Interpretations of different dream books: what an apple tree with apples might mean in a dream

A green apple in dreams is a sign of fate. Its color predicts something pleasant, and its external beauty predicts success in all endeavors, wisdom and health. The main thing is to wait for the omen to come true.

Options for interpretation

  • Miller's Dream Book
  • Vanga's Dream Book
  • Islamic Dream Interpretation
  • Who dreamed of a green apple?
  • To an unmarried girl
  • To a woman
  • Pregnant
  • To a man
  • Interpretation of sleep in detail
  • Eating a green apple
  • Unripe apple
  • Rotten apple
  • Buy green apples
  • Picking apples under a tree

Do you consider a green apple in a dream a bad omen?

Apples in a dream: Vanga’s dream book

For Vanga, apples symbolize a lot of good things. Dreaming with them is a harbinger that success in life is just around the corner. Seeing fruits on a tree means strengthening family well-being, order and peace in the house.

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The seer interprets picking apples in a dream based on a biblical story. The apple acts as a carrier of certain information, just as the tree in the Garden of Eden made it possible to know good and evil.

Vanga is sure that picking apples in a dream means new perspectives of knowledge in everyday life. The sleeper will receive valuable information that will help him receive a reward in the form of a bonus, award or promotion.

Apple tree according to Miller's dream book

The image was considered by the interpreter in various versions and had positive characteristics:

  • A dreamer who sees an apple tree with red fruits against a background of bright green foliage can expect pleasant events in life.
  • The same positive events are foreshadowed in a dream by an apple orchard.
  • An apple tree strewn with ripe fruits is a sign of an imminent successful period in life, when new plans can be easily realized if the dreamer does not miss the moment.
  • The branches with apples are located high and the fruits are difficult to get - the dream warns of unrealistic plans. The dreamer will not be able to accomplish what he cannot do.

Miller has interpretations of this image with a negative connotation, but they are cautionary in nature and can be of benefit to an attentive person.

  • Thus, fruits falling to the ground lying under an apple tree are a warning about an unpleasant environment, with ill-wishers and flatterers.
  • If the apples are spoiled and rotten, the dream warns of the futility of efforts in some important matter. The desired will never be achieved.

Islamic dream book: apples in a dream

A fruit in the Islamic dream book is a symbol of the sphere of activity to which the sleeper has devoted himself. For a ruler it is power, for a farmer it is land, and for a woman it is family.

Buying apples in a dream means taking care of your business and its success. Picking fruits from a tree is a symbol of a quick reward in the form of money or gratitude from a person with high social status.

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The dream book pays a lot of attention to taste:

When you dreamed that you could taste the apples in a mosque, the man will find a mate. If a sleeping woman smells fruit in a mosque, she will give birth to a handsome son.

But if in a dream you had to plant a tree, this is a sign that in life you may have to take in an orphan.

Interpretation of sleep in detail

You can do anything you want with the night vision product. And depending on each action or property of the fruit, the interpretation may change.

Eating a green apple

The riper and tastier the fruit, the better the future awaits you. Dreams and desires will come true, health will improve, and life will become more fruitful. Actively participate in various events and then you will be able to do something useful not only for yourself.

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Unripe apple

What exactly did you do with this apple? The interpretation in this case depends on your actions:

  • cutting an unripe fruit means cutting off communication with a new acquaintance;
  • picking it from a tree is a sign that you are in too much of a hurry. Let them develop at their own pace;

REFERENCE! For a woman, such a dream means that she will meet an attractive man and their relationship will develop quite rapidly.

  • eating an unripe apple - such a dream is a warning that you should not worry about the unimportant. You are just wasting your emotions;
  • looking at an unripe fruit means health problems.

IMPORTANT! Also, such a vision warns you that among your inner circle there are hypocrites who are just waiting to harm you.

Rotten apple

Since an apple is a symbol of health, a rotten fruit warns of a possible illness. Dress warmer and take more vitamins and then the unpleasant condition will bypass you.

Buy green apples

Buying green apples in a dream means good luck and financial well-being. The time comes when you can leave a job you don’t like without fear, move from a boring city and, in general, start a new life.

ATTENTION! But don't hesitate! If you decide to change everything, then start right now. Then it may be too late!

Picking apples under a tree

Collecting fruits under a tree is a good symbol. Moreover, the more the earth is strewn around the apple tree, the greater success awaits you.

IMPORTANT! But, if you pick fruits from a tree, then you will be disappointed because of a goal that you could not achieve.

A green apple is one of the best symbols in a dream. It portends many positive changes. But, nevertheless, of course, you should hope for fate, but you can’t sit idle on your own. Otherwise, no symbol in night visions will help.

Why do you dream of eating apples: Nostradamus’ dream book

For Nostradamus, fruits symbolize some great discovery that a person has to make. It will bring the sleeper respect and honor from society. If a person is not involved in solving riddles or scientific activities, the fruit means success in professional activity. And if there were a lot of apples, then youth and health will not leave the person for a long time.

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Rotten fruit, on the contrary, symbolizes failure in endeavors. Therefore, if you dreamed about it, projects that seem promising should be postponed for a while so as not to find out what failure is.

The dream book considers buying apples as a symbol of an opportunity that should not be missed. If the fruits are green, the efforts will pay off, red ones symbolize profit, yellow ones - new acquaintances.

Tasting fruit in a dream is a wonderful sign. It is an omen that in the near future there will be a meeting with a woman who will change your whole life and bring happiness for many years. With her you can build a stable and happy family.

Interpretation of a dream about an apple tree in Vanga’s dream book

A tree with big apples promises success in the future.
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  • A blooming apple tree portends good news and joyful events. A tree in bloom means harmony and peace of mind for the dreamer.

Negative interpretations of the famous seer:

  • A withered apple tree symbolizes a heavy loss, possibly fatal, that will occur in the near future. The one who sees the dream will not have peace for a long time from the loss.
  • An apple tree with ripe apples cut down by the dreamer means parting with a loved one. Fate will be inexorable - those who separated will never unite again.

Islamic dream book dreamed of apples. Islamic dream book dreamed of apples why see in a dream

Dream book Islamic dream book dreamed of apples dreamed of why in a dream Islamic dream book dreamed of apples? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see apples in an Islamic dream book by reading below free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books!

Seeing an Apple in a dream

If you dreamed of a wormy apple, it means that you will receive false information, and if you do not think through your further actions, you will lose.

A dream in which you cut an apple into slices predicts a delusion for which you will pay.

Dream prediction Apple

Why do you dream about Apple?

Seeing an Apple in a dream

If a man sees an apple tree in a dream, he rejoices in the knowledge that he is attracting the attention of the women around him. If in a dream you are sitting under an apple tree, you are dreaming of being seduced by a young girl. In a dream, a woman gives you an apple - in reality they are trying to seduce you.

If a woman dreams that she is sharing an apple with a man, the dream means that she wants to seduce him. If a woman dreams that she picks up an apple and it turns out to be wormy, in reality she will be disappointed in her sexual partner.

Dream prediction Apple

If in a dream you saw a large number of apples, then in the future amazing fruits will be discovered that resemble apples in shape. These fruits will restore health and youth to people.

Why do you dream about Apple?

You will treat your enemy at your table.

Seeing an Apple in a dream

Represents the fruit of the tree of life, a fruit symbolizing life. The real image means success in life and the pleasure derived from it.

Who dreamed of a green apple?

Always start from your gender when finding predictions for yourself. After all, what is true for a woman is wrong for a man.

To an unmarried girl

Seeing a green apple in a dream means that several suitors will appear at once. Perhaps you can fall in love with one of them.

To a woman

The green apple is a symbol of female vitality. Therefore, such a dream portends spiritual harmony and good health. He tells you that you are beautiful, desirable, unique and very confident. Don't lose these qualities.


You will give birth to a healthy baby who will be very similar to you. Don't worry about anything - everything will be fine.

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To a man

For a man, such a dream warns of an imminent meeting with an old friend or an attractive girl.

ATTENTION! If you meet a girl, don't miss her. She can become your chosen one and you will live a long and happy life with her.

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Number of fruits

For a lonely person, a single apple indicates an imminent proposal. Someone will invite the sleeping person to take part in an adventure that could bring trouble. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully before making a decision.

Harvesting a large harvest is a good sign. You are about to receive a promotion at work, which will increase your salary. If you have to pick apples from the very top of a tree while standing on a ladder, this is a warning. An unpleasant conversation with relatives will soon take place, which will bring frustration and worry. Close people will insult and humiliate.

Collecting fruits from a tree that fall into your hands means life will be filled with new emotions and feelings. Every day will be accompanied by pleasure. If a woman dreams of a child at this time, she will soon be able to get pregnant.

General interpretation of sleep

People attach sacred meaning to many objects or things. The apple became a temptation for the first people, and it was it that gave terrible knowledge to Eve and Adam. The fruit represents knowledge, life, temptation. In myths, heroes are sent for rejuvenating apples, which save the wounded and heal the sick. Among the Scandinavians, these fruits give immortality.

Therefore, the appearance of such a symbol is viewed positively. In dream books, green apples promise only good events. Waiting for a person:

  • making a dream come true;
  • improvement of material well-being;
  • health promotion.

If large fruits hang on a tree, then you need to remember how high they were located. It is easy to collect them because of the low-growing branches - everything will be easy in business, any undertakings will be accompanied by good luck. The sleeper will not have to make any special efforts to achieve what he wants.

If a girl has a boyfriend, then a bright streak will come in their relationship. A loved one will treat his chosen one with tenderness, care and warmth.

The meaning of an apple in a dream depending on its color

A favorable sign is to see apples in your dreams. But it turns out that the dream can be interpreted in different ways, depending on what color the apple was in the dream:

  • Green – don’t rush things, let them take their course
  • Yellow fruits - to prosperity, profit
  • Red - for goodness and prosperity. But - if you harvest from a tree or eat fruit, and if the apples are scattered on the floor, you will lose.
  • Red - to a successful resolution of the undertaking. They bode well for the near future. You can confidently start a new business, it should be crowned with success;
  • Yellow - predicts betrayal of the chosen one for a woman, deception or disappointment for a man. Yellow apples can also mean news that you will be forced to keep secret;
  • Green - for a girl, a quick meeting with her betrothed and the key to the successful development of relationships with a new acquaintance.
  • Thick, juicy leaves are a good sign;
  • Bare branches - a decline in business or unsuccessful endeavors;
  • A winter apple orchard with bright sunshine means a bright future, no threats or troubles;
  • A dense garden in which there are many apple trees with fruits or flowering branches predicts pregnancy for a woman. For men - joyful chores and expectations;
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