I often dream about the same unusual place many times.

If you see any unfamiliar place in a dream, then remember the details of your dream. According to dream books, such a vision can promise both changes in life, and not always positive ones, as well as unexpected trips. Clarify what each nuance of your dream means, then you will know what awaits you in the near future.

Miller's Predictions

To be in an unfamiliar place in a dream, according to Miller’s dream book, is a symbol that some life changes await you. And which ones exactly will be revealed by the details of the plot.

So, if you dreamed that you were lost in a strange city, then this means that you do not know what to do in reality. Being a guest in an area that you do not recognize is a sign that circumstances will arise due to which you will need to change your place of residence. And if you get lost, but quickly find your way, then this means your determination and determination.

Types of dreams

It is believed that in a dream, information is processed or individual stories are selected from the general information flow. And since this flow is chaotic and uncontrolled by consciousness, dreams cannot be explained from a logical point of view. But it is not so. Dreams are classified into the following categories:

  1. Compensatory. They balance a person’s psycho-emotional state, provide an opportunity to accomplish what did not work out, to give vent to feelings, complexes, and desires.
  2. About health. In a dream, logic and analytics are turned off. The brain can analyze the state of the body and give a hint of an approaching disease.
  3. Creative. At night, the brain continues to think about complex problems posed during the day, so a creative dream can present an unexpected solution to a problem.
  4. Actual. Dreams about past events - at this time, moments and details that have escaped attention in reality emerge. This could be a warning about something that will happen in the future.
  5. Repetitive. The subconscious over and over again points to a moment that is significant for fate, a kind of “Groundhog Day”. Such a dream must be carefully analyzed.
  6. With continuation. The vision is divided into fragments, each time another moment is added to the original situation.
  7. Visits. Relatives or close people come. Such dreams carry special messages.
  8. A dream within a dream. This is the so-called “Matryoshka effect”. There is a dream that the owner is sleeping or waking up, and then finds himself in reality.
  9. Prophetic or visionary. Such visions are characteristic of emotional people with a finely organized psyche or empaths.
  10. Nightmares.

This is the main classification necessary to determine the nature of the dreamed picture. In the future, for a correct interpretation, it is important to understand: the dream was the result of an information or emotional flow.

Finding yourself in an unfamiliar area is a sign of change

The Wanderer’s dream book will explain why you dream that you find yourself in an unfamiliar area, getting off the bus at the wrong stop: you will make the wrong decision, the consequences of which will be difficult to correct.

Waking up in a dream in an unfamiliar place, according to Pastor Loff’s dream book, is a sign that you will uncover a conspiracy that is being woven behind your back. And if every night in your dreams you see the same place that you have never visited in reality, then be prepared for innovations. Moreover, if the surrounding landscape pleased you, then the changes will be for the better, but a dull or scary place promises trouble.

Identical and systematically repeating picture

A constantly recurring dream can have both personal and warning motives. This is quite a worrying factor. And if for some reason you dream about the same place, it’s worth thinking about its non-random origin.

This usually means that in reality a person is trying to suppress some memory or problem, to postpone its solution. The decoding is most often negative, with a negative charge. But there are options with a positive interpretation. In this case, the subconscious tries to warn about a fateful event; it can be either positive or negative. The brain tries to prepare the dreamer in advance for the correct behavior.

Under no circumstances should you ignore unusual and constantly reminiscent dreams. It's best to keep your finger on the pulse and be fully prepared when changes are coming or important milestones occur. Perhaps this is a warning about the future, an indication of events in the present, or reminders of something in the past.

A specific place seen in a dream may mean a certain psycho-emotional state of the dreamer, or it may be a reminder of an important period in life. For analysis it is necessary to identify details. For example, is the place seen:

  • familiar/unfamiliar;
  • real/fantastic;
  • with action or still picture;
  • public, outdoor, personal space;
  • causing positive/negative emotions or a nightmare;
  • with people;
  • with the dreamer in the “main role”.

The most important thing is to write down your dream immediately after waking up. In a few minutes everything will be forgotten and it will be simply impossible to remember the details.

Decoding according to various directions

To determine the correct interpretation, it is worth turning to several dream books at once. Next, combine all the explanations, highlight those that are repeated and supplement them with details from a specific vision. If you dream about the same place several times, the most truthful dream books in the world interpret it as follows:

  1. Meneghetti: if you dreamed of an unfamiliar place in which you suddenly found yourself, located in a village, countryside or in nature, but it looks familiar - a person constantly finds himself in the same environment or creates relationships with people of similar character. A sunny, bright, joyful area - situations and people are positive, night or cloudy - negative.
  2. Longo: if the seat in the transport is occupied by an unpleasant individual, you need to expect problems, but you can turn to relatives and friends for help. If a colleague takes over the workplace, dismissal is coming. If you sit in someone else’s chair, you will be lucky in some way, but the results will not last long. Seeing a lot of unoccupied chairs means that several profitable offers will appear; the choice will need to be made very carefully and without hesitation.
  3. Loffa: if the dreamer often finds himself in places of his past (childhood home, school, holiday home, resort), then he is in a state of passive stress. Such a dream is necessary to calm the nerves so that a person stops, takes a breath and thinks carefully about the current situation.
  4. Love: if the dreamer pays for a place for another person, disappointment in his companion awaits ahead. If they pay for a woman, it is women’s intrigues that will bring sadness. When in recurring dreams a girl is given a seat in a transport over and over again, she will meet a new admirer: he will be ready to do anything for her, the relationship can become permanent. Well, if you don’t like a person at all, you definitely need to offer him friendship.
  5. Chinese: if someone dreams several times that he is lying in a latrine in a secluded corner of the yard or is building one, this promises great wealth and unexpected profit. Uninhabited terrain in wild lands - a journey to distant lands.

And it is also a generally accepted decoding of a constantly repeating dream, in which one dreams of the same place - the plan must be fulfilled there.

Interpretation from a psychotherapeutic dream book

Being in a specific or inappropriate place in a dream may be related to an internal state, mood, or a certain period in a person’s life. To identify the people to whom the dream refers, it is necessary to understand what kind of territory it is.

If the place is familiar, the interpretation must be sought in the past, in the events associated with it. When repeating a dream, serious psychoanalytic work is required. Especially if any action takes place inside the vision. It is important to determine whether it is adequate, typical for the place and situation, or not. Explanation of specific details:

  1. Unfamiliar terrain, but pleasant, causing joy - the fulfillment of small, everyday desires, positive thinking and a good attitude.
  2. An atypical neighborhood, for example, a village and city buildings, a forest and a supermarket on the edge. - a clash between consciousness and the unconscious.
  3. Landscape in the dead of night, at dusk or in cloudy weather - depression, impending despondency, memories of a negative past.
  4. Sun, shine, rainbow - fun, positive, joy.
  5. A secluded corner is a desire to find safety, shelter, the need to get away from the situation or people around you for a while.
  6. A secluded corner that evokes negative, depressing feelings - the need to become an extrovert, to escape from close surroundings and loneliness.
  7. The place represents an open, wide space, the steppe - friendship, but if the space causes unpleasant sensations - danger.
  8. Desert, steppe, rocky surface, transformed into a blooming garden - spiritual quest, desire for self-development.
  9. Jungle - increased sexuality, masquerade, carnival - latent, hidden sexuality.
  10. Unfamiliar terrain - repressed memories are “hidden” in the subconscious. You can remember them only by the method of associative thinking, by analyzing what the place in the dream and past events are connected with.

You should not rely entirely on night vision readings alone. For the most accurate interpretation, it is worth additionally connecting logic, intuition and introspection.

Countries in dream interpretation

There are cases when certain countries are present in night visions. The transcripts presented are valid provided that the dreamer is European. If you dream about a country and a person knows exactly its name, the interpretation may be as follows:

  1. America - practicality, materiality.
  2. England - restraint, puritanism, firmness.
  3. Egypt - security, contentment and complacency.
  4. Rome - freedom, relaxedness.
  5. Türkiye - polygamy, secrecy.
  6. China is confusing, noisy.
  7. Germany - discipline, punctuality, accuracy.
  8. Homeland - comfort, understanding, convenience.

Psychologists and psychiatrists advise you to be wary when the same dream is repeated more and more often. If it is not possible to give it an unambiguous interpretation and carry out an analysis, it is worth thinking about the general psychological comfort of a person. Obsessive visions appear in certain mental disorders - schizophrenia, depression, post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive and bipolar disorder.

Working away from home, or What awaits you in your career?

An English dream book is used to explain why one dreams of working in a foreign city. If you dreamed that you were washing floors in an unfamiliar place, then be prepared for a change of job or a change of profession.

But the Eastern Dream Book explains differently why you dream about a plot in which you happen to wash floors in an unknown place: you are about to make an amazing discovery that will have a beneficial effect on your future fate or career.

Going to work abroad in a dream is a sign of the ability to change the situation at your own discretion, says the Italian dream book.

Place according to the Chinese dream book

Lying in a latrine in the covered part of the yard - portends profit and wealth.

The courier calls you to a public place - great happiness.

Seeing uninhabited space in a wild place is a long journey.

An official's chair moves to another place - portends a move to a new place of duty.

The cart is so loaded that it cannot move - a dangerous situation is passing.

If you build a latrine in your house, it portends wealth and happiness.

Excursion trip: From problem solving to loss of mutual understanding

If you dreamed that you went on an excursion to an unfamiliar place, then this suggests that no matter how much you put off solving an important matter until later, you will still need to “deal with it,” interpreters suggest.

Getting lost in a dream in a strange town, falling behind the excursion group, is a symbol of the fact that you and your partners or colleagues do not have mutual understanding. And if you are lost, having missed your loved one, then this indicates that you have lost your spiritual connection with him, and, most likely, you will separate, Longo’s dream book upsets.

Seeing a Place in a dream: Large modern dream book

Place - You took a place in a dream or secured a place for yourself, booked it - in real life you will show selfless care for someone, perhaps sacrifice something; besides the fact that you will suffer losses, your help will remain without gratitude. It’s as if you didn’t have enough space - you will soon have big expenses and will have to reconsider the family budget. You generously pay for someone’s place - one of your loved ones does not hesitate to “sit on your neck” from time to time; Besides the fact that you pamper this person, you are also forced to deny yourself the necessary things. A young woman dreams that someone is paying for her place - some person will seek this woman’s reciprocity not with nobility and generosity, but with despicable cunning; He will try to start by making this woman obligated to him, so that she will be more accommodating.

What did the place you ended up look like?

Depending on what the unfamiliar place you saw in your dream looked like, the interpretation of the dream may depend. Remember what exactly you dreamed about:

  • rural landscapes - this is not the time to be modest, if you want to achieve something - go for it;
  • the busy streets of the metropolis - unexpected good news awaits you;
  • abandoned, “dead” city - you are tired, if you don’t rest, you will fall into depression;
  • ancient ruins - do not enter into conflicts with those people whose adequacy you are not sure of.

Dreamed of Places: interpretation of the Angelic Dream Book

Why see Place:

Familiar place - Sometimes in a dream we return to the past - the house where we lived in childhood, school, places where we once vacationed. This often happens at a time when the present is stressful. Did the dream have a calming effect on you, or was there something in it that you associate with fear and frustration that turns the dream into something similar to a nightmare? Evaluate other elements - objects, people, your actions, your feelings. Was this place located in a city full of people and bustling with daily bustle? Away from others, in a deserted landscape? In a village imbued with a sense of closeness and unity? Did you feel good in this place or did you feel threatened or lonely? How does this relate to your real life?

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