“Why do you dream about a navel? If you see a Navel in a dream, what does it mean?

The navel in a dream symbolizes the beginning of life, as well as sources of joy that increase interest in life and the ability to enjoy it. The dream book believes that everything that dreams of any damage to this part of the body should be considered a warning of impending troubles. Excessive narcissism with a bare belly speaks of carelessness, which can also lead to trouble. A number of common stories indicate a healthy perception of oneself and one’s place under the Sun.

Injuries and damage

The esoteric dream book explains why you dream that your navel is untied. The dream indicates a leak of energy. It is quite possible that, as a result of magical influences, a gap has formed in the sleeping person’s aura, through which vital forces flow out.

In reality, this may be reflected in the following way. If you dreamed that your belly button came undone, take care of the safety of your property in the near future. Material values, especially those most dear to the dreamer, are also associated with his energy shell. Not being parts of the body, they are nevertheless the result of labor and a measure of capabilities.

A dream in which the navel is untied or blood appears in its area also has a physiological background. The plot is often caused by pain that is not yet perceptible in reality.

“Why do you dream about a navel? If you see a Navel in a dream, what does it mean?

American dream book

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In the east, the navel is considered a symbol of the center of the universe.

Islamic dream book

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Pain in the navel area indicates that the author of the dream is treating his wife poorly.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Navel - death of relatives, bad news, love; hurts - losses associated with relatives.

New dream book 1918

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The navel is a new life venture, a love affair; pain in the navel - losses associated with parents or homeland.

Numerological dream book of Pythagoras

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Seeing a deep, clearly drawn navel on your stomach means that you are carried away by pleasures and completely forgot about business, then your business will drown or your family will fall apart.

For a young husband to see a huge belly button on his wife’s belly in a dream - it means that his jealousy is completely justified/

Dream Interpreter

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Seeing a navel or navel portends bad news about the condition of parents or children, and sometimes their very death.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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The navel is a reminder of the relationship with the mother. The need to return from the periphery to the center.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

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The navel is a symbol of ancestral ties, inherited qualities.

Looking at your navel, grooming it - you are too busy with yourself, strive for concentration and depth of thinking.

All sorts of illnesses and troubles with the navel are illnesses, dangers arising from inherited qualities.

If the navel comes undone or needs to be “tied”, there is a danger to property in the house.

Looking for your navel and not finding it means longing for children, danger for them, childlessness.

A convex blue navel with swollen blood vessels means that you are burdened by foreign elements/diseases.

A flower growing from the navel means favorable spiritual development, growth of spiritual powers.

To be connected by an umbilical cord to any object or creature is to be burdened by dependence / to outgrow oneself and not be able to become someone else.

To have a stone in the navel means to teach, lead / become the subject of uncritical worship.

A navel from which bubbles emerge and burst—all sorts of bad things.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

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The navel is where the umbilical cord exits, connecting you to your mother's womb. This sign can give you information regarding your relationship with your mother.

The navel is the beginning of your silver thread that connects your physical and astral bodies. Are you ready to dance through the universe?

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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The navel is a symbol of empty egoism.

Seeing your navel indecently naked in a dream is a sign that excessive selfishness can complicate your relationships with others and cause ridicule.

A dirty or sore belly button portends events that could seriously damage your self-esteem.

The absence of a navel in the place where it should be means that the lack of healthy pride does not allow you to achieve significant success in life.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream about the Navel in a dream?

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Seeing or feeling the navel in a dream is an unwise act.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Navel according to the dream book?

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Navel - energetic connections with parents, family; addiction; significance (idiom: “navel of the earth”).

From the navel something grows - a deep connection with what the sprout points to; spiritual development and accumulation of vitality.

Pain in the navel - loss of a loved one, farewell to homeland; danger to life.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Looking at your navel is a new life venture with lasting consequences (an unusual appearance indicates unusual actions or unconventionality; a stranger - a new love affair; pain in the navel - losses associated with parents or homeland.

Ukrainian dream book

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Navel - love; pain in the navel - losses associated with parents or family.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Navel according to the dream book?

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Your navel means you are on the verge of solving some kind of riddle.

In a drawing or sculpture - you lack professionalism. We need to learn.


If one of the lovers happened to see his passion’s pierced navel in a dream, the dream book reports that jealousy is well founded. To correct the situation, it would not hurt the sleeper to reconsider his attitude towards the object of passion. A pierced navel reflects a secret dream of returning to childhood, once again becoming infinitely loved and attractive.

Having your own navel pierced in a dream happens to those who in reality strive at any cost to increase their own importance, to become a kind of “navel of the earth.”

Dirt in the house

Any pollution is a symbol of misfortune. It is especially unpleasant to see it on household and household items. Interpretation depends on location:

  1. Dishes - the inability to solve your problems on your own. You will have to turn to relatives for help.
  2. Plates - fatigue from everyday life and daily routine. It's time to diversify your day or relax, change your surroundings.
  3. The toilet is a loss of respect in society. A dirty toilet symbolizes a loss of authority and veneration.
  4. Toilet - soon you will have to provide services that will lead to unpleasant consequences.
  5. Bathroom - illness in a woman, inability to conceive a baby. If a pregnant woman dreams, it foretells a difficult and painful long labor.

A dirty floor is a symbol of neglected affairs, unsuccessful enterprises. If the dreamer unsuccessfully tries to wash them, it means he is not destined to achieve success in his chosen field. A dirty table warns that illnesses will soon befall the dreamer if he does not listen to the needs of the body.

Stained windows warn the dreamer that secretly committed actions will become obvious, and the consequences will be irreversible. It is better to abandon the planned adventure. A dirty bucket warns that difficulties ahead are inevitable and it is better to prepare for them.

Fragrant soap dreams of entertainment and a comfortable life, but dirty soap symbolizes problems with loans and debts.

A dirty sink symbolizes an unsuccessful search for a new home. It is better to postpone the purchase of an apartment or land until better times.

Beware of gigantism

What you dream of about an unnaturally large protrusion on your stomach personifies an irrepressible craving for pleasure and entertainment. Such outbursts of carelessness can actually lead to loss of income, health problems or problems with loved ones.

If you dreamed that this organ came out and expanded to indecent sizes, the dream book encourages you to think about whether you adequately evaluate yourself. It is possible that your claims to significance only cause condescending ridicule from others.

A dream sometimes means that something alien is constantly burdening you with its presence or interference.

The interpretation of dreams in which the navel came out mentions the energetic connection with the Family and the natural need for it.

Interpretation depending on the type of dream book


According to an ancient Chinese treatise, a dream about pollution promises serious illnesses and painful childbirth. If the boss had a night vision, then he will have to hire a new employee for an important and responsible position.


According to Felomena’s dream book, this means distrust of those who helped the dreamer earlier. There may be problems with relatives or close friends. The general meaning is changes in life, not always favorable. For any action you will have to bear responsibility and bear the consequences.


According to Miller’s dream book, the meaning is clear - the person seeing the dream will experience pleasure from the work done. A salary increase or promotion up the career ladder awaits him. But to achieve this you will have to perform more complex tasks.


According to Freud, there is only one interpretation – pain and tears. Everything is centered around the dreamer; he will have to endure painful procedures and losses. Possible ailments of the genital organs.


Vanga interpreted it differently. She believed that such a dream was a warning. The dreamer must prepare for decisive action. A difficult situation can destroy family relationships or health, and undermine one’s position in society.


You can find other definitions in the gypsy dream book. So a dream about dirty things foreshadows unpleasant surprises and illnesses. The dreamer expects quarrels or a painful separation. Conflicts cannot be avoided.


According to Azar, such a dream portends impressive financial losses and depravity in the eyes of others. If the furniture in the house is dirty, then conflicts will flare up in the family, and the dreamer himself will suffer from a serious illness.

Dreams on the topic

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