Why do you dream of a cat with kittens: interpretations from different dream books

Why do you dream of a cat with kittens: Pixabay There are many superstitions associated with cats, because they are considered conductors between the world of the living and the other world. Why do you dream of a cat with kittens? At first glance, sleeping with a family of cats does not cause concern, but in reality everything is much more complicated. The explanations given by ten popular dream books for this symbol will help you decipher the dream.

Miller's Dream Book

Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to Miller’s dream book? Gustavus Hindman Miller, author of the popular book “The Interpretation of Ten Thousand Dreams”, on the basis of which the dream book was compiled, paid great attention to dreams in which there is a cat with kittens. Here are the subjects for interpretation presented in the book:

  • A cat that gives birth to kittens is the fulfillment of a cherished dream and the realization of all plans.
  • Picking up an affectionate domestic cat or kitten means material well-being and success.
  • Stroking a cat means unrequited love.
  • Taking birth from a cat means that the children will become ill.

Petting a cat means unrequited love: Pixabay
An angry cat indicates evil intent. The kitten that attacks is an enemy in real life. It is important to play it safe and remove all ill-wishers from your immediate environment.

The color of the animal also matters. If you dreamed of an aggressive cat with kittens of unusual colors, then this is a sign of impending shame and general censure.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to Meneghetti’s dream book? In his book, Italian psychologist Antonio Meneghetti relied on the vivid images that a person sees in a dream. In his opinion, a cat is a prototype of a man who is unquestioningly devoted to his mother and beloved woman. Often he acts to the detriment of his own interests. Seeing a cat with kittens for a man means sacrificing himself for the sake of others.

If a woman dreams of a cat with offspring, this means her desire to dominate people, including family members and children. Meneghetti saw the cat as an insidious seductress and manipulator, a woman who uses people for her own benefit. If you dreamed of a cat, it’s time to think about whether you are playing with other people’s destinies, whether you are using people to your advantage?

Interpretation of dreams based on cat color

During an uncertain period of life, one often dreams of white

cat. For a man, a dream means that it’s time to figure out which of those around him is just pretending to be a friend.

A sign of a fake relationship is a redhead

cat. To avoid getting into trouble, you should understand who you can really count on and who you can stop communicating with.


the cat denotes boredom in life and fatigue from routine affairs. In order not to “earn” depression, you need at least a short rest.


A cat in a dream signals that the fight against ill-wishers will be exhausting.

Loff's Dream Book

Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to Loff’s dream book? This esoteric dream book is considered the most detailed of many dream interpreters. It is not surprising that it examines in detail a dream in which the main images are a cat with kittens:

  • A black cat with kittens portends theft of property or financial problems due to improper investment.

A black cat portends a theft: Pixabay

  • If you dreamed of a dead cat with offspring, this indicates a person’s dangerous addiction to the occult sciences. This is also a warning that the root of everyday problems should be looked for elsewhere.
  • If a cat with kittens has an unusual color, there is a risk of missing an important detail in life due to absent-mindedness and inability to draw the right conclusions.
  • If a cat recently brought kittens and suddenly appeared in a dream, then the person will have to make a difficult choice. Well-groomed and clean kittens are the right choice, dirty and sick - make a serious mistake.

A dream of this kind is a harbinger of changes in life, treat it responsibly.

Vanga's Dream Book

The Bulgarian seer often had to interpret dreams. Therefore, a dream book was compiled based on its interpretations. Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to Vanga’s dream book? This is how she interprets a dream about a cat with kittens:

  • A cat with kittens is a sign that warns of the appearance of ill-wishers in the dreamer’s life. The more kittens, the more enemies.
  • An aggressive cat with kittens predicts the jealousy of a loved one.
  • A dead cat with kittens means conflicts with loved ones, major quarrels, and divorce.
  • If you see a cat giving birth to kittens in a dream, it means you will have to face troubles. Many kittens - the situation is more complicated.

If a man dreams of a cat, then this is a warning about the infidelity of the chosen one. Seeing a black cat in a dream means solving problems in business and bringing liars and traitors to light.

The cat has lambed

Dream Interpretation A cat has lambed dreamed of why in a dream a cat has lambed? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a cat lambing in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation - Okot

Watching the lambing and seeing a lot of lambs means a lot of offspring on the farm.

Dream Interpretation - Okot

Seeing sheep lambing in a dream means helplessness and confusion.

Dream Interpretation - Okot

Being present at the lambing of sheep in a dream means big profits in your business.

Dream Interpretation – Cat

A bad sign, for a fight, quarrel.

Kittens - to profit.

Caressing a cat means mistrust, doubt.

A cat comes towards you, crosses the road - to a meeting with an enemy, an insincere person.

A caressing cat is unfortunately in the cat's owner's house.

A cat meows hysterically - a request for help that is difficult to fulfill.

Hearing a cat's meow means receiving hypocritical assurances of love.

Hearing a cat meow without seeing it is a sign of deception.

A cat bit you or scratched you - slander or insult of its owners against you.

A cat has bitten or scratched someone - to a slight discomfort, to your resentment towards this person.

Catching a cat means opening up gossip.

Cat games - to troubles in your personal life, identifying enemies.

A cat fight means worries.

Playing with a cat in a dream means infidelity.

A black cat means evil from an unknown enemy.

A dead cat means the disappearance of a person you dislike.

To see a strangled cat - your lifestyle will lead to bad consequences.

Causing harm or pain to a cat means having a bad conscience.

A man dreamed of a cat - some girl was “hunting” him.

A woman dreamed of a cat - signifies the emergence of a strong rival.

A cat catching a mouse means big profits and wealth.

Dream Interpretation – Cat

A cat in a dream means a minor nuisance at work or problems with your wife. A black cat is dangerous. Try not to take unnecessary risks if you dreamed of a black cat on the night from Monday to Tuesday. If you see such a dream on the night from Friday to Saturday, fate is favorable to you; you will soon receive an unexpectedly large amount of money.

A black or white cat crossing the road foreshadows the imminent collapse of plans and hopes. But don’t believe in a dream if you see a bow or collar on an animal. This is an empty dream, a deception dream. A cat lying calmly on the rug means you can relax, your ill-wishers are hiding for a while. A cat jumping out of the bushes, baring its teeth, attacking - don’t expect anything good.

By the way, a black cat (not a cat) was considered one of the most important elements of the ritual of black magic. One has only to remember Baba Yaga with her stupa and black cat... Often magical rituals were not performed precisely because of the lack of such a necessary attribute as this animal. It was believed that the witch herself could turn into a black cat.

The black cat is one of the faces of the werewolf sorcerers. Many ancient legends tell how a hero escaped danger by unraveling the trick of a sorcerer or witch. For example, there was such a legend. The witch decided to wipe out the hero from the face of the earth, and in order to find out what he was doing, she turned into a cat. The hero, having unraveled the witch's trick, cut off the cat's right paw. The next day, the villagers saw a local witch without an arm.

Dream Interpretation – Cat

Seeing a cat in a dream is unfavorable, even if it is white / a sign of alarming activity of the “premonitory” organs of the soul.

Caressing a cat means mistrust, doubt.

A cat comes towards you, crosses the road - a meeting with an enemy, a false person / adultery, debauchery and bad consequences from them.

A caressing cat (cat) is an insidious temptress (temptress) and her machinations / misfortune in the house of the cat’s owner.

She meows hysterically - a request for help that will be difficult to fulfill / your soul, exhausted by various kinds of desires.

Hearing a cat's meow but not seeing it is deception.

To be bitten or scratched by a cat is an illness / slander / evil intrigues or resentment of its owners against you.

To see how this happened to another is to experience a slight discomfort / be offended by this person.

Catching a cat means discovering the source of gossip.

Cat games - damage from debauchery / reveal the machinations of attackers. Cat fight - mental suffering from contradictory and unbridled aspirations.

Playing with a cat is infidelity.

To see a cat or cat of a frightening or unnatural color - false ideas about oneself, perverted self-knowledge / dissolute personality.

Black cat - evil from an unknown enemy / any evil acting from the outside as a result of weakness and disharmony of mental life / evil spells in the power of which a person is / demonic personality.

The black cat is a personified something: a hole in existence that behaves like a person / a dark double of a person who opposes his self with decisive cruelty.

Dead cat - removal of an unpleasant person.

Suppressed - the bad consequences of your lifestyle, a fatal future.

To cause harm or pain to a cat is to have a bad conscience.

Seeing kittens means profit.

Dream Interpretation - Cats

Seeing a cat in a dream foretells bad luck, unless you can kill it or drive it out of sight. If a cat rushes at you, you will have enemies who will do anything to denigrate your reputation and deprive you of property. But if you drive the cat away, you will overcome enormous obstacles, and your destiny and reputation will take off.

If you come across a skinny, pitiful and dirty cat, expect bad news: one of your friends is very sick, but if you manage to drive the cat away in a dream, then your friend will recover.

Hearing cats squealing and meowing means that your false friend is doing everything to harm you.

To dream that a cat scratched you means that your enemies will successfully deprive you of part of the profit from a transaction on which you spent a lot of time and effort.

If a young woman sees in a dream that she is holding a cat or kitten in her arms, then she will be involved in some unseemly deeds.

Seeing a pure white cat in a dream means some kind of confusion, uncertainty, which can cause grief and deprivation of wealth.

When a trader sees a cat, he should work with maximum efficiency. Because his competitors are destroying his business ventures. He should do everything possible to succeed.

Seeing a cat and a snake being friendly to each other in a dream means the beginning of a fierce struggle. This means that you are supporting the enemy in order to use him and find out some secret that you believe is related to you. Unsure of the truth of the information received from him. You will refuse them because you are afraid that the details of your intimate life will become the subject of gossip.

According to Indian myths, a cat is an animal that belongs to the great goddess, the guardian of all newborns.

This goddess is usually depicted riding a cat, which is why in India she is revered as a sacred animal.

According to the beliefs of the ancient Germans, a person who loves cats will be happy in marriage, while one who has an aversion to cats will marry a grumpy and angry woman.

In any case, he will not have children.

In all fairy tales, myths and legends, cats accompany witches, goddesses and fairies.

The cat represents femininity, softness and charm.

However, later (in the Middle Ages) this animal began to be considered a companion of witches, so cats were persecuted.

In dreams, a cat symbolizes feminine attractiveness, magnetism and sensuality.

In Indian mythology, and in fairy tales of different peoples of the world, the forest is the habitat of the creator god.

However, there is another interpretation.

In Vaishnavism and Krishnaism, the world is a “forest of eternal joys,” a place of mystical experience.

Symbols have a similar interpretation in dreams.

Look in any dream book - the forest has many meanings, but we are interested in a different interpretation.

There are many dangers in the forest, however, those who go through it to the end can experience sensual joys, love and desire.

Dream Interpretation – Cat

Seeing is a failure, unless you can kill her or drive her out of sight; rushes at you - you will have enemies who will do anything to denigrate your reputation and deprive you of property; drive her away - overcoming huge obstacles, fate and reputation will on takeoff; a skinny, pitiful and dirty cat - bad news - one of your friends is very sick, but if you manage to drive the cat away in a dream, then your friend will recover;

hear the squealing and meowing of cats - your false friend is doing everything to harm you; a cat scratched you - enemies will successfully deprive you of part of the profit from the transaction, for which you spent a lot of time and effort; for a young woman - holding a cat in your arms or kitten - you will be involved in some unseemly affairs;

to see a pure white cat - confusion, uncertainty, which can cause grief and deprivation of wealth; for a merchant - to see a cat - you should work with maximum efficiency, as competitors are destroying your commercial endeavors; to see a cat and a snake friendly to each other - the beginning fierce struggle, you support the enemy to use him and discover some secret that has to do with you. Also see Kitten, Snake, Panther, Dog.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to Nostradamus’ dream book? In the dream book of the famous alchemist and fortuneteller there is an interpretation of a dream with a cat and kittens. He has a rather ambiguous position in the interpretation of these images:

  • Seeing a cat and kittens on the street means family conflicts and quarrels, betrayal and betrayal.
  • Seeing a cat with kittens in your home means comfort, well-being and mutual understanding.
  • Meeting striped kittens means the appearance of a wise and reliable friend and mentor in your life.

Meeting with tabby kittens: Pixabay
To dream of a basket of kittens being brought into a rich house means a change of power in the country in which the dreamer lives. The power will be led by a wise and fair ruler.

Nostradamus believed that the image of a cat with kittens should be interpreted in the context of the entire dream, taking into account the meaning of other images and the sensations of the sleeping person.

Freud's Dream Book

The famous psychoanalyst saw hidden subtext in the images that appeared in dreams. This approach was reflected in his interpretation of dreams. Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to Freud’s dream book? According to the father of psychoanalysis, a cat with kittens is the embodiment of sensuality and heightened emotionality:

  • If a woman strokes a kitten in a dream, then in life she yearns for male attention. If a man has a dream in which there is a cute cat with kittens, he lacks female affection, he yearns for the warmth of the family hearth and, perhaps, is ripe for marriage.
  • In a dream, a kitten fawns over the dreamer - a person is popular with members of the opposite sex. It's time to put things aside and take care of your personal life.

Seeing cats with other animals in a dream

Came cats and dogs

together in a dream can mean a familiar family couple. The woman, although she behaves affably, secretly cannot stand the sleeping man.

Often I dream about mice and cats

. Trouble literally pours in from all sides if the purr does not pay attention to the rodents.

If the cat caught the mouse

, in reality you can plan purchases with the profit that will soon arrive. If you failed to hunt successfully, the dream is a warning to stop dishonest performance of official duties. Otherwise, you can lose your salary and even get fired.

Longo's Dream Interpretation

Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to Longo’s dream book? In the white magician's dream book there are several interesting interpretations of dreams with a cat and kittens. So, in his opinion, what matters is what kind of animals a person saw in a dream - domestic or farm animals:

  • A yard cat with kittens dreams of problems in a relationship with a loved one. There is a big risk of seeing a person from an unexpected side that you won’t like. The relationship will end in disappointment and even breakup.
  • Killing a cat and kittens in a dream is evidence that the existing relationships in the family do not suit the dreamer. The problem has been brewing for a long time, and every day the situation is getting worse, requiring resolution.

Yard cat with kittens: Pixabay
Such an unfavorable prognosis for sleeping with kittens is not a death sentence. Yuri Longo believed that any problems can be solved with the help of magical rituals.

Circumstances of the dream

When interpreting a dream, they take into account what the animals and the sleeper himself were doing, what kind of environment surrounded them.

The dreamer's actions

Interpretations depending on what the dreamer did:

  1. I was petting the cat. For women, such a dream predicts resentment from a loved one. Another interpretation says that stroking a cat in a dream means pandering to your rival in reality. The dreamer must take a close look at her friends and learn to recognize their true intentions. Perhaps one of her friends is trying to steal her husband/boyfriend.
  2. I caught it. Such stories are often dreamed of before participating in dubious events. If the caught kitten turns out to be tricolor, the dreamer will make a profit. You can act without caution.
  3. Defended himself from an animal attack. The dream predicts attempts by enemies to undermine the reputation of the sleeper. If the cat can be driven away, this situation will not have dangerous consequences. When you dream of wounds received from claws and teeth, your enemies will deal a crushing blow.
  4. Harmed an animal. The dreamer in reality will behave meanly and cunningly. An entrepreneur will win the competition using prohibited methods. A woman will start an affair on the side, deceiving her husband. The girl will steal the guy from her friend.
  5. I fed the kittens. Giving meat to a cat in a dream means helping ungrateful people. If fish is used as food, it means that the dreamer is behaving dishonestly towards competitors. If kittens choke in a dream, this is a sign that the sleeper is committing rash acts.

Stroking a cat in a dream means the appearance of insults on the part of a loved one.

What did the cat do with the kittens?

Interpretations depending on what the cat did in the dream:

  1. If you fed kittens, you should expect failures in business and quarrels in the family. However, after a difficult period, prosperity will come. Relatives will help the dreamer get out of a difficult situation without unnecessary losses.
  2. Played with the kids - such a dream predicts problems in relationships with your spouse. The dreamer will move away from his partner, and the alienation will constantly increase. After some time, the relationship will be restored.
  3. Bitten kittens - the dreamer in reality will receive an unexpected result. Wasting time and effort will be in vain.
  4. Licked the cubs - friends will act unfairly towards the dreamer. If he keeps his cool, this situation will not affect the future.
  5. Carrying kittens by the scruff of the neck - a dream warns of problems in business or personal life. However, the dreamer will soon feel a surge of strength, which will help him easily overcome difficulties.
  6. Protected offspring - the plot promises change. Important events related to finances will occur in the dreamer’s life.

May be of interest

Why do women and men dream about Hedgehog?

Animal color

The interpretation of the dream depends on what color the animals were:

  1. You dream of black cats when enemies are trying to do harm. The sleeper will be powerless before their actions. The consequence may be illness or a nervous breakdown.
  2. White animals dream of reconciliation after a long quarrel. A favorable period will come in the dreamer's life. It is possible that enemies will become active, but the sleeper will be able to repel their attack.
  3. A dream about gray cats foreshadows a pleasant acquaintance. Household chores will be completed successfully. Minor troubles at work are possible.
  4. Red animals symbolize unplanned troubles. The dreamer will have to deal with them on his own.
  5. A dream in which three-colored kittens are present predicts good luck in all matters. However, due to his own carelessness, the dreamer may miss something important.

Black cats often dream of enemies or illnesses.

Number of kittens

A dream about a large number of kittens indicates the weakness of the sleeper. He has to constantly overcome his failure. Dreaming about many kittens also means minor problems that will be quickly resolved. Troubles will affect relationships with your spouse and work. Seeing 1-2 kittens in a dream means you have to make a difficult choice in reality. A wrong decision can ruin your reputation.

Where were the cat and kittens?

When deciphering the meaning of sleep, consider where the animals were:

  1. In the apartment. The dream predicts a good rest, the opportunity to enjoy luxury. The dreamer expects good luck in all his endeavors.
  2. In a country house. The dream indicates the possibility of an argument with a colleague or friend. Maintaining your reputation will require a lot of patience.
  3. On the street. Such a dream promises a difficult period in life. Excessive stress will negatively affect the health of the sleeper.
  4. At the entrance. The dream foreshadows the receipt of an inheritance, but the sleeper will be disappointed by this.
  5. In the basement. Such a plot symbolizes success in work and successful completion of projects.
  6. In the attic. The dream speaks of the beginning of an unfavorable period in life. Collisions with enemies are expected.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to Hasse’s dream book? The medium offers his own interpretation of a dream with a cat and kittens. Her dream book contains the following explanations:

  • A black cat with kittens symbolizes major troubles, while a black cat of a different color symbolizes family quarrels and household troubles. The more kittens you dream about, the more problems the sleeping person will have to solve.
  • If the sleeper hears only the plaintive meow of kittens, then this is an alarming sign - expect a series of troubles.
  • A cat that behaves aggressively attacks - an important idea will not find support from others.
  • Petting a cat or kittens is a recognition of your own weakness and gullibility; beware of betrayal and enemies.
  • Feeding cats is a sign of ingratitude, which other people will demonstrate.

For Miss Hasse, a cat with kittens in a dream does not promise any bonuses. This is a warning. But don’t fall into despair, just be attentive and careful.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to Tsvetkov’s dream book? According to this dream book, a cat with kittens for women and men foreshadows a series of important events. Some of them have a negative connotation, while some promise good:

  • If you dreamed of a red cat with kittens, such a dream warns of health problems, in personal relationships and business. This is a signal that the partner is having an affair and the marriage is under threat.
  • If a cat and kittens catch mice in a dream, the dreamer will experience large profits and incredible success in business.
  • You dream of your own pregnant cat as a sign of pleasant surprises, while someone else’s cat means making new friends.

Red kittens dream of problems: Pixabay

Decoding of individual stories

Sometimes details change the forecast dramatically. The foreshadowing of enemies turns into a description of the future. If you use it wisely, then the intrigues of ill-wishers will fail, and you will emerge a complete winner in the struggle.

Cat birth

Okot says that with his words the sleeper can harm friends and relatives. People will not forget unpleasant moments and will take revenge. The more numerous the offspring, the more terrible the punishment will be. To give birth is to cause envy. Its sprouts will subsequently ruin good relationships. Simply observing from the sidelines means rash actions, an inability to correctly navigate a changing environment.


Watching a mother nurture her offspring is a sign of frivolity. He feeds one - don’t pay attention to the trick, which was deliberately set up. You will not be able to recognize the trick. You will suffer from this. If the kittens desperately fought for the nipple and pushed each other away, it means that the enemies’ plans will be confused and they will not be able to realize their criminal intentions.

Murka drove the kids away and doesn’t let them drink milk—an unnecessary waste. She did not have enough food - ill-wishers do not yet have the opportunity to let the dreamer down. The latter is completely safe.

Blind kittens

The scene characterizes the dreamer as a person who has not yet achieved wisdom. Judgments are immature, views require correction. So are actions. The character behaves frivolously, focuses on momentary desires.


A favorable image in every sense. The dead brood represents the time for solving all serious problems. Moreover, the dreamer does not need to do anything. They will resolve on their own. Drowning newborns is a decisive action. Throw it away - stop worrying about the enemy’s plans.


Lumps running around mean fuss. You will have to deal with several tasks at the same time. Spend a lot of time and effort on overcoming unforeseen obstacles and rectifying the situation. People around you will interfere. Help won't come. But be sure to cope on your own if you don’t give up.

Scratched, bitten

Unpleasant scene. Its meaning should be recognized by the affiliation of animals. If they have a real owner, then she is jealous and offended. If not, then the same feelings arose in a loved one. If there is blood, there will be a scandal. Someone will say everything they think about you. You will have to understand the intricacies of the thoughts of your touchy interlocutor, so as not to part forever.

Together with the snake

Both images are associated with real enemies. These people are up to something. The result of enemy activity:

  1. A snake crawls next to a family - the enemies will join forces.
  2. The reptile eats the kittens - one enemy places it on the other.
  3. Kitty drove away or killed the snake - the same meaning.

To a young woman, scenes with reptiles hint at an unplanned pregnancy.

Catches a mouse

Kisochka caught the bait - a harbinger of unprecedented profit. If the mouse managed to break free and run away, it means that luck will turn away from you at the most critical moment. An extremely profitable deal will fall through, the lottery ticket will turn out to be unwinning, and the boss will refuse to give out the bonus.

Muslim (Islamic) dream book

Why do you dream of a cat with kittens according to the Islamic dream book? This dream book has an interpretation for those who dream of furry pets:

  • The compilers point out that if a sleeping man dreams of a cat, then this is a sign that his wife has lost interest in him.
  • Such a dream warns a woman about problems with children, betrayal of friends, theft.
  • If you dreamed of a cat with kittens that hisses and rushes, in real life there may be problems at work or illness.

Since interpretations in different dream books may differ, it is important to use several sources and take into account the general mood of the dream pictures. Even if a dream in which there are cats does not always lead to positive changes, try to set yourself up for success and do not be afraid to act.

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