Why do you dream about an old apartment and what should you pay attention to in reality?

In real life, day after day we perform a million ordinary actions mechanically, mechanically, we enter and leave from one place to another, we move in space and live our usual lives.
Is there any point in attaching meaning to every mundane action? But in dreams everything is different. Here, even the most familiar place, for example, an apartment or a house, can mean something very important.

Any events in dreams have important meanings and secret meanings, but not only events - but also places. It is very important to understand what an apartment means in a dream - after all, it symbolizes a person’s place in the world, life, living space and many other significant things.

What exactly happens in the apartment in a dream is a second matter. First of all, you should pay close attention to how the room looked in the dream, what it was like. “Apartment” dreams are like this:

  • In your dream you see a beautifully decorated, cozy apartment or house.
  • You dream of a strange, unfamiliar apartment.
  • I dreamed of a large, bright, spacious apartment.
  • Gloomy, unpleasant.
  • Apartment after renovation.
  • Empty or unfurnished house.
  • I dream of my own apartment, but different, strange, unusual.
  • In a dream you are renting out an apartment or house.
  • You are in your former apartment, where you once lived.
  • You cannot leave the apartment in a dream.
  • You rent an apartment or house.
  • Pay your rent.
  • You get money for the apartment.
  • You furnish the interior in a dream with furniture and accessories.
  • You are making repairs.

Each such action (and inaction as well) has its own meaning, which will be useful to understand and take into account in reality. Let’s ask the dream interpreter what the apartment is for in your dreams, and perhaps we’ll find out something unexpected and important for ourselves.

I dreamed of an apartment being broken into

The subconscious mind sends alarm signals if you imagine a home being broken into or thieves entering. High anxiety provokes uncertainty and fears; you need to understand yourself, weigh your actions, and draw conclusions. It can also be interpreted as signs of uncertainty, resentment towards a friend, relative, or loved one.

Why do you dream of an open apartment in general? A woman's dream promises a new lover; a man cannot forgive his beloved for betraying him. It can also be interpreted as an attempt to get rid of pursuers and troubles.

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