Why do you dream about a sick person: a familiar person or a stranger? Basic interpretations of different dream books - why the patient dreams

The illness of a loved one worries you even in your sleep. To understand what a symbol means in a dream, the dream book suggests considering it in context. There are many interpretations of the same image, sometimes with opposite meanings. The decisive role is played by the relationship of the sleeper with the main character of the dream, the nature of the disease, and the circumstances of reality.

Seek harmony with yourself

Sometimes an unseemly act from real life manifests itself in a dream as a fatal illness of a loved one. In this case, the plot only reflects remorse; it does not mean that a relative or friend is in mortal danger.

One might say that the dreamer himself is sick. He will be able to find peace of mind when in reality he finds a way to atone for his guilt.

The women's dream book offers a very interesting interpretation of the dream, which means dreaming about the illness of a loved one. What you dreamed about means a new beginning, a rethink. Perhaps you will do something that will surprise everyone around you, including you.

Miller's interpretation

One’s own illness, according to Miller’s dream book, predicts the sleeping person a slight illness in reality or gossip, unpleasant conversations. For a young lady to see herself as seriously ill means that the girl will soon realize the beauty of being unmarried.

A close relative who falls ill predicts an unexpected event that will disrupt the calm flow of the dreamer’s life. Dreaming of a sick person who is completely unfamiliar to the sleeping person suggests that you should be more attentive to your health and periodically undergo preventive examinations.

Seeing a cure for cancer in a dream is a sign of success in business and financial well-being. Getting cancer means conflicts and scandals in the family. Such a picture can provoke depression in reality; a person can let everything go to chance and worry greatly about future problems.

Who's sick?

If you dreamed about an incurable illness among your loved ones, the dream book often advises you to understand what you saw exactly the opposite. Often people who are sick personify your own problems.

  • The mother’s incurable illness promises her excellent health and recovery;
  • If you happen to see a serious illness in a child in a dream, he will grow strong;
  • An ill father symbolizes a long-standing fear that may remind itself of itself;
  • A husband who falls ill portends many years to come; you will be lucky enough to see your great-grandchildren in reality;
  • Seeing a friend in a deplorable state happens on the eve of solving a problem;
  • Is a distant relative sick? A stranger will change your life.

What you dreamed about serves as a reminder that those who are dear to you need you, even if they are in good health.

Interpretation according to Loff's dream book

According to Loff, any disease seen in a dream indicates a self-destructive lifestyle. Perhaps it's time to choose the right path. If you dream about how the dreamer became infected from someone, then such a picture indicates the negative influence of this person on the life of the sleeper.

Seeing yourself sick means you should be extremely careful. Mom or dad gets sick - foretells events that could overshadow the family idyll. The woman dreamed of her own poor health - to her chagrin because of the failed date.

In most cases, illness in a dream foreshadows troubles, gossip and real health problems. It is necessary to remember your own feelings, which will help you more accurately unravel the clues of your dreams.

Healing our destiny

The dream book associates what you dream about, that the health of your loved ones is in danger, with the most pressing issues from everyday reality. From the plot of the dream you can understand what is most missing or what it is actually desirable to eliminate.

In most cases, we are talking about social status, financial situation, and interpersonal relationships. The dream book does not completely exclude the literal understanding of what you see in a dream: you should take care of your own health.

In general, the symbol is interpreted as favorable; it portends new prospects. The personal qualities of the ill heroes of night dreams will tell you which direction to move.

Vanga's prophecy

Such a symbol in a dream should not be perceived as something tragic. Vanga believed that illness was sent to people as punishment for sins and in order to cleanse a person’s thoughts and soul. A dream about any illness should make a person think about life priorities; perhaps it’s time to change something.

Seeing a picture of one’s own illness indicates that in reality the person committed a bad act, for which he sincerely blames himself. I dreamed of a close relative who fell ill - in real life he lacks the dreamer’s attention and support. The death of a friend after a protracted illness means damage to the relationship with him and the emergence of personal problems. To recover in a dream means that in reality you will be able to avoid an unpleasant situation.

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