Why do you dream about trousers? Dream Interpretation: the meaning of sleep, the most complete interpretation of dreams

If you remember which parts of the body the pants cover, it is not difficult to guess that in a dream this element of the wardrobe symbolizes interest in the opposite sex, innermost thoughts and secret desires. The dream book also connects what this item of clothing is meant for in dreams with upcoming events. For example, it warns of possible profits or difficult times - the interpretation often depends on the condition of the trousers in the dream.

A correctly interpreted dream often helps you decide on your primary goals and objectives, make the right decision, and also tell you about the dreamer’s true motivations. Some advice from the dream book may seem unexpected at first glance.

The old Noble dream book by N. Grishina claims that a dream in which the sleeper is about to put on pants is nothing more than a reflection of real events. What pants mean in dreams represents the desire for self-improvement, the desire to increase one’s self-esteem and, at the same time, one’s importance in society at any cost.

When sweatpants appear in a dream, the dream book advises taking the dream as a call to act more energetically. If sweatpants suit you, their cheerful colors create a good mood, in a word, you feel comfortable in them, therefore, you can safely take on a difficult task that you have not dared to start for a long time.

Pants: Miller's dream book

What interpretation does the famous psychologist offer? What do night dreams in which trousers appear mean? Miller's dream book warns that someone will soon try to force the sleeper to change his principles. A person can succumb to the influence of others and commit a dishonest act. He will regret it only when it is too late to change anything.

Putting trousers on inside out - why do you dream about this? Night dreams warn a person that he will soon be captured by someone’s charm. It is possible that sympathy will turn into a more serious feeling.

Multi-colored bloomers

According to most interpretations, in dreams, red pants symbolize passion and spontaneous feelings. The details of the plot will tell you how long-lasting the hobby will be. Who was wearing red trousers: a man or a woman? A lady in red in a man’s dream may be a harbinger of a scandal in reality.

If a woman dreamer dreams of a man in red pants, what she sees in the dream is a harbinger of a new acquaintance, which has every chance of getting a logical continuation in the form of a romantic relationship.

Gray pants personify the unconscious desire to distract attention as much as possible from the intimate parts of the body, to position oneself as a person, and not as a sexual object. A woman who is afraid of frank glances, shallow jokes, or even harassment in the workplace in a male team can see something like this in a dream.

What white pants mean in a dream can be compared to a thrown white flag, that is, complete or partial surrender. The dream book notes the moral readiness of the sleeper for negotiations and reasonable compromises. In fact, how long can you defend your delusions?

Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

What can you learn from this guide? What do trousers symbolize according to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima? If a person puts on this thing in a dream, then this promises him the appearance of some kind of secret. He will want to hide some secret from his circle, the publication of which could ruin his reputation. The dreamer can protect not only himself, but also someone close to him.

Pants worn backwards or inside out mean that the sleeper is ready to share his secret with someone. Unfortunately, the person chosen as the keeper of the secret may not justify the trust of the sleeper. Everyone will find out the dreamer’s secret, which will negatively affect his future life.

Pantsless Team

Such an indecent gesture as taking off your pants in front of honest people takes on a completely different meaning in a dream. Paradoxically, the dream symbolizes the long-awaited deliverance from want and poverty.

The universal dream book is less optimistic. He claims that dropping your pants in a dream foretells losses. True, they will not be so significant as to cause serious financial damage.

Freud's dream book states quite straightforwardly that walking without pants in a dream is accomplished by those who want to do something similar in reality, that is, by persons prone to exhibitionism.

Pastor Loff's dream book believes that a dream in which you managed to lose your pants can be interpreted almost literally: as a harbinger of bankruptcy. In this unfavorable period, the probability of losing everything to the bone is really high.

Color matters

You should definitely remember the color of the dreamed product. The interpretation directly depends on this.

  • What do white trousers symbolize? Hasse's dream book associates this with a willingness to compromise. The sleeper agrees to listen to the opponent’s opinion and try to understand him. It is possible that this will influence his own decision. Also, such a thing can promise insight. Man has been captivated by delusions for a long time, and now he will finally break out of it.
  • What do night dreams in which black trousers appear mean? Hasse’s dream book notes the patience and endurance of the sleeper, his fighting spirit. A person is full of strength and energy, capable of moving mountains. Now is the time to start working on bringing your bold plans to life.
  • The red thing is a symbol of passion. In the near future, an attractive representative of the opposite sex will appear on the horizon. A person has to dive headlong into the pool of love experiences. Barriers between him and the object of his passion will not stop him.
  • Green trousers are a good omen. Soon a person will have the opportunity to break out of the routine for a while. An exciting adventure awaits him, of which wonderful memories will remain.
  • The yellow product predicts profit. Money may come from a source that will surprise the dreamer.

To a woman

What awaits a woman in reality if she sees men's trousers in her night dreams? The Bitch's Dream Book associates this with career advancement. The authorities will appreciate the merits of the sleeping woman and offer her a leadership position.

A married lady irons her husband's trousers in her night dreams? The 21st century dream book promises her a divorce in reality. If she does this with clothes that belong to another man, then she will soon begin to cheat on her spouse. Wearing your husband's trousers means becoming the head of the family.

A young girl tries on men's trousers in her night dreams? The Dream Interpretation (Modern Combined Interpreter) predicts her a secret relationship with a man who will be much older. Ironing this item of men's clothing is a sign of marriage. Soon the girl will receive a marriage proposal from someone from whom she has long dreamed of hearing it.

Were the trousers in the dream women's? This plot testifies to the desire of the sleeping woman to conquer as many men as possible. It is also impossible not to mention that she strives to dominate in relationships. Strict classic trousers that a young girl tries on predict a conflict with others. It is better to try to avoid a quarrel, as its consequences will be extremely unpleasant. Loose-fitting trousers are a sign that the sleeping woman is prone to frivolous behavior. She may suffer because of this in the future.

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  • 18-Mar-2018 Alexandra In a dream, I was getting ready to go somewhere. The weather was good, sunny and warm. I took out new jeans and cut them off.
  • 19-Jun-2017 Gulzira In a dream, I take my husband’s old torn trousers and call my husband to talk alone, but he doesn’t want to talk to me, and he stays with some guys, and I go home alone.

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For men

The stronger sex can also see this wardrobe element in night dreams. What do women's trousers promise a man? Stuart Robinson's dream book warns the sleeper that he is preparing to do something stupid. A man strives to succumb to temptation, to give in to feelings. His common sense rebels against this, but the dreamer does not want to listen to him.

Respectable men's trousers promise a carefree future for the stronger sex. Everything will turn out exactly as the dreamer wishes. Sorrows and troubles will bypass the sleeping person. Worn-out pairs promise a man troubles and problems. There will be a dark streak in life that will not end soon.

Are the trousers in the night dreams not the right size for a man? Such a plot warns that the dreamer is engaged in a hopeless cause. He is trying to implement a project that absolutely no one needs. Even if a man copes with his task, it will not bring him either material or moral satisfaction.

What do leather trousers symbolize? Night dreams in which such a product appears predict a man's popularity with the fair sex. Fans will pursue the dreamer, literally fight for his attention. One day a man risks getting tired of this struggle.

Interpretation of sleep in detail

IMPORTANT! Interpretation of dreams should be done only after all the details of what was seen have been restored in memory. Even the smallest, at first glance, details can tell a lot about a particular picture seen.

Men's trousers

Men's trousers are a sign of a carefree future and great prospects. In the business sphere, everything will turn out exactly as the dreamer himself intended. In your personal life, all troubles will also pass by.

But if the trousers looked very old, frayed or torn, you should expect a lot of hassle and difficulties.

Why do you dream of boots - the interpretation of a dream with new, red, women's or even res... The image of boots in most dream books is interpreted as positive. Boots are associated with positive changes in life and good luck in business. A more accurate interpretation...

Seeing your loved one in pants

A lover who is wearing trousers in a dream is an indicator of a favorable combination of circumstances and a tempting offer that the person who sees this dream will not find the strength to refuse.

ATTENTION! This same dream, as a rule, warns a person that it is worth taking everything that happens more seriously - frivolity will not lead to good.

Tearing your pants in a dream

If your pants are torn in a dream, you definitely need to start paying more attention to your own property. Such a vision warns that there is a high probability of a major loss.

REFERENCE! Some people believe that holes seen on trousers in a dream are holes in the aura of the sleeper and he loses his protective shell. In this case, such dreams foreshadow malaise and a gradual loss of vital energy.

Shit your pants

To shit your pants means that in real life there is a high probability of dealing with a bribe-taker who wants to warm up his hands in some way. This situation will negatively affect the dreamer’s appearance.

Pants crap in a dream also indicate that the sleeper has a large number of fears.

Sew up a hole in your pants

You have to sew up holes in a dream in cases where the sleeper has to correct other people’s mistakes. You will have to help your colleague find a way out of this difficult situation. With the right approach to business, management will definitely appreciate such support.

Red pants

The color red symbolizes strong emotions and passion. Trousers of this color promise a new love interest, but due to excessive enthusiasm for a new acquaintance, the dreamer will not be able to discern serious flaws in him.

The child peed in his pants

A child who has peed himself is seen in a dream for a reason; it signals that someone is going to involve the dreamer in an unpleasant, dirty adventure. It’s not too late to stop and refuse the offer, so that you don’t have to bitterly regret the mistake you made.

Washing pants in a dream is a good sign, foreshadowing big profits.

White pants

White trousers mean that the sleeper is guided in his actions only by sincere motives. If suddenly a person makes any unpleasant mistake, he will have to experience pangs of conscience and look for any ways to atone for these mistakes.

Why do you dream of a blanket - dream book, see an old blanket, choose or buy a blanket... A dream in which a blanket appears foreshadows changes in different areas of a person’s life. This symbol can be associated with personal life, work and...

There is no need to torment yourself with regrets. It is important to draw appropriate conclusions so as not to repeat such offenses in the future.

Wash dirty pants

Washing soiled pants is a positive sign, promising rapid income growth and a noticeable increase in well-being.

If during washing a person pays special attention to his pockets or their contents, then he will receive a large monetary win.

Walk around without pants

A dream where the sleeper sees himself without pants is considered a harbinger of imminent bankruptcy. There is a great risk of losing all existing savings; against the backdrop of this event, a major scandal will break out in the family.

Trying on pants in a store

Trying on pants in a store means that you will soon receive a lucrative offer from an influential friend. This offer may not be entirely pleasant, but still you shouldn’t refuse it - completing the task will take the sleeper’s life to a new level and will allow you not to save money from paycheck to paycheck.

Buying these trousers immediately after trying them on means taking advantage of an unpleasant situation.

Buy new pants

Buying new trousers that fit the dreamer perfectly and he likes means a promotion, a transfer to another, more profitable place of work and an interesting long business trip are also likely.

But if the sleeper buys pants that he doesn’t like, it means that an increase will occur, but will not affect the level of wages and job responsibilities in any way.

Put your pants on inside out

Pants worn inside out mean that you will soon fall under someone's charm, but this is not always a good sign; there is a possibility that a new acquaintance will want to persuade the person who had the dream to commit a dishonest act.

Green pants

Green pants are a good omen. The dreamer feels very tired, but soon he will be able to relax and unwind well, breaking away from the boring routine for a while. This vacation may turn out to be a trip to a place that the sleeper has long dreamed of.

Why do you dream about a dress? Interpretation of a dream with a dress according to dream books In order to always be prepared for twists of fate, you should pay attention to your dreams. Dress is a frequent guest in women’s dreams and because of the way...

Torn fabric

Are your trousers coming apart at the seams in front of everyone? What do such night dreams promise for men and women? In real life, the dreamer risks becoming an object of ridicule and finding himself in an awkward position. Unfortunately, no one will want to save him.

Seeing holes in trousers is a bad omen. Such dreams warn that ruin awaits the sleeper. A person absolutely does not monitor his expenses, which have long exceeded his income. Soon such a strategy will lead him to ruin.

What do torn trousers symbolize? Such a plot may mean that a person has too many enemies. His enemies have united against him and are preparing to destroy his life. Ignoring the actions of ill-wishers is dangerous; such a position will cost the dreamer dearly. It is better to take the fight and try to win the battle.


What does it mean to buy new trousers in your dreams? The 21st century dream book associates such a plot with future career advancement. The sleeper may be offered a leadership position.

Buy trousers and then realize that you don’t like them at all – what does that mean? Such a plot indicates that the sleeper will receive a promotion, but this will not bring him pleasure. There is no expectation of an increase in income in the near future.

What does it mean to buy a used product? Such dreams warn that the dreamer is destined to soon take the place of his boss. Time will tell whether he will cope with his new responsibilities.

Why do you dream about buying defective trousers? In real life, a person risks getting into an awkward situation. He will be offered a promotion, but in the end the promised post will be taken by another person. The main thing is to get out of the situation “beautifully”.

Dress, measure

What does it mean to wear new trousers in night dreams? Stuart Robinson's dream book predicts a change of job for the sleeper. The office, the team, the management - everything will be new and unusual. The dreamer should adapt to new conditions as quickly as possible. You may have to get rid of some old habits.

What does it mean to try on trousers in night dreams? The dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima promises the sleeper the appearance of an influential and wealthy patron. This face will help him succeed in life. However, the dreamer will lose his freedom, which will greatly upset him. The sleeper must immediately think about what is more important to him. It may be better to refuse help and support and try to achieve everything on your own.


What do trousers smeared in paint symbolize? Such a plot is a warning that in the near future a person risks making a serious mistake. He will have to blame his own carelessness for this. A mistake can have a negative impact on his entire future life.

Spilling wine on your trousers - why do you dream about this? Surprisingly, such dreams are a good omen. They mean that the dreamer’s financial situation will soon improve. For some time, a person will become a magnet for money. Unfortunately, what comes easily to him can then evaporate just as quickly.

Why do you dream of torn pants on your butt?

Dream Interpretation Pants torn on the butt dreamed of why in a dream Pants tore on the butt? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see Pants torn at the butt in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation - Pants

Seeing and putting on pants in a dream is a warning against a disorderly lifestyle, losses. A futile struggle with the feeling of one's own insignificance.

To put on others means well-being in your personal life.

Taking off your pants means bad fame, ridicule.

Repair - decrease in income.

Tearing your pants - without knowing it, you are in a difficult position.

Wearing very wide or bright pants is a joy in the house.

In very narrow ones - great bad luck.

Dream Interpretation - Break

Tearing a newspaper or kindling magazine in a dream foretells the appearance of a successor to your family.

Tearing a valuable book in your hearts out of anger means that in reality you will forget to do something very important.

If in a dream a hundred dollar bill is torn before your eyes, it means that in reality fame and success await you.

Seeing torn curtains in a dream is a sign of a shameful scandal in front of numerous neighbors.

Tearing expensive wallpaper in a dream, catching it with something sharp, foretells that in reality you will be forced to give in to the advances of a man who turns out to be your accidental companion on the train.

If in a dream you are crossing an abyss on a rope that suddenly breaks, in reality you will take part in an extremely risky undertaking that could end very badly for you.

Torn threads foretell that trouble awaits you due to the treachery of your friends.

A torn handkerchief means quarrels with a loved one over petty trifles.

A torn blanket portends unfavorable circumstances in a matter that is important to you.

Tearing clothes in a dream is a warning about caution in dealing with unfamiliar men, especially for a young girl who is inexperienced in matters of love.

If your tights are torn in a dream, this means that separation from a loved one will push you to connect with other men.

Torn and scattered beads foreshadow the company of an unpleasant person.

A torn tent through which the rain penetrates means worries and worries about children.

If in a dream your brand new gloves were torn, in reality you will be robbed or robbed of a significant amount.

Tearing a letter in a dream is a warning that your reputation is threatened by the spread of false gossip.

Why do you dream about torn pants - interpretation of the dream

Why do you dream about torn pants?

Dreaming of pants means help or kindness that you will receive. Wearing pants in a dream could mean that you will receive help from a person when you least expect it.

Putting on pants in a dream and discovering that they are torn means that your financial well-being will improve. The dream foretells that you will soon find a great job or take a step forward in business.

Tearing your pants in a dream means that you must solve your problems on the love front, otherwise your relationship will quickly end.

Modern dream book

Why do you dream about torn pants?

Dreaming of torn pants means that you will move forward in work or school. This movement will be beneficial for your family and you.

Buying new pants at the store and discovering that they are torn is a new stage in your life. Perhaps you change your place of work or even change your profile, in any case the changes will be successful.

Seeing yourself giving torn pants to a person in a dream means material things. If you were given torn pants in a dream, you will be slandered, but the truth will come out quite quickly.

Sewing up torn pants in a dream means that your wishes will come true quickly enough, and the obstacles in front of you will gradually disappear.

Ironing torn trousers in a dream means that you will get rid of emotional problems and relax.

You can share your dream below. To find out why a woman or a man dreams of Torn Pants, it is advisable to interest the readers and experts of the dream book with your memories of events and images.

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Torn my pants at the butt

Dream Interpretation I tore my pants on my butt dreamed of why in a dream I tore my pants on my butt? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see your pants torn on your butt in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Rip your pants on your butt

Dream Interpretation: Tearing your pants on your butt dreamed of why you dream about Tearing your pants on your butt? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to dream about tearing your pants on your butt by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

General dream book

What does it mean to see pants? The dream book warns the sleeper that he risks succumbing to temptation. We are not necessarily talking about a romantic adventure. It may also imply dishonest deeds associated with easy money.

Trying on and putting on pants is a bad sign. The sleeper will be forced to lie to everyone around him. He will do this in order to protect his reputation. If his secret is revealed, she will be left in rags.

Buying or selling trousers means participating in a scam. The dreamer will enter into a dishonest agreement, which he will later regret for a long time.

Sewing or stitching a product is a bad sign. The sleeper will find himself in a hopeless situation, and all this will happen only through his own fault. No one will want to lend him a helping hand; only a miracle can save him. Are the trousers sewn or sewn by someone else? A careless act will cost one of the dreamer’s loved ones dearly. It is possible that the sleeper himself will suffer due to the actions of this person.

Steaming pants in a dream means hard work in reality. The sleeper will have to work hard in order for his shaky reputation to be restored.

Putting your pants on inside out – what does it mean? In the near future, someone will be able to deceive the dreamer. The sleeper will not immediately realize that he has become a victim of deception. When he understands everything, it will be too late to try to fix anything.

Sleeping with pants in an Islamic dream book

According to the Islamic dream book, trousers are a signal to the sleeper that one of his relatives will be involved in an unpleasant scrape, which may result in problems with the law. It would be good if the dreamer could determine who exactly needs support and dissuade a loved one from a rash act.

Trying on trousers in a dream means a bad incident. If possible, you should avoid large companies, since active participation in noisy gatherings will have negative consequences for the sleeper.

21st century interpreter

What information can you get from this guide?

  • Just seeing trousers means becoming a victim of deception. It is possible that someone will convince the sleeping person to take part in a dubious scam.
  • Putting on pants is a sign of self-confidence. A person has no doubt that he is capable of moving mountains.
  • Losing trousers means ridicule. The dreamer will find himself in an awkward situation. Everyone around him will make fun of him.
  • Torn pants are a shame. Something will make the sleeper suffer from remorse.
  • Bright or wide - to joy. Soon an event will occur that will make the dreamer happy.
  • Helping someone put on pants is a good sign. The financial situation of the sleeper will soon improve. If he has debt obligations, he will be able to pay them off.
  • Trying on and buying means failure. The dreamer will not be able to finish the work he will begin in the near future. Luck is not on his side now.

Various stories

What other information would be useful to a person who dreamed of trousers? The following stories are discussed in the dream books.

  • Taking a long time to choose a model is a plot that calls for caution. In the near future, a person will need to make an important decision. It will affect his entire subsequent life. Haste in this case can ruin everything.
  • Is someone trying on pants that belong to the dreamer? Such dreams warn that he has envious people. People who are haunted by the successes of the sleeping person dream of harming him.
  • Trying on someone else's trousers means a heated discussion. A person will try to impose his own point of view on someone. He is most likely to fail. Each of the opponents will remain with their own opinion.
  • Ironing trousers is a sign that the sleeper trusts his immediate environment too much. These people know his strengths and weaknesses and use this information for their own purposes. A person needs to become more closed at least for a while. He must be more careful in choosing the people he allows close to him.
  • Drawing “arrows” on your trouser legs means trying to put your affairs in order.
  • Washing pants is a good sign. The person who saw this dream will discover an additional source of income in real life. This will allow the sleeper to significantly improve his financial situation.
  • Are your trousers too short in your dream? Such a plot indicates that the sleeper has problems with self-esteem. The unwillingness to see one's talents is the reason why a person fails to succeed in life.

Dirt and washing

Dirty pants in a dream speak for themselves: soiled clothes are associated with trouble, dishonor and other troubles.

If in a dream you find dirt on your pants, pay attention to its origin. Oil stains promise protection. Splashes from a puddle portend deception and a threat to reputation.

The dream book of the sage Zhou-Gong believes that washing pants in a dream is a good sign. In reality, the dreamer will be lucky enough to attend a gala event that he has long wanted to attend.

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