“Why do you dream about a bow as a weapon? If you see a Bow as a weapon in a dream, what does it mean?

When explaining why you dream of shooting a bow, the dream book takes into account some of the details of what you saw in the dream. For example, how accurate was the hit on the bull's-eye, what was the situation with safety precautions, what was the target like. This significant symbol predicts very specific events and warns of possible dangers.

Where am I?

The dream book explains in detail why I had to shoot with a bow and miss. Failure in a dream means that in reality the dreamer takes on obviously impossible obligations.

When you dreamed of a loved one as a target, but the archer you turned out to be so-so, and no one was hurt, the dream interpreter of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite promises cooling of feelings on the part of the beloved and unrequited affection on yours.

If in a dream someone attempted to kill the sleeping person and did not get there, this means a visit from a long-awaited guest or good news from afar.

Why do you dream about onions or green onions? Get ready to shed tears

Every dream has its own meaning. People often see onions in their dreams. Why he dreams, what he prophesies, dream interpreters will help you find out. There are quite a lot of them today and all interpretations agree that this dream does not predict anything good and can only mean tears.

The only thing that can console is the fact that there will be tears, it is impossible to establish. Of course, life is not complete without troubles, but every person wants there to be fewer of them. In addition, these can be tears of joy. So why do you dream about onions?

If you saw onions

A person can shed tears for various reasons. Probably, some kind of trouble awaits him in the near future, which will be accompanied by tears.

This may concern health, a break in a relationship with a loved one, or loss of property. Lynn's dream book foreshadows mental pain, and another dream book by Grishina foretells an annoying date. It is impossible to predict why a person will cry; he must feel it internally himself.

Why else do you dream about onions?

A dream showing eating onions foretells that in the near future a person will have troubles at work. And if the one who saw it peels the onion, then this means deception.

The number of onions you see is of considerable importance. A large amount of it means many unpleasant events that will bring tears and worries. In addition, if people dream, then everyone will have to experience troubles together.

Dreams in which onions are present, although they bring with them sorrows, one must see God’s will in everything and no one can decide what kind of dream he should have. Dreams are messages that are sent to people from heaven to warn the one who sees what to expect from existence. You just need to be able to decipher them correctly.

A dream where a person will cut onions and add them to food foreshadows a loss to a partner in a mental or physical duel. A businessman who sees himself frying onions in a dream should expect complete ruin in reality.

Shedding tears in a dream while cutting onions indicates that the enemies will become more active and will win. Tears are inevitable. Well, in a dream, many bunches of onions signify big life changes. You should not grumble at God, who sends various life trials, because in this way he can protect a person from something even worse.

If you dreamed that onions were growing in the beds, then this foreshadows the envy and anger of those around you, who will become embittered because of a person’s success. Planting onions yourself promises good luck at work. Well, if you cut onions yourself, this could mean trouble in the family with your other half.

Buying onions has a connection with a loved one and signifies a long journey.

A dream about rotten onions is associated with health problems, and can also mean troubles in sexual terms. If a person sheds tears from an onion in a dream, then he can expect omissions and quarrels in the family, and if he throws away an onion in a dream, then separation from a loved one may occur.

What's good when you dream about onions?

But not everything looks so bad when you dream of onions. If a person harvests a crop in a dream, it means that all his labors will be rewarded according to his deserts and he will gain everything he hoped for. Events will be quiet and cloudless for those who prepared onion dishes. Cooked onions signify good health and prosperity.

If you see a large golden onion in a dream, you should think that he has admirers who are ready to bring him joy at any time.

If you dream about green onions

A dream with the presence of green onions portends good events. This will be the enrichment of a person or the receipt of an inheritance, but all this will be accompanied by a quarrel and even a fight.

A patient who eats green onions in a dream will expect a complete recovery.

For others, this dream foreshadows a happy family union. Planting such an onion will bring good luck and respect.

Seeing rotten and dried green onions portends illness. Such a dream warns that you need to take care of your life.

An overripe onion predicts a duel with rivals, which will take all your strength.

And finally, picking green onions predicts difficult trials in life for the one who tears them. Someone from the environment of the dreamer is very dissatisfied with him.

Also, such a dream may portend deception.

Right on the bull's eye

In Medea's dream book there is an explanation of why you dream of shooting a person with a bow and hitting him in the head. The plot reflects the secret desire to control the thoughts and emotions of the one you dreamed about. Sometimes parents see their disobedient children as targets.

If in a dream you happen to shoot another armed archer or win a sports shooting competition, in reality you will have to deal with a strong opponent. Shooting a defenseless person should be regarded as a warning: uncontrolled base passions can do a bad job.

What if you dreamed of a bow and arrow

It is quite logical that almost every person longs to know his destiny, to at least glance into his future out of the corner of his eye, at least by unraveling his own dreams. In order to understand how to do this correctly, below is a specific example of analyzing a dream in which you dreamed of an onion.

What if you dream about onions?

The fact is that a dream about a small arms bow can be interpreted in completely different ways, depending on the circumstances accompanying this dream (and both existing life realities and various little things that accompany the appearance of this symbol in a vision are taken into account).

Also, significant differences in the interpretation of this symbol are found in different interpreters, since some authors claim that a bow in a dream is a bad omen, foretelling damage to a person from evil tongues, while others, on the contrary, consider this weapon, which appeared to the dreamer’s attention, to be a symbol of justice and truth .

What exact meaning this symbol still conceals depends on many factors that occur in a dream.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is who actually uses this weapon and against whom it is used in a dream. It’s one thing if the dreamer himself picks up a bow and strikes to defeat his ill-wishers, because such a dream promises him deliverance from enemies in real life

A completely different, and completely bad, sign conceals within itself the symbol of an archer who wounds the dreamer.

Most likely, in real life, a person wounded in a dream by an arrow from a bow will suffer greatly from the tongues of other people, and most often this happens justifiably and fairly, because the archer, as already described above, is a symbol of truth. But do not be sad, because the most important thing in such dreams is the condition of the arrows and their appearance.

Thus, bent, rusty or broken arrows will not have the desired effect, not only in a dream, but also in reality. Therefore, if the dreamer dreams that he himself is an archer, but the technical condition of his arrows does not help him defeat the enemy, then in life he must understand that he will not be able to finally and irrevocably get rid of his enemies and they will continue to poison his existence in every possible way.

However, this symbol also has a flip side to the coin, because if in a dream the dreamer dreamed that they were shooting at him and the arrows were not good enough to cause a serious defeat, then in life he most likely will not suffer much. Perhaps this person’s reputation will suffer serious damage in reality (not without reason for this), but you certainly shouldn’t expect anything terrible and very dangerous after such a vision.

A dream in which a person sees simply untargeted, chaotic archery, in which he himself willingly takes part (competitions, some kind of exercises, etc.) promises him that he will finally be ready to act decisively in life. At the same time, all his actions will be extremely risky, but will bring him the desired results and help him achieve a certain kind of heights.

What does it portend?

Sometimes a dream about an archer carries a completely different interpretation and signals the dreamer about the imminent appearance in his life of a person born under the fire sign of Sagittarius. You should not be surprised, because astrology is very closely related to the interpretation of dreams and often the authors of dream books refer to the fact that the correct interpretation of a dream very much depends on the location of the stars (data from the day and month when a specific vision appeared is used).

It is possible that we are talking specifically about amorous affairs and that soon a new person will definitely loom on the horizon of the dreamer’s real life, with whom he will plunge into the real abyss of passion

If this dream still has a personal touch, then again you need to pay attention to the arrows

A poisoned arrow can symbolize a destructive passion for someone or something, which will force a person to act recklessly - he, as they say, will become capable of anything for the sake of his new object of passion. Seeing a broken arrow in a dream promises the dreamer failure, both in love affairs and in some endeavors.

But the most remarkable symbol in absolutely any interpretation is the interception of an arrow in a dream right on the fly, because this promises a person crushing victories not only over his enemies, but in general in all vital areas.

To the sound of the bowstring

Ancient dream interpreters offer many interesting meanings for what it means to dream of shooting a bow:

  • The image symbolizes an incredibly stressful period in the dreamer’s real life;
  • Unrestrained, purposeful people succeed in seeing such a plot;
  • If you had to see yourself killed by a shot in the heart, beware of strong feelings;
  • The fire arrow represents an influential person, it looks like you are playing with fire;
  • A direct hit foreshadows the end of a streak of bad luck and a series of successes.

Amorous affairs in dreams and in reality

Dr. Freud's dream book explains why one dreams of shooting an arrow with the incredible health and sexual power of the dreamer. Shooting with the Cupid attribute and hitting a character promises in reality the opportunity to win the heart of the person you like.

Seeing someone shoot with Cupid's instrument in a dream and hit the dreamer's chest predicts suffering and unrequited feelings. If you aim at a character but miss, your expectations for reciprocity will not be met.

If you dream that you are shooting from a bow and your arrow hits the target, it means that everything you have planned will come true. If you miss, it means that you will not be able to achieve your goal in life, and in addition, you will curse the one you recently loved. A girl's dream in which her lover shoots a bow warns her of his inconstancy and instability. You cannot rely on this person; because of his carelessness, he will never learn to make money.

Interpretation of dreams from the English dream book

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At gunpoint

An old dream book considers a shot in the back to be a dangerous omen in a dream. Someone is up to no good against the sleeping person and chooses the right moment to do some mischief on the sly.

If you dreamed of being hit by an arrow, the interpretation of the dream warns that troubles should be expected even from those closest to you. Such an insidious act will cause truly mortal offense.

It’s interesting to know why you dream about an entire squad of archers making an attempt on your life. The universal dream book reports that in reality, all your debts will soon be returned to you.

Why do you dream of a bow and arrow? Interpretation of dreams according to dream books

Miller's Dream Book

dream interpretation bow and arrows

If you dreamed of a bow and arrows, it means that soon your financial situation will improve significantly, and things will go uphill. The reason for this will be the weakness of another person, thanks to which you will take a place in the sun ahead of him.

Vanga's Dream Book

what does it mean if a bow and arrow is in a dream

A dream in which you shoot at targets with a bow, but constantly miss, promises you great disappointment. Most likely, this will be associated with loss of funds.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

dreamed of a bow and arrow

Archery in a dream is a symbol of hopes nurtured regarding the translation of your strategic plans and plans into reality.

Muslim dream book (Islamic)

why do you dream of a bow and arrow

Shooting about a dream with a bow - you will convince someone of the Truth. The outcome of these beliefs depends on whether the fired arrow hits the target. If yes, your efforts will not be in vain. If you shot golden arrows, you will write a letter to the woman. An arrow without feathers is a symbol of witchcraft.

Freud's Dream Book

bow and arrows according to the dream book

In S. Freud's interpretations, bows and arrows are compared to the male genital organ. Skillfully shooting arrows from a bow - such a dream speaks of your sexual health and good shape. Archery is also a symbol of sexual intercourse. Seeing an onion hanging on the wall is a signal of sexual frustration or difficulties on your part.


Many people have experienced such a state when, upon awakening from sleep, it is impossible to move. You can’t move a single limb, your body seems to be paralyzed.

Nowadays, people endowed with special gifts - psychics - can explain a lot that is connected with the world of dreams.

Why do we see people in our dreams who are no longer with us? Why can we talk in a dream with a person whom we have never known and could never know in reality? Why do the dead disturb our dreams?

German scientists from the Max Planck Institute conducted an experiment on dream control in which subjects were told before falling asleep.

Some scientists believe that dreams serve as preparation for threats in real life. The brain simulates anxiety so that the dreamer can cope with it in reality. There are claims that such training helps humanity survive.

It turns out that in order to get enough sleep, it is not at all necessary to have super knowledge or super abilities, like Napoleon, who only needed 4 hours to sleep.

Difficulties and problems at work, worries, irritability, anxiety, nervous breakdowns; ultimately it all spills over into our dreams.

Unfortunately, each of us has to deal with nightmares from time to time. A bad dream is not the most favorable phenomenon, because sometimes it becomes the cause of insomnia, which entails a number of problems.

Nightmares do not arise on their own; the reason lies deep in the subconscious - a person cannot solve the problem, he worries about his loved ones.

It is believed that not only restful sleep, but also human health, internal and family harmony depend on the correctly chosen place and arrangement of the bed.

It happens that you need to get a good night's sleep, at night or during the day before an important event, but you don't feel like sleeping at all. You can use these tips.

So each person can independently check whether 8 hours of sleep is enough for him, paying attention to his well-being. If during this time you feel that your strength has been restored, then you should stick to this schedule.

Psychologists identify 6 reasons why babies don’t sleep at night.

Dream interpretation

Death is the most serious event in our lives. The appearance of someone who has already died in our sleep cannot be called an ordinary, meaningless dream. If a dead person appears in our dream.

It turns out that in a dream, a person’s soul partially leaves the body, with the possibility of moving to those levels where the souls of the dead are located.

You should take a closer look at the number if you had an ordinary, unremarkable dream, and suddenly a number stuck in your memory.

To determine on which days prophetic dreams occur, you should know the well-known divine holidays. Dreams can be prophetic on these days and on other days. More details about prophetic dreams for all days of the month can be found here.

Has it ever happened to you that in a dream you are running from someone, suddenly you fall into an abyss and after flying for some time, you wake up? It was not exactly a dream, but reality.

Sleeping from Sunday to Monday means renewal and the onset of a new stage in life.

Caution, injury

Collections of interpretations contain explanations of why you dreamed of shooting a bow and accidentally injuring yourself. The Dream Book of Autumn Birthday People believes that those who are prone to self-flagellation have to see such a plot.

The esoteric dream book claims that there is no need to be afraid of injuries in a dream. If you manage to mortally wound yourself through negligence, in reality you will be able to overcome a serious problem.

Veles's prediction notes that in reality the dreamer has foreseen everything, and there should be no unpleasant surprises.

Cupid's Weapon

Freud's interpretation of what dreams of shooting with a bow means will certainly please the dreamer. Seeing something like this in a dream only happens to those who are full of sexual energy and good health.

If a girl secretly in love dreamed that she shot a guy who was not paying attention to her with Cupid’s gun, in the future the dreamer can count on serious reciprocal feelings on his part, promises the Women’s Dream Book. Seeing a rusty arrow means disappointment in your chosen one.

The Eastern interpreter considers the symbol a harbinger of a meeting with a person who will later become a dear friend.

Why do you dream about archery? dream interpretation

If we talk about how dream books interpret a dream in which you see a bow and arrows and shoot from it, it is worth paying attention to the details of night vision. In particular, how accurate was your hit on the target, since it is this symbol that warns of danger or achievement of the task

All this will allow you to accurately decipher the sign from above and prevent trouble or bring it closer and not miss your happiness.

Dreaming of shooting a person with a bow

Why dream of shooting a person with a bow? The vision is quite interesting and requires detailed decoding. In particular, Miller’s dream book will help answer this question - it provides a detailed explanation. First of all, the main criterion is who exactly you saw in him. For example, if it was a spouse, a family conflict will soon break out, and if the tip of an arrow pierced the boss, expect problems at work.

If you happened to shoot a person with a bow in a dream, but at the same time you turned out to be such a shooter, and no one was hurt at your hands, the dream book from the Apostle Canaanite does not interpret the dream from the best side. The thing is that, having missed the mark in a dream, in reality you will be faced with a cooling of bright feelings on the part of your lover, and on your part it will be more likely affection.

If in your night vision the archery was done in the direction of the dreamer himself, but the object of the attack itself was not

suffered like everyone else - this is a pointer to a welcome and long-awaited guest who will soon appear on your doorstep. Or such a dream will bring with it good and pleasant news for the dreamer.

If we turn to the interpretation of the dream book of the seer Medea, then in it there will be an interpretation of the plot in which the dreamer himself shoots a bow at a person and at the same time hits him in the head. Such a plot in a dream reflects the dreamer’s secret desires to control the thoughts and emotions of other people. Although, as statistics show, such a dream is most often seen by parents and they see their small and naughty children as a target.

If you happen to touch another archer while shooting in a dream, or win a competition in shooting with this type of weapon, in reality the dreamer will have to face a very dangerous and strong opponent. But shooting at a defenseless and unarmed person is a warning, an indication that you should carefully monitor your words and emotions. Otherwise, a word spoken in the heat of the moment or a deed done in the heat of the moment can permanently damage your reputation and relationships with the people around you.

Seeing a bow and arrow in a dream

If you dreamed of a bow and arrows, ancient dream books and prophets had many interpretations in this case, but below we will consider the most basic of them:

  • this image symbolizes an incredibly tense period in the dreamer’s real life;
  • Often such a vision is dreamed of by unrestrained and active people who set a goal and go straight towards it - this dream rather reflects their pressure than carries a certain message;
  • if you see yourself with a heart pierced by an arrow - to strong feelings, and not always reciprocated;
  • you see a fiery arrow - this is the personification of some dangerous person, whom you tease without taking seriously, and this can cause considerable troubles and problems;
  • a direct hit by an arrow on the target is an indication of the successful completion of a previously started task.

The interpretation of the old dream book says that a dangerous signal from above is a shot in the dreamer’s back, since this is an indication that behind your back someone is preparing an insidious plan and is ready to bring it into reality. If the arrow does hit you, you will be struck down on the spot, and close people, relatives and acquaintances will be involved in this. If you are attacked by a whole squad of archers, all your debts will soon be returned to you, even those whose return you did not even expect.

If you injured yourself while shooting from this weapon, this is more likely a reflection of the dreamer’s internal self-flagellation. You have committed a certain act, you will say a certain word without thinking, and you will reproach yourself for it. But in reality there is no need to fear such a dream.

Empress Freida also gives an interesting interpretation of the plot of a dream in which she had to shoot from this weapon. It will be especially interesting for people in love - if they had such a dream, it means in reality they will be filled with sexual energy and rich reserves of health.

And if a young and unmarried girl shot a man with Cupid’s weapon in her dream, in reality a young man interested in her will pay attention to her and show signs of attention. But you should beware of a vision in which a rusty arrow appears - this is a symbol of disappointments and troubles, losses

It is especially negative if it hits the dreamer or he is injured by it.

Dreams on the topic

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