Dream interpretation: the ceiling is leaking. The meaning of sleep, the most complete interpretation of dreams according to the dream book

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The ceiling in dreams represents the limit of human capabilities. In this regard, his appearance in dreams is a harbinger of many good and bad events in reality. To correctly interpret the sign, many features that were present in the dream are taken into account. Thus, low ceilings reflect the dreamer’s inner feelings, representing difficulties pressing on him, while high ceilings promise a person success.

General interpretation

To determine why a leaking ceiling is dreamed of, one always takes into account its color and condition in the dream.

Thus, a white surface promises inner harmony with which a person will be filled.

If a ceiling with cracks is leaking in a dream, this indicates the dreamer has an excessive feeling of guilt and a readiness to correct something. This is a call to a person to let go of his past and accept that he does not have to be perfect.

Dilapidated surfaces symbolize the destruction of castles in the air that a person built, as well as getting rid of social frameworks, trying to squeeze into which, the dreamer forgot about his own success.

If a ceiling that has recently been repaired is leaking in a dream, this is an indication that a patron will soon appear in the dreamer’s life who will help him advance in some area of ​​life.

Wallace's dream book: a leaking roof in a dream

Dream : You notice that water is entering your house and realize that the roof is leaking. At first small drops fall from the ceiling, but after a while the water flows through the gap and finally spills out in a stream.

Water continues to flow down the interior walls and you begin to fear the damage it may cause. And although a huge stream of water flows into the house, you often cannot determine where the leak actually is.

You are afraid that the water will wash away the walls, your entire house will collapse and you will have nowhere to live.

The meaning of the dream “Leaking roof in a dream”

If you dream of a leaking roof, it means that in everyday life you often encounter some form of emotional insecurity. Different parts of a house usually represent different aspects of your personality, and the roof symbolizes your need for shelter and complete security.

The roof is located at the very top of the house and therefore also indicates your way of thinking. Water symbolizes emotions and feelings, so a leaking roof means some kind of emotionally charged situation that makes you feel absurd and helpless.

Although you try to think logically in this situation and develop the best course of action, sometimes your emotions simply overwhelm you. It usually starts with an annoyed drip as you realize these emotions are seeping into your analytical mental process.

But the more you try to deal with your feelings in a rational way, the stronger their flow becomes. The walls of your home symbolize your personal boundaries, and trying to bottle up your feelings will only weaken your emotional barrier.

If you are afraid that the water will wash away the walls, it means that you are worried about the possibility of an emotional breakthrough when you forget yourself and lose the ability to follow the decisions you have made. The flow of water in a dream may be simply incredible, but it only reflects the strength of your feelings in a given situation.

Your actions after the dream “Leaking roof in a dream”

  • This dream reveals to you the need to work on your feelings rather than just trying to analyze them logically. We often don't pay attention to our emotions, yet they usually provide us with much more accurate information about our circumstances than rational analysis.
  • In such a situation, your feelings encourage you to set clear boundaries in your interactions with other people to prevent yourself from ignoring your own needs. The best way to do this is to simply express how you really feel when you begin to drown in the demands of others.

Prerequisites for the dream “Leaking roof in a dream”

We are accustomed to using the word “leakage” to describe the seepage of water through a seemingly impenetrable surface, but we also use the same word to describe information that is outside its normal channel.

Such leaks often put people in a vulnerable position who thought they were in a safe and comfortable position. Once compromised, they usually go to great lengths to stop the flow of information.

Even if we feel like we have nothing to hide, we feel very uncomfortable if our emotions start leaking, no matter how hard we try to control them.

Appearance of water

Often a leaking surface predicts a quarrel for the dreamer with someone to whom a frank thing was told in reality. If any organization appears in a dream, the same interpretation will apply to it.

In dream books, a leaking ceiling from which contaminated water pours symbolizes difficulties that the sleeper did not really expect to arise, and therefore will fail in attempts to prevent their occurrence.

If clean water drips, this is a positive omen: in the near future the dreamer will experience pleasant events in the love sphere of life.

If the surface is wet and sometimes drips from it, this is an indication that the person is barely holding back accumulated emotions. This symbol is a call to throw off the ballast of negative feelings and thoughts.

If you dream that raindrops from the roofs are dripping onto the sleeping person, this symbol promises him strong love feelings. For single people, this portends a meeting with the love of their life, and for those in a relationship, the beginning of their new stage.

In Miller's dream book, a leaking ceiling indicates that the sleeping person has many enemies. Many people around him envy him. They will not be able to influence the dreamer’s life, but will spread gossip and build small intrigues.

According to dream books, a leaking ceiling in a dream, if the dreamer knows whose fault it happened, symbolizes a thorough conversation with this person. The purity of the water promises its success.

In order to correctly interpret why a leaking ceiling is dreamed of, be sure to take into account the dreamer’s emotions about this. They can radically change any interpretation of sleep. So, if a person is happy and runs through puddles while the ceiling is leaking in the apartment, the dream book interprets this dream as a call to action. A person will have success in everything he does, and this is the best time to boldly bring all his plans to life.

Vanga's Dream Book

If you dreamed of a large amount of water pouring from the ceiling, then this is a sign of unexpected news that will change your understanding of the world around you and your life will begin to flow in a different direction. Vanga focuses on the purity of water. If the water is clean, then the changes will be good . If dirty, then expect impending problems.

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Poor condition of the ceiling

If the top of the apartment has collapsed and blocks the exit from it, in reality the dreamer will face great trials. They can affect his social status.

For those who carefully build their careers, a fallen ceiling promises disagreements with management due to the impulsive actions of the sleeper.

Seeing in a dream how the upper surface of an apartment is being renovated means in reality getting a chance to grow greatly in some area of ​​life.

New connections

The Wanderer's Dream Book, deciphering why a leaking ceiling is dreamed of, predicts new acquaintances for the dreamer at a time when he is not expecting it.

If a single man dreams that the roof is leaking and then collapses on him, in reality he should prepare for the wedding.

For a girl who sees a ceiling leaking in a dream, dream books promise a new acquaintance with whom she will become friends. It will depend on her whether she will marry him or be friends for a long time.

If the ceiling leaks from rain, dream books decipher this as a person gaining useful connections.

Who dreamed it?

To an unmarried girl

For an unmarried girl, such a dream foreshadows a difficult period in a relationship with a loved one. Misunderstandings and scandals are possible out of nowhere. In the near future , it is better to avoid meetings and be alone with yourself.

Clean water in a dream means happiness in business.

To a woman

Such a dream often predicts disappointments in family life. In the near future, misunderstandings and conflicts with loved ones are possible. Try to ignore controversial situations and wait out this difficult time.

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IMPORTANT! Pay attention to the clarity of the water. The interpretation of the dream depends on this.

If a girl, while pregnant, saw in a dream clean water dripping onto the floor from the ceiling, then this promises happiness in her planned affairs. To see such a dream in late pregnancy means solving troubling problems.

And if the water is dirty and cloudy, then this is a warning. Listen to yourself, to your inner feelings. It is worth paying attention to your health. Be attentive to yourself and careful, then all troubles will pass by.

To a man

This is a sign to a man that he is moving in the wrong direction. The plans will not come true. Leave making serious decisions until later. You will experience a lot of stress. This also portends problems in the family, the solution of which will require maximum effort and time. But these tests will be within your power.

Water falling from the ceiling is very disappointing.


According to the Gypsy Dream Book, a leaking ceiling at home promises imminent disappointment in someone.

If a sleeping person told someone in his dream that his roof was leaking, this promises a quarrel with this person in reality. The interpretation is enhanced if this person was the culprit of the flood.

According to the interpretation of Nostradamus, a leaking roof indicates that a person is disappointed in himself. This is a call to change something in yourself.

If your neighbors’ roof is leaking in a dream, in reality you should expect that the dreamer will work to the limit of his own capabilities.

Misunderstandings with the authorities, the machinations of enemies

Did the entrepreneur dream of water from the ceiling? Misunderstandings with the authorities are possible. You need to think carefully about your actions and conduct business as honestly as possible.

According to Miller's dream book, water from the ceiling is an indication: among your environment there are too many envious people who wish you harm. Take off your rose-colored glasses and be alert.

But also seeing a leaking roof in a dream is reassuring: ill-wishers will not be able to harm you much. However, beware of rumors and gossip that can negatively affect your reputation.

Difficulties and joy

If some liquid leaked into the ceiling surface, and not just someone spilled water from above, the interpretation will depend on the type of this substance.

So, seeing blood at the top means the return of one of the relatives after a quarrel. Or the one who was considered missing will return.

To see milk stains at the top means to have good health.

Seeing a resinous liquid or oil means participating in a scam.

Watch for sweetened, viscous liquid (condensed milk, honey) - the effort will pay off.

Noticing liquid paint means sudden and frequent mood swings.


If the dreamer himself repaired the roof in a dream, in reality he will regain something that he lost long ago. It will take effort to make this happen.

In a dream, hiring someone to paint the ceiling means shifting the solution of many tasks to others, delegating your responsibilities to them.

Whitewashing the roof with your own hands means you will actually encounter paper bureaucracy, which will be impossible to avoid. However, it will be possible to influence her, and after some effort the dreamer will cope with this task.

In the Mayan dream book, whitewashing the roof predicts experiencing deep feelings for someone in the near future. To bring this event closer, you need to touch the door frame with your lips while passing by it.

If the dreamer washed the ceiling, a misfortune will occur in the life of someone close to him that will affect the dreamer.

Additional interpretations

In some dream books, the height of the roof in a dream is equated to the social status of the dreamer in reality. The high position of the roof indicates satisfaction with one's own status in life.

Excessively high ceilings in dreams indicate that in reality a person is capable of doing much more than he is doing now; he is not using his potential. This is a call to work to the limit of your own capabilities in the near future in order to break out of your illusion and see what a person is capable of.

A negative sign is low ceilings in dreams. This indicates that the person is actually tired and cannot cope with the difficulties that have befallen him. It was time for him to change something and let go of the situation to allow it to resolve itself.

Seeing cobwebs on the ceilings means actually discovering obstacles in your path and pitfalls that until that moment were hidden from view.

If a spider appears in a dream and does not cause fear in a person, positive events await him in reality. Mold should alert you - it is a symbol that a person is overly self-confident and does not realize much. This prevents the dreamer from moving forward in life, because it is impossible to correct a situation that you cannot see.

Walking on ceilings in dreams means that in reality for the dreamer everything will turn upside down. To prevent unpleasant events, you need to put shoes in every corner of your room.

Flying under the ceiling in a dream symbolizes that soon a person will feel spiritual strength within himself and the boundaries of what is possible for him in life will expand.

The presence of holes in the roof indicates the dreamer’s inner fear or a task that he did not complete.

A richly decorated ceiling with stucco and gilding promises the appearance of many envious people.

If a person covered the ceilings with wallpaper in a dream, in reality his savings will be devalued.

Dark ceilings with insufficient lighting in the room indicate a depressed state of a person, his lack of self-confidence.

A light roof, especially with stucco, indicates the dreamer’s good spirits.

The family dream book deciphers the collapse of the ceiling as the death of the dreamer. If fragments were flying down from the ceiling, you need to remember the number of floors they flew through. This number tells how many more years the dreamer will live. Taking shelter under a stone vault promises that a person will avoid danger.

Getting wet in your home due to water flowing from the ceiling, freezing and getting upset is a sign of a serious illness in reality. This predicts resentment against someone.

For lovers, this symbol promises the cruelty of the partner and the revelation that he did not take the dreamer’s feelings into account at all. The more water, the more difficult a person will experience this.

Some modern dream books indicate that a leaking roof promises the receipt of some news that will give the dreamer goosebumps. The interpretation is enhanced if water flooded a room belonging to friends or a study.

If in a dream the downstairs neighbor’s home was flooded, and the dreamer himself cannot get into his own, this promises obstacles that he will not be able to overcome on his own.

If a friend has a flood and he is in his flooded home, this predicts troubles and binges in the life of this person. Standing with someone under water pouring from above predicts that, when faced with difficulties, the person will overcome them together with this person. This may be a symbol that the dreamer will have common troubles with this person. The same interpretation is used to interpret night visions, where there were several such comrades in misfortune.

For students, water pouring from the ceiling of an educational institution in a dream predicts disappointments during their studies. This symbol is a harbinger of retakes.

The ceiling is leaking according to the dream book

Miller's dream book, deciphering what a leaking roof means in a dream, prophesies the loss of an influential friend or patron.

Moreover, if you dreamed that the leaking ceiling was hanging very low, then you will be annoyed by this situation.

But to see in a dream that a high ceiling is leaking is a symbol of liberation from oppressive influences. Despite the patronage, you felt uncomfortable around this man.

The Wanderer's Dream Book considers a dream in which the ceiling in your house is leaking as a harbinger of acquaintances, and very unexpected ones at that.

Did the bachelor dream that the leaking ceiling finally collapsed on his head? This is a sign of imminent marriage.

Dream books warn a girl who is interested in why she dreams of a leaking ceiling: you will meet an interesting man who, if he does not become your husband, will remain a faithful friend for many years.

The Slavic dream book gives the following interpretation of a dream about a leak in a house: if your roof is leaking from rain, this means finding new connections.

Prosperity awaits you

A good symbol, according to Pastor Loff, is a dream in which the ceiling in your apartment leaked, not because of the rain, but if you were flooded by your upstairs neighbors. This means that in the coming days one of your friends will help you earn a very good amount.

Why do you dream that you have a hole in your apartment through which water is pouring? Remember what she was like, advises the Modern Dream Book.

Clean and clear water on a leaking ceiling portends easy profit and prosperity. But muddy and dirty water promises to receive money through not entirely legal means.

According to the Gypsy Oracle, if you happen to see the ceiling leaking, then this means someone will greatly disappoint you.

Do you dream about yourself telling someone that your ceiling is leaking? Most likely you will quarrel with this person in reality. Especially if it was he who “flooded” you in a dream, says Vanga’s dream book.

But the interpreter of Nostradamus claims that if the ceiling leaks in a dream, then this is a sign of disappointment in one’s own abilities.

It wasn't yours that leaked, but your neighbor's? You will do something to the limit of your capabilities, without noticing that your actions affect the interests of other people.

But if in a dream your ceiling is leaking not because of water spilled from above, but because of some other liquid seeping through the ceiling, then remember what exactly was dripping on you. So:

  • blood - someone from the family will return: someone who was considered missing or with whom they had a quarrel a long time ago;
  • milk - under no circumstances will your health fail you;
  • resin or oily liquid - you will allow yourself to be drawn into some kind of scam;
  • something sweet and sticky (honey, condensed milk) - your efforts will be appreciated;
  • paint - your mood and desires will change very often.

To avoid causing a major scandal, behave politely. Defend your own interests, but also respect other people’s opinions.

Today I had a dream as if I was waking up from dripping water. And I got up and looked at water dripping from the ceiling, in one place, and suddenly it just started pouring out and I realized that my neighbors had flooded me and I didn’t know what to do because they didn’t live here. And I woke up. So happy that it was just a dream.

Dream Interpretation – House

There is no need to be afraid. This is a good dream. To renewal in life. To the positive changes that you have been waiting for a long time

Dream Interpretation – House

When you “moved” your old ideas, restrictions (curtains), a previously unknown space of life activity opened up. In the sphere of domestic relations (kitchen). That is, new plans, projects (large, bright) that you plan to discuss (tables)

This has nothing to do with your health or work. As I understand it, the grandmothers are no longer alive? A dream about the desire to somehow reunite with a loved one, with his inner world. This happens when, for example, you don’t have time to tell your loved one the main or important words, and he leaves. It seems that recently you have begun to feel the ancestral connection more clearly and are making attempts to understand what it is, to rethink yourself in the context of you as part of the genus.

Dream Interpretation – House

Good day! Buying a new home is very good; as a rule, it means good, one might say fundamental changes. Especially if the house is bright, cozy, clean and makes you want to stay in it. It’s just that the time in such cases stretches out significantly - if dreams usually come true within 3 - 4 days, then here it can drag on for a month.

In my opinion, all the pictures of your dream are somehow strange and absurd, so... If in a dream you laugh at some absurdity, then be careful - the dream suggests that in reality you may make a stupid mistake or find yourself in an absurd situation. Laughing at someone else's troubles in a dream is a bad sign; such a dream may indicate some unresolved problem in your life and may foreshadow various complications.

Dream Interpretation – House

The dream is disturbing, the images are negative, such a dream promises a lot of trouble, a rather difficult period when a lot of energy is spent on household chores. Rearrangements, renovations, and circumstances in the house force us to do a lot of things ourselves. At this time, your human will is weakened, you want to hide from overwhelming responsibilities, but your parents can suppress you with their pressure.

Dreams of this kind most likely indicate that at the moment you are too overloaded with information that is unlikely to have any value to you.

Dream Interpretation – House-Temple

The dream reflects the need to understand your life values. Also the need to stop sacrificing/being a victim and living with beautiful illusions. So far you have not found a way out of this situation, but the solution will soon come from an unexpected direction. Good luck.

Dream Interpretation – House-Temple

Good afternoon Good dream. Very pure light vibrations. What’s most interesting is that in your soul and Ivan’s you still have the most wonderful memories from your relationship. The mind can build its theories, but the soul knows that your connection was given to you from above. Most likely, you both agreed to meet before birth.

Peace be with you! Life is an ongoing war, and we are all warriors... So don’t be afraid of death, you will go to the grave very soon anyway... As for sleep, most likely you need to remember your ancestors. I always liked how ribbons fluttered in sacred groves in the Mari forests. Make a sacrifice, order a magpie in the temple for those you remember, and maybe Death will delay his arrival in your home a little! Save Christ!

You may be trying to find answers in your past. You know that a precious experience (earrings, pendant) is hidden there and you are trying to get it and remember it. But you are hampered by periodically arising situations that block your path. These could be symbols of your present, some daily chores - anything that can prevent you from receiving this experience-inheritance. But there may also be some negative experiences from the past. Later, you run out of energy to study the past and are forced to leave. Good luck!

Good afternoon, Anastasia! Well, the interpretation of a dream is already clear to any person from your annotation to it. You can’t build your life on such a foundation... From the images of a dream you can understand that this arrangement of his life has a strong impact on his entire family, which is natural, since by the self-destruction of our lives we destroy everything beautiful that our ancestors built over centuries and millennia... Save Christ !

Dream Interpretation - My Home

Hello, it looks like you are facing some changes or difficulties in your relationship with your mother. It is also possible that you and your mother will have to deal with some problems in life. But everything will end well, because what is destroyed can then be repaired. A slug in a dream can mean slowness, uncertainty. Also any unpleasant feeling inside or outside (i.e. directed towards you) you. Good luck!

Perhaps some new knowledge will come from the past. The sea can mean the past, memory, subconscious. Perhaps your father left you some kind of inheritance (intellectual). Closets are where things are stored, hidden. There may be something very important to your family associated with your father (or, more generally, with your past - “old house”). Perhaps you need to access your memory or subconscious mind - this may give you a new perspective in life (“a new home”). Good luck!

Have you somehow decided to change your life? Change something in your worldview? But what you are trying to replace your World with is not yours. I’ll explain by symbols: the apartment is your life, your worldview. If you see a communal apartment, then the neighbors’ rooms are someone else’s settings and programs that you are going to follow.

A dog is a friend and a protector (maybe a person who acts as a guardian angel in your life), that is, your new beliefs run counter to the opinion of a friend. The house is collapsing, which means you do not accept the version of life you have come to. This happens when wishes that come true turn out to be false and unnecessary in your life.

Hello. I think you need to go to a psychic and get checked... Perhaps there is something not very good... Maybe, of course, I’m wrong, but it still doesn’t hurt to contact a knowledgeable person (specialist)….

Quite a symbolic and deep dream. A dream about rebirth, the transition from one state to another, this is what the crow means. The fact that you are in a children's home also confirms this. You are hiding in the closet and you are afraid - this is either your fear of change or not wanting it, or both. An important dream foreshadowing very big changes. You shouldn't hide from them, everything should go well.

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