I dreamed that my granddaughter was pregnant. Dream Interpretation: granddaughter

Why do you dream about your granddaughter - basic interpretations

Granddaughters always console their grandparents. They give them a boost of energy and a lot of positive emotions. These are real gifts of fate that cannot be given to anyone. They can only be nurtured in love. Thanks to them, older people feel young, healthy, and happy again. So it is in dreams. Dreams about granddaughters say that it’s time to think about what you will leave behind on Earth. Perhaps you do not have a worthy goal or you are seriously thinking about offspring - in any case - the dream promises resolution of conflicts with family and establishing connections with loved ones.

It is also worth taking a close look at all the little things and details in the dream. They can talk about both further positive developments and sad events that will later visit a person’s life.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact under what circumstances the meeting took place, and under what circumstances the conversation ended, whether it happened at all. If the dream has an overall positive connotation, then everything in life will be positive, but if the dream has a number of negative features, then you should be wary of minor troubles.

Why do you dream of a granddaughter, the death of a granddaughter

Different dream books give different interpretations of dreams about granddaughters. This especially applies to their death or death. It is worth noting that if a woman or man dreams that their real granddaughter is dying, such a dream simply means that relatives are worried about the health and life of their heiress. Sometimes such worries are unnecessary.

It is worth remembering all the events that happened to my granddaughter recently. Perhaps they contain the secret and mystery of the appearance of this particular dream. Seeing the death of a granddaughter can also promise a quarrel with her, a quarrel, or a lack of mutual understanding. If the death is quick, then the disagreement will be short-lived; if the death is long and painful, then the conflict has been brewing for a long time and one of the relatives simply could not stand the tension.

Seeing your granddaughter being killed

– have a conflict with an influential person. This conflict is caused by previous negative events that the person could not foresee and which it was very difficult for him to avoid.

Seeing your granddaughter bloody

– have problems and quarrels with blood relatives. Such quarrels are caused by excessive self-love. It is worth reconsidering your attitude towards loved ones and relatives; perhaps it is fundamentally wrong.

Seeing your granddaughter drowned

- to great misfortune and grief. If you dream that your granddaughter has to be rescued from the water and the rescue is successful, in reality all issues will be resolved, all conflicts will subside. If your granddaughter takes pills in a dream, in reality you will be overcome by minor worries and worries.

Why do granddaughters dream according to Miller’s dream book?

Miller has very unique interpretations of what his granddaughter dreams about


If the baby dreamed naked, completely different events await you in life;

If your granddaughter died, your conscience does not give you the opportunity to make the right decision;

If you dream that the baby is being breastfed, new prospects will open up in life;

If your granddaughter disappears in a dream, it means pleasant surprises.

Miller gives very positive interpretations of dreams about his granddaughter. So - playing with a baby - such a dream promises an opportunity to develop a good business. To see how she suddenly grows into a beautiful young lady - such a dream promises the opening of new prospects.

It is worth noting
that such dreams do not necessarily have to be dreamed by precisely those people who have already become grandparents.
Such dreams can also be dreamed by those who do not even have children. The main thing is to understand the sensations and emotions of sleep. But if you dream that the child is seriously ill, it means that the relative in reality feels guilty towards her. Before birth. Seeing someone else's granddaughter sick means your problems will be successfully resolved.

To see in a dream how your daughter gave birth to your granddaughter - such a dream either indicates that a person is pretty worried about whether he will have offspring in real life, or whether he will live out his life on his own. This can also be indicated by a dream in which a granddaughter is carrying a child under her heart.

Also, such a dream may indicate that relatives are making plans for the future for their child. But these plans do not always need to be implemented. Sometimes it’s worth putting them aside. It is also worth postponing a serious conversation with relatives when your granddaughter is unwell in a dream. In general, you should not make important decisions and sharply express your opinion if you have such dreams.

Where did you kiss in a dream?

It can be seen that the dreamed kiss on the lips

is interpreted very differently depending on who was the partner or partner. But no less often in a dream, lips touch other parts of the body. A kiss on the head in a dream reflects the need for tenderness and care. The sleeping person needs support, and there is no shame in asking your loved ones for help.

Kiss on my cheek

is interpreted depending on the initiator. A joyful meeting will take place very soon if the dreamer does this. Someone you know kissed on the cheek - a symbol of unfulfilled obligations to this person.

If you dream of a kiss on the neck

, this is a hint. You should be more decisive when communicating with the opposite sex. Kissing your eyes means finding yourself in a romantic setting in reality. This is a symbol of tenderness and care.

on the forehead in a dream has a good meaning

. All work started will be completed in the most favorable way.

on the hand signals too much pride.

, and in order to attract sympathy, it is advisable to become kinder to others. This story also warns businessmen about the need to avoid making dubious transactions.

Why do granddaughters dream according to other dream books?

If you dream that you have a small and beautiful granddaughter

– such a dream means that you should soon expect a warm meeting with relatives and the establishment of good relationships with them. This is what the dream book says from A to Z.

It is worth noting that many esotericists say that seeing birth in a dream

is the sure path to enlightenment. The soul requires rebirth, rebirth requires relationship. Also, events are possible in life that will lead to the emergence of new relationships and the establishment of connections. These events should not be rushed - they should be enjoyed.

Someone else's newborn granddaughter

- to joy and unexpected wealth. If you dream that your future granddaughter is carrying a child in a dream, everything will work out in business, everything will work out and it will be simply incredible. If a real-life granddaughter turns out to be pregnant in a dream, a gift or news will soon be received.

See the birth process itself

- to a significant event, perhaps even childbirth. If in a dream the birth goes smoothly and quickly, then in reality the granddaughter’s life will also be painless; if she dreams that the birth is difficult and she feels bad after it, in reality there may be troubles, even depression, since close people will pretty much spoil the mood. You need to be prepared for this.

Seeing your granddaughter's wedding in a dream

- according to the Jewish dream book, this dream promises her vicissitudes in life. Only relatives can resolve the situation with their long-awaited advice. Most likely, the girl is hiding her troubles from everyone. And she will have to ask her about them for a long time.

If you dream that your granddaughter is marrying your old grandfather

– she may have health problems, if this dream occurs on the eve of an important matter, it is worth postponing it and reconsidering options for resolving simmering conflicts.

In Hasse's dream book

it indicates why the granddaughter is dreaming, the fact that the loss or disappearance of a granddaughter indicates that soon minor troubles will burst into life and confuse all plans. These troubles will most likely be associated with children. If a man dreams that he is losing his granddaughter in the crowd, in reality he will be very tired of worries and troubles. You shouldn’t torment yourself like that, your body urgently needs rest.

For a woman, such a dream may indicate that she is too troublesome about other people’s problems, and simply forgets about her own. She should reconsider her own position in life, otherwise her troubles will swallow her up like a funnel. You shouldn’t absorb other people’s negativity - you need to give light to people yourself and then the light will return.

The dream book indicates

that if you dreamed of a conversation between relatives, you should carefully study its content. It is worth taking a close look at how relatives behave in conversation. You should not scold her in a dream; your granddaughter, both in a dream and in reality, may turn out to be innocent. Otherwise, a scandal is really possible in reality, after which it will take a long time to establish relationships.

If a baby cries over a trifle, this means that in reality she will have a lot of trouble. A person who did not spare a child in a dream is just as cruel and unapproachable to emotions in life.

If you dream that you are kissing your granddaughter in a dream, it means that you will enjoy every second of the time spent with your loved ones. Gently and tightly hugging your granddaughter means having good support.

Dreams appear in people's lives for a reason. Some people project them in their subconscious, others come to them upon request as hints in order to understand how to proceed, what direction to choose.

Such dreams are quite colorful and charming. After all, seeing a lovely little creature both in a dream and in reality is good. The joy that overwhelms a person after a dream about his granddaughter will fill his life for a long time. Even if the dream has an obvious negative connotation, there is no need to worry, everything can be corrected. The main thing is willpower and the support of loved ones and relatives, which this dream promises.

Do you want to deal with problems in different life situations and assess your emotional state? We invite you to read selected interpretations of dreams about Grandchildren in the dream books of famous authors. Perhaps in these dream interpretations there is an answer to your question.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

If you dreamed that you had a granddaughter, your relationships with loved ones will soon change for the better. The dream could also mean an unexpected pleasant meeting with one of your distant relatives.

Finding out in a dream that one of your friends has grandchildren is an unusual dream, foreshadowing unexpected profits and an improvement in financial situation.

Seeing your granddaughter pregnant is good news in real life. Seeing your granddaughter's wedding or receiving news that she is getting married is not a very good dream, reflecting real problems in your little girl's life. If her chosen one is a decrepit old man, this may mean a threat of serious illness.

It's so nice to sleep long and soundly.

It’s even more pleasant to see loved ones in a dream in health and good spirits.

What does the dream about your granddaughter mean?

Why do you dream about Grandchildren in a dream?

Dream Interpretation of O. Smurova

Why do you dream about Grandchildren?

Seeing Grandchildren - If you dreamed of grandchildren, this means news from close relatives, joy and consolation in sadness.

If you dreamed that you are a grandfather or grandmother and have grandchildren, then everything will be fine with you.

See also: why do you dream about children, why do you dream about a baby, why do you dream about pregnancy.

Pocket dream book

You dream about grandchildren, how to understand this?

Interpretation of the dream book: Grandchildren - If you dreamed that you were somewhere with grandchildren (even if in fact you don’t have them) - then you will have a joyful meeting with relatives or friends from whom you have been separated for a long time.

If you dreamed of crying grandchildren, then you are afraid of intrigues on the part of a high-ranking official. Calm down, you are too small a fry for them, they have more important things to do.

If you dreamed that you were someone’s grandson, then you will have troubles associated with small children.

Dream Interpretation of V. Melnikov

If you dream about Grandchildren, what is it for?

If you dreamed about your grandchildren, this is a sign of comfort, joy and complete pleasure.

If you dreamed of your own grandchildren, which in fact you do not yet have, then it will be easy for you to find a common language with people who have become related to you.

If you dreamed that you were babysitting someone else’s grandchildren, this portends unexpected joy in the form of a long-desired gift.

Adaskin's Dream Book

Why do you dream about Grandchildren, what is this for:

Grandchildren - A dream about grandchildren (regardless of the age of the sleeper) predicts joy, consolation, and the achievement of spiritual harmony. I dreamed that in a dream you yourself are in the role of a grandson or granddaughter, the support of your family and superiors awaits you in all matters.

Dream Interpretation of G. Rasputin

Seeing Grandchildren in a dream:

If you dreamed that you saw your grandson in a dream, this is a sign of good luck and profit in business. Seeing your unborn grandson means your activities will suddenly begin to bring results. Seeing other people's grandchildren means rejoicing in the successes of loved ones. If you dreamed that in a dream you were preparing for the birth of a grandson, a new activity awaits you that will bring you both moral and material satisfaction.

Raising a grandson in a dream means sharing information that is important to you with someone, be careful, you may be betrayed. Talking to your grandson in a dream means experiencing a feeling of loneliness. Playing with your grandson in a dream means you will not take the everyday difficulties that have arisen seriously and will pay heavily for it.

Teaching other people's grandchildren in a dream means deliberately getting involved in other people's affairs, forgetting about the problems in your own life. Meeting a grandson in a dream means good news and material profit. Seeing off a grandson in a dream means helping relatives in solving their financial difficulties. Seeing an adult grandson means you will receive serious help from strangers. Protecting your grandson in a dream means feeling guilty for your behavior. Seeing your grandson off to school means you will have a real opportunity to travel to a country you have long dreamed of. To dream about your grandson playing around is to cover up the misdeeds of your friends, which will sooner or later become apparent. If you don’t recognize your grandson in a dream, you will learn something unpleasant about a person close to you.

Dream interpretation granddaughter

Why do you dream about your granddaughter?
Many dreamers are interested in the meaning of the dreamed sign, and therefore sometimes there are more questions than answers. Regardless of age and social status, a granddaughter portends consolation and happiness that will reign in the heart of a sleeping person. When deciphering what your granddaughter is dreaming about , you need to pay attention to every little detail, even though it may seem trivial.
In the future, perhaps, it will be she who will play a key role, shedding light on the dreamed picture.

Dream Interpretation: seeing a kiss in a dream

Miller's Dream Book

interprets a marital kiss in a dream as harmony in the family. Kissing an enemy means improving relations. However, if the sleeping person is caught by surprise during a kiss, you should be on your guard. Hypocritical friends can cause trouble.

According to Vanga's dream book

When you dream of a kiss, you should prepare for changes in your personal life. For a young girl, passionate kissing means complex emotional experiences because of her lover.

Ukrainian dream book

interprets kissing as trouble. Kissing someone of the same gender is a warning. Dating can bring problems if you immediately trust a new person.

There is a significant deterioration in health ahead - this is what dreams of kissing a dead person mean. It is advisable to take preventive measures so that, if at least not to avoid the disease, then to avoid complications.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

in the same way as a serious illness is interpreted by a dreamed kiss of a deceased person on the lips.

Kissing a famous person means respect at work and among friends. French dream book

considers a kiss in a dream taking into account the initiator. If it was a dreamer - a smile of fortune. Someone else kisses is an unexpected but pleasant event.

According to Veles's dream book

If lovers or family people dream of a kiss, it’s worth taking a closer look at the other half. Treason is possible.

Women's dream book

interprets a child's kiss very favorably. There is peace and tranquility in the family.

Freud's Dream Book

interprets a kiss in a dream as a reflection of intimate contact. However, the deeper and more openly the kiss happened, the greater the disharmony in sex.

What to think about?

If you dreamed about your granddaughter, then some dream books try to decipher this image like this:

I dreamed about a cute girl

  • on the one hand, a heritage that you can be proud of;
  • on the other hand, remnants of the past that inhibit personal growth.

Death of a granddaughter

Seeing a granddaughter in a dream who has departed for another world is a contradictory sign, which is interpreted ambiguously by different dream books.

Modern dream book

As a modern dream interpreter writes, a deceased relative foretells concern about future events. A dream image can lead to disturbing thoughts related to real events.

The subconscious is trying to say that all events have left a certain trace, and now they are reflected in a night dream.

General dream book

A murdered child promises family discord

You may dream about your deceased granddaughter, and then the image you see can be deciphered using the General Dream Book. Most likely, there is a discord in life, and something needs to be done about it.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Seeing your granddaughter being killed means conflicts with a very influential person.

It is necessary to become extremely attentive in your statements and control every word spoken. Seeing your granddaughter covered in blood in a dream means family discord. Your relationship is in trouble, and this imbalance should have been resolved long ago.

A drowning child is unfortunate. It is also worth noting that a drowned person should not scare you, since in reality such a sign carries a completely opposite meaning.

The girl will expect boundless happiness and success in all endeavors, and therefore the symbol should not be taken seriously.

To get a more accurate forecast, you should pay attention to who saved your own blood.

If the grandmother managed to save her relative, then the problematic situation will be resolved extremely successfully, but you should not rely on chance either. If the grandfather did not let him drown, then in real life the person will be distinguished by the manifestation of his strong-willed qualities. The faster the rescue occurs, the luckier the dreamer will be.

I dreamed of a pregnant granddaughter

Pregnant granddaughter

If you dreamed of a pregnant granddaughter, then in real life the dreamer will be able to get along with inconvenient people. At least this is what the dream book from “A” to “Z” says. If native blood has given birth, then such a sign should be regarded as a symbol of favorable changes that bring peace and tranquility to the walls of the home.

As the dream book writes, a granddaughter who has barely been born portends unexpected joy. Pregnancy also represents success in all her endeavors. The image you see may portend an interesting situation in real life.


If your own blood gets married, it means that extraordinary and contradictory events will happen in reality, which only you can solve. Seeing your granddaughter in a dream in the company of an old man means delayed success. In simple terms, the dreamer must wait a little before seeing the results of his work.

The girl is getting married

If the little blood gets married, then such a symbol will tell you about possible health problems.

Chat in person before it's too late

A pregnant granddaughter, whom you lost in a dream, portends small worries with children.

If her condition began to deteriorate and a miscarriage occurred, then the sleeping person is experiencing colossal overload in everyday life. He needs to reconsider his routine and arrange everything according to the principle of priorities.

It is not always possible to make contact with a taciturn relative, and therefore it is extremely important to grasp the emotional load.


Swearing in a dream with a girl

Arguing with your granddaughter means events that will leave an unpleasant aftertaste for a long time. The dreamer will regret what he did, but it will be impossible to change anything. Before making a decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons.


If a pregnant relative does not allow her crying baby to be calmed down, it means there is too much anxiety and far-fetched worries in her life. This cannot continue for long, and therefore it is necessary to immediately solve problems at the stage of their inception.


The birth of a grandson or granddaughter symbolizes the joy derived from communicating with other people. If you managed to kiss her, then a calm and happy old age awaits you.

Brief interpretations of Miller

After reading the psychologist’s interpretations, we can characterize several typical plots:

  • pregnant relative - to the emergence of important events;
  • to see that a granddaughter has died is a sign personifying torment of conscience;
  • dreamed of a grandson being breastfed - to the emergence of new ideas that need timely implementation;
  • a saber in the hands of a relative means pleasant surprises.

Of course, the list of interpretations does not end there, just some of them can be considered in more simplified versions.

Your mark:

To find out why your grandmother dreams about her granddaughter, you need to remember all the details of the dream. Most often, this dream promises the improvement of relationships within the family and the cessation of conflicts. If there are negative notes in it, then in reality you should be wary of problems and troubles.

A dream in which you saw the birth of your own granddaughter foreshadows an early meeting with your loved ones. In addition, the interpreter suggests that new relationships and networking can be expected in reality.

If a grandmother dreamed that her granddaughter died in a dream, then the dream does not bode well. It only indicates excessive care for your little one. Was the girl's death long and painful? There is a high probability that quarrels and scandals will arise with someone from your close circle.

A conflict with an influential person is expected in the life of a woman whose granddaughter was killed in her sleep. A child with blood indicates problems with blood relatives. A dream in which a granddaughter drowned promises great misfortune. It's great if she was saved. In this case, everything will be resolved in a positive way.

Oddly enough, the dream in which the granddaughter left is favorable. You can count on surprises and pleasant surprises. True, on the other hand, this may indicate your excessive concern for relatives.

A dream in which you played with a child opens up new perspectives. This dream suggests that now is a great time to start your own business. The interpreter assures that everything will work out for you.

A granddaughter’s wedding in a dream suggests that in real life she has some problems. True, this vision promises that your advice will help improve the situation. If you see that a girl is marrying an old man, then this is a clear call to pay attention to your health and postpone important matters until better times.

If you dreamed of a conversation with your granddaughter, then it is important to remember its content, as well as how she behaved. Was the child crying? This means trouble is expected soon.

Did you kiss your granddaughter in a dream? This suggests that in real life you will have many pleasant moments with your family and friends. If you hugged her tightly, then this is a sign that in reality you have good support.

A dream in which you nursed your granddaughter, but something didn’t work out for you, predicts that someone may betray you.

The dreamer to whom her granddaughter brought a letter in a dream will receive important news. If you remember its contents, then be prepared to find out in reality. Most likely, the news will concern your relatives.

It’s great if you saw your granddaughter playing with other children. This pleasant dream promises that all sorrows will pass very soon. A dream in which a child caresses his grandmother is also favorable. Thus, he communicates that everything will be wonderful in the dreamer’s life. It is quite possible that not everything is so good now and one cannot even believe that the prediction will be true. However, very soon you will be able to verify the veracity of the dream book.

If you dreamed about a relative, then this dream is important in some way. You need to pay attention to the circumstances in which the meeting takes place, the lighting, the words and actions of the character. All this will help you understand what clue lies in the dream.

Meeting with grandchildren

The dream can be good, positive, filled with joyful feelings. Did you see the meeting and pleasant conversation? Know that your friends and family will make you happy, and things at your workplace will go better than ever. Did you feel uncomfortable, did the meeting go wrong, did it happen at an inconvenient time for you? This means that your conscience is tormenting you for the wrong things you have done, illegal acts; your secrets will soon become known to a wide circle of people.

Seeing a grandson in a dream whom you meet at a train station, bus stop, or airport is news from afar.

Meeting bread and salt on the threshold of your home is a pleasant household chore.

Dream: a happy and contented grandson means good things, good changes, good luck.

Seeing yourself in the role of a grandson means friendly relations in the family, support at work from your superiors.

But if in your dreams you are babysitting someone else’s grandchildren, good news, a festive event, and gifts await you.

Seeing a granddaughter or grandson in a dream is a favorable sign even for those who currently do not have children. For family people, such dreams serve as harbingers of joyful events, and also promise well-being and peace in the family.

What if you dream about your grandson?

Often dreams of a grandson bring consolation. But this is for those people who actually have it. However, it happens that a young man who does not even have children dreams of a child, whom he perceives in a dream as a grandson. This is a good sign, as it foreshadows the sleeping person’s reconciliation and restoration of good relations with his relatives. But this dream can have another meaning, which depends on the life circumstances of the young man. If he has a couple in the real world and is wondering whether to connect his life with her, the appearance of a grandson in his dream indicates that he needs to make the right decision and get married. Since they will live with their spouse (or wife) until a very old age and will see their grandchildren.

Dreams in which a character such as a grandson is present do not predict serious changes in a person’s life. These dreams are calming in nature and contain good hints. If a dream has a general negative interpretation, then the presence of a grandson in it softens it.

If an adult sees in a dream how his grandson is accused of theft, the dream reports that minor troubles are coming that will quickly be forgotten. If a young man who does not even think about children sees himself in the role of a grandfather (or grandmother), then a streak of success will come in his life. Sending your grandson on a trip in a dream means an upcoming change of residence. Sometimes the words of a grandson spoken in a dream can literally come true. For example, he can report what will happen in the near future and it will actually happen. Seeing a crying grandson in a dream means that the bad premonitions that the sleeper experiences in reality are in vain, and his worries are false. Beating (punishing) your grandson in a dream means success.

Bad dream about grandchildren

We usually get scared when we see the death of loved ones or their illness in our dreams. A bad feeling arises, a fear of loss. Is it true that such a dream warns us of impending trouble?

Dream: a grandson has died, indicates that your grandson is in danger. Someone from his circle is angry and wants to take revenge, to cause harm.

A relative gets sick - you have done a bad thing in life and in your heart you regret it. You need to repent, ask for forgiveness from the one you offended, and try to make amends.

A crying grandson - forget about your worries, they are in vain, all your bad thoughts need to be discarded, look at life more positively.

Beating your descendants is a victory over difficulties, ill-wishers, and a solution to problems.

Grandchildren fighting with each other is a great happiness, a good deal.

A relative hits you - someone wants to make an appointment with you.

A quarrel with a loved one is discord, swearing in real life.

A grandson is quarreling with someone - failures at work, disappointment in his craft, a change in occupation.

As you can see, a misfortune that happens in a dream is not a sign of impending misfortune in real life.

What does it portend?

If in real life a person’s grandchildren have long been independent adults, and he sees them in a dream as small children, it means that his health will experience such significant improvements that it will surprise not only himself, but also those close to him. If an elderly person dreams that his grandchildren are sick and suffering, then in reality he should reflect on his life and stop regretting missed opportunities in the past. If the grandson in a dream is cheerful and healthy and treats the sleeping person well, this is a sign of unexpected joy that will come in the very near future. When a widow or widower sees herself in a dream being robbed by her own grandson and bitterly regrets it, the dream means that the sleeper will soon receive a marriage proposal.

If an adult man sees himself in the form of a little grandson and communicates with his grandparents, it means that in real life he is overworked at work, which can lead to a nervous breakdown or physical illness. Therefore, the dream informs him that he urgently needs rest.

To understand why your grandson is dreaming, you need to analyze all the details of the dream. You should know that this character always symbolizes a person’s thoughts about what mark he will leave on this Earth. Regardless of age, most people think about this.

What kind of kiss did you dream about?


a kiss in a dream calls for a rational view of people and circumstances. Excessive emotionality can damage objectivity and ultimately lead to disappointment.

Dreamed kiss in a hickey

warns of some complications in relationships. A conflict is brewing between loving people.

After all, it 's a long time

a kiss in a dream predicts the appearance of an insolent rival or rival. However, it is advisable to take control of your emotions and not create scandals. The partner remains faithful, but nagging can change the situation.

Some detachment from reality means French

kiss in a dream. Constantly having your head in the clouds can be harmful.

You need to think more realistically - that’s what you dream about kissing with your tongue

. It can also be a symbol of a fleeting romance.

Dreamed first

a kiss in a dream signals a longing for the past. This is a reflection of the dreamer’s slight melancholy.

Romantic adventures in reality means gentle

kiss in a dream. This is a sign that representatives of the opposite sex will show increased attention in the coming period.

Violent nasty

the kiss symbolizes the habit of giving in to initiative and submitting to someone else's will. The dream suggests that sometimes it is good to defend your own opinion.

The romantic character of the dreamer is reflected in the plot of the dream, where he gives or receives an air

kiss. It is also a sign of unpreparedness for a serious relationship.

A kiss in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. It is quite difficult to interpret it, remembering many details of the dream. Therefore, we sincerely wish to kiss more in reality, and not in dreams.

Dream books report that seeing your grandchildren and descendants is a sign of consolation and joy. The granddaughter is a representative of the clan, which means that her appearance in a dream is important. If a girl cries in a dream, then this may portend a deterioration in her health.

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