Why do you dream of a parrot: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

Carefree and cheerful people can catch a parrot with their hands in a dream, and see it not in a cage, but in the wild. If you dreamed that you were chasing a creature with bright plumage, get ready for a memorable adventure. The dream means that it is time for rest and relaxation. Modern dream books present what talking birds mean in dreams in a very original way.

What can be found in Miller's dream book

Large talkers are recognized as a symbol of positive mood. If you dreamed of a macaw or a cockatoo, be prepared for parties and receptions. A dream in which you had to communicate with a bird means a state of celebration in your soul.

Gustav Miller and other psychologists, considering in their works what dreams of catching a parrot mean, call for observation of the smallest details:

  • by the tail - to a lucrative contract;
  • for wings, legs - to festive feasts;
  • by the beak - to an intriguing incident;
  • two individuals at once - to a happy marriage.

Other signs carried by a parrot in dream books

What else could a parrot mean?

  • A dead parrot means problems at work. Perhaps you have some kind of conflict with a colleague over a promotion. If you killed a screaming bird, it means you can protect yourself and your family from gossip. If you dreamed about your dead pet parrot, this means an illness of a family member or close relative.
  • Little chicks - to new ideas and accomplishments. For a woman, this is a subconscious desire to have children. According to Miller's dream book, this is a sign of decisive action. The work started must be completed. Dead chicks symbolize a dead end in business and the possible collapse of plans.
  • A flock of parrots that scream loudly and circle around you is a call for fun. Very soon you will find yourself at a great party and have a great time with your family and friends.
  • Stroking a bird with your fingers means unexpected news. You will hear from people who have not been in your life for a long time. This will be simple gossip, and good news, and some information that is really important to you. If a bird bites your finger, it means gossip at work.
  • The symbol of deception is a parrot on the shoulder. If a bird lands on your shoulder, you might want to think about who might be lying to you. Perhaps this is a new friend or an acquaintance who recently remembered you. If in your dream you see a man with a parrot on his shoulder, do not trust him, he has evil intentions.
  • Large parrot - soon a new man will appear in your life who will conquer you with his beauty and eloquence. Don't rush to trust him; most likely, he is not the one you need. If a big bird lands on your head in a dream, then the idea that you have been nurturing for several years is high time to bring to life.
  • A parrot flying past for a moment is a sign of happiness and good luck.
  • A bird locked in a cage is a sign of alarm. There is an enemy or ill-wisher in your life, but you have nothing to fear - you are safe, and he will not be able to harm you or your family in any way.
  • A dream in which a parrot acts as a participant in some kind of performance is a sign of excessive kindness towards people. You want to show your best qualities, convince everyone around you that they can trust you. This way, you attract people into your life who can use your kindness for their own selfish interests.
  • A parrot that repeats your every word - soon someone will need help. You will have to help this person, since your future will depend on him. In gratitude for this, he will help you move up the career ladder or find you a future spouse.

Seeing constant flapping of wings in a dream means meeting a new friend who will later become very close. Very soon you will need to open your soul and heart to a new person. You may not end up in a romantic relationship, but this person will be close to you for the rest of your life.

Perform feats

It doesn’t matter what breed the butt was: both the wavy and the talking characters in the dream promise a sharp change from the black stripe to a white one. If you dreamed that the tail of a bird was in your hands, expect an upturn in business. The main thing is, try not to miss the given chance.

Tsvetkov’s dream book guarantees a creative takeoff even for those who haven’t had any creative ideas in their heads lately. The psychologist explains with pleasure why you dream of catching a parrot. Be bold when promoting projects - in any case, well-deserved success and profit await you.

Loff's Dream Book

The interpreter points out that the bird has long been considered a mediator between the otherworldly and real worlds. She can imitate human speech, which is why she was previously credited with a prophetic gift. In some countries they believe that she can call rain.

As for the everyday meaning of the image, it personifies the desire to imitate. In addition, it is associated with stupidity, but not of the bird itself, but of the person who considers it stupid. Birds are quite smart, but not everyone is able to understand this.

Seeing a large, bright parrot in a dream , according to Loff, is a symbol of the fact that you should not be too gullible. A person who promises a lot will probably try to deceive you. Don't listen to what he says because it is not true. If in your dream a tropical bird squeals loudly, it means that you are in a dangerous situation. If you dream that you are teaching her human speech, in reality you will be doing monotonous work, but it will be well paid.

Uncover conspiracies

If you managed to catch a parrot by the beak in a dream, see it close in front of you - be prepared to get into adventurous situations. Most likely, the dreamer himself will be the instigator of gambling and interesting adventures.

A male who constantly chats is a symbol of a partner who cannot be trusted. However, no one will be able to harm the dreamer if he happened to observe a Gray or a cockatoo sitting in a cage. Rivals will be defeated, competitors will be defeated. This is exactly how the dream book of Nostradamus explains why one dreams of catching a parrot.

Freud's Dream Book

In the interpreter of a psychoanalyst, the image has a meaning that is associated with the sexual aspect of a person’s life. If you see parrots in a dream, bright and beautiful, then this is a warning. Freud believed that in this case more caution should be exercised. Most likely, you are not too picky about intimate relationships. If you continue in the same spirit, then those around you will often wash your bones behind your back. This may not scare you now, but in the future gossip can become extremely negative.

Feel free to make new acquaintances

The interpretation of sleep in Miller’s dream book comes down to an advantageous marriage if you had to see two individuals sitting next to each other. The more expressive the plumage, the richer and more influential the person who will propose to you will be. Catching a parrot and catching it with a net means being able to retain good luck for a long time.

Such a hunt will bring a lot of joy not only to lonely people. Married couples will be able to go on an exciting journey if they manage to become the owner of a defiantly bright feather. At the same time, disagreements that arose between spouses in the recent past will be smoothed out. Complete harmony, peace, and family comfort will be enjoyed by people who are lucky enough to catch a parrot in a dream.

A woman dreamed of a budgie

The breed of a parrot can give a clue to deciphering a dream.
The breed of a parrot can give a clue to deciphering a dream.

  1. Cockatoo is a sign that soon a dubious proposal will be made to increase profits, which in no case should you agree to, everything will result in huge losses.
  2. Corella is a smart creature that makes it clear that academic success will go uphill. This is also a signal to take up your education.
  3. A small budgie is a symbol of home and harmony in family relationships. For a woman, this is a favorable sign - she will soon get married or her feelings in marriage will get stronger.

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