Dream Interpretation - cat: why do you dream of a cat in your arms, stroking, feeding, catching and catching a cat: interpretation of the dream. Why do you dream of a cat with kittens, a pregnant cat?

Interpretation of dreams about representatives of the cat family.

  • Cats are capable of perceiving the world around them very subtly. They never sit in the arms of an evil person, they can accurately guess the mood of their owners, they know how to calm and give a feeling of peace.
  • Some are sure that a cat is capable of maintaining an aura in the house, others even believe that cats are endowed with magical powers. In any case, dreams in which a cat comes to you deserve attention.
  • After all, this animal symbolizes intuition and it is this image that conveys subtle premonitions and meanings that cannot be explained using logic.

Cat in a dream

Seeing a cat in your arms in a dream: interpretation of the dream

A cat is a separate person, and therefore a dear and sincere friend. If you dreamed that you were holding a cat in your arms, it means that peace and confidence will appear in your soul.

If you have felt tension in recent days, then it will be a thing of the past. To help yourself, try to distract yourself from your worries and do things that relax you - take a bath, go into nature or meet with friends. Perhaps the cat from the dream symbolizes some real person in your environment.

Good dreams about a cat

Dreams on the topic

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