Why do you dream of someone else’s apartment: abandoned and dirty, clean and new. Basic interpretations of why you dream about someone else’s apartment

There are night dreams with very ambiguous meanings. One of these is a plot in which the main character finds himself in an unfamiliar home. Such an image promises dramatic changes in your personal life - as indicated in many dream books. Someone else's apartment may also hint that the sleeper is interfering where it is not necessary. To give a correct interpretation of what was seen, it is necessary to remember all the details of the message from the Kingdom of Morpheus.

Why do you dream about someone else’s apartment - the main interpretation

Dreams about your own cozy home always bring joy to your heart and soul, but what to do if someone else’s home appears in a dream, in which a person will have to spend some time? This pastime can be either very positive or carry negative feelings. And the point here is not at all in the individual characteristics of a person, because dreams often prophesy the future, but in the emotional state of a person.

It is very important to interpret not only the main picture of the dream, but also all its details. This way you can view options for future developments. It is important to remember the decor of the room, the placement of furniture and other items in it.

Sometimes strange symbols and signs may appear on the walls of rooms - it is better to sketch them from memory and try to find similar ones among those that were encountered earlier in dreams, and give them an interpretation. It is worth noting that seeing someone else’s apartment in a dream means changes in reality. Whether they will be positive or negative - this will be indicated by other signs and symbols of the dream, and by the person’s very mood during sleep.

You shouldn’t be afraid of such dreams, because any change in a person’s life is a movement and should be encouraged. It is important to accept all changes with gratitude. If the dream was of a very negative nature, it is worth considering all your future actions in order to prevent a misfire in an important matter.

Street, house floor

Even if they differ from those in reality, often the location of someone else’s apartment in a dream will tell you a lot about its owner. The street itself in a dream can show a real place in which this person could be in accordance with his level of thinking, material wealth, virtues and lifestyle.

At least that’s how your psyche sees it. Therefore, it is not surprising that you see an important person in Khrushchev (this shows that he is not worth his place or simply treats people kindly, without arrogance and false pride) or a poor, insufficiently wealthy, but interesting acquaintance in communication in a large rich and beautiful house.

Both your individual associations with the street on which the house is located and its life stages are important. An apartment in a new building, even if a new building is not actually going to appear in their life, means renewal and a new stage in a person’s life. It may just begin or appear in the near future.

A dream in which you dreamed of an apartment in the new house of your acquaintance or friend means that some important change is beginning for him. The renewal can be associated with starting a business, a new job, marriage, the birth of a child, a woman becoming pregnant, and even the beginning of an independent life. In any case, there is some kind of change, renewal in this person’s life, or he himself is still very young at heart and he still has a lot to go through.

A floor in a dream means a stage in a public staircase. Often a new building, in which all the apartments are presented in the construction version, is dreamed of as a sign that some situation is unformed. Perhaps changes in a person’s life have occurred recently or he simply has not yet established himself on the social ladder.

The lower floors mean a person’s accessibility, his low social status, high floors mean a good position in society. Why do you dream that your friend’s apartment is higher than it actually is? The dream book writes that such a dream means his desire to rise. It is possible that he will climb the social ladder and be able to get a lot.

If someone else’s apartment turns out to be lower than it actually is, then why is this a dream? The dream book writes that poverty, deprivation of work, demotion, humiliation or great material loss will soon await him.

Seeing your friend's apartment in an old house means that he will strive for stability and will follow the inertia of life, not really thinking about the future or simply not wanting change. The dream book writes that such a dream characterizes a person who is not young or does not feel like one, and is afraid to change something.

An unfamiliar apartment in a dream, why do you dream about seeing it or renting it? Such a dream signifies newness in your own life, building or contemplating a relationship with someone.

Pay attention to where exactly it is and how pleasant it is to you.

Why do you dream about someone else’s apartment according to Miller’s dream book?

Miller's dream book indicates that it is worth interpreting a dream about someone else's apartment from the point of view of the emotionality of the dream. If the dream did not bring any pronounced negative emotions and the building itself seemed very pleasant and even beautiful outwardly, life will change in a positive direction and very quickly.

If during a dream a person is visited by a feeling of anxiety, fear, or other negative thoughts, he should really think about what in his own personal life scares him so much. Perhaps he is overly concerned about the health of a loved one, or his financial situation.

Miller’s dream book indicates that such dreams can also promise in reality problems with the health of a loved one and even his death. If you dream about someone else’s apartment:

• Abandoned - melancholy and loneliness may await you;

• Dirty – it’s worth thinking about the words that you say to loved ones;

• Things and furniture begin to break in it - imminent health problems are possible;

• Shines with cleanliness and comfort - life will soon get better.

Don't miss the chance!

The dream book calls for paying close attention to the features of housing. So, a large and bright someone else’s apartment symbolizes unexpected luck.

If someone else’s apartment is gloomy and cramped in a dream, then get ready for a streak of bad luck. Did you dream of a large, luxuriously furnished room? In real life, there will be a chance to make an old dream come true.

Why do you dream about someone else’s apartment according to Freud’s dream book?

Freud's dream book gives a slightly different interpretation of the dream, which means dreaming about someone else's apartment. Such a dream promises a new acquaintance and long-awaited meetings. If the design of the room is complex and bright, it means you will get to meet a woman. If the design of the apartment is dominated by clear lines and a simple geometric pattern, you will meet a man.

If you find a fireplace or other stone products in the apartment, you should worry about your safety and peace. There may be anxieties and adversities that will bother you for a long time.

If on the way to someone else’s apartment you come across a fence or barrier, you should expect obstacles on the path to a holistic and equal relationship. There may be unrequited feelings that will torment you. Those who already have a relationship should be extremely careful - there may be problems and disappointments in their personal lives.

For those who already have a relationship, such a dream promises a lack of opportunity to gain mutual understanding from their significant other. If in a dream you overcome a difficult path to someone else’s apartment, obstacles will give in to you, and you will easily solve all your problems.

If the apartment in the dream is beautiful and cozy, a beautiful and prosperous relationship with a loved one or a romantic relationship with a new acquaintance awaits you. If you want to leave someone else’s apartment, even though it looks very attractive, such a dream suggests that in reality you will refuse all the opportunities that fate will give you.

Destruction in someone else's home is a sign of severe mental illness, which will soon lead to a deterioration in general health. Perhaps your partner is a despot and a tyrant and you spend a lot of effort trying to improve your relationship with him.

What they were doing?

In addition, the dream book recommends interpreting specific cleaning actions.

  • Washing the floors is a scandal, change.
  • Dishes - reconciliation.
  • Vacuuming – removing excess.
  • To sweep is literally to get rid of someone.
  • Taking out the trash - gossip, open secrets.
  • Wiping off dust is a solution to old problems.


It is important to remember what you did in your dream, in the house where you once lived. Seeing yourself doing repairs means you can soon change your job, or in your old place you will move up the career ladder. Looking into the dream book, you can see that the dream carries a message - new opportunities are opening up for you, but you need to make an effort. There is a saying: “No water flows under a lying stone.”

If a person does not make an effort, the omen will pass by, and there is no point in blaming the dream book.

Seeing the old apartment where you lived, in which you move or throw away furniture - soon something in life will change for the better. If this is a job, then you can expect a promotion or salary increase. If your personal life, then you may meet a loved one, and if you already have one, then he will present a pleasant surprise.

The dream book often associates old furniture with love relationships. Did you dream about dirty furniture? Take a close look at your partner; your relationship has cracked. Your loved one is faced with the choice of whether to stay with you or go on a solo voyage. Don't wait for his decision; if you care about him, show him that you are exactly what you need.

Seeing how you are renovating an old living space, changing wallpaper, buying curtains, appliances, or arranging furniture is a great sign. The dream book says that in reality you will learn something, master a new business, change your field of activity.

Making repairs after you have moved will bring something new and interesting into one of the areas of your life.

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