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Many dream symbols are based on cultural or religious beliefs. In the subconscious, they can have a completely different meaning, but they are interpreted by a person in close connection with an established stereotype of reality. Seeing himself in a kneeling position, the dreamer connects the sent dream with faith and interprets it in the context of a close religious denomination. However, this approach is not always accurate. According to dream books, kneeling is a multifaceted image that has unexpected interpretations. To understand the meaning of what you saw, analyze the plot of the dream, remember the smallest details, and evaluate your own feelings.

Seeing a Knee in a dream according to the 21st century dream book

Why do you dream about Knees and what do they mean:

Standing on your knees in a dream means trouble. To injure - to interference in professional activities, growths on the knees - to vain worries.

For a woman to sit on a man’s lap is a sign of well-being. Holding a man on your lap means that you may be left without help.

For a man to hold a girl or a young woman on his lap - to success in business. If you dream that you are sitting on someone’s lap, such a dream means comfortable safety from things that irritate you.

If you dreamed that your knees were too big, this means failure in business, but if they are hard and painful, trouble awaits you.

If a woman sees her knees slender and smooth in a dream, such a dream promises her many admirers, but not one of them will offer her his hand and heart. If a young woman dreams that she is holding someone on her lap, dishonest criticism awaits her.

If a woman sees a snake on her lap, it means that in real life she will be humiliated by her enemies, but if it is a cat, she may be seduced by an enemy.

Kneeling in a dream

Kneeling in a dream
In a dream, kneeling symbolizes that the sleeper is not able to control his emotions and actions.

Kneeling in a church in a dream means that the dreamer will experience changes for the better in reality.

To understand why a person prays in a dream, you need to remember the words of the prayer. This is probably where the clue lies. As a rule, both in dreams and in real life, people pray for something most important in their lives.

If a person is sick, then most likely he will begin to recover, if he is poor, then an additional source of income will appear, and if he is lonely, he will meet his soul mate.

A person kneeling in front of a cross in a dream means he very much repents of something in reality.

In a dream, kneeling in front of a man means humility, increased efficiency, and fanaticism in business. It is humility that will help you gain stability and accept the realities of life as they are. Sometimes it means great benefit or reward for work.

The 21st century dream book claims that kneeling predicts impending troubles. It is possible to meet a person whom you will have to ask a lot for something.


Kneeling in a dream simply means that you will soon have to submit to someone’s will.

A drunk person is on his knees and cannot get up in his sleep - you should more closely monitor your loved ones and take care of property.

According to the Islamic dream book, it means fatigue from hard, exhausting work. The dreamer is trying to find a way out of this situation.

If a person sleeping in a dream fell to his knees, then in life he should warn himself and his family from impending troubles.

Asking forgiveness on the knees of the dead is a very bad omen and means approaching death.

If a close friend or relative is kneeling, then the sleeping person will soon be rewarded for the efforts of the one who is standing.

Why do you dream about Knees according to Miller’s dream book?

Why do you dream about Knees in a dream?

If your knees are too big, you will fail. Sore knees that cause you inconvenience dream of a terrible catastrophe.

For a girl to see her knees beautiful and smooth means that she will have many admirers, but none of them will lead her down the aisle. Dirty - promise the young lady poor health due to frivolity. If they are also ugly, then unpleasant changes in life await her, which will cross out all passionate hopes.

Sitting on someone's lap means a pleasant feeling of protection from unwanted obligations.

If a girl dreams that she is holding someone on her lap, she will be harshly condemned.

If she sees a snake on her lap, then she is in danger of being humiliated by her enemies; if she sees a cat on her lap, she is in danger of being seduced.

Dreaming about knees is usually unfavorable.

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The meaning of the Ancient Russian Dream Book

I dreamed about my knees

To be wounded in the knee means anxiety and insanity in those matters in which the person who saw this dream is mainly engaged; seeing swollen knees portends grief, illness, labor, loss, harm, obstacle or slowdown in enterprises; seeing tired knees means illness; kneeling means piety, humility, work and insanity in business; crawling on your knees due to lack of legs means loss of property, misfortune and poor health of servants; to see withered or cut knees and therefore not be able to walk portends poverty due to lack of work; to see sore knees suddenly healed means a change from poverty to wealth, sorrow to joy.

Cultural significance

The kneeling pose is a popular image of a religious denomination, strongly associated with humility, submission to God's will, and repentance. By kneeling, a person submits himself to the judgment of the Lord, completely opening himself up to higher powers. This is a stereotype that has been established in society since the advent of Christianity.

However, kneeling is not only a tribute to religion. Long before the dominance of Orthodoxy, warriors or subjects stood in such a pose in front of their superiors, rulers. The bowed head, the position at a level lower than the standing gentleman, the hunched position symbolized complete devotion, entrusting oneself into the hands of another person. To bend the knee is to expose personal insecurity, to become vulnerable, to express the highest degree of respect, trust, and sincerity.

The symbol cannot be viewed unambiguously as a sign of Christian humility. This is a deeper, archaic action that has many interpretations. When interpreting genuflection, most researchers rely on the described ambiguity.

Knees // Ancient French dream book

Why do you dream about knees, interpretation:

To understand what a dream about knees means, you should consider your dream in more detail. When you see your own knees in a dream and they seem swollen and painful to you, this is a warning that you will have to face serious problems when implementing your plans; Most likely, failure awaits you. On the contrary, if your knees were healthy and beautiful - this is a sign of success in professional and personal affairs. If you dream that you are sitting on someone's lap, the dream is a sign of dependence. Maybe we are talking about some of your professional endeavors, or maybe you will fall into a love addiction.

If in a dream you happened to kneel in front of someone, it equally predicts humiliation for you, but also sincere admiration for some person, spiritual experiences. Sometimes a dream predicts that you will receive great benefits. If a man sees that he is holding a woman on his lap, this predicts happiness in love, but for a woman such a vision definitely turns out to be negative. If she holds a man on her lap, this warns that she will be left without help, and her lover will turn out to be a gigolo.

Animals in a dream with knees

Cat on maples
A cat dreamed of on its knees symbolizes a fall from its temptations.

For a girl, such a dream foreshadows the danger of seduction. Moreover, an ill-wisher can seduce her.

Snake - in reality possible humiliation from enemies. Betrayal from false friends.

The viper on the knees symbolizes that the sleeper will reveal a conspiracy against him.

And a mouse dreaming on a lady’s lap means that she will be able to turn the head of the man she likes.

If a bird sits in your arms in a dream, it means receiving good news and joy. But a bird of prey in a dream means the impending deceit of attackers, theft, and the revelation of secrets.

If a young girl dreamed that a dog’s head was lying on her lap, then this means a successful marriage soon. It’s good if the dog’s head is healthy and furry, then the groom will be rich and respectable.

Seeing a Knee in a dream: Large modern dream book

Knees - why does the dreamer dream?

To dream that someone is sitting on someone’s lap means that in reality you are avoiding meeting with some person; you have to face him face to face - and no tricks will help. Someone seems to be sitting on your knees - you can be sure: it’s a bad name sitting on your knees; Perhaps you have never done anything reprehensible in your life, but evil tongues will flutter your name in every possible way; if desired, virtue can be cast in a black light - this is exactly what will happen in your case.

A young woman dreams that someone is sitting on her lap - a suitor who will be rejected by this woman will try to take revenge on her; he will spread fables defaming her name; let it be a consolation to a good woman that she has rightly rejected this man; Smart people will not believe fables, but fools have never made a difference.

The girl dreams that she is admiring her round, as if chiseled, knees - the dream promises this girl many admirers, but she will not soon be asked to marry. The girl dreams that she has soiled her knees - the dream foreshadows her illness; The cause of the disease can be found in a dissolute lifestyle. The girl sees a snake on her lap - enemies who have long taken the guise of friends will harm this girl.

A girl sees a beautiful cat on her lap - a person does not need much art to seduce this girl. You see that your knees are too big - misfortune is inevitable. You see that your knees are sore - swollen - unemployment will become a serious problem for you; You will not be able to engage in heavy physical labor due to health reasons, and you have studied too little for intellectual activity.

In a dream, crawl on your knees

Crawl on your knees
As a rule, crawling in a dream is people who are dissatisfied with their current life, people who are not satisfied with their responsibilities or too responsible work.

Crawling on all fours in a dream means imminent humiliation. If the dreamer crawls on his knees because he has no legs, then in the near future he will lose his property, and he will also face misfortunes and deterioration in his health.

A married woman dreams that she is a creep - she should think about a better fate for herself, she should understand herself.

The dreamer crawls alone and there is no one nearby who in reality does not suit him with his social circle. And if your hands are dirty with mud, then it’s really time to change friends.

Wet man - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, a wet man means material well-being, planning big purchases, achieving goals and dreams. This symbol has reflected wealth and material well-being for many years. Seeing men in dreams is very lucky. This promises a significant improvement in your well-being in the near future.

In Loff's publications there is no place for dividing dreams into positive and negative. In his opinion, every dream portends something happy, but some interpretations may not be entirely accurate. Also, the analysis is complicated by people’s too different attitudes towards equivalent harbingers. If you met men in a dream, there is no need to worry, this is a good harbinger.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

To see a wet man in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means to fall in love without memory, to find an understanding person, to get involved in love affairs. There will be many warm hours and wonderful moments in your future together. And all the time spent with this person will be remembered by you as one of the best in life. This is one of the good opportunities to arrange your personal life and find personal happiness.

Do you need to do anything to make the men you see in your dreams come true? The interpreter recommended keeping the plans, goals and dreams in your thoughts. Thus, without knowing it yourself, you will be on the path to achieving them. And when the opportunity arises, you will definitely make a decision that will bring you closer to your cherished goal.

Miller's Dream Book: wet man

According to Miller, if you dream of a wet man, it promises new love, finding a sensitive love partner, a harbinger of intrigue. Your current marital status influences the meaning of this dream. If you already have a relationship, it will be strengthened and will last for quite a long time. In other cases, it promises quick and intense love in the foreseeable future.

According to Miller's analysis, men are quite multifaceted in their meaning. Their appearances promise positive life changes. Occasionally they promise the appearance of good business partners and even friends. Be that as it may, Miller advised remaining prudent and not making hasty decisions.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The second phase of the lunar cycle has the highest probability of this dream coming true. The entire ascending week of lunar growth and transition to the full moon is also considered good. During the remaining phases, everything is not so rosy - the chance of a wet man coming true is very small. It will also be very wise to plan your future at the time of the lunar waxing.

The publication of the lunar dream book is absolutely unique in its purpose. It displays the time at which dreams have an increased or decreased chance of coming true. A huge step towards its creation was the study of the influence of the lunar cycle and phases on human dreams. And to use it correctly, you must also have a lunar calendar with you.

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