“Why do you dream about a shower? If you see a Soul in a dream, what does it mean?

Everyone will know your secret, you need rest

Finding yourself in someone else's soul in a dream means circumstances of your personal life that you would like to hide will become known to others.

Have you seen yourself standing under streams of water with your clothes on? In reality, your internal energy reserves are gradually depleted. It is necessary to give yourself a break not only from work, but also from usual emotions.

Washing in the shower with clothes on is interpreted by the dream book as excessive shyness when having sex. There is no need to be ashamed of your body - just give pleasure to your partner and receive it yourself.

Why do you dream about washing in the shower: interpretation of the dream

If we look at the dream book, a shower in a dream means deception, disclosure of a secret, or other unpleasant formality. There are the following main interpretations for this phenomenon:

  1. If you had to take a shower in your dream, then an unusual situation may soon occur, which will not be so easy to solve.
  2. According to the dream book, for the dreamer to take a shower in his own dreams with cold streams of water means hypocrisy on the part of his work colleagues.
  3. If we consider what someone else’s soul is dreaming about, then there is a chance that your innermost secrets will be revealed to public opinion.
  4. According to the dream book, for the dreamer, taking a shower in clothes means energy exhaustion in the near future.
  5. Also, a similar phenomenon with the presence of clothes on the dreamer indicates excessive constraint during sex.
  6. According to the dream book, a public shower comes to the dreamer in dreams of upcoming difficulties that can be easily overcome.
  7. If you had to bathe in the shower in your dream and wash off the dirt, in reality the beginning of favorable changes awaits you.
  8. According to the dream book, if you have to shower in public, then something very shameful will soon await you, which will be condemned.
  9. If for some reason you happen to take water procedures on the beach, then financial difficulties will soon await you.

Considering why a person dreams of taking a shower, it is impossible to accurately say the upcoming event, since there is a possibility that this is how fears or unfulfilled desires hidden in the subconscious are manifested.

Important! You should not worry too much about such a vision, since dreams do not always promise anything in the future and are fulfilled in a person’s real life.

Take with a man

Depending on which man you have to perform water procedures with, the dream can be interpreted in the following way according to modern dream books:

  • if a stranger is present in the dream, you will soon have to experience a romantic relationship with your lover;
  • if you had to watch your boyfriend next to you, then a magnificent wedding awaits you soon;
  • if such a vision appears for a married woman, then this only confirms the sincerity of her husband’s feelings.

Also, you should not count on a long-term relationship with your lover if you saw yourself with him in the shower, since such a phenomenon indicates a short-term continuation of the relationship.


As a rule, such publicly visible phenomena foreshadow your imminent deception. Very often, after a dream, you can encounter betrayal, and the main probability is that such meanness will occur on the part of a loved one, or even a relative. Often this vision indicates a past or upcoming betrayal by a lover. That is why you should take a close look at the other half; perhaps your chosen one or chosen one has changed in behavior and has already completely lost interest in you.

Dreaming of hosting in someone else's apartment

If you have to take water procedures in the shower of strangers, then you should pay attention in whose shower you decided to wash in your dreams, since the following interpretations exist:

  • if it turns out to be your parents’ shower, then this indicates concern on their part, which you may not like;
  • provided that the bathroom where you are located belongs to friends or other close people, there is a possibility that they need help;
  • taking a bath with strangers indicates a possible acquaintance, which, in turn, will not be pleasant for you.

Since this vision may indicate some negative aspects, it is recommended to determine exactly where you happened to bask under the streams of water in order to answer the corresponding question, and, if necessary, prepare.

Wash in front of people

This is the most unfavorable phenomenon, which very often promises various negative events. As a rule, there are the following interpretations for this phenomenon:

  1. if you wash in public, then most likely soon you will face shame and public condemnation;
  2. if you take a bath in any public place, it indicates betrayal or disrespect towards you;
  3. provided that the shower is located in the pool, on the beach or other public place, then financial difficulties will soon come.

You should be wary and put off unforeseen expenses when this sign appears in your dreams, since the dream may well indicate upcoming difficulties in material terms.

Wash with clean water

It is definitely recommended to pay attention to the water that comes from the tap. Today, there are the following interpretations of dreams depending on the water used:

  • if it is crystal clear, financial flows await you, as well as a certain joy and fun;
  • provided that the water turns out to be cloudy, unpleasant events in the family will soon await you;
  • If you see soapy water, then there is a chance that your money will flow away in an unknown direction.

A dream with rusty water indicates a long series of failures from which you will not be able to get out on your own, and you will need the help of loved ones or even relatives.

Where did this happen?

The interpretation of the dream takes into account where it was:

  • at home - there are changes ahead that depend on many details;
  • parents, friends - they will need your help;
  • in a public place (swimming pool, sports club) - deception, betrayal;
  • on the beach - financial problems;
  • Be careful in front of people, you might embarrass yourself.

Wash in a dream: interpretation of Nostradamus

The interpretations of dreams given by Nostradamus may seem outdated. But with a high degree of probability we can say that they are true. Why dream of washing in a bathhouse? Here's what Nostradamus wrote:

  • Seeing yourself washing yourself means illness, failure, long, meaningless trips.
  • Washing with soap means loss of money, financial difficulties.
  • If a woman dreams of a guy in a bathhouse, she will be able to get what she wants. If you see a girl washing herself, expect a new addition to the family.
  • Did a married man dream about a stranger in a bathhouse? A short affair with a married woman awaits him.

Love relationships

A vision of joint water procedures with a man whom the dreamer is not familiar with promises her a meeting with a skilled lover. It will be a fleeting episode, but it will leave vivid memories.

For a girl to see in a dream how she takes a shower with a man, if he is her lover, foretells that their wedding will soon take place.

Did a married woman dream of doing this with her husband? Her husband loves her, no need to worry about his feelings.

Wash in a dream: Miller’s dream book

Gustav Miller compiled his dream book more than 100 years ago. But his work does not lose relevance in the modern world. What does it mean if you had to wash yourself in a dream? Miller's dream book interprets the dream this way, depending on the details:

  • Seeing yourself washing yourself means disappointment and failure in business. Perhaps the partners, whose support and help they really counted on, will let you down. If in a dream you avoided washing in a bathhouse, problems will be avoided.
  • In a dream, washing and steaming means you will soon be in the company of irritated people. If you leave the bathhouse, your troubles and worries will end.
  • A dream in which you had to wash someone foreshadows injustice, insult, slander.

If in a dream you saw a huge washing container that was located in the house or in the yard of the dacha, you will have a happy, prosperous life.

Shower: Pixabay

Other meanings

Seeing yourself in a dream under a warm shower means: you will soon experience positive emotions with your sexual partner.

Did you dream of washing in the shower, under warm, clean streams of water? The dream book promises: you will get rid of diseases very soon.

Finding yourself under a warm water stream foreshadows: serious changes will begin, but they will all be comfortable. You will gradually get used to the changes, and some will even like them.

Other options

Particular attention should be paid to the temperature of the water under which you have to bask, as well as some other related details, since there are some other interpretations:

  1. A hot shower in a dream indicates that you will soon experience positive emotions.
  2. If the jets are not only hot, but also crystal clear, then soon you will find relief from all ailments.
  3. A warm, comfortable current indicates that positive changes are coming soon, which will be perceived comfortably.

Among other things, we should also not forget that an event seen in dreams may indicate the need to cleanse ourselves and let go of all unnecessary experiences and fears.

Important! In the process of searching for a suitable interpretation, it is imperative to pay maximum attention to the accompanying details, which will allow you to find the most accurate interpretation.

Today, almost every person experiences dreams while relaxing. These can be either pleasant dreams or negative visions. The accompanying details will help you tell exactly what this or that sign is about, and to do this you have to carefully remember the entire event you saw. Subsequently, this will allow a person to properly tune in and prepare himself for subsequent changes, especially if they are of a very negative nature.

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