Why do you dream about a car: old, new, rushing down the road at full speed? Basic interpretations - why do you dream about a car?

The general psychological meaning of a dream about buying a car is most often associated with the dreamer’s hopes for the results of his work and his thoughts about possible options for achieving goals. This article provides a detailed interpretation of such a dream, taking into account its possible details, based on research by experienced psychoanalysts and interpreters, the views of each of whom will help you better understand your desires or fears at the current stage of life, avoid possible negative aspects, and prepare for future changes.

Interpretation in dream books

Dream InterpretationMeaning
FreudA dream about buying a car in reality foreshadows the beginning of an intimate relationship with a new partner. According to the psychoanalyst, the car is a phallic symbol. Any actions performed with him in a dream speak of the dreamer’s sexual desires and assessment of himself as a sexual partner.
MillerAccording to Miller, buying a car in a dream promises the successful implementation of all the dreamer’s plans in the near future and the appearance of tempting prospects in his life. Among them, the psychologist especially highlights rapid career growth and the establishment of new connections that will contribute to this. However, a person blinded by success may stop paying due attention to friends and begin to neglect their opinions and the opinions of colleagues. Therefore, you should not let achievements go to your head. There will be acquaintances of a non-business nature, and there will be opportunities to make new true friends.
WangiA dream about buying a car warns the dreamer that soon there will be a need to make a choice in his life. If the decision he makes is correct, it will entail significant events and excellent prospects.
LoffaIn a dream, a person sees himself buying a car, when in reality there is a problem that he is currently trying to solve, or there is something that he cannot yet, but really wants to buy. Loff argues that buying a car in a dream is a harbinger of a dream soon becoming a reality or receiving a long-awaited answer to a long-standing question.

Buying cars of different colors: what does it mean?

It is possible to interpret the dream image based on the color characteristics of the purchased car:

  • The color red is the desire for material independence. The dreamer is preoccupied with thoughts of making more money. The dream promises to achieve what you want, to receive a long-awaited profit. Your efforts will pay off in a big way, just show the necessary patience.
  • The color white is a similarly good symbol. White is the color of luck. Fortune will smile on any new endeavor of the dreamer. If a person is not satisfied with his salary, after such a dream he can safely discuss the issue of an increase with his superiors.
  • The color black is a symbol of the great efforts that a person makes to fulfill his desires. This plot guides the dreamer: distribute your efforts rationally, then you can count on the successful implementation of your plans.
  • The color blue is emotional stability, pleasure received from life, peace.

Parameters of the car purchased in a dream

Details such as body type, condition and cost of the car being purchased affect the nature of life events that this dream promises.

Buying a new beautiful car in a dream is an excellent sign, foreshadowing success in the dreamer’s current affairs, the quick implementation of his plans, respect for him from others, and strengthening of his financial situation. Also, soon he will go on an exciting journey, full of adventures and interesting acquaintances. If this car is an expensive branded car, then the dreamer’s most cherished wish will soon come true.

For a man, a dream about purchasing a new car foreshadows an offer of a prestigious job in which he can fully realize his potential and significantly strengthen his financial position.

For a woman, such a dream, in addition to the emergence of a new option for a good job, promises an acquaintance with a wealthy and erudite man, with whom she will begin a strong and happy relationship.

Purchasing an old car in a dream indicates that the dreamer is not going through the best period of his life, where at the moment there are too few joyful events. Perhaps he is apathetic or yearning for the past. The dream may also indicate a person’s too conservative views on life or his desire to establish relationships with older family members. If the purchased car is faulty and requires repair, then in reality none of the things already started will end in success. However, being able to repair it in a dream means that you will still be able to turn the tide of events in your favor. Buying a used car in good condition means receiving news from old friends.

For a woman, a dream about buying an old car foreshadows the appearance of older men or fans with conservative views among her suitors. Perhaps she is subconsciously drawn to precisely these types.

A man who has such a dream is in reality not satisfied with his financial situation and the state of current affairs.

If the purchased car is a jeep, then the dream warns of waste in the present, which will soon significantly hit your pocket, and the purchased items will be useless. However, a white jeep in a dream foreshadows a pleasant surprise, for example, receiving a new car as a gift.

Buying a vintage car in a dream speaks of a thirst for change. The dreamer is not satisfied with the real state of things, and he wants to change everything.

Buying a foreign car in a dream means not giving due importance to problems and postponing making important decisions. In the future, such frivolity can aggravate existing difficulties if you do not begin to treat things more responsibly.

Purchasing a truck is a warning that the burden of problems hanging over the dreamer in real life is becoming heavier. Most likely, he needs rest, after which he will be able to resolve everything easily and quickly.

The purchased car has a sedan body type - in reality, close friends will tell you important news. A convertible with a removable roof heralds the beginning of a streak of success and victories. If this is a minivan, then the dreamer will soon go on vacation with his family, which will leave a lot of new impressions and positive emotions. Happy events and changes for the better will burst into the life of someone who in a dream purchased a limousine, especially a white one. And an SUV will be an omen of success in business and career growth.

Other meanings

The plot of the dream, connected with your parents buying a car for you, prophesies the approach of good luck, the surging problems will soon recede into the background, a “white streak” will come, a favorable time for new beginnings.

The purchase of a washing machine also promises the dreamer upcoming happy events. For a man, a similar plot will bring a reason for great surprise.

Buying a washing machine is a symbol of future troubles and worries. The problems that arise will be minor, but will require special attention and effort.

The color of a car bought in a dream - meaning

Seeing a white car in a dream is a good sign. The dreamer will experience success in all endeavors and, as a result, increased income.

The black machine warns that in order to realize plans and make one’s dreams come true, a person needs to act decisively. The positive outcome of current events will depend on his activity and initiative in reality.

A red car is dreamed of by those who have long wanted to gain financial independence and are thinking through options that can ensure this. Such a dream is precisely a harbinger of a significant increase in the dreamer’s income. If a girl dreams of buying a red car, then in real life she will be guaranteed increased attention from members of the opposite sex. For a man to see himself purchasing a red car, the dream hints at his high sexual activity.

I dreamed of a golden-colored car - a warning that the dreamer’s success will cause the envy of others. A silver-colored car does not promise drastic, but rather pleasant changes.

The blue car portends the acquisition of harmony and stability in all areas of life.

Vehicle in black or white

Achromatic colors are the most meaningful when interpreting dreams. A black car is a symbol of power, triumph, career growth and at the same time mourning and sadness. Even a large lacquered hearse can be interpreted in various ways - both as an impending misfortune, and as a need to “bury” old grievances and disappointments in memory. A white car is usually interpreted as the onset of a bright streak in life, but it can also represent an acute feeling of envy, a lack of strength and vivid impressions.

To correctly decipher the image, you should focus on the emotions that accompanied the dream. If it was joyful and pleasant, you should lean toward a positive interpretation of color.

Interpretation of actions accompanying the purchase of a car

Carrying out a test drive of a new car in a dream before purchasing indicates a person’s moral readiness for any changes.

Driving a car immediately after purchasing it means in reality you will take a big step in realizing your plans, gaining fame and recognition from others. Fast driving indicates the dreamer's satisfaction with his intimate life, while slow and careful driving indicates the opposite.

Applying for a car loan in a dream foreshadows an imminent important assignment from your superiors. The project will require great responsibility and will not be easy, but the dreamer will complete it successfully.

Choosing a car in a dream symbolizes the desire to change your life in reality. Considering models of expensive cars, but not being able to purchase the one you like due to lack of funds, or not choosing any of the cars presented at all, means that in real life the search will not be successful, the choice provided will seem difficult and delay in making a decision will lead to missed opportunities. Such a dream suggests that the dreamer cherishes dreams of a perfect life, but at this stage it is very difficult for him to turn them into reality.

Interpretation of the dream Car, taking into account the date of birth (Dream Book of Birthday People)

A dream interpreter, based on the dreamer's date of birth, offers the following interpretations of the plots.

  • Born in spring: a car in a parking lot, in a car dealership - accumulation of funds; drive a car - win; be a passenger - wait for the journey.
  • Born in summer: purchasing a new car means quick loss of money, bankruptcy; driving a car - is in the unknown; getting into an accident means empty hopes, unrealistic dreams.
  • Born in autumn: a car is a symbol of large profits, material benefits.
  • For those born in winter: fast driving means prolonged troubles, protracted resolution of pressing problems; seeing a car showroom, hearing a conversation about a sales showroom - in reality, buying a car is coming.

Why else do you dream about buying a car?

A dream that one of your relatives, friends or acquaintances buys a car for yourself foreshadows positive changes in the life of this particular person. If parents buy a car for the dreamer as a gift, then in reality he will soon have a white streak.

If a girl dreams of her boyfriend buying a car and inviting her to get into the car, then in reality their relationship will move to a new level.

To dream of buying spare parts for a newly purchased car means that a person places too high hopes on others and demands a lot from them.

If the dreamer buys a car in a dream, and someone else gets behind the wheel, then in reality this person has a strong influence on his life or even controls it too much.

Buying a car, and then not driving, but seeing yourself just sitting in it means that a person has quite a lot of empty dreams that will not come true.

A woman dreams about a car

Women's dream book:

Looking for your missing car. You should be wary of a sharp break in your personal life .

During a strong push on a bump, passengers fell out of the car. A hint of a break in relationships, conflict with good friends.

Small dream book of Veles:

Accident on the highway with sparks. Tension in relationships , quarrels with people close to you.

If you avoid an accident in a dream, you will be able to resist opponents of your plans.

Driving a dirty car means losses or possible illness.

Seeing an old car in dreams

Dream book alphabetically:

In a dream we replaced an old car with a new one. You and your followers have provided for yourself in terms of material well-being .

Old dream book:

You see yourself as an old man in an old but working car. You will maintain health and performance until old age.

Freud's Dream Book:

Impotence is indicated by a flat tire on an old car. But the matter can be fixed if in a dream you change a tire on your car.

Advice : Try using another dream book to interpret one dream. Maybe he will tell you the best course of action for this case.

Now you see how many different interpretations of one dream are given by different dream books. Therefore, esotericists advise remembering the details and small details of the dream you saw. They can give additional hints on what to do in different life situations.

In a dream, you hit a bird with a car. Try to remember which one in the morning. According to the alphabetical dream book, you can get an additional impetus for interpreting the dream and do something different from what you wanted. And it is possible that this will be a more correct decision. Do not dismiss the interpretation; analyze the image you saw in your dream. The subconscious is not capable of deceiving. And it is very possible that this will save you from difficult choices in different situations of our difficult life.

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