaks as soon as you pick it. A dream is a shapeshifter; it should be interpreted exclusively in reverse. By projecting the dream onto the optimally opposite side, we can conclude that you will be incredibly lucky in the future tense, you will be able to become a truly important person in the company of people and learn to love those who are dear to you. But you shouldn’t neglect this dream and think that everything is already set up for you and there’s simply nowhere else to go - the message was provided to you by your subconscious, only it knows what you need.

A tree in bloom as a symbol of sincerity of feelings

Blooming bird cherry is a symbol of love and joy, almost all dream books prophesy. But this love will be distinguished by purity and sincerity, there will be no falsehood in it. Especially if in a dream you saw not just one tree in bloom, but a whole garden.

In Tsvetkov’s collection of dreams you will find several explanations of why bird cherry blossoms are seen in dreams. If a woman dreams about it, it means that very soon former gentlemen may appear in her life. But for a man, bird cherry flowers promise a fateful meeting.

Did you dream that the flowering bird cherry tree is dropping its flowers? You should wonder if your lover is cheating on you, the Lunar Dream Book suggests.

Black cherry berries

Dream Interpretation eating black bird cherry

Bird cherry is a beautiful tree with fragrant flowers. No wonder many songs and poems have been written about him. Why do you dream about bird cherry? You don’t even have to guess, for the good. Any dream book will tell you that bird cherry is a symbol of purity, which means that a priori it cannot be a negative message from above.

Bird cherry in a dream is a rather rare symbol; if you dream about it, don’t brush it off, absolutely all dream books think so.

Dream Interpretation Bird Cherry

Berries are a dual symbol: they can promise both bad and good to a person. That is why you need to pay attention to their color, taste, shape, people and animals present, and only after that settle on one interpretation or another.

Eating black berries in a dream means serious illness and tears, but if they also turn out to be sour, then a loved one will be to blame for all the problems. Red berries indicate that the dreamer should be wary of his enemies, who are very determined and will soon strike.

However, the dreamer still has time to reveal their plans and preserve his reputation. For women, such a dream promises tears, but they will be from happiness, so you should not get upset and cry over trifles. If a woman dreams that her husband feeds her yellow berries, then in reality he often cheats on her.

But no matter what she does, she will not be able to change the state of things, since her husband has such a nature, and the next mistress is his new trophy. However, the wife should not be upset, since her husband will not leave her.

To see a friend eating berry jam in a dream means that in reality she is friends with the sleeping woman only out of self-interest. Therefore, the latter should be very careful in communicating with her friend, since she can easily reveal all her secrets. Sour berries are a harbinger of jealousy, so the dreamer should not give his significant other a reason, otherwise she will show him in a bad light in front of his friends.

If a woman dreamed that she ate berries and was poisoned, then in reality she should be wary of the machinations of her friend, who has long wanted to take her husband away from her. Most likely, she told him more than once about his wife’s non-existent novels and even tried to seduce him.

Treating a friend with berries that have just been picked from the garden means that in reality the dreamer will experience financial success, and he will need to thank his friend for this. Tasting spoiled berries means that in reality there will be a dark streak in family life.

It cannot be avoided, since the conflict has been brewing for a long time, which means you should simply come to terms with and survive this difficult situation. Thinking about how to feed your friend poisonous berries is a dirty trick on her part, so you need to keep your eyes open, otherwise you can end up in an extremely unpleasant situation.

If in a dream an old woman tries to feed a girl berries, but she refuses, this means that the latter will be disappointed in love, and the reason for this will be gossip spread by her boyfriend’s mother, who does not like her. Green berries are a harbinger of illness, but it will not be protracted; Also, after such a dream, a person’s temperature may rise.

Eating berries from the floor - in reality, a person will be in need, as a result of which he will take on any work to feed himself. If the dreamer’s situation is not the best, then one should expect it to worsen.

When thinking about why you dream of eating berries, it is better to look in several dream books for an interpretation of the dream - this way you will be able to find the best option. Nostradamus advises to be careful, as there is a high probability that enemies will set a trap.

If you believe Hasse’s dream book, then dried berries dream of profit, red ones mean temptation, green ones mean gossip, blue ones mean a new hobby, and black ones mean poisoning. After such a dream, Miller advises to be more selective in your friends, since among them there may be an envious person who will put a spoke in your wheels and cause harm.

Dr. Freud is of the opinion that those who dream of berries lack eroticism in their lives. For a woman, such a dream suggests that her husband is a bad lover and does not satisfy her, but only cares about his own pleasure.

The best way out of this situation would be a divorce, but if this is not possible, then you can always find a man on the side who will be more skillful than your spouse. The modern dream book says that a person will suffer from an illness, but it will be quite easy to recover from it, the main thing is to approach it as seriously as possible.

It should be remembered that black berries are always a harbinger of something bad, but red ones, on the contrary, most often dream of joy or pleasure; white ones can promise tears, and green ones - cash receipts. This way you can easily find out what the dream predicts.

Berries often do not promise anything good, so the negative effects of sleep should be neutralized. To do this, you just need to tell it to a loved one or write it on a piece of paper and burn it. After this, relief should come, since the dream will never come true.

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Now you can find out what it means to see a branch of bird cherry berries in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation - Bird Cherry

Bird cherry is the personification of purity, innocence and virtue. It is customary to give bird cherry flowers to your beloved girl, because according to popular belief, their smell will definitely intoxicate the one you are in love with, and he or she will fall in love with you. Perhaps the image of a bird cherry arose in a dream in connection with the well-known folk superstition deposited in your subconscious: “When the bird cherry blossoms, then the catch is for bream.”

Looking at a flowering bird cherry tree in a dream is a sign that you will soon meet a very beautiful, chaste woman who will have a significant impact on your life.

If you dreamed that you were picking flowers from a bird cherry tree, then such a dream suggests that you should pay as much attention as possible to your loved one, otherwise you will face deep emotions and tears due to the breakdown of relations with the person who was the meaning Of your life.

Cutting down a bird cherry tree in a dream means disappointment in a loved one. You will realize that you have idealized a person who does not possess the amazing qualities that you attributed to him.

Standing under a bird cherry tree in a dream is evidence that you are unlikely to be able to cope with the problems that have arisen alone, so seek help from a person you trust as much as yourself.

Enjoying the smell of bird cherry in a dream is a warning that you will soon believe someone’s flattering speeches, which will subsequently make you very worried.

Dream Interpretation - Bird Cherry

Bird cherry flowers - to peace and quiet in the home for family people.

To rejected love - for single people.

Eating bird cherry berries means illness or bitterness of feelings.

Sometimes a dream about bird cherry means a trip to your native place.

Dream Interpretation - Bird Cherry

Blooming bird cherry - a headache.

Faded bird cherry - to confusion.

Dream Interpretation – Branch

Seeing a branch in a dream foretells changes for the worse, failure. A broken branch means trouble and shame.

A dry, leafless branch means sad news about friends and acquaintances who are far away. A branch with leaves and fruits portends wealth and good leisure time among like-minded people.

A branch with ripe berries means success in your undertaking and happiness. Willow branch - to joy.

Break a branch - men will avoid you. Breaking pine branches - children will show kindness and care for you.

Holding a branch in your hands means a change in business.

Branches brought into the house do not bode well, and most importantly, they mean your confusion in a situation that is extremely important to you.

Dream Interpretation - Berry

Being in a clearing with an abundance of berries means improvement of affairs, recovery; collecting berries in a deep bowl, forgetting that they can get wrinkled - your good intentions will turn into misfortune; seeing a lot of berries, but they are still completely green - you don’t need to get ahead of yourself and rush events, this will not speed things up, it will create confusion;

putting a large stain of berries on your favorite suit and not knowing how to remove it - the person who caused you trouble will not be punished; berries ripened on your windowsill on New Year's Eve - evidence of your complacent attitude and willingness to help even in the most unrealistic projects; for a man - to treat a loved one with berries, but he refuses - a break in a long-tired and exhausted relationship; for a woman - such a dream is an intrigue in the circle of acquaintances of a loved one. Also see New Year, Honeysuckle, Elderberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Mulberry.

Dream Interpretation - Bird Cherry

Bird cherry - In bloom - to tender mutual love. In a bouquet - the one you dream of will love you. If you expect attention from your loved ones, then you will receive it. Withered - love will pass quietly and unnoticed, even sadness will not remain.

Dream Interpretation - Bird Cherry

Seeing bird cherry in bloom means a better life.

Dream Interpretation - Berries

Red, ripe berries - to tears.

White berries - to triumph, success.

Black berries mean sadness.

Eating berries is a sign of joy, prosperity and success in business.

A lot of berries in a dream - to troublesome low-paid work, tears.

Picking berries in a dream means tears.

Giving berries to others means sharing sadness.

Dream Interpretation – Branch

A withered branch in a dream foretells receiving sad news from those who are now far away.

A branch with fruits and green leaves means wealth and delightful hours spent with friends.

Dry branches promise sad news about someone missing.

To see a growing branch bending under the weight of ripened fruits in a dream means that you are guaranteed prosperity and enjoyment of the joys of life.

Dream Interpretation - Berries

(See interpretation: fruits and names of berries)

Red and sweet berries in a dream mean joy and success in business and in love.

Sour, unripe, rotten berries in a dream are a sign of failure, worries and troubles.

Eating berries in a dream during the season foretells receiving good news or meetings.

Juicy berries predict carnal pleasures and love pleasures. Dried and boiled berries in a dream indicate receiving good income from some enterprise.

Dream Interpretation - Berries

Bouquet arrangements, or Adding: both money and children

Branches with fruits collected in ikebana represent prosperity and an addition to the family, dream books suggest. If you want to know why a married woman dreams of a dream in which she collects bouquets from branches with large clusters, then consult Pastor Loff’s dream book for an interpretation. According to this interpreter, this indicates that the dreamer will soon become pregnant.

But collecting a bouquet of twigs plucked from a bird cherry bush that is in bloom is a symbol of profit and prosperity, says the Gypsy Collection of Night Visions.

Berry abundance is a sign of success

If you dreamed of a lot of berries that you eat, then this is a symbol of success and achieving a goal, Vanga’s dream book pleases. Did you happen to have unripe berries in your dream? Before you start anything, make sure you can complete it.

But if in a dream you ate unrealistically large bird cherry berries, then this means that great success and prosperity await you. It is quite possible that you will reach a high level in your career, the Eastern Dream Book reassures.

What were you doing in the dream?

Seeing bird cherry in bloom and inhaling its aroma means experiencing a deep feeling. Most likely, an event will happen in your life that will leave bright, pleasant impressions in your heart.

If you happened to pick bird cherry flowers in a dream, then at the moment you are satisfied with the quality of your life. And tearing them and throwing them at your feet means demanding more from people than they can give. This behavior can lead to conflicts.

After you dream of a bird cherry tree that you are shaking, the dream book recommends that you do not rush things. What is supposed to happen in your destiny will definitely happen. You just need to wait a little.

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According to the dream book, picking berries from a bush means learning good news. Often such night dreams foreshadow pregnancy. And for men, such a dream is a sign that it will soon be possible to meet a beautiful young lady.

Picking bird cherry from a tree and eating it right away means taking advantage of a happy opportunity. In the near future, fate will present you with a gift in the form of a successful coincidence of circumstances. If you do not miss the moment, you will be able to fulfill your cherished desire.

  • To draw a bird cherry is to dream.
  • Watering a bush means taking care of a loved one.
  • To cut it down is to act rashly.
  • Climbing on it means looking for adventure.
  • To plant near the house is to perform a noble deed.

Why do you dream of eating spoiled berries? Most often, such a dream foreshadows a conflict with a loved one. Experts advise not to “get excited” over trifles, but to show restraint and patience.

If you eat bird cherry berries in a dream, but you are not satisfied with the taste, then in life you are too picky. Think about whether your loved ones feel comfortable around you. Are you causing them unnecessary inconvenience?

When bird cherry is your main food in a dream, it means that you know how to rationally distribute your funds. This quality will help you not only invest your money profitably, but also collect a considerable amount for a rainy day.

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Eating bird cherry, but not feeling its taste - according to the dream book, means ignoring the advances of a suitor. Think about it, maybe it’s still worth paying attention to it? What if your destiny is next to you?

If in a dream you ate green berries, then in reality you are not ready for the events that are about to happen in your life. Most likely, you will have to take off your rose-colored glasses and look at life completely differently.

Boiling the collected berries is a sign of an exciting journey. Trying jam will give you a charge of positive energy. Spilling it means committing a rash act. And pouring it into jars means thinking about the future.

Harvesting: From Trip to Deception

Picking ripe bird cherry berries in a dream and making jam from them is a sign that an exciting journey awaits you. And if you were harvesting together with your loved one, then perhaps a honeymoon awaits you, says the Autumn Dream Book.

Eating freshly brewed bird cherry jam from fruits picked with your own hands in a dream means gifts. But picking from a bush and eating dried fruits is a sign of loss of trust.

And if you are wondering what the dream is about in which you tasted a rotten bird cherry berry, then here is the explanation you will receive: you will be deceived by one of your friends.


To interpret a dream from the point of view of the subconscious, you need to remember in what form the tree appeared to you. For example, seeing it blooming and beautiful is a symbol of inner strength, the desire for a better life. You hope that all bad things will end sooner or later. Possible troubles and difficulties do not frighten you, but force you to fight.

In the dream book, bird cherry and its berries are a sign of maturity, gaining wisdom and new knowledge. If you pick them or eat them, this may indicate a lack of positive emotions, fatigue or satiety with life.

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