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Dreams do not always become the images we saw during the day. Sometimes our subconscious tries to suggest a way out of a certain situation with the help of images and symbols. Various dream books help you understand why something or someone is dreaming. For example, if you dreamed of a friend at night, then such a dream can symbolize a variety of things. An accurate interpretation can be understood only by restoring all the detailed details of the picture seen.

Dreaming of a girlfriend according to Miller's dream book

If you dreamed of a childhood friend, then refer to Miller’s dream book. His predictions are highly accurate. But to do this, you should not lose sight of all the details of the dream you saw. For example, a friend’s long, flowing hair indicates the need to engage in her favorite hobby, business, or passion. In addition, the dream book contains other interpretations:

  • if a friend swears, in a dream the image warns you of possible troubles and dangers. Most likely, they will be attacks from enemies;
  • a friend with brightly painted lips is a symbol of fidelity to her soulmate. However, this is not always a good sign. The dream may also mean some fatigue from the relationship; perhaps you should take a short break and sort out your feelings;
  • if in a dream you see a friend at a younger age than in reality, this means that you care too much about your appearance. Also, such a dream may indicate that unnecessary troubles are slowing down your professional development. That is, in a dream, a friend advises you to change your focus to more important things;
  • if a friend kisses a man in a dream, then such a dream hints at the need to take care of her personal life. If a lonely girl dreams of this, she needs to start dating, which will lead to a strong and harmonious union;
  • a hug with a girlfriend or friend is a favorable and good sign that symbolizes good news and imminent positive changes in life;
  • seeing a childhood friend in a dream means you need to start believing in the best, and soon all your problems will be solved.


If you dreamed that your friend was bald, you should understand yourself. The sleeper does not understand the meaning of his life and cannot improve the relationships that he recently had to ruin. He is afraid to take responsibility, but sooner or later he will have to accept obligations. The dreamer is concerned about his psychological state, but does not want to do anything to change the situation. It is difficult for him to understand what is happening. He intends to find a teacher who will help him recover. The decision is correct, since it will be very difficult to cope alone. There are also the following interpretations:

  • A smiling friend in a beautiful and fashionable outfit hints that the sleeper is ignoring his own intuitive abilities. He tends to criticize others and is prone to sarcasm. Soon he will hear important news that cannot be left behind. If you ignore the news, the consequences could be dire. Superficiality and gullibility do not allow you to achieve what you want and fulfill your dream. You need to work hard to reach the finish line and get a decent reward.
  • If an old friend was naked in a dream, this means that the dreamer lacks insight and toughness. He has a soft character that hinders career growth. The plot shows dissatisfaction with the behavior of the other half. Perhaps the dreamer is jealous or worried about constant quarrels. If you talk to your partner, the situation will stabilize. It is possible that a negative magical effect was exerted.
  • Did your friend get old in your dream? The dreamer shows interest in everything mystical and unknown. He should strive for spiritual purity and avoid reading conspiracies. You need to be tough and principled more often, then luck will always accompany you in business. Now is the right time for career growth and making new useful acquaintances; you should not miss such a chance.
  • Did your childhood friend look happy? A surge of energy, inspiration and success in everything is expected. The sleeper spends too much time looking for pleasure. He doesn’t want to work, laziness gets in the way. Nevertheless, he shows sincere concern for all his loved ones. Sometimes she can be intrusive, which can lead to conflicts.

According to Freud's dream book: I dreamed about a friend

This psychoanalyst believes that the image of a friend in a dream rarely portends something good. However, you should definitely treat such dreams carefully and think about the meanings in order to avoid mistakes.

  • dead friend - in reality she will live happily ever after. But if you haven’t seen her for a long time, it’s time to set up a time for a heart-to-heart conversation;
  • pregnant friend - perhaps in reality she will soon experience the happiness of expecting a baby. However, she should be careful with her chosen one;
  • a dream about your friend's betrayal may symbolize your fear of rejection from the object of your desire. Also, such images can mean the presence of a cruel person in your close circle, who can cause you pain and trouble;
  • a friend’s tears - they may dream of health problems. In this case, it is better to immediately undergo a preventive examination by doctors;
  • if in a dream a friend acted as a homewrecker and stole her loved one, then in reality she may turn out to be a very insidious girl. The dream advises you to take a close look at her, and if such a risk exists, then it is better to break off any relationships and contacts with her.


No matter how good your friendships are in reality, in a dream a friend represents a rival, especially for a girl or young woman. Such a dream says that you need to pay attention to your personal life and relationships with your loved one. For an older woman, a dream about a friend can mean gossip about members of her family. If a young man dreams of a woman with whom he has only friendly relations, then this means unexpected support from people he did not count on.

A special category consists of dreams in which friends from our childhood appear, often already forgotten. This suggests that you are looking for a solution to today's problem in the events of the past; sometimes it works out, but it’s better to live in the present, and not in the past.

A very alarming warning is a dream in which you drink alcohol with your girlfriend. It foreshadows events in your life that you cannot control - be vigilant to avoid serious troubles.

Loff's Dream Interpretation: girlfriend

Loff's dream book talks about the interpretation of dreams quite briefly and concisely. However, in most cases the symbols turn out to be true. For example:

  • meeting a friend - to changes in your personal life, new acquaintances and falling in love;
  • distant images of a friend - financial losses or problems in career, professional development;
  • an old friend whom you have not seen for a long time - gossip that enemies spread around you;
  • quarrel with a friend - possible risks at work, conflicts with superiors.

Why do you dream about your friend according to Vanga’s dream book?

In accordance with the interpretations in Vanga’s dream book, dreams with a friend can have different meanings, depending on the details and details of the images. Some dreams will be favorable harbingers, while others prophesy difficulties, troubles and problems.

  • killing a friend in a dream is a symbol of tension in friendship with this person in reality;
  • if in a dream you are drinking tea and chatting with a friend, this is a favorable sign that guarantees stability and tranquility in life. In this case, you don’t have to wait for troubles or problems;
  • meeting a friend - disappearance of health problems, harmony in relationships with loved ones;
  • a friend with a small child in her arms - her possible pregnancy in real life. The dream may also symbolize some positive changes in her life.

In any case, such dreams become harbingers. They need to be treated carefully. Try to remember all the details of the picture before turning to the dream book.

Why do men see former girlfriends in their dreams?

What a man dreams of about his long-time girlfriend is fundamentally different from the interpretation of women’s dreams. The plots are also completely different, almost all of them have sexual overtones.

  • Having sex with a woman from the past, with whom there was only friendship, most likely the man is bored and wants new experiences.
  • A quarrel is a sign of hidden resentment towards a spouse or mother. A man in reality does not dare to show emotions, avoiding aggravation of relations.
  • Seeing a friend naked means dreaming about the impossible, unattainable.
  • The lady humiliates the sleeping man, laughs at him - problems with potency are possible.

When a man dreams of having sex with a former close girlfriend with whom he was actually in a relationship, this indicates extreme dissatisfaction with his current way of life, and at the same time, an unwillingness to change anything himself.

In addition to the above explanations of why an old friend dreams, there is one more thing: the friend, for some important reason, really remembered the dreamer. If soon after the dream she calls or says hello through mutual friends, you should not be surprised: everything in the world is closely interconnected.

Modern dream book: interpretation of a dream about a friend

According to the modern dream book, the image of a girlfriend symbolizes reliability and support. This symbol becomes a particularly favorable sign if you dream of a close friend. Long-term girlfriends can mean isolation, loneliness, shyness and lack of self-confidence. Other meanings of dreams with girlfriends in the 21st century dream book:

  • the death of a friend - this strange symbol means success and luck in any business and endeavor, the elimination of all difficulties on the way to a career advancement;
  • pregnant friend - perhaps you will soon start some kind of joint business that will become very successful;
  • a friend in the form of an animal - a dream foreshadows an imminent quarrel with a friend in reality, but it will be provoked by your common ill-wisher;
  • if you leave or run away from your friend in a dream, in reality you have long wanted change, but are doing nothing for it. It is recommended to start some new activity, change jobs or develop certain habits (running in the morning, changes in diet, etc.);
  • if in a dream your friend stands on a hill or a hill, victory and success await you very soon;
  • if you are lower than your friend in a dream, then perhaps soon you will have to part with old friends.

Greetings from childhood: why do you dream about school girlfriends?

When analyzing the meaning of dreams, you should immediately weed out plots that arose under the influence of recent events.

If you dreamed about an ex-girlfriend or classmate immediately after a high school reunion or looking at a school yearbook, this is not a reason to worry. Her appearance is not a special sign.

  • A childhood friend, like other people, dreams of places left in the distant past when a person is tired of the problems of reality and wants to escape from them to where he was unconditionally happy.
  • A school friend dreams of unexpected help. If the dreamer is in a difficult life situation, and loved ones cannot support him, such a dream is a sign that solution and support will come from outside.
  • Walking with friends from childhood foreshadows changes. It’s good if the plot ends with an exit to an open, bright place: this promises an easy solution to life’s problems.

Network dream book: why does a girlfriend dream?

Nowadays, many people are looking for interpretations of their dreams online. Their interpretations may differ slightly, but if you remember the dream in detail, you can understand what exactly it portends for you.

  • upset girlfriend - quick quarrels, problems and troubles, but you can cope with them if you make some effort;
  • a friend in a white dress or at a wedding as a bride - expect help that will be a real surprise for you. It will be provided by a person from whom you would not expect such a thing;
  • a smiling and happy girlfriend is a symbol of changes in your personal life and professional career, which will be very favorable and will have a positive effect on your mood;
  • the birth of a friend - troubles that will result from your actions;
  • a friend with short hair or a man's haircut - good news and good news;
  • a friend who has dyed her hair brunette is a symbol of an upcoming romantic date with intimate conversations and pleasant emotions.

Thus, a friend can dream about it as a warning, a harbinger or a sign. Usually these are positive or negative changes in your personal life and work. The main thing is to remember the image of your friend and all the detailed details of the dream. Your intuition will help you interpret the picture.

Own malaise

If in your night dreams you dreamed of how a serious illness struck the sleeping person, then this is a sure sign that you should treat yourself more carefully and monitor your psychological and emotional state.

A similar plot in a dream most often represents the dreamer being under stress, which can subsequently provoke a real illness.

For a more accurate decryption, you will need to take into account the following details:

  1. In dreams, a person experienced feelings such as fear, confusion or anger - it is these emotions in reality that significantly undermine the well-being of the sleeper and negatively affect the mental and physical state. Having remembered exactly the feeling experienced in a dream, you should try to control it in reality.
  2. Some dream books claim that a dreamed illness acts as a signal of internal imbalance. It is possible that the dreamer has problems with the functioning of his internal organs. It is recommended to undergo a preventive examination, take an unplanned vacation, follow a diet for some time, and get rid of bad habits.
  3. If you dreamed of feeling unwell, accompanied by high temperature and fever, you should beware of any conflicts, since you may find yourself involved in an unpleasant situation with irreparable consequences.
  4. If you dream about your own illness, which is characterized by a prolonged cough, the secret will soon become apparent. You should be truthful and sincere with the people around you.
  5. Having a cold at night indicates excessive talkativeness in real life. It is recommended to listen more, not to lie and not to be a hypocrite.
  6. Sneezing in a dream is a favorable sign. Pleasant events and a happy future await the dreamer. You should not resist change; it will only bring good things.
  7. Seeing your recovery is an excellent sign. The dreamer will soon get rid of all troubles and existing problems.
  8. A vision in which one had to watch someone nurse a sleeping person and take care of him symbolizes a person’s dependence in real life on other people.
  9. A slight malaise means upcoming changes in business.
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