Why does a little bird dream: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

A white bird in most dream books is a sign of good news, good luck, and happiness. but the details of the night vision can so significantly influence the interpretation that the sleeper will have to repel the attacks of enemies, endure troubles of various kinds and, despite everything, participate in quarrels and disputes. So why do you dream about a white bird? For answers, let's turn to the most popular and proven dream books.

Your success depends on you

Why does she dream of being in a cage - she will have to limit communication with friends, be “in seclusion.”

A black and white little songbird in a dream is an uncertain symbol. The influence of positive and negative factors is balanced, so everything depends on the dreamer himself.

Did you dream about a black and white magpie? The dream book informs: gossip and quarrels are possible. It’s better not to pay attention to idle imaginations, but to calmly go about your business.

Bird in the dream books of psychologists

Psychoanalysts pay great attention to the interpretation of dreams. Using them they spoke about the human condition, his hidden desires, fear, anxiety. The most famous are the dream books of Miller, Loff, and Freud.

Miller's Dream Book

According to Miller's dream book, birds are a favorable sign. If they have beautiful plumage, the sleeper will have a happy family life. A wounded but alive bird means anxiety and troubles because of children. Killing a bird means misfortune, crop failure, famine.

Birds flying in the sky in a dream foretell prosperity. Catching a bird means great luck. If the flock is talking, the sleeper is not able to cope with a problem that requires insight and concentration. When a little tit gets tangled in its hair, it is difficult for a person to make a decision.

The psychoanalyst also paid attention to the pen. If a girl decorates her hat with it or attaches it to her clothes, she will soon get married. Buying a lot of feathers means solving problems. An eagle feather on the water means your wishes will come true. A lot of white or ostrich feathers that a woman dreams of means success in society achieved through dishonest means. It will ruin your reputation. If you dreamed of black feathers, love will be unhappy.

Loff's Dream Book

The American psychologist believed that people’s dreams cannot be interpreted in the same way. Their perception is influenced by traditions, personal qualities and preferences of a person. When deciphering this symbol, he advised paying attention to the following nuances:

  1. Black crows and predators are harbingers of trouble. In Loff's dream book, a flock of birds means problems that a person cannot cope with.
  2. In Eastern countries, a vision in which birds peck at a person was considered a bad sign.
  3. The vulture and the vulture symbolize enemies.
  4. The ability to soar in the skies is a dream of envy and admiration.
  5. A singing or talking flock means that it is difficult for the sleeping person to express his thoughts and find a common language with other people.

The meaning of the dream depends on the type of bird

The interpretation depends on the type of bird:

  • the eagle is a symbol of pride, freedom and independence;
  • hawk - vigilance and swiftness, but at the same time cunning and meanness, because he attacks unexpectedly;
  • phoenix – strength of spirit, rebirth from the ashes;
  • white doves - peace, tranquility, dialogue.

Loff advised asking before interpreting a dream what a person associates a winged creature with. If it causes anxiety, dreams always warn such people of troubles.

Freud's Dream Book

For Freud, the interpretation of dreams is associated with the subconscious, which releases all the secrets of a person. Dreams helped the psychoanalyst talk about complexes, sexual fantasies, traumas and hidden desires. Here's what he thought flying animals meant:

  • if you dream of birds in the sky, this speaks of secret and unusual sexual desires that a person is afraid to realize; if the flock flies low, he is not going to give them up;
  • when a loved one has turned into a bird, the sleeper worries about his life and health; another interpretation is that the dreamer wishes him death;
  • if the sleeping person himself flies in the sky, he worries about his own life, he is haunted by the fear of death;
  • stroking a bird - experiencing a strong sexual desire;
  • when you dreamed of a hunt in which the dreamer had to shoot, this indicates aggressiveness;
  • if a person kills many birds in a dream, he suffers from an inferiority complex.

Interpretations according to Freud depend on the type of bird. Flamingo means that the sleeper is daydreaming. The pink flock symbolizes confidence in loved ones. Eagle in the sky - love triangle. Dove - the desire to transform platonic relationships into sexual ones.

Beware: bad luck ahead

Why do you dream of killing a white bird? This is a harbinger of misfortune, fatal consequences due to rash actions.

Killing her in a dream foretells great failure. If something was planned, it is better to abandon it, since the result will be disastrous.

Killing a white bird promises the onset of complications and negative problems. But with some effort, you can overcome difficulties.

A large, white, talking bird with a brood: why?

This symbol is very favorable. Moreover, you will need to pay attention to the words of this bird. As a rule, we are talking about foresight and clairvoyance.

The presence of a brood and the white color of the bird indicate positive changes, some pleasant events. It's about starting something new.

Listen to what the bird tells you, maybe there will be direct instructions that will be useful to you.

Good news, prosperity

Seeing a big white bird in a dream means: you will receive long-awaited good news from your relatives or friends who are far away.

A large swan with such plumage, according to the dream book, foreshadows the onset of a period of well-being and prosperity.

Why does a woman dream about a big white bird? New romantic feelings will arise, and a successful marriage is possible soon. The dream promises a married lady a happy family life.


The place in which the birds dreamed is important. If they were sitting on the balcony, difficulties and bad news await. When the bird knocked and banged on the window, the sleeper would soon learn news that would change his whole life. If she crashed into a window and broke it, the news would be bad. When a winged guest hits the glass, it portends danger.

When a bird flies into the window, there will be a pleasant meeting with a person from the past. For a woman, such a dream indicates that she will soon become pregnant. If a bird flies out of a window in a house, the sleeper will receive an offer that will help him earn money. When the sleeper himself releases a winged creature, a favorable period will begin in life, and luck will accompany it.

When the bird flew into the house, one of the relatives would soon die. If it gets into an apartment, death awaits the one who lives in a high-rise building. When a bird in a dream is already in a house or other room, new acquaintances are coming. Seeing a bird in an apartment means problems that will arise due to the fault of the dreamer.

If you dreamed of a bird in a cage, an important event will occur that will affect the future life of the sleeper. When she is in a tree, a person is trying to deal with complex problems; in the nest - to success in financial matters; in the sky - to news from afar.

Successful progress

The dream book calls an eagle with such plumage an excellent sign. The dreamer can now take on any difficult task.

Many birds of this color in a dream are a favorable omen. There will be success in his endeavors, a successful course of affairs.

Did you dream about a lot of white birds flying in the sky? The dream book explains: the vision promises prosperity.

Dream details

Various interpretations of a dream are possible, based on its details. Remember what else you managed to do:

  • catching - the success of your endeavors;
  • catch - a letter from afar;
  • ironing - a period of luck will begin;
  • hugging is a desire to prolong your happiness.

Did you dream of catching her? You want to take on a profitable business. Catch her on the fly? Your cherished wish will come true.

Now let's find out together whether your dream will come true? ? Which I dreamed about today. Exactly this night️?.


A flock of singing birds of this color in a dream means pleasant communication with friends and acquaintances lies ahead, from whom the dreamer will learn useful information.

Why dream of a flock of beautiful, clean birds? The dream book calls them a harbinger of pure love and a reliable marital union.

A white bird in the house that accidentally flew into your home sometimes means: a new life partner will soon appear or a child will be born.

The dreamer's actions

A bird in your hands promises good luck

The actions of a person and a bird in a dream in relation to each other are different. If you dream of a bird in your hands, the person will be lucky. For a business person, this speaks of success in business and career advancement. Letting go of a caught trophy is a sign of abdication of duties and responsibilities.

If a young girl dreams that she is feeding a sparrow or a tit, she will soon meet her betrothed, get married, and her family life will be happy. If a woman is married, she will soon spend time in good company. Hearing birds singing in a dream means a quarrel, although some dream books associate this with friendship.

If in a dream a bird lands on your head, you should be careful not to conflict; if she lands on the shoulder, positive changes await, good luck in important matters.

Some dream books interpret a bird on the shoulder as a betrayal of relatives. Catching a bird means career growth, profit, winning the lottery. If you happen to see how she pecks grains, the salary will be increased or the sleeping person will have additional income.

An attack promises trouble and intrigue from competitors. When you manage to fight back, the person will win the argument. If a goose attacks and bites, the sleeper will lose money. Bitten by a duck - collapse of hopes and plans, crow - stress. If the parrot bites and flies away, the dreamer will become a victim of gossip. A bird pooped or pooped on its head - a favorable sign. The litter promises profit, and the bird itself promises success and happiness.

Killing a bird in a dream means bringing disaster to loved ones, the city and even the country.

Stroking a bird in a dream or washing it means positive changes in life. Rescue - to changes at work or at home. Buy - to a profitable purchase. A bird flying in the sky dreams of fulfillment of desires. If it is too high, dreams are divorced from reality. Singing is a symbol of happiness and prosperity, the desire for perfection and freedom. The bird laid an egg - to income, news, the birth of children. If the sleeper finds eggs in the forest, the profit will be big. Eggs in the room are a new addition to the family.

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