Did you dream that the roof was leaking? The dream book will tell you the answer

You notice in a dream that water is entering your house and realize that the roof is leaking. At first small drops fall from the ceiling, but after a while the water flows through the gap and finally spills out in a stream. Water continues to flow down the interior walls and you begin to fear the damage it may cause.

And although a huge stream of water flows into the house, you often cannot determine where the leak actually is. You are afraid that the water will wash away the walls, your entire house will collapse and you will have nowhere to live.

Miller's interpretations

In Miller's dream book, the symbol is identified with intelligence and worldview. To dream that the roof is leaking means that the sleeper is mistaken in a serious matter or is very emotionally vulnerable. Sometimes dripping drops in a dream are harbingers of depression.

Personalities who are not well known in real life can try to spoil the mood. If you dreamed of a minor flood, they will not go further than slander and petty tricks.

If you are lucky enough to see that the hole has been patched, in reality you will experience real triumph.

Background of the dream Leaking roof

We are accustomed to using the word “leakage” to describe the seepage of water through a seemingly impenetrable surface, but we also use the same word to describe information that is outside its normal channel. Such leaks often put people in a vulnerable position who thought they were in a safe and comfortable position. Once compromised, they usually go to great lengths to stop the flow of information. Even if we feel like we have nothing to hide, we feel very uncomfortable if our emotions start leaking, no matter how hard we try to control them.

Author: Ian Wallace , from the book The top 100 dreams.

What did the flood do?

Often, the interpretation of a dream in which a house with a leaking roof appears depends on the scale of the problem.

  • If you dream of minor cracks, despondency will come for no reason;
  • Seeing how a good roof of a house leaks is a sign of illness;
  • A house with moisture leaking inside warns of an attempt to disgrace the sleeping person;
  • Dirty stains inside the house warn of danger;
  • Spotlessly clean streams promise a pleasant surprise;
  • If your shelter is completely leaky in a dream, moving in reality is possible;
  • Bad weather even hits the homes of those who are unable to curb their dark thoughts.

Negative meaning of sleep

Both in life and in dreams, a leaky roof makes few people happy. If you dreamed that clean water was penetrating through the cracks in the roof, then your consciousness is trying to warn you. In the near future, try not to take part in dubious matters. This can lead you to material losses, as well as to discord in relationships with loved ones. Seeing dirty water means you will soon get sick. Watch your health more carefully, because the universe has already sent you a hint. Don't ignore this vision.

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Seeing a roof with a huge hole gaping in it means that a strong shock will soon await you. It will bring you a lot of suffering, but you will be able to find the strength to survive it. If water flowed into the house through the holes in streams, forming puddles, and at the same time you looked at what was happening with sadness, then the dream promises a series of adversities.

Scene of the incident

It’s interesting to know why you dream of getting wet from the rain in your own home. You have to see such a plot after a recent insult or aggression.

If in a dream you happen to find yourself in an institution where the roof is leaking from rain, future troubles may be associated with the type of activity of this organization.

When you dreamed about a friend complaining that his roof was leaking from the rain, in reality this person would cause trouble.

Positive meaning of sleep

Even in the darkest dreams there is something good. Let's look at this dream. The roof is leaking, and you are trying to find the break and patch the hole. Such a vision indicates your strong nature. Tests await you, which you will overcome with dignity and gain useful experience.

If you find a leak in your house, but are not upset, but start jumping in puddles, then get ready for positive changes in life. You can benefit from even the most unfavorable circumstances. The expression “No matter what is done, everything is for the better” is appropriate here.

Causes of the problem

Interpreting why you dream that the roof is leaking, Tsvetkov’s dream book examines in detail why it leaked.

If you dreamed that a roof that was dilapidated from old age was leaking, it’s time to reconsider your views. An outdated worldview prevents you from moving forward and achieving success.

Initially unsuitable material for a new covering indicates the instability of the sleeper’s position and the need to strengthen his position.

Oozing cracks in a dream indicate that the causes of failure should be sought in the past. The symbol also reminds us of the danger of excessive self-criticism: a constant feeling of guilt can drive you crazy.

Actions after a dream with a leaking roof

This dream reveals to you the need to work on your feelings rather than just trying to analyze them logically. We often don't pay attention to our emotions, yet they usually provide us with much more accurate information about our circumstances than rational analysis. In such a situation, your feelings encourage you to set clear boundaries in your interactions with other people to prevent yourself from ignoring your own needs. The best way to do this is to simply express how you really feel when you begin to drown in the demands of others.

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