Would you like to know why a praying mantis dreams? The dream book will tell you!

Details of the dream about the praying mantis

Green mantises symbolize anxiety and worry. Their source may be unpleasant news, problems at work, or danger in which a loved one will find themselves. The faster you respond to them, the better their outcome will be.

For people who are getting a job, green mantises symbolize their new colleagues and boss. You have to go out of your way to convince them of your professionalism and competence.

If a girl sees a large mantis, she will have a quarrel with her beloved man. You make high demands on each other, or you are both arrogant and proud. Until one of you begins to change, the couple will have no chance of continuing to exist.

A praying mantis sitting in a closed jar indicates your restraint and prudence. You do not allow yourself unnecessary things that could tarnish your reputation and good name. Others like this tactic of behavior, as you will soon see.

Many praying mantises in a dream remind you that it is time to complete the work you started. A report, repair or inheritance that you forgot about will require your immediate attention. Otherwise, competitors or ill-wishers will take advantage of your inattention.

Dead mantis - take a winning position.

A praying mantis in green vegetation means the need to change the tactics of climbing to success.

A praying mantis of unusual colors means great luck.

Two praying mantises mean a clash with a fierce enemy.

A praying mantis on the street - the family circle will become an outlet for you, capable of hiding you from any adversity.

A praying mantis at home means family troubles or uninvited guests.

A praying mantis in bed means the appearance of a passionate lover.

A dark-colored praying mantis means that you will be subjugated against your will.

A praying mantis in hand means profit or reward for merit.

Mantis insect - hard work doesn't pay off.

description by day of the week

  • If you see a praying mantis in a dream that occurred on Monday night, on Tuesday morning . Such a dream means that in the next few days or even hours, a system of events or situations built by someone awaits you. They will make you look bad one way or another. Again, if in a dream you dream that you were able to defeat a praying mantis or caught it, then everything will be ok. All traps placed on your path will have no effect on you. Catch praying mantises, don't be afraid of them.
  • If you dream about a praying mantis from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. This dream means that suddenly, maybe today or maybe in a year, trials will fall on your head. These trials most likely do not come from your difficult fate, they are someone’s treacherous machinations, which for one reason or another cannot influence you right now, at the moment. Also, such a dream is a warning. If you are a man, such a dream means that your significant other may suddenly become such a praying mantis, with a frantic desire to bite off your head or something else. Keep your woman in line, but don't forget that you too must comply. If you are a woman, then such a dream may mean that you can harm yourself, and this will also happen suddenly.
  • If you dream of a praying mantis on the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Such a dream means that the upcoming events represent the quintessence of the events of previous dreams. There will even be a small adjustment for the enormous risk and enormous seriousness. Catching a praying mantis in such a dream means making a huge profit.
  • Thursday - if you had a dream with a praying mantis on Thursday night, this means that your guesses that intrigues and conspiracies are being woven against you may well turn out to be true. Thursday's dream has greater power than all other days of the week. Therefore, caution is what you should take as your middle name. At least for the next few days, maybe a week. And of course, any conflict can be resolved using simple, verbal methods. Talk to your surroundings, calmly and kindly. Perhaps in simple, human language you will kill the conflict in the bud.
  • If you had a dream in which you see a praying mantis on the night from Friday to Saturday morning . That dream means that fate has prepared a number of strange and unusual adventures for you. In essence, the meaning of dreams has not undergone any change, but this dream, with strange events, helps you overcome everything. For a woman, this dream can mean infidelity, from which you should stay away. Higher powers will punish you for treason, for this is an abomination both in the eyes of people and in the eyes of the gods.
  • When a praying mantis comes to you in a dream that you had from Saturday to Sunday. Such a dream, on this very night, can indicate the structure and sequence of events in your life. You are also subject to attacks from envious people and enemies. However, you risk getting into a disgusting performance, all acts of which will be directed against you. Of course, these are bad news and signs, but it is still worth warning you.
  • Sunday is the last day of the week. On this day, or rather on this night, the curse of the praying mantis bypasses almost all dreamers. Since this night is not charged with fulfilling and making dreams come true. Whether it’s a praying mantis or something else, it’s unlikely that you should worry at all about this dream.

Why do you dream about being bitten by a praying mantis?

These are the meanings of a dream from a praying mantis, depending on the night of the week. In addition, a separate caste is occupied by a dream in which a praying mantis bites you. A dream in which you were bitten by a praying mantis means that extremely unpleasant news awaits you. They will be connected with people who are dear to you, or with yourself. This dream is very nasty because the effect of the mantis bite is lingering. It can last you a very long time, in some cases even for life.

That's all I wanted to tell you. What can I add?

Play good games, read good books, live a fulfilling life, and do not live solely in the world of dreams.

As for me, I try to stick to the golden mean

Dreams are of course very important and so on, but still our fate is in our hands. All the best

4. anecdote in the dark.))

Female praying

and after mating, he kills his boyfriend, so as not to be nervous about whether this creature will call back or not.

However, for a more accurate interpretation of the dream and answer the question: why do you dream of a praying mantis? I need to remember one small detail...

Share a positive message with a friend or girlfriend

General interpretation

To see a praying mantis sitting calmly on a branch in a dream is a statement of the fact that in the real life of the sleeping person everything is good and measured. Well-known interpreters believed that such dreams indicate that you should not expect changes, everything will go as before, so you can relax and enjoy the peace.

According to some popular dream books, a praying mantis may portend the following:

Night dreams in which a large representative is seen foreshadow good news, as well as some fun event where you can have a good rest. Some interpreters predict that after such visions, dreams that have long been considered unrealizable often come true.

Nasty insect

I dreamed of a green insect

Agree, it’s hard to find a person who has pleasant feelings for praying mantises. This insect can cause fear and hostility. Interpreters believe that such a dream is definitely a sign of fate that should not be ignored.

Miller's Prediction

Gustav Miller views such a nightmare negatively. He believed that circumstances would clearly not be in favor of the sleeping person. You will be upset and inconvenienced.

Positively kill him in a dream. Then we can assume that all the troubles will resolve themselves and you just need to be a little patient.

If you managed to overcome your disgust and you caught an insect and put it in a jar or box, then you will succeed and receive a reward.

Predictions of seasonal interpreters

Recently, quite often a prediction has been used, which is made based on when the dreamer was born. There are three main dream interpreters who divide the seasons into three seasons.

Spring dream book

The meaning of an insect according to the spring dream book

What a praying mantis can mean in a dream - the dreamer will have to work hard, and he will not receive any gratitude.

A praying mantis seen in a dream can promise unpleasant news. The dreamer should be extremely careful in order to notice any catch.

This interpreter shares a similar vision for men and women:

  • For men, the dream promises huge troubles, however, if you only managed to glance at it, you will receive the long-awaited news;
  • For women, the dream tells that she has caused a great offense to someone, that person is harboring a grudge.

The main thing is that in any case this insect promises trouble and grief.

Summer dream book

Anyone born in late spring and summer can breathe easy. The dream promises long-awaited news. What exactly you learn can be understood from the accompanying dream symbols.

Autumn interpreter

I dreamed of a dark-colored insect

It is interesting that this publication prefers not to consider such a dream in any way. It is only stipulated that the dream is classified as unpleasant. The dreamer should rely on deciphering the accompanying images.

What other dream books say

In addition to all the above sources, there are a number of interpreters who try to consider this symbol. Remember your dream and start making predictions.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

A dark-colored insect is a warning. There are people around you who wish you harm. You should take a close look at all your friends and not blindly trust everything they tell you.

According to this dream book, a praying mantis that a woman dreams of indicates that she will have to keep someone’s secret. This responsibility will be quite painful, but it will be difficult for you to get rid of it.

Even if you caught an insect and neutralized it, you should radically change your behavior in real life.

Family interpreter

When a praying mantis enters your home, expect family quarrels and scandals.

An insect entered the house in a dream

If you just saw him, he did not evoke strong feelings in you, then you can expect long-awaited news. True, they definitely won’t please you, that’s exactly what the dream book says.

A vision in which you were able to deal with the hated bug is viewed positively. The dream means that you will be able to overcome your fear. Get rid of things or people that irritate you.

Other interpretations

If a person dreams of a praying mantis, which he picks up or simply touches, this may indicate his gullibility. You have to wonder if he talks too much about himself and his personal life. Enemies may well take advantage of this.

The modern dream book says that if you dream about a praying mantis insect, you need to take into account the gender of the person sleeping:

Dreams in which an insect was eaten can predict an imminent illness and deterioration in general health. People who abuse bad habits should be especially careful. It is worth giving up nicotine and alcohol for a while or at least reducing the dosage as much as possible.

People often dream that they are having a conversation with an insect; if this happens, someone’s secret, which has been hidden for years, will soon be revealed. But sitting at the same table with a praying mantis can mean that a person will experience a sense of pride in his own achievements.

In fact, each night vision is individual, so you need to decipher them carefully. Be sure to take into account all the details, details and nuances.


Dream Interpretation - Bite

A dream in which you bit your man means true love; if he did the same, there is complete reciprocity between you, based on common spiritual interests. If you are bitten by a rabid animal, this means illness and failure; if it is a lion, you will experience pressure from competitors. A dream in which you received a fatal bite from a poisonous snake and are shuddering in death convulsions is a sign of impatience in anticipation of upcoming intimacy with a man. If you are bitten by a small but feisty dog ​​in a dream, in reality you will suffer minor losses, and if a huge dog bites you, your financial situation will sound an alarm. Being bitten by fleas, bedbugs or ticks will leave an unpleasant aftertaste on your soul from meeting a vile type who once dishonored you.

Gender of the dreamer

The dream book believes that the interpretation of sleep largely depends on the gender of the sleeper. For example, an insect promises trouble for a woman because of someone else’s secret. Seeing a praying mantis in a dream for a young girl means unpleasant news, and a large beetle guarantees a quarrel with her loved ones.

For men, the dream book has prepared its own meanings - their praying mantis warns of problems in business and at work. It is not difficult to determine why in this case one dreams of killing an insect - with perseverance and perseverance, the dreamer will be able to cope with any difficulties.

What does it portend?

Knowing these characteristics of the praying mantis, it is easier to understand why the praying mantis was dreaming. There has been some warning that needs to be considered.

If a man had a dream about a praying mantis, he must understand that he is in danger or that major troubles are possible. You should carefully consider your recent actions and look for ways to resolve possible conflicts.

If a woman had such a dream, then most likely she seriously offended someone or caused harm to someone. You need to analyze your recent actions, find the cause of such trouble and think through all the steps to eliminate it.

Many ancient legends and myths say that the praying mantis belongs to the devil. Some myths tell about the evil eye of an insect, others about the transformation of a woman who has contacted the son of Satan into a praying mantis. In any case, a dream about a praying mantis is a bad sign.

How to get rid of influence

The dream book has a very unusual interpretation of a dream in which a monstrous creature appeared. You may dream of such a vision as a symbol of the fact that you are working too hard at work or have even become physically (psychologically) dependent on another person. And this interpretation is true for absolutely everyone.

In this case, it is completely clear why you dream that you managed to escape from a big and terrible monster. You have enough strength to get rid of other people's influence.

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