I dreamed that my wife was pregnant from someone else. Pregnant wife

If you had a dream where you saw your ex-wife or girlfriend who was pregnant, then it probably haunts you. To find out why you had such a dream, you should carefully remember all the events and details that were in the dream, and also take into account your real situation. Of course, the first thing you may think is that such a dream means only one thing - your ex is pregnant, but this is absolutely not the case, because such a dream can foreshadow various events that will soon occur in your life.

Why do you dream about your wife?

If in a dream you saw yourself in the role of a wife, then this means that you will have to return to unfinished business, which will require a lot of trouble from you. A quarrel with relatives is possible. If you see yourself as a wife, and even with a pockmarked face, this is a good sign. The dream foretells you benefits, as well as receiving a large sum of money.

If in a dream the role of your wife pleases you, then in reality you can carry out any risky activities, success is guaranteed to you.

If you see yourself constantly in conflict with your husband, in reality this will lead to actions that will cause criticism from all household members. The dream also foreshadows the chaos that will fill your life.

Meaning according to Vanga's dream book

The fortuneteller claims that the dream promises big expenses . Don't skimp when buying real estate and other significant things. It's worth paying extra for comfort and quality that will delight you for many years. The money will quickly be replenished, and the joy of the acquisition will compensate for all the inconveniences.

The dream also indicates that the sleeper expects to move to another home . If you are planning a large family, additional space will be very useful. You can realize your dreams of having your own office, playroom, or doing landscape design

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