Why do you dream about going to a psychologist?

Get more rest

Why do you dream that you are going to see a psychologist to consult and get recommendations? The dream book states: in reality you are in danger of overwork and a nervous breakdown due to hard work. You need to give yourself rest regularly.

A psychologist in a dream warns a businessman: he puts too much effort into his projects. You should distract yourself a little, switch to another activity, because the course of affairs does not always depend on our desire or total control. There are accidents that cannot be foreseen. It’s better to arrange things in such a way that you pay minimal attention to them.

Love, relationships

If a girl dreamed that she turned to a male psychologist, it means that she will enter into a relationship with a man and gossip will begin to discuss her. The man will probably be married, so the relationship will bring more bitterness than joy.

Do you see yourself in a dream at an appointment with a psychologist? According to the dream book, you will meet a person with whom it will be interesting and useful to communicate. Such an acquaintance can change your life, and a new acquaintance can take an important place in it.

Did you dream of being a psychologist and calming down a hysterical lady who dumped a bunch of problems on you? In reality, as in a dream, difficulties will arise because of an acquaintance who does not want to leave you alone. However, remember: the more you help him, the more he demands. Learn to say no to some people before their difficulties become more important than yours.

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  • 11-Mar-2021 Yulia This is not the first time I have dreamed about the same girl, in my dream she is my psychologist, to whom I cannot open up. What could this mean?
  • April 6, 2017 Vika I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend, how we kissed, because in fact he doesn’t love me, what does this mean?
  • Ivan So we need to look for someone else
  • Dima He loves you, you fool.

  • Dima Yes, he loves you, he told you about it.

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Talk to your friends and support them yourself

Why does a woman dream of talking to a female psychologist? The dream book says: she needs to discuss the current situation with a close friend and ask for advice. If there is no such friend, you should turn to a woman who has sufficient life experience and whom the dreamer trusts (preferably her mother). Others may see our difficulties from a new, sometimes unexpected, angle.

Did you dream of being one yourself? The dream book informs you: someone close to you will soon contact you, hoping to get help. Try to understand his problems so that your recommendations will be useful to him.

Sometimes seeing yourself as a psychologist in a dream means: the dreamer finds it difficult to make the right decision himself. He needs the support of loved ones and friends. There is no need to be shy or afraid to show your weakness - your loved ones will always support you if difficulties arise.

Conversation with a psychologist

Dream Interpretation Conversation with a psychologist dreamed of why in a dream you dream of Conversation with a psychologist?
To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically). Now you can find out what it means to see a Conversation with a psychologist in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Being a psychologist means conflict with far-reaching consequences.

Talk to a psychologist - you will be disappointed and annoyed.

Good news about a matter that's bothering you. Seeing a fascinating conversation between pleasant people means that you will soon learn news from a friend that will be able to change your whole life if you manage to manage it correctly. To see conspirators or people having a quiet conversation - in the coming days you will learn a secret that may be useful to you. Seeing your mother having a conversation with someone means you will receive good news about a matter that seemed hopeless to you. Witnessing a lively conversation - you will soon receive a lot of new information and learn interesting facts that will distract you from important matters.

Remember the faces of your interlocutors and imagine them as clearly as possible. Let your interlocutors smile!

Conducting a lively conversation yourself is a success for the business you have started. Talking with an acquaintance whom you have not seen for a long time - your household will help you achieve success. Talking with an important person is an honor that will be shown to you in the coming days, the result of painstaking and fruitful work. Participate in a conversation between people dressed in evening clothes - you will be invited to participate in an activity that will bring you enormous material benefit.

Imagine that the conversation took place at a ball (see Ball).

Talking at the dinner table - problems associated with the digestive organs await you.

Extend your sleep and imagine that after lunch you went to the river to swim (see Swimming).

Talking about real problems at work is a threat to business. With one of your household members - portends a loss of business partners’ trust in you, which will entail losses for your enterprise. With your grandparents - you will not be able to overcome the troubles that befall you at work without outside help. With your enemy - a dream warns of treacherous intentions on your behalf on the part of ill-wishers.

Imagine that during the conversation you were given a casket, which is a guarantee of your safety (see Casket).

Conversation at the family table while eating is a sign of stomach illness; in another place and not at a meal, it means strengthening your authority. Conversations with friends and well-known people lead to the acquisition of information that is absolutely useless to you, but with new people, who are also entertaining and truly have the gift of storytelling - what you are about to learn about can dramatically change your destiny.

Talking with your grandparents in a dream means that in reality you will encounter difficulties that will be extremely difficult to overcome. Seeing and hearing people dressed elegantly and tastefully talking to each other at a ball means you will be lucky to join a profitable and pleasant community. If you dream that you accidentally met an acquaintance and are talking with him, then this portends you a successful course of your affairs in general, with some friction in the family.

Why do Psychologist dream: interpretation of sleep according to 90 dream books

Why does a Psychologist dream in a dream according to 2 dream books?

Below you can find out for free the interpretation of the “Psychologist” symbol from 2 online dream books. If you do not find the desired interpretation on this page, use the search form in all dream books on our site. You can also order a personal interpretation of your dream by an expert.

Newest dream book

Being a psychologist means conflict with far-reaching consequences: talking with a psychologist means you will be disappointed and annoyed.

Modern dream book

If in a dream you want to turn to a psychologist for advice and consultation, it means that you are at risk of overwork and a nervous breakdown due to hard work.

Seeing yourself at an appointment with a psychologist means meeting a person with whom communication will benefit you. Perhaps this acquaintance will change your life.

If a girl turns to a male psychologist for advice in a dream, it means that she will enter into a close relationship with a man, because of whom she will become the object of gossip.

If in a dream you saw yourself as a psychologist, it means that you yourself will not be able to make the right decision and will want to get advice from your friends or loved ones.

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I dreamed that I came to a psychologist and read his schedule (i.e. when and who he sees), my name and time were indicated there, what time I should come. In conversations with him, I only remember that we agreed on the next sessions, but I don’t remember the conversation itself.

At first I saw that I was at the academy and there was a psychologist there, she gave me something to write and studied the answers. And then at a party, a very tall young man, unknown to me and very rich, picked me up in his arms.

I tried to pass myself off as not myself. I was constantly chatting with the psychologist. Like, why am I doing this, and I tell her about my friend, about the poems I wrote for him, about the drawings, about the family, that everything changed when I became not myself, that I don’t want this to be revealed. I came to see her again. Everyone was going to the dacha, she gave her bag to her father and left. And I have boards for admission in my bag. I look out of the psychologist’s window, and my father is just putting away the documents and closing it, I’m in tears, she calms me down, says that maybe it’s for the better. I tell her that I didn’t want to, that it wasn’t on purpose, that I had nothing with an adult man I knew, that it was all because of the guy to whom the poems are dedicated.

Psychologists dream about clients

Psychologist Clara Hill and a group of colleagues decided to study this phenomenon in more detail. The sample was very small, and perhaps not fully representative - only 13 novice psychologists. But the percentage of subjects who noted that they saw their clients in their dreams is impressive - as much as 70%. The scientist asked the experiment participants to keep a dream journal during the time they worked in the clinic (a year or two). Some of the tested psychologists recorded only 6 dreams during the year, while others managed to record 150. The share of dreams about clients ranged from 0 to 0.19 (average value - 0.06). After working with clients who had dreams, the therapists participated in interviews and told the researchers in more detail about the dreams and how they benefited from the experience. Psychologists who participated in the experiment noted that dreams about clients were, as a rule, associated with anxious feelings and had a direct connection with the content of therapy. Very often, psychologists were involved in some kind of struggle in such dreams. As the researchers note: “Dreams help psychologists engage in new ways of working with difficulties they experience during psychotherapy with their clients.”

Despite the fact that in such dreams psychologists experienced mostly negative emotions, they quite highly appreciated this opportunity given to them by the subconscious. Psychotherapists reported that dreams about clients led them to useful insights. For example, a female psychotherapist described such an experience. She dreamed that she was in a circus, and a client was performing in front of her on the back of an elephant. She remains in the middle of the arena even when other artists with elephants have already gone backstage. In the dream, this client looked very much like a mannequin. She just sat on the elephant and did not interact with the audience at all. This dream forced the therapist to take a fresh look at this client’s depressive state and think that perhaps she was in too much of a hurry and wanted to impose happiness and optimism on her ahead of time. The psychologist also realized that the client, in principle, was already ready to try something new, but during the therapy process she (the psychologist) needed to monitor her intonations and be very careful not to run ahead of the locomotive.

“This qualitative study suggests that dreams about clients help psychotherapists learn difficult but very important lessons, reconsider their psychotherapeutic actions, and apply new ideas to clinical practice,” Hill and colleagues note.

Practice shows that psychologists almost never discuss dreams about clients with their supervisors. Based on the experience of numerous insights from psychologists after such dreams, the study authors conclude that it makes sense for supervisors to specifically focus on this topic. In addition, scientists consider it advisable to continue the study and see how the dreams about clients and the experience of understanding them differ among psychologists of different directions - representatives of cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, etc.

The researchers acknowledge the limitations of their work, particularly the small sample size and the availability of a regulated dream log. Without this external demand in everyday life, psychologists are very likely to focus less on their dreams. However, the researchers do not doubt the veracity of the statements of the psychologists who took part in the experiment that dreams about clients significantly helped them in their therapeutic practice.

Based on materials from the site https://bps-research-digest.blogspot.ru/2014/03/what-happens-when-therapists-dream.html

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