“Why do you see a bald head in a dream? If you see Bald in a dream, what does it mean?

For a long time, baldness symbolized old age, infirmity, or narrow-mindedness. Now, a hairless male head is considered a sign of sexuality, masculinity, and practicality. According to the dream book, what a bald man dreams of is a serious sign that warns of deception and insincerity. So, seeing thinning hair in a dream predicts collapse and bankruptcy.

Bald man in matters of the heart

It’s easy to guess why you dream about baldness. According to the interpretation of Dr. Freud's dream book, a hairless head is a symbolic representation of the buttocks. Perhaps this part of the body most attracts you to your partner or yourself, or, on the contrary, it is the cause of your own complexes.

For a young lady to see a bald man in a dream, according to the version of the Lovers’ dream book, predicts the likelihood of becoming the bride of an insincere and unpleasant person. The dreamer will have to make a lot of effort, tact and feminine cunning to avoid an unwanted union.

Seeing your boyfriend bald, according to the Modern Interpreter, prophesies a temporary change in the relationship between lovers. Perhaps your chosen one in real life is faced with a serious problem that takes a lot of time and effort. Try not to put pressure on your lover, but to support him in a difficult and important matter for him.

General interpretations

A dream of an unpleasant, gloomy bald man can hardly be considered a good omen. This is probably a warning of impending danger. A cheerful, slightly drunk fat man with a shiny bald head - this is who foretells success in business and in his personal life.

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Dreaming about lack of hair

Dreaming of a bald man can be a warning about fraud and deception, which can lead to financial ruin and bankruptcy.


How to correctly guess the meaning of a dream? The same story has different interpretations for different people. Young or old, single or married - everyone has their own interpretation.


For girls and women, a dream about a bald man can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the circumstances of the dream. A small, insignificant detail can significantly change the essence of the prediction.

  • Why does an unmarried girl dream of a bald man? This is probably a warning about the treachery of a potential groom. If in reality you notice these shortcomings in him, analyze his behavior. Perhaps you should not plan your future life with such a person, so as not to be disappointed in family life later.
  • For a wife to see her husband bald, although in fact he has gorgeous hair, means that soon disagreements and problems will arise in the family over money or other material values.
  • A young girl may dream of a typhus patient if she is seriously planning to marry an arranged marriage to a rich but middle-aged man. Seriously weigh the pros and cons before deciding to commit to a loveless marriage.
  • For a woman to see her husband bald in a dream, and for a girl to see her boyfriend as such, it means that the problems that she will soon have cannot be resolved without outside help.
    Seeing yourself without hair in a dream


A balding man used to be associated with old age, infirmity and disease, but times have changed, and today he is more of a symbol of sexuality and success. Whether you saw yourself from the outside or someone else’s perspective, each dream has its own interpretation.

  • For a young man to see a bald man in a dream means that there is a high probability of deception on the part of his girlfriend. In order not to provoke betrayal and avoid a breakup, try to pay more attention to her. Don't let your relationship cool if you really care about her.
  • If a man saw himself bald in a dream, but in reality boasts thick hair, he will experience positive changes in his personal life and career growth at work.
  • A man in a dream sees himself completely bald, but with a luxurious beard and mustache - your far-reaching plans are not destined to come true.

Predictions for everyone

Meeting a clean-shaven young man leaving a barbershop in a dream means the beginning of a new promising project. You will have challenging and interesting work in a friendly team.

Seeing yourself bald in a dream is a danger emanating from your ill-wishers. They weave their intrigues and gradually prepare to harm you. Be vigilant and attentive to avoid becoming their victim.

I dreamed that my hair came out while combing

Why do you dream of lost hair? You were combing your hair in a dream and found that the comb was completely clogged with hair that had come out - in reality, adultery or betrayal of a close friend is possible.

If you dreamed of a person you know well, but at the same time his hair on his head is shaved, there is a high probability of conflict and misunderstanding between you. The dream warns you of the need to be more tolerant and lenient towards the mistakes and mistakes of others, so as not to lose your friends.

Dreaming of a perky, cheerful, healthy and bald baby means happiness and prosperity in your home.

Changing your hairstyle in a dream means changes in reality

Seeing a bald man leaving a barbershop, according to the Modern Universal Interpreter, is a sign of a new and interesting business that will have to start from scratch.

The dream book from A to Z interprets why a young man shaved his head in a dream is a harbinger of melancholy and a depressive state. A shaved tonsure on the top of the head characterizes the dreamer’s excessive “softness” and generosity, which may not be the first time to cause difficulties.

For a man to see himself bald in a dream, according to the interpretation of the Small Velesov Dream Book, predicts honor and respect among those around him. Also, a bald spot in a dream can be a reflection of the dreamer’s internal experiences, strong moral stress and the desire to keep everything under vigilant control. Perhaps the sleeping person needs to let go of himself and trust the process of life.

Gypsy dream book and bald spot

According to the Roma dream book, going bald in a dream means suffering from your own bad deeds. If your head goes bald on its own or you cut your hair, then it's your own fault. If other people cut your hair, then those around you are to blame.

According to the gypsy dream book, hair is a symbol of well-being. If they are long, beautiful and well-groomed, this is a good sign. Short, sparse and tangled hair means troubles and sorrows.

According to the gypsy dream book, baldness is a bad sign

Baldness in a dream promises illness

I dreamed that a guy’s hair was starting to fall out - to complicate understanding and relationships with the character. Another explanation of why such circumstances occur in dreams is indicated by the Modern Universal Dream Book on physical changes in the dreaming personality, which are associated with poor health.

Seeing your own husband with baldness foreshadows the chosen one’s struggle with a serious illness in reality. For a married dreamer, a dream foreshadows a temporary financial difficulty resulting from dramatic changes in circumstances in the work sphere of her lover.

Seeing a man’s head bald as a result of a typhoid disease predicts a girl’s struggle with the temptation to marry an unloved, too old, but quite rich and powerful man.


Balding guys, men or just strangers can show both a general fear of men and feelings of disgust, fear and morbidity.
Usually, for guys, such a dream means devaluation of an opponent and his humiliation, as well as illness and troubles, which in themselves will soon appear in your life.

For a man to sit on the same bench with bald prisoners or just guys means the danger of trial and imprisonment. Therefore, you should not take risky actions, as this is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Sometimes such a dream predicts illness and ruin for you.

For a girl, a bald, unfamiliar man can mean fear of guys, stronger men in a dream, danger, trouble. If he is pursuing you, beware of the consequences of his affair, since it will definitely not lead you to anything good.

Sometimes a bald maniac or simply a mentally ill, aggressive person in a dream warns you of danger.

Therefore, you should not believe dubious promises and offers.

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