Why do you dream of rotten teeth: interpretation from various dream books

The wind of change

In Medea's dream book there is an explanation of why she dreams that a worthless fang fell out on its own. The sorceress reports that now is a favorable period for all kinds of changes. The only thing that can stop you is the fear of letting go of the past.

However, what you see in a dream does not call for breaking wood and throwing stones. Perhaps the time for active action has not yet come. Dreaming that a chisel has fallen out symbolizes the birth of an idea or intention to change something.

If you dreamed about a rotten root falling out, there is a high probability of having a serious quarrel with a person who is really dear to you. Whatever he does to annoy you, the dream book promises that sooner or later a truce will take place.

Loss and pain

Lost teeth without pain or bleeding mark the solution to long-standing problems. People who have long tried to denigrate the dreamer behind his back will finally get what they deserve, and their intrigues will turn against them. However, with another interpretation, such a dream, on the contrary, can mean unfavorable situations, from which the mood of the owner of the dream will always be pessimistic.

The number of teeth lost plays an important role. The more there are, the more serious the problems will be. One lost tooth is bad news that can ruin your mood and cause some inconvenience. Two - mark difficult times, during which more and more new obstacles will constantly appear on the path of life. Three or more mean several problems that will appear one after another.

Feeling pain in a dream is an unfavorable sign . Soon the dreamer will feel it in real life. This can be both physical and mental pain. Perhaps something will happen to relatives, financial difficulties will arise, or a quarrel with a loved one will lead to separation.


When you happen to see bad teeth in your dream, the dream book will tell you why you are having this nightmare. Sometimes the explanation sounds very simple: it’s really time for you to visit the dentist. At the same time, there are a number of other interpretations that should be taken into account.

  • An unsightly smile in the mirror means that a terrible danger has been avoided;
  • You have to see bad teeth when serious trials are coming;
  • If you dreamed that they were black, you couldn’t win in an open battle, your weapon was tricks;
  • If in a dream caries has worked well on your smile, try not to trust anyone;
  • When you happen to see rotten incisors, it means illness of a loved one.

Dream Interpretation - another person has teeth

teeth as described - Seeing your own teeth in a dream, which you are brushing, is a sign that in reality you will be bothered by annoying petitioners who are not all right in their heads.
Seeing artificial teeth in your mouth portends deceptive feelings and insincere love. Teeth falling out or loose in the gums foreshadow an imminent death in the family. A dream in which you lose your teeth means future misfortunes. Seeing yourself in a dream as a toothless, muttering hag means that you have neither the ability nor the opportunity to arrange your career the way you yourself would like. Seeing other people toothless in a dream suggests that your spiteful critics are powerless in their attempts to discredit you. Pulling teeth from a dentist in a dream foreshadows a break in relations with an annoying person. Filling your teeth is a sign that in reality you will put your affairs in complete order. Inserting new teeth means that a dubious matter will be clarified and you will no longer have to rack your brains about it. Gold teeth in a dream portend wealth and independence. Seeing your teeth healthy, beautiful and white - you will have healthy offspring. To see someone brushing their teeth means you will have to work not for yourself, but for others, earning pennies. If in a dream you have a severe toothache, it means that after numerous ordeals you will achieve the fulfillment of your request. Rinse your teeth with a medicinal solution - in reality you will have to make a lot of effort so as not to miss out on your happiness. Biting inedible objects with your teeth means that you will face severe trials that will befall you unexpectedly. If your teeth crumble at the same time, you will have to sacrifice your own pride for the good of your family. Breaking a tooth in a dream means that your work or health will suffer from excessive stress. Spitting out a tooth means that someone in the family or relatives is unwell. A dream in which someone knocks out your teeth means that you are not taking your responsibilities seriously enough, both at home and at work. If at the same time you part with your teeth without any pain, in reality this promises well-being. Seeing someone's teeth with an incorrect bite is a bad sign, foreshadowing the collapse of many plans and hopes, mental illness and serious illness. Teeth with chips or blackened foretell success in business. Teeth bleeding from scurvy, that is, vitamin deficiency, predict the death of acquaintances. If in a dream your child lost one baby tooth, then in reality you will face the bad consequences of your own stupidity. Two lost teeth - the cause of misfortune will be negligence and imprudence, and three generally portend who knows what misfortunes. Losing every single tooth in a dream means you simply don’t have enough money to treat all the ailments that will fall on you and your entire family, and at the same time. Pulling teeth yourself - such a dream suggests that you are able to force yourself to do the almost impossible if it is necessary for the happiness of a loved one. Yellow smoked teeth in a dream foreshadow the betrayal of one of the spouses in the family. Teeth with food stuck in them indicate that wealth and prosperity will come to your home. Picking your teeth with a toothpick in a dream means you will become sated in life with literally everything. If someone in a dream boasts of his snow-white, perfectly straight and impeccably correct teeth, he will face meetings that will not bring joy, and good luck that will turn into disappointment. Seeing beautiful teeth in yourself means an upcoming conversation with a person whom you do not want to host in your home, but the future will show your short-sightedness when this person becomes widely known. Seeing fangs that have grown like a vampire in a dream is a sign that deep down you do not trust your friends and are ready to grab the throat of anyone who encroaches on your vital interests. Teeth sitting in excessively swollen and reddened gums mean the possibility of colds with high fever and long bed rest. Dental disease, which has led to a huge gumboil and swollen cheek, portends obtaining a profitable place or occupation. White metal fixes on the teeth indicate upcoming difficulties in business and entrepreneurship., Melnikov’s Dream Interpretation of a bandage according to the description - Seeing in a dream a one-eyed man with a bandage, like a pirate, across his entire face means that in reality you will receive only half of the amount due to you. Seeing a person sentenced to execution with a black blindfold indicates that your husband or lover will try to mislead you about his true intentions. A dream in which they cover your eyes with a blindfold means a change in opinion about a person you didn’t like from the first meeting, for the better. Seeing a person with a bandage on his cheek because of a bad tooth portends a new acquaintance that will be unpleasant, but useful in business terms. Tying your head with a headscarf or scarf means you will soon accept new responsibilities associated with increased responsibility. Catching your hair with a bandage in the form of a ribbon portends failure due to excessive stubbornness and selfishness. Wearing a black mourning bandage on your sleeve or seeing others wearing it is a sign that you will lose someone dear to you or the reciprocity of a lover who will leave you for another., Dream Interpretation of Melnikov

toothless person by description - If you dream that you have no teeth, this means that you are unable to arrange your career, and illness will ruin your plans. If you see someone else toothless, it means that your enemies are powerless to discredit you., Miller’s Dream Book

toothless person according to description - If you dream that you have no teeth, then in reality you are unlikely to be able to build a career. It is likely that some illness will prevent you from achieving your goal. If you see someone else toothless, your enemies are not able to discredit you., Dream Interpretation of Maria Kanovskaya

teeth as described - A common dream in which you see teeth foreshadows an unpleasant encounter with illness and restless people. If you dream that you have lost your teeth, misfortune awaits you. If in a dream a doctor pulled out your tooth, you may get sick. If you dreamed that you were brushing or rinsing your teeth, it would take a lot of effort from you to preserve family happiness. If you dreamed that you had artificial teeth in your mouth, expect severe trials. If your teeth were knocked out in a dream, be careful about your affairs, since you have enemies who are just waiting for a chance to harm you. If in a dream your teeth are destroyed or broken, then you have taken on too much of a burden. If you dreamed that one tooth fell out, expect sad news. If two teeth fall out, a streak of bad luck will begin; three teeth means serious troubles lie ahead. If you spit out your teeth in a dream, a disease threatens you or your family. A dream in which you saw crooked teeth with some flaws is the most terrible. It is fraught with misfortunes - poverty, the collapse of personal plans and hopes, illness, nervous exhaustion. If you dreamed that your teeth had deteriorated and you had them removed, then trouble awaits you. If you dreamed that plaque flies off your teeth and they become healthy and white, your discomfort is temporary. If in a dream you admired the whiteness and perfection of your teeth, then in real life dear friends, great happiness and fulfillment of desires await you. A dream in which you, having pulled out one of your teeth, lose it, and then look for a cavity in your mouth with your tongue, but do not find it, predicts an unwanted meeting with some person. In the future, you will continue to see him and enjoy these meetings. If you dreamed that the dentist cleaned your teeth, and then they turned yellow again, then in reality you will entrust the protection of your interests to unreliable people. Nostradamus considered teeth a symbol of the loss of vital energy and experiences. He interpreted dreams about teeth as follows: If you saw in a dream how your teeth are being pulled out, then in reality you are afraid of losing someone close to you. If your teeth fall out in a dream, then know that your inaction is preventing you from achieving your goal. If you saw rotten and decaying teeth in a dream, health problems lie ahead. A dream in which you saw an empty space in your mouth instead of a tooth warns of loss of vital energy and premature aging. A bad tooth means that you will have to deal with personal problems. And here is what D. Loff said about such dreams: “Dreams about teeth and tooth loss are widespread. Often such a dream is disturbing, although it does not carry the same fear or anxiety as a nightmare. In a dream, teeth often concern only the dreamer. Other characters in the dream either do not notice the loss of teeth or do not attach any importance to it. Dreams about losing teeth are often dreams about embarrassment or potentially embarrassing situations. A similar experience in real life can be summed up in the expression “losing face” in public. Another possible cause of dreams about losing teeth could be physical sensations, such as teeth grinding or increased tooth sensitivity.”, Dream Book of Maria Kanovskaya


The Italian dream book by Meneghetti explains in detail why fallen rotten roots are dreamed of, and how the symbol will affect relationships with others. It happens to see such images when you are depressed and apathetic. Until vitality is restored, the dreamer will find his existence meaningless.

The image that you dreamed also indicates extreme psychological instability - an emotionally unbalanced state in which the risk of causing moral and physical harm is extremely high.

The Wanderer's Dream Book reports that bad teeth falling out portend complete surrender and shame to the sleeper. If you remember not so much the image as the physical sensations, what you see in a dream promises unexpected luck.

Problems with your teeth

Bad teeth almost always indicate some kind of disease. Therefore, having seen such a dream with your participation, you should prepare for both emotional and physical decline. Other dream interpretation options:

  • An oral cavity affected by caries dreams of imminent quarrels and disagreements. Close relatives or best friends can become participants in the problems. The stronger the damage radius, the more significant the problem will be.
  • Rotting in your own mouth promises problems at work. Most likely, the dreamer has set a goal that will be difficult to achieve. Perhaps on the way to it a person will take rash actions that will bring negative consequences.
  • Sometimes problems with the oral cavity in a dream mean the same problems in reality. Intuitively, the brain exaggerates the real picture and shows a dream in which the problem is too far-fetched. A simple trip to the dentist will solve this situation.
  • If a dream indicates an illness, you should pay attention to how damaged the dentition is. The more severe the situation in the dream, the more serious the illness will be in reality.

According to skeptics, you should not worry if you see such a dream. It does not carry any danger or disease. The more optimistic a person is, the more likely he is to avoid problems.

How is your health?

An esoteric dream book will help you find out why bad teeth fall out in night dreams. According to the interpreter, taking care of health should now be the sleeper’s priority. There is a high probability of exacerbation of chronic and development of hidden diseases.

If in real life you are used to taking care of your oral cavity, nevertheless, in a dream, damaged teeth fall out out of nowhere, your morale is at risk. Perhaps you recently had to endure severe stress that caused nervous exhaustion.

What happened to the teeth

Have you seen them fall out?

teeth with blood interpretation according to the dream book (loss) - the passing of a blood relative. 2 teeth (two) fell out - double loss. 3 pieces fell out - triple misfortune. According to the interpretation from the dream book, a tooth falling out without blood means losing a loved one. The top ones fell - the loss of a man. The lower ones fell out - the woman will be gone. If your front teeth fall out, you will be left without those who are now next to you. The root one fell out - misfortune will happen far from you, but will touch the most sensitive strings of the soul. Falling out by the roots means the loss of parents or grandparents. A fang fell - to be left without a defender and unarmed in a difficult situation. In a dream, losing a wisdom tooth means committing a crazy act, a fatal mistake, or being left without a wise guide. A rotten tooth (sick, bad, black) fell out in a dream - not the most pleasant thing will happen in reality, but everything was going that way, don’t worry, it will be better. A healthy one has fallen off - so far there is no sign of trouble, the more painful the loss will be. Losing a lot of teeth means losing many dear people. It may even be that the reason will not be death, but your own departure from this society. False teeth (artificial) have fallen out - unfaithful friends will leave your life, which will not be a particularly big loss. If you dreamed that a baby tooth fell out, it is a disappointment, but real friends and real plans will take the place of useless illusions. A child’s tooth falls out - unfulfilled hopes, minor worries, minor illnesses that promise to pass soon. According to the dream book, a woman’s teeth have fallen out - gossips and intriguers will suffer significant damage. A dental crown falls out - to feel defenseless, to be upset because of a problem that, in fact, is not that serious.

Visit to the dentist

The interpretation of the dream takes on a slightly different character if the bad teeth causing discomfort were pulled out in a clean and presentable dental office. Find out why you dream about certain details of the procedure.

What you see in a dream represents a conscious choice in favor of improving the quality of life, even if something has to be sacrificed for this. If you dreamed of a lot of blood during an operation, in reality you are determined and uncompromising.

The interpretation of the sorceress Navi warns that pulling out bad teeth in a dream is only the first step. In the future, you will have to learn to live in reality without what you voluntarily give up. The painlessness of the procedure means that adaptation will be relatively easy.

Towards newness

It’s interesting to know what a new tooth portends in a dream. If its owner is still a toothless baby in reality, the plot promises the hero of the dream excellent health. For adults, the symbol promises the appearance of an heir.

When you dreamed that a new row was growing, the dream book warns against perfectionism and inflated ambitions: such sentiments can provoke dissatisfaction with oneself.

Presence of blood in the mouth

Blood plays an important role in the interpretation of dreams. Rot in the absence of blood indicates that minor problems lie ahead, which can bring anxiety and irritability. According to Miller's dream book, such a dream is interpreted more pessimistically. It carries with it serious losses and worries. Speaking of a positive interpretation, Muslims promise after such a dream long years of life and many happy moments.

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