Why do you dream about an apple tree: interpretations from various dream books

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  • Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita
  • Dream Interpretation of Druids
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  • Gypsy interpreter
  • Chinese interpreter of Zhou Gong
  • Eastern female interpreter
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  • Interpreter Loffa
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  • Wangi
  • Freud's Dream Book
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  • Noble dream book by N. Grishina
  • Maly Velesov Dream Interpretation
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  • Modern dream book of N. Stepanova
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Since ancient times, people have associated apples with the forbidden fruit, because this fruit once tempted Adam and Eve to sin. However, in ancient fairy tales, the apple most often acts as a symbol of health and energy. To understand why you dream of an apple tree, you need to remember all the details of the dream, and then make an interpretation according to one of the dream books.

General meaning of the dream

An apple tree in a dream, according to the general interpretation, symbolizes joy, health, love and new relationships. Seeing ripe, healthy fruits on it in a dream is a favorable sign. The dream suggests that the entire family of the sleeping person will not get sick in the coming year. The dreamer can be sure that he will not have to see doctors any time soon.

Bright red fruits growing on a tree foreshadow a new interesting acquaintance. If a person from the outside observes apples in his dream, but does not take any action in relation to them, then in the future the sleeper will meet a person much older than himself.

Important: Most often, an apple tree with fruits in a dream is a symbol of temptation. Such a dream appears in those individuals who are thinking about their actions and want to act not according to their conscience. The dream just reminds you that retribution for what you have done will still come.

Apple tree in the Islamic dream book

An apple tree with fruits symbolizes the dreamer’s craft and honestly earned money:

  • If a representative of any profession sees himself eating an apple, he sees his work bringing him a good income.
  • If he eats sour apples, it means that his earnings were obtained dishonestly.
  • A dream in which a person plants an apple tree foreshadows the raising of an orphan.

Picking a ripe apple from a tree and eating it:

  1. Means that a person is respected in his environment;
  2. Heralds the birth of a daughter.

What kind of apple tree did you dream about?

Seeing a blooming apple tree is a sign of female happiness. People used to say that seeing a blooming apple tree means taking a walk at someone’s wedding. If the branches move as if alive, this indicates a highly developed maternal instinct. Perhaps the sleeping woman wants to get pregnant as soon as possible.

A cut down tree in a dream foreshadows problems that cannot be avoided. The sad thing is that the dreamer himself and his loved ones will be the culprits of this disaster.

A tree strewn with apples promises good luck and success in any endeavor. If a person is going to start a business or change his field of activity, now is the best time to do it.

A dream in which the sleeper saw a powerful, large tree suggests that great changes will soon come in a person’s life. Perhaps the dreamer will change his place of residence, change his lifestyle, or move to another country.

A dried tree is an unfavorable sign. It means approaching troubles that can begin at any moment.

Planting a seedling in a dream means that in the near future a person will do a good deed, thereby helping a huge number of people in need. Watering a seedling after planting represents a person’s desire to engage in charity.

A half-dried “green-fruited” plant in a dream represents “emotional burnout” of the individual. This happens when you have the strength to work, but there is no desire to work. To get rid of fatigue, the sleeper needs to take a vacation.

The dreamer's actions in a dream

If a person in a dream is picking green apples, then in real life the sleeper has many unfinished problems. In order to finally take a deep breath, a person needs to deal with all pressing issues in the next week.

A dream in which you saw an apple tree with a handsaw carries a neutral meaning. The dream represents a hardworking, hard-working person. If the dreamer watches someone cutting down an apple tree, then in real life the dreamer will face a series of troubles.

If in a dream a person plants an apple tree, it means in reality some act from the past will cause the death of one of his relatives.

Buying seedlings is a favorable sign. The dreamer can safely make fateful decisions.

If in a dream a man shakes an apple tree and tries to get ripe fruits, this indicates that he will soon successfully complete the work he began long ago. If a man managed to get ripe apples, things will end in good profit.

Selling apple tree seedlings on the market means losing some expensive item. It could be your favorite earrings or a mobile phone. In any case, there is no need to be upset; losses can be avoided if you eat a red apple after waking up.

Other dream options and their interpretation

If a plant sways under strong gusts of wind and fruits fall from it, a person will have to meet an unpleasant person.

You managed to get the very top apple, in real life, there are no unattainable goals for you, all tasks will be completed, and difficulties will be left behind.

Hugging a tree with ripe fruits is a warning that a quarrel or scandal is brewing in the family, the initiator of which is the dreamer himself.

According to dream books, an apple tree floating in water is a sign of possible difficulties and minor troubles caused by this situation. So when asked why an apple tree is dreamed of, one can answer with complete confidence that it means good and bright changes in the dreamer’s life.

What fruits did the apple tree have?

If in a dream there was an apple tree with apples:

  1. With greens - make hasty decisions that you may regret in the future.
  2. With reds - all undertakings will please a person with their results.
  3. With small ones - the dreamer will be content with little for a long time.
  4. With rotten fruits - the sleeping person is surrounded by individuals who wish him harm and spread gossip behind his back.
  5. With magic apples - such a dream is considered a harbinger of joyful events.
  6. With ripe ones - to be in the center of attention, to make new acquaintances.
  7. With large ones , a fateful meeting is expected with a person with whom the sleeper will connect his life in the future.

Interpretation of sleep depending on details

A tree can be planted, broken, dug up, shaken in order to collect as many fruits as possible. The exact interpretation of such dreams depends not only on the condition of the fruit, but also on what you did with it. This is how the dream book interprets not only an apple orchard with flowers, but also apples. Please pay attention to the following steps:

  • To plant means to bring a plan into reality, to continue the family line. Whether this can be accomplished or not depends on whether the seedling has taken root or dried out;
  • To dig out means to give up on something planned. Regardless of the type of tree, the meaning of such a dream will always be the same;
  • Cutting down branches means restrictions, especially if other people did it;
  • Stealing is a sign of injustice, personal grievances. In some cases, the dream represents temptation, especially if an attractive person of the opposite sex lives in the house where you are stealing. If a boy's apples were stolen from the dreamer's garden, losses are likely, but minor. Others may benefit from your ideas. Sometimes after such a dream a woman or girl will fall in love with a real seducer and bully;
  • Making jam means transforming the result of actions. You will try to make the most of what is happening or later take advantage of what you get;
  • Squeezing the juice means a waste of energy and headaches;
  • Selling fruits is a sign that you will try to improve your financial situation in different ways or make a profit. Such a dream may hint at insatiability in sexual life, temptations that can lead to big troubles if the apples turn out to be bitter, sour and wormy;
  • Shaking a tree means trying to get a result, a reward for your efforts. Trying to grab the branches of someone else's apple tree while no one is looking is a risky act. The dreamer will probably use someone else's idea or will annoy someone in order to achieve his goal, for example, a man will begin to seek intimacy from the lady he likes;
  • A favorite tree sawn into pieces is always an unfavorable sign. Expect loss, danger, illness. After such a dream, women should be careful, beware of any risky actions and not even leave the house unless absolutely necessary. In some cases, being smart helps prevent disaster.
  • Seeing an apple tree with a lot of fruits in a dream means prosperity.
  • Trying to remove the high-hanging fruit is a warning that the goal you have set for yourself will be difficult.
  • For a young girl, picking ripe apples means a successful marriage.
  • An old, sick tree means difficulties and health problems.

Walking through a blooming garden means enjoying love, hopes, which can lead to disappointment. Collecting ripe fruits is a result of actions and deeds in the past.

What else did you dream about?

Seeing a garden with apple trees in a dream is a favorable symbol. If the garden was well-groomed, then soon the sleeper will engage in creative activity. If a gardener worked in the garden and took care of the trees, then in real life the dreamer will find peace and harmony in his soul.

An apple tree branch given to a person in a dream symbolizes interesting offers that will soon arrive to the dreamer.

If there were a lot of apple trees and few other trees in the garden, this means that the person’s demands on himself are too high. Perhaps it's time to relax and understand that desires exceed possibilities.

Petal color

If you dream that you are walking in the park and admiring young trees with white flowers, then this dream predicts you a carefree time that you will spend with benefit for yourself. And if you break branches with beautiful white flowers and bring them to your home, complete mutual understanding will reign in the family. When you see a tree blooming with white flowers in winter, you will experience unexpected but pleasant emotions.

Red flowers are a symbol of harmonious relationships between lovers. A tree blooming with pink flowers - a dream promises an unexpected meeting with an old acquaintance, which will make you happy.

Interpretations of author's dream books

The newest dream book of G. Ivanov

In G. Ivanov’s dream book it is said that an apple tree dreams of fulfilling a wish. If the sleeper wishes for it after waking up, it will definitely come true.

Summer dream book

Seeing an apple tree in the garden in a dream means learning about a secret admirer who had previously hidden his feelings. However, for unknown reasons, this news will upset the sleeper.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

To see a dried or cut down apple tree means to suffer the betrayal of a close friend.

General dream book

If you dreamed of a lonely apple tree, the dreamer will soon receive news about the death of a relative. If the tree had leaves, then a close relative would die; if the tree was bare, then a distant relative would die.

Dream book for the whole family

A dream in which you saw an apple tree with red fruits indicates the implementation of your plans. If a person has not yet taken active action, then it is time to do so.

Miss Hasse's Dream Interpretation

Seeing a blooming apple tree is good news.

If the tree was ordinary, but with fruits, then in real life a person will be able to achieve his goals.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

In Kananita's dream book, an apple tree is a symbol of poverty. If the tree was tall and lonely, then in reality the person will make a deal with someone, which will result in unpleasant consequences.

Dream Interpretation of Druids

A dream in which a tree bends under the weight of apples symbolizes success and prosperity. For a single woman, such a dream means a quick meeting with her future spouse, and subsequently a successful marriage.

Interpreter Denise Lynn

The apple tree in the interpreter Denise Lynn is a symbol of restoration of potential and vital energy.

Russian interpreter

If in a dream a person wants to pick the last apple from a tree, but he fails, it means that in real life the sleeper sets himself difficult to achieve goals.

New family interpreter

Cutting down or burning a tree means getting help from loved ones in solving difficult issues.

If the apple tree was withered, this means that problems and troubles await the person.

Gypsy interpreter

Planting apple trees in a dream means the imminent death of a close relative.

Chinese interpreter of Zhou Gong

A dream in which green apples grew on an apple tree symbolizes instability in friendship. The sleeping person in real life has many friends, but none of them are close to him.

Eastern female interpreter

If a woman in a dream sees an apple tree whose fruits lie in the snow, it means that in reality her family life is not in danger.

If ripe and appetizing fruits grow on an apple tree, it means that the woman will soon have success in her career.

Interpreter Tsvetkova

A dream in which the dreamer picks red apples from a tree and then bakes them symbolizes great expectations, followed by bitter disappointment.

Interpreter Loffa

The apple tree in Loff's dream book symbolizes a powerful image. A person fully feels his own body, his illnesses and premonitions. If the tree in the dream was healthy and fruitful, it means that the sleeper’s health is in order.

Assyrian interpreter

In most cases, dreams where apple trees are present foreshadow happiness and success. However, Friday dreams warn the sleeper that all his expectations are in vain.

Interpretations by Mrs. Fedorovskaya

Seeing rotten apples on a tree means trouble. A person should take a closer look at his own life, as well as the life of his relatives. Perhaps soon a dark streak will begin in the family. But don’t be upset, it will end as quickly as it began.

Reasonings of Senor Meneghetti

A blossoming apple tree in a dream is a symbol of a prosperous life. In the real life of a sleeping person, everything always goes according to plan, he enjoys life.

Jewish dream book

If in a dream a person collected fallen rotten apples under an apple tree, it means in reality his children will make many mistakes due to their inexperience. The sleeper should take a closer look at the behavior of children in order to prevent their rash actions.

Women's dream book

If a woman dreams of an apple tree with red fruits on it, it means that in real life the sleeping woman will face jealousy from her husband or lover.

If rotten fruits grew on the apple tree, then the woman will face adultery.

For a woman to see a dried tree in a dream is a sign of a disease of the reproductive system. The sleeping person should consult a doctor as soon as possible.


Seeing an apple tree in a dream is a very good sign for most people. If red apples grow on a tree, then in real life a person will soon solve all his problems.

Picking a rotten apple from a tree and eating it is not good. Perhaps there are many ill-wishers surrounded by the sleeping person.


Vanga believed that an apple tree in a dream is a symbol of wisdom and honor. If a person sleeping picks apples from a tree in a dream, then in reality he will want to know the essence of earthly phenomena. To do this, he will begin to communicate a lot with people, and subsequently become wiser.

Picking a wormy apple from a tree means receiving false information.

Freud's Dream Book

Psychologist Freud believed that the apple tree is a symbol of sexual interest. If a man sees ripe apples on a tree, it means his sexual fantasies are based on a woman’s lush breasts.

If a woman sees such a dream, then in reality she has lesbian tendencies.

If the sleeper picks apples under a tree, it means he will soon have to go on an intimate date.


A dream in which an elderly man saw an apple tree speaks of his wealth and successful family life.

A blooming apple tree is a symbol of the family, because white flowers on the branches symbolize the bride's outfit and bright love. A wedding may soon take place for both the dreamer and his friends.

Esoteric dream book

A dream in which the dreamer picks an apple and then cuts it into slices symbolizes a mistake in something for which he will later have to pay.

Dream book for a bitch

A lush, blooming apple tree is a female image. It shows the inner essence of the girl who is dreaming. If a man saw a dream about an apple tree, then the tree is a symbol of his beloved wife.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

A dream in which the tree was dry or without apples foreshadows financial problems. Perhaps the dreamer will lose his job or get into debt.

Noble dream book by N. Grishina

If in a dream a person sees an apple tree under which the ground is strewn with fallen apples, it means that the sleeping person is surrounded by people who do not wish him well.

Maly Velesov Dream Interpretation

If the dreamer chops down a fallen tree in a dream, it means that in real life he will have to part with his soulmate. If the tree in a dream is dry or rotten, then all the dreamer’s future relationships will be unsuccessful.

Ukrainian dream book

Planting apple trees in a dream is an unfavorable symbol. The dreamer soon learns that his relative or friend is in a difficult situation.

Aesop's Dream Book

Picking a green apple from a tree in a dream means rushing things. A person should wait for the moment when all the troubles go away by themselves, and not try to hastily solve them.

Erotic dream book

An apple tree with red and juicy fruits is a symbol of sexual energy. Such a dream is always dreamed by individuals who like to frequently change sexual partners in order to satisfy a strong sexual need.

Modern dream book of N. Stepanova

Picking an apple from a tree that tastes sour means conflict at work with colleagues or superiors. Throwing away an apple means dismissal.

Old Russian dream book

Picking apples from a tree in a dream and filling a basket with them is a sign of excellent health and good emotional state. In the near future, a person will be lucky in everything, especially in love affairs.

Men's dream book

If a married man picks a rotten fruit from an apple tree in a dream, it means his marriage is doomed to divorce. For a single man, such a dream promises problems in communicating with the opposite sex.

Islamic dream book

According to the Islamic dream book, an apple tree in a dream indicates to the sleeper his type of activity. If the picked apples tasted sweet, then the person will succeed in his business. The one who drops the apple will be deprived of all earthly pleasures.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

To receive material benefits from some business.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

To trouble.

A flowering tree is a symbol of well-being

The image of a blooming apple tree evokes admiration and joy. This image speaks of the fulfillment of desires, a period of joy and mutual understanding. To enhance and strengthen the effect of a favorable dream, make a wish immediately after waking up!

Another common interpretation is an addition to the family, the birth of a healthy child, or a cheerful wedding, because the white flowers of an apple tree are often associated with the image of a bride. The wedding can be either for the dreamer himself or for his relatives. Another meaning of the symbol is renewal, rebirth, new life. This is a good omen for those who are starting a new business or just getting a new job. Son says that the business will be successful, the new job will bring increased income and self-confidence.

According to some interpreters, a flowering tree is a female image; it often speaks of a wife or beloved (in men’s dreams) or shows a woman her tremulous inner essence.

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