Dream Interpretation Rafts: why a woman or man dreams of Rafts

What is in the water indicates potential sources of trouble, scandal or lucky opportunities. Depending on what exactly floated past you in your dream.

If you want to understand what it means to cross a river in a vision, pay attention to where exactly you swam and what you saw on the shore. The dream means that significant changes will soon occur in your life.

Remember what exactly you dreamed about and how events unfolded next. It also matters whether the dreamer himself tried to cross the body of water or sailed on a yacht or ship.

This is how the dream book interprets swimming most often, as well as objects floating past the dreamer.

Why do you dream about the Raft according to Miller’s dream book?

Why do you dream about the Raft in a dream?

Raft - If you dreamed of a raft (ferry), it means that you will have to change your place of residence in order to participate in an enterprise that will be successful.

Seeing yourself crossing on a ferry means a dubious journey. If you reach your destination, good luck will certainly await you. If the raft on which you are sailing has a hole or other damage, then misfortune may happen to you or one of your loved ones, or poor health will take a bad turn.

Towards promotion

What else does a raft mean in night dreams? The dream book believes that this depends on your actions in a dream. So seeing a wooden raft on the water is a sign of difficulties that can only be overcome together with loved ones.

Sailing on it means a new business that will bring profit and success. If during the voyage the raft falls apart right on the water, then there is a possibility of an accident with a loved one. In a dream, did you personally knit a raft from logs? This guarantees promotion.

Why do you dream about the Raft: Great Encyclopedia of Dreams by O. Adaskina

Why do you dream of a Raft according to the dream book?

Building a raft is good luck. Dismantling a raft is bad luck. It’s also bad when the raft breaks up into logs, gets a hole, etc. Sailing on a raft on calm water means a profitable trip or moving to a new place because of a new project that you will successfully implement. Crossing a stormy stream on a raft means entering into a love relationship that involves risk, or starting a new risky business. If the crossing ends safely, the risk will be justified in any case.

Symbol of life circumstances

If you dreamed that you were lucky enough to sail on the ocean, then you need to take into account the decoding of this element. The ocean symbolizes the dreamer's life. However, in order to more accurately decipher what such a dream means, the dream book recommends taking into account who had it.

Thus, the ocean promises profitable deals for businessmen, fame for creative people, reciprocity for lovers, prosperity and harmony for families, and gaining knowledge for mystics. But all this is relevant if the water surface was exceptionally quiet and calm.

I had a dream about a Raft according to the Modern Dream Book

Raft - Seeing a raft or a feast in a dream means that a promising business in which you will take part will require you to change your place of residence.

If in a dream you are sailing on a ferry, then in real life you will have to make a journey that will be dubious in many respects. However, if you swam to your final destination in a dream, then this is a harbinger of good luck.

If you dreamed that your raft or ferry was holed or otherwise damaged, then this dream predicts misfortune or a serious illness that threatens you personally or your loved ones.

You are reliably protected!

And finally, the dream book makes it possible to understand why platinum is dreamed of. This element can be interpreted both literally and symbolically.

If you dreamed that the dam spontaneously collapsed, then in reality you should expect both a flood and a surge of long-held emotions. Such a dream often means any danger that will come from outside.

On the other hand, the dam marks obstacles for lovers, and for women even the appearance of a rival. But personally building a dam in your dreams is very good. This means that you are protected from troubles and troubles.

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