Why do you dream about a bear cub, feeding the bear cub and playing with it? Basic interpretations of different dream books - why does a bear cub dream?

Dream interpretation of feeding a bear, why you dream

In the dream book, feeding a bear means disagreeing with relatives and friends.
Also - to be filled with feelings of fear, worry and anxiety for no apparent reason or reason. Also - for a meeting with close relatives, a solemn celebration. The rarity of this dream has led to different interpretations of this symbol in different publications. To answer the question of why you dream of feeding a bear, we have provided you with transcripts from the most famous and popular editions of dream books. Such as the interpretations of Miller and Vanga, as well as lunar and modern books.

Miller's Dream Book: feeding the bear

According to Miller, feeding a bear in a dream means being filled with feelings of fear, worry and anxiety for no apparent reason or reason. Miller argued that animals in dreams are inextricably linked with a person’s sense of self-doubt. The important thing is that this does not reflect any personal qualities or character at all. In some cases, this feeling is caused under the pressure of difficult life situations.

What to do if the dream felt disturbing and brought fear? Instruction from Miller: ignore difficult dreams and their plots. What is seen in them does not come true literally, directly. And, in general, bad images rarely promise any bad or negative events.

In a dream, petting and feeding a bear cub

If you dreamed of little bear cubs that the dreamer bravely feeds from his hands and strokes, this is a symbol of his openness to new events in life, absolute readiness for discovery and experiment. Night vision characterizes the dream hero as a person with risky and gambling inclinations.

Depending on the color of the animal:

  1. The presence of a brown animal in a dream promises good luck and the opportunity to count on the support of loved ones in difficult life situations. Perhaps you should expect a new pleasant acquaintance and cooperation.
  2. The polar bear cub is considered a good symbol for lonely people. They may find a loved one in the near future. The white animal promises pregnancy for married women.
  3. A black animal in a dream is an alarming signal about difficulties in the dreamer’s life.

Feed the little bear

Dream Interpretation Feeding a little bear cub dreamed of why in a dream you dream of Feeding a little bear cub? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see Feeding a little bear in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Feeding someone in a dream means that you will soon receive good news.

If you feed a sick person, it means that in reality one of your relatives or friends will need money and turn to you for help.

If in a dream you are so weak that you are spoon-fed, this is a harbinger of serious adversity, which people who love you will help you cope with.

Feeding a breastfed baby with your own milk is, fortunately, a short-lived fun for unmarried people.

Seeing a man sucking milk from a woman’s breast in a dream means you will be condemned for immorality.

Seeing a nursing mother in a dream means that you are in favorable conditions to realize your potential.

If in a dream you lost milk and you hire a wet nurse for your child, this can turn into humiliation, disappointment or resentment in reality.

To be a wet nurse for someone else’s child in a dream means that you will be repaid with ingratitude for a good deed.

Feed your child with nutritious milk formula - you will be invited to other people's christenings.

If in a dream you feed some wild animals, in real life you will be disappointed with the results of your work.

Feeding livestock with beetroot means that business transactions will be successful.

Feeding pigs with acorns - in reality, plan and fulfill a bad intention.

Feeding geese for slaughter in a dream means a solid profit awaits you.

Feeding a hawk from your hand means waiting for an invitation to great fun. To feed the nightingale in freedom means you will have to fulfill all your debt obligations without delay.

If in a dream you feed a nightingale in a cage, you will become someone’s kept woman or vice versa: you yourself will take someone as your dependent.

Feeding a bear in a dream - interpretation for a woman

Night scenes are always interesting, and the brighter our impression in a dream, the more clearly we remember it. It happens that during a night's rest, in our plot we see not only different people, relatives, acquaintances, but different animals.

Each symbol you see has its own meaning. People have long tried to unravel the meaning of mysterious night symbols. It is believed that the more superstitious female representatives are more likely to unravel mysterious signs that can warn and change the future.

Today, a large number of dream books are available in electronic form. Having remembered the unusual night vision, you can use your phone to go online and find the meaning. In this article we have collected the meaning of one dream from many dream books.

Have you seen a bear at least once in your life, and have you ever had to feed it? In reality you have never seen the bear symbol of Russia, but in a dream you not only saw it, but also fed it, what does such a dream mean? The bear represents strength on the one hand, but also greed on the other. Seeing this animal in a dream always has an ambiguous meaning. It is this question that we will answer today.

Feeding a bear in a dream - general interpretation of the dream

Sometimes, to interpret a dream, it is enough to remember a few folk wisdom about bears, for example, “bearish. Some interpreters suggest that a bear in a dream is an image of you, which means that you are a very enterprising, smart person. Prefer to stock up.

In a dream, a dream with an animal can have a different plot. Let's consider possible dream options and their interpretation.

  • If you fight with a beast, it means that soon in reality you will have to face great injustice. There is also an enemy in your environment who is much stronger than you, therefore, the damage from his actions may be greater.
  • You won the fight, then in reality you will face victory over your ill-wishers and their insidious plans. Natural ingenuity will help you. But here. If the beast wins, then the fight against enemies will be long and strong.
  • In the dream you had the role of being an observer of the struggle between a bear and another animal, then be prepared to meet a large enemy who will deliberately destroy your plans and interfere with achieving your goal.
  • You were on a walk in the forest and saw a wounded animal - perhaps in the near future your honor and dignity will suffer due to the gossip spread by the people around you.
  • You dreamed of a bear's den and you went inside, such a vision warns of troubles.
  • If you were in the circus and saw an obedient trained animal, then your chosen one will be calm, compliant and life with him will be cloudless. This may also be a sign of a big win in the near future, a lottery. You were in a cage during the performance, then expect major financial waste.

Attention! According to Nostradamus’s dream book, feeding a bear in a dream foreshadows a stage of a calm life. It is this period that you need to use to advance your career, and you will also have a true friend.

The process of feeding a bear, according to some dream books, means that the dreamer will have to climb the career ladder and is expected to head a department or group. But an important role is played by how the dreamer feeds the animal.

If you present food on a plate or saucer, then a promotion, a climb up the career ladder is very soon. Manipulating the beast fish, meat, means that you are a good speaker and can easily convince others that you are right.

Sit at the same table and feed by hand, in the future an influential and strong patron and protector will appear. But feeding through bars portends difficulties and obstacles.

According to Miller, feeding with simple dishes means that you have a desire to stand out in front of management. But giving the animal water to drink indicates that your management will appreciate the work done, but only on the condition that the bear has had enough to drink.

From a psychological point of view, such night vision indicates your maturation; it’s time to ask for a pay increase. It is worth proposing and implementing your wildest ideas.

Another interesting interpretation can be found in Tsvetkov’s dream book, the plot promises victory in a complex and important matter, a dispute; if there is a trial going on, then you will certainly win it.

Many interpreters interpret that feeding the animal, Taiga’s owner, from your hands means that the dreamer will be accompanied by success and luck everywhere, in all matters.

Feeding a bear in a dream means meaning for a woman

Why does a woman dream of feeding a bear? According to the dream book, an unmarried girl feeds a bear with her hands and selects the best pieces and puts them directly into the mouth, then such a dream foreshadows an imminent marriage.

Also, if a girl just in a dream is next to a bear and strokes it, caresses it, treats it with delicious wild berries, it foretells that she will successfully marry a wealthy man.

If a girl saw an animal in the distance, then a rival may appear in the relationship.

The soothsayer Miller in his dream book deciphers such a plot as in reality in reality you will meet and get to know a person who will have a serious relationship with you.

Important! If a guy feeds a bear in a dream, then the night vision promises him an acquaintance with the parents and relatives of his girlfriend, as well as a successful relationship.

A married woman sees a bear in a dream, perhaps in reality a admirer will appear who will be very intrusive, annoying, and somewhat rude. Such a person can cause the breakdown of a family. Sleep has a warning value. But if a woman and her husband are at odds and the relationship does not bring satisfaction, then in this case there will be a favorable outcome for both.

It is auspicious to see a sleeping brown bear - a sign that a calm period in life is coming, when you can devote a little time to yourself, your family, and there will be no unnecessary reasons for concern.

In the dream, the bear was simply dirty while feeding, then the relationship with the partner may not last very long and will not end in anything special.

In night vision you are trying to feed a teddy bear, be prepared in reality to meet or deal with dishonest people, swindlers who will want to get their benefit in any way possible. Also, such a cute toy in the shape of a bear cub can warn that your partner wants to take over the business by deception.

Seeing in a dream how you tame a bear and feed it

Why do you dream of taming a bear? Taming the beast yourself symbolizes that soon a very calm, compliant person will appear in your life and life with him will be without unnecessary worries for you. But watching a tamed, trained bear performing in a circus is a sign of a big win.

Dreaming of a bear cub is an omen of receiving the necessary support; acquaintances and new friends are possible.

Take the chance

Miller’s dream book explains why one dreams of feeding a bear from an ordinary dish with the dreamer’s desire to curry favor with his superiors.

If you dreamed that you gave water to a predator and he was satisfied, be sure that you will be able to please your senior rank, or your immediate supervisor in reality too.

Psychologists recommend not wasting time, showing all your wit and asking for a salary increase. The projects you submit will be approved in a short time, hurry up and start your own business.

Go ahead - everything will work out

To lure the owner of the taiga with delicious food and force him to perform several pirouettes in a dream means learning to control your competitors.

Tsvetkov's dream book guarantees victory in court or an important dispute. Psychotherapists claim that with the help of eloquence you can enlist the support of influential people and convince the broad masses of people that your program is the right one.

Why you dream of feeding a bear from your hand, modern interpreters explain simply - the dreamer will have good luck in solving global issues.

Be carefull

But trying to stuff a teddy bear with food is not a very good sign. The dream means that you will meet with deceivers and swindlers.

An ordinary toy in a dream warns that the partner will have the idea of ​​fraudulently taking over the common business.

A love relationship may turn out to be short-lived; the admirer will show his bad side if, instead of feeding, you simply dirty the bear.


Our subconscious constantly interprets information received from the outside world and tries to warn us about something. Including through dreams.

If you see a bear in a dream, first of all, do not be afraid, but try to understand the sign you have received. In most cases, seeing a bear in a dream is considered a good sign.

But in any case, remember that every dream is just a picture that the brain painted. The more accurately you can decipher the message, the more benefits you can derive for yourself.

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