Why dream of a bouquet of roses: give, buy, find, decorate. Basic interpretations of sleep - why you dream about a bouquet of roses of different colors

One of the happiest dreams that shows changes in your personal life. In general, roses in a dream mean love, admiration, the appearance of fans, as well as various vicissitudes on the personal front and in love relationships.

Red, pink, peach or purple - they convey the ancient language of flowers, which has survived to this day. Many magicians use it in the interpretation of symbols, including dreams.

If you want to understand what roses mean in dreams, pay attention to where exactly you saw them and what you did with them. This dream has several different meanings that will tell you how your relationship will develop on the personal front.

Subtleties of relationships

Why do you dream about people giving them to you in winter? The dream book indicates: a new romantic feeling will soon arise, which will not last long.

Did you dream that you were given red and pink roses? Your wish for an affair with someone you like will come true. Moreover, the relationship will be passionate and lasting.

Did the girl dream about how someone gave her luxurious flowers on long stems with a delicate aroma? Not only her lover, but also his parents will treat her favorably.

Why do you dream about a bouquet of roses - Freud's dream book

If you are walking in a dream with a bouquet of roses , this means that soon someone will begin to annoy you, and you will be very saddened by what is happening. When you dream of a bouquet of yellow roses , this is a signal from your subconscious that you will try to be more attractive in the eyes of someone close to you, on whom you must depend. If you dream of a bouquet of red roses , it means that you will feel jealous of someone close to you. A dream in which you dream of a bouquet of roses given by a man may mean that you will soon meet your other half. If you dream of huge bouquets of roses, this is a harbinger of financial problems awaiting you. Seeing in a dream a bouquet of white roses that was given as a gift is a sign that you will soon have a new love. When you see a lot of bouquets of roses , this is a big disappointment for you in the emotional sphere. To dream of a bouquet of black roses means that you will soon go on a pleasant trip or you will only have a chance, but for some reason you will not use it. When you dream of picking a bouquet of roses , this is a sign that you are too self-confident or shy when interacting with people of the opposite sex, so you still cannot participate in a serious relationship. If you dream of a large bouquet of white roses , this is a preview of a pleasant surprise from a person who is worried about you. dreams of a bouquet of red roses , this means that you are lonely at the moment, but there is nothing strange in this, since you never want to be the first to meet someone, you passively wait for someone to approach you. When you dream that a guy gives a bouquet of roses , this indicates problems in the emotional sphere. Seeing black roses in a bouquet means that you are surrounded by people you like and are ready to help you when you need it. Dreaming of a bouquet of blue roses is a sign that soon someone will prove to you the feeling that you have in such a way that you can no longer doubt it. dreamed of a bouquet of white roses is a sign that as a result of some inappropriate behavior you will destroy the good relationships that now connect you with your loved ones. If you dream of a wilted bouquet of roses , they warn you that you may offend someone with your behavior on certain issues. When you dream of a large bouquet of white roses , it is a sign that you are very worried that some of your important projects will fail due to your mistake or some control.

Reciprocity, good life changes

Such a bouquet in a dream indicates reciprocity between lovers (spouses), mutual understanding, the desire for romance, and the desire to please your soul mate.

Inhaling the aroma of a bouquet of pink roses promises, according to the dream book, good changes in life. Receiving it as a gift means a bright future ahead.

But sometimes a dream about a whole armful of such flowers indicates a strong love that prevents you from thinking realistically. The dreamer endows the object of her favor with all the best qualities, and often those that are not even in sight.

Golden flowers

If you dreamed of roses on a yellow bush with a honey aroma, then what is this dream for? Modern books indicate that luck will not come to you at a young age, just like wealth. However, don't miss your chance.

Sometimes seeing roses with a honey aroma and golden petals in a dream means love for the young girl of an older man. In some cases, the appearance of such dreams predicts a successful career for her due to a wealthy and influential rich man falling in love with her.

The dream book of roses interprets joy, tenderness and pleasure, especially if you get drunk from their aroma. And if a honey flower has blossomed in your garden, emitting a sweet aroma, then modern books indicate that the dream means that soon someone in your family will become rich thanks to their own talent and enterprise. The dream book writes that such a dream predicts a happy chance in life.

How does the dream book interpret purple or burgundy roses? Very often this dream means happiness, love, as well as passion that will penetrate your life. Seeing many flowers on a bush of this color in your dreams means disturbing and fatal events that will appear in your life very soon.

Sometimes dark, crimson petals can predict troubles for you, as well as various kinds of disasters, sometimes fatal events associated with death and blood. Therefore, seeing them is an unfavorable sign for a girl.

Not to mention the black velvet inflorescence, which predicts trouble in your family or clan. Modern books indicate that this may mean mourning in the home and unfavorable events that may greatly upset you. Why do you dream of blue roses? Seeing them in your own garden means an unusual talent or an event that will happen soon. The dream book writes that blue or almost white roses predict an unexpected and pleasant discovery that can completely change your life.

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