Why do you dream about men’s wristwatches: the meaning and full interpretation of the dream according to dream books

  • July 27, 2019
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Dreams are sometimes so realistic and multifaceted that they are difficult to distinguish from reality. But when awakening comes, we understand that this is just an illusion and return to our everyday life. But sometimes the plot of a dream can’t get out of our heads, and we worry about why we saw this or that image. According to psychics, dreams can contain hints, warnings, and even reflect future events. Psychologists are convinced that this is how the subconscious conveys to us information about deep-seated problems and conflicts of the psyche.

If you turn to dream books with the question of why men’s wristwatches are dreamed of, many of them will interpret such a vision as a harbinger of important fateful events. It may also mean that a decisive stage in your life is approaching or that you do not have enough time to implement all your plans. The interpretation of the dream largely depends on the details of the plot. Therefore, if you want to understand why you dream of a men’s wristwatch, then carefully analyze what you see and highlight all the important points. Each nuance can significantly affect the final decoding of the symbols seen.

Basic interpretations

In a situation where, according to the plot of a dream, a person is looking at a watch, the vision is interpreted as an attempt in reality to rush things. But the sound of a ticking wristwatch indicates that a lot of small problems have accumulated. Until they are resolved, it will not be possible to level the situation. Another interpretation of why men’s wristwatches are dreamed of is a warning from the subconscious that a person is wasting his time, focusing on unimportant things, missing out on what is truly significant in life. If in a dream you wanted to see what time it was, but there were no hands on the dial, then this is not good.

An attempt to manually move the arrows indicates receiving non-material reward for work. But if, according to the plot, this thing was stolen from you, then in reality there are serious ill-wishers who will soon try to distort your reputation. Why do you dream about men's wristwatches? This vision can also be interpreted as a symbol of change. Moreover, the larger the accessory, the more serious they will be. If at the same time you remember how much time there was for them, then this will help you more clearly understand when changes in life will occur. But if in your night dreams you dropped your watch or it was damaged in some other way, then in reality you should change your behavior and organize your life. And then it will become more interesting and brighter than ever.

Plot details

If the dreamer happened to see a man’s wristwatch in a dream, then in reality he will definitely achieve his goals. Dreaming of winding a clock mechanism marks the beginning of a new life period. But stopping the clock warns of problems in the personal and business spheres. This could be a layoff, loss of bonus or demotion.

If the strap on your watch breaks in your night dreams, then in real life someone will try to slander you or you will receive undeserved accusations. Why does a woman dream of a men's watch? Soon she will meet a person with whom she can build a fairly serious relationship. If you watch a watch on your own wrist in a dream, then you will have something to think about in reality. But the accessory on someone else’s hand warns that you may miss important opportunities.

Why do you dream about men's watches?

A man a men's watch as a sign of change. But it is important to remember what condition the watch was in:

  • stopped - difficulties, obstacles, health problems
  • the bracelet broke - slander, discussion
  • go, show the time - acquaintance
  • winding a watch is a new successful start
  • check the time - there is enough energy to complete what you started

A woman will soon have a pleasant acquaintance if she saw a man’s watch in a dream.


It is important to pay attention to the cost of the watch. If they are cheap, this means financial difficulties, and if they are expensive, this means good changes. An accessory that is too elegant and chic can warn that you are under the influence of another person. Increasing your prestige and financial well-being—that’s what gold men’s wristwatches mean in dreams. Also, such a dream may mean that you have ill-wishers and envious people. Dream books recommend talking less to others about your plans and ideas and taking a closer look at people. After all, even friends may not be who you thought they were.

Gifts with meaning

We often see gifted watches in our dreams. As a rule, this remains in the memory after waking up, since the person intuitively understands that this dream is important. In addition, there is a belief: if you are given a watch, this means that the giver’s time in your life is running out, and you will be separated for various reasons. Whatever it was, this sign could not have been born out of nowhere.

You should know that any dreams about receiving news are also associated with certain sounds: ringing, thunder, knocking, screaming, even rustling or creaking, as well as melodic music. If in a dream certain sounds attracted your attention and you looked around in search of the object that made them, remember the size of the object, in this case a watch, as well as the intensity and nature of the sound: loud, creaking, hissing, etc. These features will indicate about the nature of the message awaiting you.

Vanga warned: hearing the sound of a clock in a dream is a prophecy that your life will not get better for a long time. It will seem that God has turned his back on you, but this is not so, you are simply destined to go through many trials in order to find peace, happiness and peace.

“Family Dream Book” by O. Smurova suggests that dreams about receiving news include those in which someone gives, brings or gives you something. By paying attention to the color (dark, light) of the object given or given to you, as well as the context of the surrounding atmosphere (perhaps a ray of sunshine, or perhaps the darkness), you will be able to understand the content of the news and its consequences.

Receive as a gift

It is believed that if a man had a dream in which he was given this accessory, then in reality his salary could be increased or he would move up the career ladder. An even better omen is a dream in which this watch is engraved, then the dreamer’s work will finally be appreciated and he will receive a proper reward.

Why do you dream of a beautiful men’s wristwatch that you yourself give to someone? Such a dream warns that you may commit a rather impulsive and rash act. Watch your actions, because it is likely that they can lead to quarrels and financial problems.


The purchase of an accessory in some dream books is also interpreted as a warning about rash actions. Such a dream can also be interpreted as a harbinger of serious changes in life due to meeting an influential person. If you saw in a dream how you are buying a wristwatch, then know: your dream will soon come true and luck will be on your side. It is important to consider who exactly had the dream in order to determine why they dream of finding a men’s wristwatch on the shelves in a store.

For guys, a dream promises betrayal of their beloved, but for ladies, such a vision predicts attention from the opposite sex. If the action took place in an expensive boutique, then the girl should expect to meet a wealthy man who will eventually become her companion. But if you break the chosen accessory, then the dream warns: chaos will soon reign around you, and there will be a lot of misunderstanding in the family. And a dream in which the purchased watch does not work may promise the need to reevaluate your life. If they were also very expensive, then get ready for bankruptcy.

Why do you dream of a wristwatch?

The dream book of Nostradamus promises a person who sees a watch on his wrist a generous reward for the work done. However, this will not be material gratitude at all.

an old wristwatch in a dream is a sign that it is time to think about your life. There is very little time left, but you can still use it to change what is happening for the better.

If a wristwatch works properly in a dream and looks good , current affairs will be completed successfully.

A broken wristwatch symbolizes a failed life, a bitter fate, and failure in business.

A new wristwatch means a new life, changes. We can say that soon the dreamer will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

a very expensive watch on your hand means a quick happy marriage with your loved one. The union will be strong and harmonious.

Determining the exact time using a wristwatch without a dial means danger and serious trouble lie ahead.

I dreamed about a wristwatch

Find or lose

Why do you dream of finding a men's wristwatch? Your financial situation will soon improve significantly and you will achieve success in the work sphere. Even if the accessory was lying in mud or a puddle, it foreshadows the justification of hopes and the fulfillment of plans, but only if it is in working order. But a broken thing promises failure; you are wasting your energy. It may also mean that you will lose profit or be fired, which is what dreams of a broken men's wristwatch mean. If you lost them in your night dreams, then remember exactly where it happened.

If on the street, then in real life you are too carefree and do not take everything seriously. If you dropped it into clean water, it means that you will face small problems, but in the end they will work into your hands. But losing an accessory in dirty water means that in reality they will no longer trust you. If you were unable to save the item according to the plot of the dream, then failures await you in the business sphere. If the accessory was silver, this means tears, resentment and parting, and a gold watch promises a loss of authority, position or status. According to the dream book, finding a men's wristwatch after you lost it in a dream means that you will be able to overcome all future difficulties and straighten out your situation.

A favorable period is coming

Did you dream of finding and putting them on? The interpretation of the dream can be positive: thanks to well-executed, well-coordinated work, you will gain financial independence and stability. Also, finding them in a dream promises success in your personal life or good news.

Seeing yourself as the owner of a new gold watch is an excellent omen. The dream book is encouraging: you will emerge victorious in the unspoken rivalry with stronger competitors, being luckier than them.

Sometimes the interpretation of a dream is as follows: if you find them, you will have a very rare chance of luck, which you will be able to take advantage of.


To decipher a dream where an accessory was stolen, it is important to consider who exactly dreamed of such a plot. If a woman saw it, it means that her lover cheated on her; the vision speaks of betrayal of the other half, as well as illness if the watch was made of gold. For men, the dream warns of problems with their superiors, which could very likely develop into dismissal if the dreamer cannot contain his emotions. But a dream in which a sleeping person decided to steal a watch means that in reality a two-faced person will appear in his life, hiding his true intentions. If the theft did not occur from a person, but from a store counter, then this is a warning: you are spending money too thoughtlessly on unimportant things. But the dream in which you managed to catch the thief of your watch indicates that in real life all your enemies will be exposed.

About the consequences of frivolity

A woman tries on her husband's chronometer - a symbol of adultery, her husband will cheat. A man tries on his wife's accessory - his wife is cheating.

The new watch symbolizes the dreamer’s frivolity; circumstances will put the person in a difficult situation. It is possible to achieve what you want provided that you need to control your feelings and not give in to emotions.

Miller's Dream Book

According to this interpreter, the sleeper will get a big win, which is why men’s expensive wristwatches are dreamed of. If, according to the plot, a person decided to give this thing to someone, then in reality he should be more tactful, otherwise he may have serious problems. A dream in which a person winds a clock mechanism indicates that serious changes for the better will soon come in his life; a period is coming when luck is on the side of the sleeper.

But the loss of an accessory warns: envious people spread gossip about you and weave intrigues. If the clock stops in a dream, be prepared for obstacles to arise along the way; the troubles will be minor, but will take a lot of time and effort. If, according to the plot of your dream, you broke your watch, then in reality you will lose something important to yourself. A golden and beautiful accessory in a dream warns of the insincerity of someone around you. Miller claims that if in real life something was stolen from the sleeping person before this dream, then the symbol from the dream indicates that it was done by someone close to him.

Why do you dream about time on a clock?

A certain position of the hands on a clock in a dream may be a reflection of real events from the past that occurred at that time. Perhaps the experiences are still so strong that the subconscious cannot let go of this memory, replaying its details again and again in a dream.

Also, a certain time on the clock in a dream can serve as a hint for further actions. Numerology will help you determine how favorable the approaching time is.

The time value on the clock in a dream corresponds to the meaning of the numbers according to the numerology directory:

  • 1 – enough energy and strength to start acting
  • 2 – period is good for creative work
  • 3 – a good period for enthusiasts, inspired people
  • 4 – stability, change is unacceptable
  • 5 – good luck in trade, travel
  • 6 – favorable period for volunteers
  • 7 – success in acquiring new knowledge
  • 8 – time for pleasant changes
  • 9 – symbolizes love for the whole world
  • 10 corresponds to 1, 11 to 2, 12 to 3.

The modern dream book provides more accurate information. What should you expect if you saw on the clock in a dream:

  • 1.00 – trip
  • 13.00 – cold, disruption of plans
  • 2.00 – no need to rush to make a decision
  • 14.00 – in 2 weeks there will be a chance to realize your talents
  • 3.00 – a difficult period ahead
  • 15.00 – passion, love adventures
  • 4.00 – easy getting rid of excess, unnecessary things
  • 16.00 – plans will change due to the intervention of an outsider
  • 5.00 – a pleasant surprise at work
  • 17.00 – you need to concentrate, take a serious approach
  • 6.00 – to achieve success, you will have to fight laziness
  • 18.00 – shyness will prevent you from realizing your dream
  • 7.00 – adjustment of life goals is necessary
  • 19.00 – victory over liars
  • 8.00 – desire for power
  • 20.00 – attempts to beat competitors
  • 9.00 – an advantageous offer that cannot be missed
  • 21.00 – success

If you dreamed about the time on a clock
Often dreams in which there is a clock predict unpleasant events, failures and illnesses. By performing a special ritual, you can avoid the troubles promised by the dream. To do this, you need to open a tap with cold water while it flows, tell her the whole dream and whisper: “Take away, water, all my troubles and sorrows, so that they have neither an end nor a beginning . Then read the prayer three times: “Our Father . This ritual is very reliable. If you believe in his power, then nothing bad will happen in the future.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

According to this interpreter, in order to correctly decipher a dream involving this symbol, one must take into account the actions of the dreamer. If he looks at a watch on his hand without hands, then his time in real life has already been spent and the period has come when it is better to retire and stop keeping people near you. If the clock is working properly, then the sleeper wastes a lot of time in vain, not using it to implement plans.

Attempts to start the mechanism indicate the dreamer's impatience, but there is no need to rush things, it is useless. Breaking an object according to the plot of a dream warns that there will be quarrels and troubles in the family, and if they are not prevented, then matters may lead to divorce. But the loss of an accessory in night dreams indicates that in reality you will not be able to get to some meeting or event, and there is also a possibility that you will lose contact with some person. The same thing means a broken device.

Family dream book

According to this interpreter, dream plots where watches are present are interpreted as an omen of a successful period in working life. But dreams in which you give this accessory to someone or break it indicate that a struggle awaits you ahead, because there will be many obstacles on the way to your goal. A dream in which a person looks at the hands of a clock for a very long time warns that if you hesitate in reality, luck will leave you. If your watch is stolen, know that in real life envious people are trying to discredit your reputation.

Aesop's Dream Book

According to this interpreter, a clock in a dream symbolizes the transience of time and the fact that a person cannot in any way influence its flow. If the device in the vision was faulty or simply stopped, then something negative will happen in reality, and this applies not only to the sleeping person himself, but also to all members of his family. But attempts to repair a watch indicate that in real life a person wants to make amends for mistakes made in the past. Buying an accessory in night dreams promises bankruptcy for the sleeper due to his careless attitude towards money.

Interpreter Hasse

According to this dream book, a men's wristwatch on the hand promises the sleeper a calm and measured life. But watching someone give this accessory suggests that the dreamer is lying to others and to himself. The dream book recommends stopping this while the situation can still be changed. If, according to the plot of a dream, a person found a watch, then in reality he needs to be more collected, because his eternal tardiness negatively affects his reputation. If the accessory was made of gold, then beware: soon you will be robbed by someone from your inner circle.

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