Why do you dream about a lot of live chickens? Interpretation of dreams from dream books

  • June 14, 2019
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  • Lyudmila Frolova

Chickens are a fairly common poultry species. Maybe that’s why their image quite often appears to people in their dreams. Laying hens are often associated with simplicity, low intelligence and narrow mindedness. However, judging by the opinion of most dream books, such comparisons do not have any effect on the meaning of the night’s plot. In addition, this bird is usually considered a good sign for the dreamer. But in order to interpret the night dreams in which chickens were present, it is necessary to remember the details of what was seen. These may include the color of the bird, the presence of offspring, behavior, etc. It is worth keeping in mind that sometimes the most insignificant and small detail of a dream can play a decisive role in its interpretation. Why do you dream about a lot of chickens?

With chickens

Why do you dream about live chickens? A lot of chickens around the laying hens is a great sign for a married woman. In this case, the dream indicates that the dreamer in reality will soon experience a happy event, which all her relatives will come to celebrate.

Sometimes, according to the dream book, a lot of hens with chicks means a quick addition to the family. The likelihood of such nightly dreams coming true is especially high for a woman who passionately dreams of having a child.

Various colors

Why do you dream about a lot of chickens? If they were white, then such a plot could mean an imminent wedding. For a family person, such a dream foretells a celebration with friends or relatives.

Why do we dream about red chickens? Many of these birds appearing in the night scene are an alarming sign for humans. In real life, he is advised to check the instruments and electrical wiring, and also be careful with matches.

Why do you dream about live chickens? Many brown laying hens foretell a quick trip in reality. Most likely, it will be of a business nature. If the birds seen in a dream cackled loudly, then the trip will certainly be pleasant and productive.

Why do you dream about live chickens? Many black laying hens serve as a signal that the dreamer will very soon have to sacrifice his interests and time for the sake of someone else. However, don't worry. This action will be appreciated.

Let's clarify the details

It is important that you remember not only the main symbols from the night vision, but pay attention to small details, such as the color of the birds, their number.

It is believed that if you saw white birds, then a joyful event awaits you. You will be lucky in love, you will meet a good and pleasant person. It is also possible that any business you start will bring not only joy, but also good profit.

Seeing birds with white plumage in a dream

Dark hens and roosters are a negative sign. Such visions promise quarrels and misfortunes. The dreamer will have to deal with unpleasant people who can cause him pain.

Red feathers most often indicate the dreamer’s personal life. It is believed that everything will get better soon. And Sigmund Freud spoke about a rich sex life and frequent changes of partners.

If the feathers were more red than red, then a fire may occur. Now you should be extremely careful about any items that could lead to tragedy.

Multi-colored feathers promise a fun adventure.

One chicken in a dream is a symbol of surprise; you will be surprised by some incident. One rooster means that you will argue with another person. The dream book advises not to waste your energy, since you still won’t prove anything to your opponent.

A lot of hens or roosters is always a sign that guests will come to you, you can start preparing.

In the barn

Why do you dream about live chickens? Many laying hens can be seen by a person in a barn. The building in which the chickens roam is a symbol of the dreamer’s house. If this room is clean and of good quality, then such a plot means well-being and peace in a person’s family.

Why do you dream about a lot of chickens in a dream that are in a rotten barn with a collapsed roof? This is an alarming sign indicating possible trouble in the family.

If chickens lay eggs in the barn, then the dreamer will experience success in a love relationship. In this case, it is very important to remember how the birds were located in relation to the clutches. If they hatched them, then all a person’s hopes should come true in real life. Chickens that do not go to eggs indicate problems in reality due to gossip.

Dreamer's personality

Why do you dream about chickens and roosters? The same vision can mean completely different things to certain people.

For example, a young girl’s dream of chickens promises a happy marriage, several children, and mutual love with her husband. If it was a rooster, then the dreamer will begin to be popular with the opposite sex, but it will be quite difficult for her to find a spouse.

The main thing is not to scatter your attention on everyone, otherwise you risk missing out on your soulmate.

Dreamed of a poultry

For a woman, a vision in which a chicken appeared promises calm and peace in her family. If it was a rooster, then your spouse is the real master of the house, and you are accustomed to obeying him in everything. It was worse when adult birds were surrounded by chicks. Then quarrels and scandals will begin in the house, literally out of the blue.

When a pregnant woman sees a chicken in a dream, interpreters predict the birth of a girl. Did you see a rooster? Then you will have an heir. If these were chickens, then health problems may begin.

According to the dream book, chickens and a rooster in a dream of married couples is a sign that they are too protective of their children, not giving the latter any opportunity to develop independently.


Seeing a lot of live chickens in a dream means a variety of events. Moreover, the appearance of birds may indicate some human shortcomings. So, if they were plucked, then such a picture can be interpreted in such a way that recently a person has shown himself to be selfish and greedy.

Did you dream about live chickens? Lots of birds pecking at grain is a good sign. Such a plot indicates that a person’s life is quite harmonious, it successfully combines spiritual and material aspects.

If there were a lot of chickens and they were all dead, then such a picture is a harbinger of a quick resolution of financial problems or, on the contrary, material losses.

The bird pecks or attacks

If you dreamed that a rooster was pecking at grain, then in the near future you will have a successful financial transaction or a good chance to improve your financial situation.

If the leader of the chickens pecked you, this means a bad memory. Even if everything is fine with your memory, in the near future you risk forgetting about some important event, most likely it will be a business meeting. Be extremely careful, because this can have serious consequences: you could lose your job or lose a lucrative contract.

By season of birth

Why do you dream about a lot of chickens? For people celebrating their birthday in the fall, laying hens dream of profit and solid income. For those born in the spring, chickens in a dream foreshadow additional troubles that are associated with caring for loved ones who need financial support and care.

Danger for summer birthday people is predicted by dead chickens seen in a dream. If the carcasses have already begun to decompose and emit a nauseating odor, then this indicates a threat to life. And if the dreamer was born in winter, then he should beware of evil tongues.

Performing various actions

If a person dreams that he is feeding the inhabitants of a chicken coop, then in reality a representative of the opposite sex will soon begin to look after him. But in the event that a romantic relationship with such an acquaintance does not work out, he will certainly remain a devoted and faithful friend.

Chickens pecking grains are a symbol of the growth of human material well-being. This stable financial situation will allow him to devote more time to doing what he loves.

If chickens peck the dreamer, then such a plot means for him the rejection of the thoughts expressed by him by those around him. Moreover, this happens even despite existing arguments in favor of his point of view. According to the interpretations of dream books, it is not worth arguing with a large number of deluded people. The dreamer's integrity will only become a reason for conflict situations.

A lot of fried chicken in a dream indicates that a person is being overly businesslike and active. He greedily takes on the implementation of new plans and at the same time manages to complete all those projects that were started before.

A pregnant woman who caught chickens in her dream should understand that such an action means that she will have a daughter. But such a plot is a bad sign for a man. It indicates the emergence of an insurmountable problem in life. In order to prevent negative developments, the dreamer must get rid of such traits as a tendency to intrigue and intransigence.

Buying chickens at the market in a dream foretells an improvement in your personal finances. Their sale indicates unexpected pleasant surprises due to the appearance of a new acquaintance in life.

Why does a woman dream of many chickens?

And although domestic laying hens are associated with low intelligence, one should not think that they are a direct reflection of the dreamer’s personality.

Why does a woman dream about live chickens? Many laying hens that are seen in night dreams can be harbingers of a variety of events. Everything will depend on the specific interpreter and on many details of the plot.

If a married woman saw hens and chicks in her night dreams, then, according to the 21st century dream book, this will be a harbinger of joy for her and for all her household members.

The Ukrainian interpreter interprets this vision differently. He warns the woman that she may lose her husband. This will lead to the fact that the entire burden of caring for children will fall on her shoulders.

If you dreamed of a lot of chickens and a wild rooster who was chasing hens? In this case, a scandal will certainly break out in the family soon. Its instigator will be a representative of the strong half of humanity. But if an angry hen rushed in pursuit of a rooster, then a quarrel in the house would be provoked by a woman.

Why do you dream of black chickens? After such a nightly plot, you will most likely have to postpone your plans for some time. It will be necessary to do this for the sake of a loved one or lucrative offers. But there is no need to be upset about this. Time will pass, and this noble deed will be appreciated. In addition, circumstances will certainly tell the woman that she did the right thing by abandoning her plans, and this will undoubtedly bring her joy.

Red chickens appearing in a dream will indicate the need to pay attention to the safety of your home. In this case, you will need to check the condition of household appliances and electrical equipment, as well as anything that is explosive and associated with fire. Caution and prevention will never be superfluous. After all, such actions can prevent fires and fires.

According to the Wanderer's dream book, white hens dream of a wedding. If the dreamer is married, then one of her closest relatives will invite her to the ceremonial banquet.

If in the plot of the night's dreams the chickens were plucked, then this should alert the woman. In this case, she is advised to think about her behavior. Such dreams are seen by people who are devoid of remorse and various complexes. They care only about their own well-being and material wealth. To achieve their goal, they will do anything, regardless of those around them. Nevertheless, they must know that they will certainly have to pay for their demonstrated cynicism, selfishness and greed in this life.

According to Miller's dream book, the woman sees in the night plot many live chickens to add to the family. And this can also prophesy for her a fun time with loved ones and relatives in a cozy home environment. For a girl, chickens laying eggs are a sign of personal happiness


In most cases, the chicken portends pleasant changes, meetings with family and friends. For a pregnant woman, it foretells the birth of a girl. It is also a symbol of prosperity and family well-being. But chicken droppings promise financial profit. If in a dream you see not one, but many chickens, then this means a possible pregnancy. This is especially true for those women who have been trying to have children for a long time.

Although a lot depends on the color and actions of the bird. Next we will consider this issue in more detail.


The red hen symbolizes the feminine essence. If a man dreams of such a bird, the dream may mean that a girl close to him needs his help or support right now.

Multi-colored chickens - a fun adventure awaits you.

Black chicken - an ambiguous person has appeared in your environment, with whom you need to behave very carefully in order to avoid negative consequences.

White chicken has several interpretations. This can be either a warning of future problems or a promise of wealth and success.


The interpretation of the dream also depends on the actions of the bird.

The chicken eats - wealth and well-being in the family. Chickens pecking grain indicate significant profits. If you see hens aggressively taking grains from your cockerel, this indicates unhealthy competition and an intention to deprive you of profits.

A fleeing bird means the arrival of relatives and a noisy feast.

A sleeping chicken dreams of a scam in which you may be drawn into.

If the bird cackles loudly, a long journey awaits you. The dream can also mean various gossip that ill-wishers spread behind your back.

Miller's Interpreter

According to this dream book, many chickens in a dream are a harbinger of a prosperous and calm life, the arrival of guests, and the addition of a family. But in some cases, this night plot means difficulties ahead in life that will arise due to negligence and quarrels.

Also, according to this dream book, seeing a lot of chickens promises a person good luck on the love front. Soon in reality he will have a pleasant acquaintance, the continuation of which will be a serious relationship.

According to the dream book under consideration, a lot of chickens also portends that a person will successfully cope with the tasks facing him and at the same time achieve excellent results. Such achievements will certainly be noticed by management, who will reward you for the work done. It is likely that the dreamer will climb the career ladder, receiving a higher position.

Feeding chickens in a dream means strengthening your reputation. In real life, a person will become an authoritative figure for others, and people will begin to listen to his advice and opinion. In this case, it is important not to make hasty and thoughtless actions, so as not to spoil your impression of yourself.

Why does a woman dream about live chickens? A lot of laying hens indicates a replenishment, which in reality is soon expected in the family. Also, such a plot symbolizes well-being in your personal life.

Anyone who had to see a lot of live chickens in a dream needs to remember the details that will allow them to correctly explain their night dreams:

  • several laying hens mean everyday troubles;
  • many chickens - to serious difficulties;
  • if the birds were rushing about restlessly, then in real life a person will have to work hard to resolve a difficult situation;
  • a lot of little chickens with chicken according to Miller’s dream book - to future joy;
  • if the hens cackle, then this is slander;
  • chickens pecking grain - to pleasant leisure;
  • a bird in a house or apartment - when guests arrive.

Why do you dream about a lot of chickens in the yard? If the hens were rummaging through money scattered throughout the territory, then such a plot means that human negligence can cause a sad event. In reality, he needs to concentrate as much as possible on completing the main task. This will prevent mistakes, and all things will go smoothly for him.

If a woman dreams of a lot of chickens and a rooster chasing them, then psychologist Miller predicts a quarrel in real life. Moreover, her husband will be the instigator.

Also, according to this dream book, many chickens that a person tried to catch in his night dreams mean failure. It is unlikely that in reality he will be able to emerge victorious in the difficult situation that has arisen.

Did you dream about live chickens and a lot of them? Why do you dream of wandering among them? Miller's dream book warns that in real life a person will have a hard time. He will be forced to fight off gossip, which will become more and more numerous.

According to this dream book, many live chickens, calmly pecking grain in night dreams, are harbingers of an improvement in financial condition. They also indicate to a person a quiet life.

According to Miller’s dream book, many white chickens mean some kind of celebration soon. Perhaps it will be the wedding of either the dreamer or someone close to him.

Chickens sitting on a roost in a barn foretell a person’s imminent salary increase. Laying hens seen in a dream promise an unexpected arrival of guests. Most likely, distant relatives will decide to visit the person.

Beautiful and well-groomed chickens are a very favorable symbol. They indicate that a person will soon have a good period in life. The dreamer will not lack finances, and he will enjoy family comfort.

What were the chickens like in the dream?

A lot of

A lot of chickens means an additional source of income that will contribute to further well-being in life.


Such birds promise the dreamer success in an area that is of particular importance to humans. Promotion at work and happiness on the love front are also possible.


Gray birds dream of the dreamer's doubts. Perhaps some thoughts haunt him. The dream book recommends casting aside all doubts and acting based on your intuition. In this case, everything will work out!


The coming days will be associated with anxiety and excitement. The situation is heating up, and it will not be possible to continue to avoid a difficult decision. You should weigh the pros and cons and act.

With chickens

This dream denotes excessive concern about your children. Often these worries are unfounded.

Chickens and eggs

Seeing a chicken and eggs means a new addition to the family or the arrival of a long-awaited guest in the house. Also, chicken eggs in a dream can be symbols of plans and tasks that need to be solved in reality.


They dream of unexpected profits, the source of which is better not to tell others. The dream also foreshadows happiness in romantic relationships and intimate life.


A live chicken dreams of prosperity in the family and success in business. For a lonely person, this is a sign of a pleasant acquaintance.


Raw poultry meat foreshadows the dreamer's illness. You should carefully monitor your health and, if necessary, do not put off visiting a doctor.

Dead (carcass)

Such a dream signifies a serious danger that hangs over the dreamer due to the actions of ill-wishers. You should be extremely vigilant and take a closer look at your surroundings.


Household duties will take much more time than usual; you should refuse large transactions, as there is a risk of running into scammers.


They warn the dreamer that he is looking for the help he needs at the moment from the wrong person. The patron was chosen incorrectly; most likely, he himself needs the dreamer’s support.


Seeing a bird’s head cut off is a sign of troubles that can overtake the dreamer because of his own “ headlessness .”


A good sign of prosperity and prosperity. For a woman, a dream foretells a successful marriage in the near future.


This image is explained by the dreamer’s concern about his health. There is no need to worry; it is most likely that the malaise is caused by overwork and fatigue. It’s worth spending more time on yourself and taking a good break from current affairs.


A dream in which both a chicken and a duck appeared at the same time means family happiness, prosperity and comfort.

Chicken meat

Raw meat means illness; cooked meat means you should be careful in business and beware of unfamiliar people around you.

Are eating

Trying chicken in a dream is an unpleasant sign, interpreted as a possible illness or a negative influence of another person on the dreamer’s life.


It’s a good sign if the chickens are beautiful, well-fed and healthy. The dreamer has long and happy years of a prosperous life ahead.


Symbolizes a woman who needs the dreamer's help.


A bird killed for cooking is a symbol of important news that will come very soon. The dream book does not specify what the news will be; it all depends on what is happening at the moment in the dreamer’s life.


Towards the upcoming “obstacle course” on the way to the intended goals. Plans will constantly fall apart due to unforeseen circumstances or the intervention of third parties. The dream book promises that a streak of luck will come soon.


This symbol, according to the dream book, is an ominous sign. The dreamer was probably under magical influence. Someone performs rituals to bewitch or put the evil eye on a person. It is worth contacting a specialist in the field of magic.


Symbol of love and infatuation. For a young girl, the dream serves as a warning - she is not the only one with the chosen one, but only “one of.” For a married woman, a red bird means an early conception and birth of a baby.

Chicken coop

This sign is a symbol of prosperity and harmony in the family. However, if the chickens cause a commotion, you should be prepared for a family commotion.


They dream about gossip around the dreamer or a big win.


Feathers that fly in different directions mean that your most cherished wish will come true very soon.


Dreams about successful negotiations, concluding an important agreement, a significant deal.

In blood

A bad sign foreshadowing loss.


Towards harmony in the family and prosperity.


Blue is the color of magic. Blue chicken - to big troubles that can be caused by the magical influence of ill-wishers.

Modern dream book

Why, according to this interpreter, do you see chickens in a dream? In general, there is an opinion that this bird appears in night dreams as a sign of stable prosperity and money. But can this general judgment be taken for each dream separately? No. If you dreamed of a lot of live chickens, then you need to take other nuances into account. For example, remember their color.

According to the Modern Dream Book, many live chickens pecking at millet mean quick joy that will come to a person’s house. However, such an interpretation only applies if the birds were white. If there are a lot of laying hens, then in reality the dreamer will be in for a big surprise. And if there are no more than two chickens, then a person should expect some significant event in his life. A dream with white birds in a barn foretells an increase in wages. The one who collected the eggs himself will receive high praise from his superiors for the work done.

White hens with chicks mean jealousy. And if a bird suddenly flies into the house, then in reality the dreamer will experience serious experiences.

A dream in which white chickens peck eggs is a sign of rivalry. And if the poultry is thin and dirty, then the person has a long journey ahead of him.

A white chicken feather seen in a dream means an upcoming showdown with relatives. If there are a lot of feathers, then they confirm a person’s confidence in his abilities and actions.

Large white chickens dream of hard work. Small ones - for upcoming household chores.

If you dreamed of red hens with chicks, then such a night vision indicates an impending deception. And here we need to remember the actions of chickens. If they were sleeping, then someone will deceive the dreamer in real life. Chickens that squeak and run portend that circumstances will develop for a person in such a way that he will have to deceive someone.

If red laying hens cackle and flap their wings, trying to fly, then this indicates the dreamer’s excessive modesty. A large number of red chickens indicates condemnation of a person from the outside. Moreover, it comes from representatives of the older generation.

The red hen pecked in the hand - for the upcoming journey. Eggs in the nest portend difficult work. A woman's dream of red roosters speaks of imminent heart troubles. Catching chickens of this color is a sign of indecision in some important matter.

If a person dreamed that he was stroking a red hen, then this indicates that in his soul he regrets the action he committed. If such a bird sat on the kitchen table, then the dream book explains such a plot as a desire to take a break from the daily routine.

Anyone who plucks a chicken carcass in a dream should expect news from old acquaintances. A mountain of red feathers is a warning about a possible conspiracy being hatched against a person.

Why do you dream of a lot of black chickens walking around the yard? After such a nightly plot, a person will have to buy an expensive thing for which he has been saving money for a long time. Black chickens are a symbol of an unstable financial situation. Such a plot is a call to start spending your earned money economically. Black chickens that fly symbolize a desire to do charity work. If laying hens have short wings, then the person will be happy in his personal life.

Many black roosters in a dream - to independence. Catching a chicken of the same color by the tail means that the dreamer will soon give a gift to his loved one. A large black bird indicates unexpected expenses. If she pecked the dreamer in the head, then in real life an exciting adventure awaits him. The Modern Dream Book describes in detail what it means to dream of black chickens in the house:

  • in the kitchen - to hard work;
  • in the hallway - to sudden changes in mood;
  • in the bedroom - in real life it is recommended to calm down and rest more;
  • in the refrigerator - to a powerful surge of vital energy.

Speckled hens with chicks portend a fun time with relatives. Tiny chicks indicate that all this will happen only in the family circle. If the chickens are older, then you should expect cousins ​​or second cousins ​​to visit.

If you dreamed of a big rooster in the company of speckled laying hens, then prosperity awaits you in real life. Are there other birds (pigeons, ducks, geese) among the chickens? In this case, the dreamer will face minor expenses.

According to the interpretations of the Modern Dream Book, a person who collects the eggs of speckled laying hens will soon realize his plans. If these eggs were golden, then at work he will certainly find himself in an absurd situation. A lot of speckled chickens in night vision mean the envy of employees. If the birds are big and fat, then they dream of a holiday.

Exorbitant loads await the one who saw in the night story how a speckled chicken flies away from the yard. If she returns, then the person will successfully overcome all difficulties.

Video “Why do you dream about a rooster”

From this video you will learn the interpretation of a dream in which you dreamed of a rooster.

According to Miller

Miller's dream book says that chickens dream of family gatherings. For him, this bird became a symbol of home comfort, ideal family happiness and warm meetings with relatives. Therefore, it is a harbinger of long-awaited meetings with family or close friends.

In addition, such a dream may foretell the birth of a long-awaited child. In any case, if you saw a chicken in a dream, this promises you and your family joy associated with long-awaited meetings in the family circle.

Miller also said that chickens can give clues on how to communicate with certain people. For example, if a cackle reminds you of someone you know talking or laughing, it means you shouldn't take their words seriously.

According to Vanga

Vanga gives an interesting interpretation of dreams in which chickens appear. Such dreams foreshadow good changes and pleasant household chores. This bird symbolizes a happy family life.

If there are several chickens, it’s time for guests to arrive. As a rule, such guests announce their arrival quite unexpectedly, but our dreams allow us to foresee this.

Feeding chickens or eating chicken means an unexpected gift or surprise. Such a dream suggests a chance meeting with someone you have long wanted to see.

But if a chicken pecks at you, this is a sign that it’s time to think about the accumulated family problems and solve them as soon as possible.

According to the modern dream book

A large, healthy and beautiful chicken is a harbinger of a strong love relationship. It is also a symbol of prosperity: the dreamer can receive an unexpected gift, property, and even win a cash prize.

If a chicken lays an egg, this is a good sign, good news that awaits you soon.

But a rooster chasing a hen is a harbinger of trouble. This is a clear indication of disagreements in the family that will have to be overcome in order to restore harmony in the relationship. If a pair of birds is in a harmonious relationship, it means that a similar idyll awaits you in your family life.

Eating chicken that another person has prepared for you is a sign that you have come under someone’s influence. We advise you to think about whether you are guided in your life by your own desires or are following someone else's instructions.

According to Nostradamus

According to Nostradamus, a dream about a chicken promises you good luck and a prosperous future. The white color of the bird indicates material wealth.

Other sources

  1. Freud. According to the Austrian psychoanalyst, the chicken symbolizes good news. Killing a chicken means material losses. It may also indicate an inferiority complex. Chicken eggs are a symbol of meeting a man who in the future may become the dreamer’s destiny.
  2. Hasse. He offers the following interpretation of a dream with hens: a laying hen symbolizes love, a cackling bird warns of a long journey, but a hen with chickens symbolizes the creation of a strong family.
  3. Fedorovskaya. If a pregnant woman dreams of a chicken, it means the birth of a daughter.
  4. Medea. White chicken - to success at work and family idyll, brings luck and good fortune. A hen surrounded by a brood of chicks is a sign that your parents are overly worried about you and may be overprotective. A dead bird is a misfortune or danger that you will face. A chicken pecking grains means that a complete idyll awaits you in family affairs.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

A dream in which there were many chickens in the plot suggests that a person needs to be prepared for the arrival of guests. The same vision for a married lady means a lot of tedious worries. Moreover, they will all appear unexpectedly and end the same way.

Tsvetkov’s dream book pleases those who saw in a dream how laying hens calmly sit on their eggs. Such a vision is interpreted quite simply. A person needs to be patient a little. A little later, he will have a favorable moment that will allow him to realize all his hopes and plans.

In the case when a laying hen lays an egg, but does not want to hatch a chick, a person’s reputation in real life may suffer from gossip and rumors spread by ill-wishers.

According to this dream book, newly hatched chickens are deciphered as a quick fulfillment of desires. To implement them in real life, a person will need to show communication skills, perseverance and ingenuity.

The dream book also reveals the meaning of the night plot in which the chickens were next to the hen. For a person, this is a warning. For farmers, such a plot indicates the possibility of an upcoming crop failure. For those who are not associated with agricultural concerns, such night vision indicates upcoming problems in their personal life.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some recommendations for interpreting a dream about a rooster.
Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the moon. Assessing the feasibility of a dream on January 27, 2022

, according to the website Gadalkin House.
Today is Thursday, the Waning 4th quarter from January 25 16:42, the Night Sun entered the 1st house. If you had a dream on another day, you can look at the recommendations in this table
. Now let's look at the main indicators of today that influence the interpretation, according to astrologers.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 50%
IndexGuidelines for interpretation
Day of week:
Try to remember everything that you dreamed about on the night from Wednesday to Thursday as accurately as possible - pay attention to small, at first glance, insignificant details. Most likely, the interpretation of today’s dream will be somehow connected with your personal life or some hidden desires.
Lunar day:
25 Lunar day. Today is the day of prophetic dreams. Much of what you saw this night may come true in real life in the next lunar month. It’s more difficult with those dreams that you don’t want to come true. To avoid such a dream coming true, wash your face with cold water and whisper “The water has flown and the dream has gone.”
Moon in sign:
Sagittarius (29°31'25");
Sagittarius - in the case of dream interpretation, symbolizes the progress of relationships, the achievement of goals and a successful combination of circumstances. If you have come across something similar among the interpretations, take note.
Waning 4th quarter
Waning moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that this period is characterized by a loss of strength and energy. The person becomes more passive and tired. If there are some global projects coming up or active actions are required from you, put things off until the period of the waxing moon.

Vanga's Dream Book

The Bulgarian clairvoyant pointed out that chickens in night dreams are a symbol of joyful events in the house. If the hens are well-fed, large and have beautiful plumage, then the dreamer’s life will be prosperous and happy. If in night dreams chickens walk with chicks, then you should expect joy in the house and pleasant surprises. Several laying hens herald the arrival of guests. Many birds warn of the need to make great efforts to achieve your goals at work and in the family.

Freud's Dream Book

According to this interpreter, the chickens that a person saw in his night dreams prophesy good news for him. They also indicate receiving news either from the immediate environment or from afar.

Killing laying hens, according to Freud’s dream book, means financial loss or some kind of loss. In addition, a dead bird, according to a famous psychologist, indicates a disguised human inferiority complex.

The dream with chicken eggs also deserves attention. If a girl dreams of them, then she will have a quick meeting with a person who, quite possibly, will become her destiny. Seeing hens hatch eggs is great happiness.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

According to this interpreter of night dreams, chickens with white feathers are a symbol of great success. For a person who has such a dream, the area of ​​life that currently matters most to him will certainly bring good luck. Sleeping with such birds will bring joy to your home and success to your personal life. In this case, things will turn out well at work.

According to Medea’s dream book, a hen with chicks seen in night dreams indicates that this person’s parents care deeply about him. They worry about the mood, behavior and all the actions of their child. After such a dream, you should talk to your loved ones. This will relieve them of many doubts.

What kind of chicken and eggs did you dream about?

The chicken laid an egg

The chicken laid an egg in a dream about access to important information. You will get the opportunity to learn important details about your job. Collect facts gradually to form a complete picture of events.

Chicken laying eggs

According to the dream book, a chicken laying eggs means dismissal without reason. They will soon tell you that it’s time to pack your things and clear out your work space. They will want to fire you without reason or reason. It’s better not to argue with you, but rather to leave before more trouble happens.

Hen hatching eggs

According to the dream book, a chicken hatching eggs is a sign of profit. Perhaps this is a sign that your salary will soon be increased. You will receive good news this week. Try to do a good job, your boss is taking a closer look and maybe offering you a new position.

Young hen on eggs

A young hen on eggs according to the dream book means receiving a letter. The contents of the note will please you. It might even make some changes in your life. Check your email carefully so you don't miss an important message.

Young hen on eggs

According to the dream book, a young chicken on eggs dreams of communication skills. You will demonstrate communication skills that will help you meet important people. Great connections open up great roads.

Old hen on eggs

An old hen on eggs in a dream means family well-being. Relationships with family will soon change for the better. You will gain mutual understanding and trust. Spend more time with your family, communicate more.

Other meanings

The meaning of the dream depends on what kind of chicken and eggs you dreamed about:

  • Redhead - to troubles because of friends.
  • Black - to an unusual incident at work.
  • White - to stress and strong feelings due to one’s shortcomings.
  • Sick - to the spread of false information in the work team.
  • Disheveled - to an invitation to a corporate party.
  • Dirty - to a period of failures and troubles.
  • Wet - for a pleasant meeting with friends.
  • Rabid - to health problems due to weak immunity.

Dream book of the 21st century

This dream interpreter explains that large and beautiful chickens seen in a dream portend happiness, love, or receiving a share of illegally acquired property.

Several chickens can dream of the arrival of friends, troubles, as well as everyday worries. A lot of birds are a symbol of hard work.

Feeding laying hens in a dream means a gift, a meeting with a kind person, or an affectionate attitude. Eating chicken is a surprise.

A bird that laid an egg in dreams at night means an upcoming joyful event in reality. If she went with the chickens, then the person will certainly experience family joy.

Maly Velesov interpreter

Why do you dream about a lot of chickens? According to this dream book, they mean for a person the arrival of friends and a new acquaintance, profit, winnings and money. If birds peck grain, then this is a symbol of increased financial well-being. Feeding the chicken means the arrival of good guests. Birds that cackle indicate upcoming joy. Black chickens mean that the dreamer in reality will quarrel with one of his loved ones. If a pregnant woman caught laying hens in a dream, then she will certainly give birth to a girl. Slaughtering chickens means unexpected guests or illness.


In general, the rooster is considered a harbinger of favorable events that await the dreamer in the future. It is a symbol of career growth, prestige and great luck. However, beware that luck can make you overly arrogant and arrogant, and always remain yourself.

If you dream of two roosters who started a fight with each other, then this indicates a quarrel or rivalry that awaits you in the future. Sometimes this dream is interpreted as a harbinger of a quarrel between the dreamer’s enemies.


A lot depends on the color of the plumage of this warlike bird, and now we will look at what a rooster with an unusual color promises you.

Multi-colored cockerels with bright plumage portend the joyful news that a friend or loved one whom you have not seen for a long time will come to you.

The red rooster is a symbol of fire, the danger that awaits you.

A beautiful white rooster portends favorable changes in the dreamer’s life. If a man dreams of a white cockerel with a bright red comb, this promises him useful acquaintances in the future.

The black rooster is the personification of your rivals and enemies.

What is he doing

A lot also depends on the actions of the cockerel in a dream:

  1. Pecking grain. This dream, dreamed by an unmarried girl, means that she will live in abundance with her future husband. For married women, he prophesies material well-being in the family.
  2. Fights. If a rooster attacks another rooster, it means rivalry or quarrel. A cockerel fighting with you means the appearance of an intrusive and annoying gentleman.
  3. Screams. If a bird screams in the morning at dawn, the dream promises prosperity and good luck, sometimes a new addition to the family. A rooster crowing in the evening dreams of failure and financial losses.
  4. Runs away. A very important and difficult matter awaits you in the near future. If in a dream you were able to catch a bird, success will certainly await you in this matter.
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