Dream Interpretation of the Months: why a woman or man dreams of the Months

Strange dreams

Sometimes in a dream you can see something completely unimaginable. Why do you dream, for example, of two lunar disks at once?

If a woman had such a vision, then in reality she would clearly prefer material well-being to the most touching and romantic love. The two months also symbolize some duality and hypocrisy.

If the sun and moon appeared in the sky at the same time, then expect news that will greatly surprise you. But the stars shining next to the month represent a strange event and an unexpected turn of circumstances. I dreamed of a falling month - a gift from fate.

Why do you dream about a month according to Miller’s dream book?

If a person saw a gigantic moon in a dream, then such a vision does not bode well for him. In the near future, he will face betrayals from loved ones, failures at work, as well as minor but annoying troubles.

But a young month of normal size and natural color always dreams of good events related to finances. If a person is planning to get married, then such a dream clearly indicates that his choice is correct.

A moon surrounded by stars is neither a bad nor a good symbol. Some kind of surprise awaits the dreamer, but what exactly it will be is unknown. If a single star hangs forlornly near the month, then this foreshadows an imminent marriage with a widow or widower who has a child in his care.

A red month, like a moon of a similar color, is a bad omen. Such a vision means either illness or conflict. A month in clouds or fog - someone is diligently trying to mislead the dreamer or cruelly deceive him.

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