Why do you dream of a crow: the meaning of the dream, the most complete interpretation of dreams according to the dream book

  • October 17, 2018
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  • Yana Umyantseva

Mention of the crow is found in many stories, legends, and fairy tales. This bird is associated with mystery and mysticism. You can see it not only in real life, but also in your night dreams. Why do you dream about a crow? The answer to this question can be read in the article. It is important to remember as many details as possible; interpretation directly depends on them.

Crow: Miller's Dream Book

What interpretation does the famous psychologist offer? What does a crow symbolize according to Miller’s dream book? Seeing this bird is a bad sign. Something bad is going to happen soon. Unfortunately, the dreamer will not be able to prevent sad events.

Hearing a bird croak means falling under someone else's influence. A person is no longer in control of his own life. Someone else makes all the important decisions for him. This state of affairs prevents the sleeper from achieving success. He should definitely achieve independence.

Did a young guy dream of a crow? Such a plot warns that the young man risks becoming a victim of intrigue. Women are most likely to weave them against him.

Medea's Predictions

What does the crow symbolize according to Medea’s dream book? The appearance of this bird in night dreams promises unpleasant news. The sleeper also has reasons to worry about his financial situation. He spends too much money, which could lead to a crisis. The sooner a person accustoms himself to saving, the more chances he will have to fix everything.

Are there a lot of crows in night dreams? Such a plot predicts misfortunes and troubles. It is possible that one of the people dear to the sleeping person will leave this world. Killing a crow is a good omen. If a person has a rival, then he will be able to defeat him. Also, killing a bird may mean that the dreamer is ready to forget about mistakes made in the past and start a new life.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The first two lunar phases have the highest chance of such a dream coming true. The chance of it coming true during the new moon and full moon is somewhat lower, but still remains significantly high. Also, the likelihood of a dead crow coming true at another time is much lower. These days, try not to plan anything very important.

In its essence and purpose, the lunar dream book is strikingly different from others. It shows the chance of different dreams coming true depending on the lunar phases. It is based on the study of the dependence and influence of lunar phases on the course of human dreams. And to use it correctly, you must also have a lunar calendar with you.

Interpretation of Vanga

What opinion does the famous seer express?

  • Seeing this bird means sad news. In the coming days, a person will receive bad news.
  • Why do you dream of a flock of crows circling in the air? This plot predicts a global catastrophe, as a result of which many people will suffer.
  • The screaming bird symbolizes death hanging over the house. One of the dreamer’s family members will soon leave for another world.
  • Do crows build nests in trees? Such dreams promise an epidemic that will affect thousands of people.
  • Killing a bird in a dream is a bad omen. In reality, a person will have to watch the suffering of someone who is dear to him. He will not be able to help this person.

Interpretation according to different dream books

Miss Hasse's Dream Interpretation

This dream book interprets a dream in which a crow dreamed as follows:

  • Seeing a crow in a dream means losing an object or even a friend. Also, a crow from a dream will bring melancholy, sad events, illnesses and other adversities.
  • Hearing croaking in a dream, this dream book means that trouble or big trouble may happen to you in the near future
  • Dispersing crows in a dream means theft or meeting a criminal
  • Seeing a thief in a dream means great fear, which you will have to experience very soon.

Miller's Dream Book

If you believe this dream book, then a crow from a dream foreshadows sad events that will not take long to arrive. This dream book interprets the croaking of a crow from a dream as a very unfavorable sign; you will probably commit some offenses. A dream warns a young man about deception in reality on the part of a selfish girl.

Vanga's book of dreams

The interpretation of a dream about a raven according to Vanga’s dream book is also generally unfavorable. The bird will bring sad news.

  • If a crow croaks, it is a sign of news of the death of a relative or friend.
  • A flock of crows circling and cawing definitely means military conflict, military action. They can cause a lot of human casualties.
  • If crows built nests in a dream, then Vanga interprets such a dream as a streak of illness. It could probably even be an epidemic. Perhaps the disease will affect not only people, but also livestock. The meat of cows and pigs will not be eaten.
  • If a flock of black birds settles on a field in a dream, this foretells drought and famine. It will be a lean year. The crops will either freeze or dry out. There will also be no berries or fruits.
  • If you had to kill a crow in a dream, it means illness of a close relative. The illness will be very serious. The disease will be severe.
  • A black crow symbolizes illness, and by killing a bird in a dream, you get rid of illness. But this does not always mean healing. Possible death.

English dream book

This dream book will tell you why a crow dreams. According to him, a dream is a bad sign. In any case, nothing good can be expected from a crow. The crow brings with it adversity, suffering, and illness. You may face great injustice. At the same time, you will not have the strength to fight it. You will remain to blame for a situation that you have nothing to do with. For lovers, a dream means a quarrel and separation from a loved one.

Esoteric dream book

A crow from a dream means gossip from others. If the crow was dead, this means that you will be able to get away with it in some unpleasant situation. Nothing bad will happen. If you dreamed of a lot of crows, then this means criticism. You will probably be called to some meeting. Everything that happens on it will be very unpleasant for you.

French dream book

What does a crow mean from a dream according to this dream book? The interpretation is this: sadness and anxiety await you. Seeing the wings of a bird means danger awaits. A raven croaks means the loss of an object that is dear to you. Birds walking across a field in a dream mean hunger and other troubles. Only a dream about a dead crow is a good sign. She dreams of joyful events that will soon happen in life. And if in a dream a person turns into a raven, this means great sadness.

Freud's Dream Book

If you had a dream about a crow, this means that your relationship is based more on sexual relations than on love. Probably, the connection between you is based on intimate relationships. And you only have mutual understanding in bed. This is how Freud interprets the dream of a raven.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

The Crow is a powerful sign. She carries messages from the other world. The crow can reincarnate and bring messages from other matters. She can bring news from both the past and the future. Dreaming about a crow means that you need to look at your life from the outside. Be wiser. Of all the proposed ways to solve problems, you need to choose the shortest path. He will turn out to be the most faithful.

Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

Why do you dream of a crow according to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima? This symbol encourages a person to be careful. Hearing birds croaking means suffering because of other people's bad advice. It is better for the dreamer to make important decisions on his own. It is also possible that someone is spreading gossip behind his back. The sleeper must be careful not to reveal his secrets to those who are able to make them public.

A bird sitting on a tree is a good dream. Such a plot means that the sleeper’s troubles will ultimately bring him good. The time will come when a person will thank fate for the trials he has endured.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

What information is contained in this guide to the world of dreams? What does it mean to see crows according to Hasse’s dream book?

  • Watching a bird means loss. In the near future, a person will lose something that is of great value to him.
  • Hearing a scream is unlucky.
  • Seeing crows circling around the house means death. Most likely, one of the sleeping person’s household will die.
  • To scare a bird is to expose a swindler or thief.
  • Catching a crow with your hands means conflict. A person will have serious disagreements with those who are part of his inner circle.
  • Birds perched on trees are a good dream. This plot predicts family unity. Conflicts will be a thing of the past.

Image in history

Since ancient times, the symbol has been associated with the world of the dead, war, death, and desolation. He is credited with such qualities as greed and cruelty. In Christianity, this is the personification of the devil.

However, like other birds, crows can fly high in the sky. Therefore, in many myths they were credited with the ability to communicate with the gods and enter higher states of consciousness. This is a symbol of freedom, the separation of the spiritual from the earthly. Thus, among many peoples, the image is not only a messenger of evil, but also a mediator between worlds. It unites three worlds at once - the upper (sky), middle (earth) and lower (the kingdom of the dead). He is credited with the ability to live unusually long, wisdom, justice and the ability of foresight.

Display of aggression

A crow attacked - why do you dream about this? Such dreams predict that a person will receive news that will upset him. If the bird manages to defeat the sleeping one, then this is a bad sign. In the near future he will part with his lover. There is a high probability that this will happen due to the machinations of ill-wishers. If you manage to defeat the crow, then this is a good omen. A person will have problems in his relationship with his chosen one, but he will be able to resolve them.

Does a crow peck at a person? Such a plot means that the sleeper should beware of betrayal. A stab in the back can be delivered by someone from whom he least expects it. This event will deprive the dreamer of the ability to trust people for a long time. However, he himself is guilty of idealizing someone who does not deserve it.

The above describes why you dream of an attacking crow. What does it mean to have a nightmare in which there are several aggressive birds? Such dreams warn that a person has dangerous enemies. These people could ruin his life if he doesn't protect himself. However, if in a dream you managed to fight off attacking birds, then there is nothing to worry about. The sleeper will have good luck in any business he takes up in the near future.

Holding a crow in your hands in a dream, holding a black crow

If you saw a black crow in your hands in a dream, you will be lucky enough to calm someone close to you

  1. If you saw a black crow in your hands in a dream, you will be lucky enough to calm a person close to you who will be furious.
  2. Holding a crow in your hands means calming a stranger whose interests are alien to you.
  3. Little Crow means a quick trip abroad. If you saw a crow with its crows, these are your unrealistic dreams, new plans for life.

Taking chicks in your arms means your life will improve, calm family relationships.


Why do you dream about a big crow? Such a plot indicates that a person is not in control of his life. All important decisions are made for him by other people, for example, these can be his parents. A person should definitely free himself from this addiction. Otherwise, he will continue to live according to someone else's orders.

Many large birds are a warning sign. Soon someone will accuse a person of something he did not do. He will have to work hard to prove his innocence. The dreamer's reputation will suffer in any case.

What does the little crow symbolize? Its appearance in a dream indicates that a person is inclined to overestimate his problems. He can easily cope with them if he takes it seriously.

Why do you dream about a chick? Such dreams predict changes on the personal front for the sleeper. Soon an attractive person of the opposite sex will appear on the horizon. A person will plunge headlong into the pool of love passions.

If a sleeping person sees a crow in his own house, then he should be wary. Such a plot indicates that a person is not satisfied with the current state of affairs. He needs to remember that water does not flow under a lying stone. You will have to work hard to change your life for the better. A person will definitely succeed if he himself believes in his success.

What does a dreaming crow promise?

Most interpretations agree that seeing a crow in a dream means receiving a warning about some unpleasant events: illness, betrayal, failures in your personal life.

If you dreamed that a crow was cawing

If a crow croaks, you should be wary of gossip and intrigue, which can greatly harm your career, well-being and personal relationships, but if it builds a nest, get ready for illness

A bird flying out of its nest does not promise anything good - this is a sign that you can make a serious mistake when starting some important business.

Why do you dream of a flock of black crows?

Birds gathered in a flock promise big troubles and some sad events. A flock sitting on the ground warns of a bad harvest.

Trying to drive away a crow

If you are unsuccessfully trying to drive away an annoying bird, and it ignores your efforts, you may be facing separation from a loved one or companion. Attempts to catch it with your hands promise quarrels with relatives or disagreements with colleagues.

If you dreamed that a person turns into a crow

If the person you are not indifferent to turns into a crow, then some sad events await you ahead. But if you manage to lock the bird in a cage, it is quite possible that trouble will be avoided.

Why do you dream of a crow on a tree?

A crow perched on a tree suggests that you will be able to outwit fate a little, but difficulties will not bypass you completely. If there are a large number of birds on the tree, you are expecting a meeting with relatives and you will probably have to solve some problems that have arisen in connection with this meeting.

If you dreamed that a crow was stealing

When a bird from the crow family steals something in your dream, this may warn you that something can really scare you, but if it drinks water, be very careful and careful, because this predicts that scammers will try to deceive you.

If you dreamed of a talking crow

If a bird speaks in your dream, listen carefully to its words and try to remember them. They may be the answer to a question that has been bothering you for a long time.

If you dreamed of crow chicks flying away

Birds flying away from the nest hint that the plan you are going to stick to to achieve your goals is incorrect. If you don't radically change it, you will only be disappointed. It is also worth analyzing personal relationships - the dream may also indicate that next to you is not the right person who can make you happy.

Why do you dream about a white crow?

Speaking about why a crow dreams, it should be noted that sometimes its appearance can be a good sign. For example, if it is white. If you saw her dead, it means you will be able to avoid troubles and serious conflicts.

I dreamed of hunting a crow

Bird hunting in reality can predict a rich harvest year. Your attempt to pluck the feathers of a bird in a dream may turn out to be an unexpected acquaintance in reality. Profit and prosperity will await you if she loses her burden or prey in a dream. Your attempt to catch up with the crow characterizes you as a decisive, persistent, courageous person who always tries to achieve his goal.


Let's assume there are a lot of birds. Why do you dream of crows in large numbers? Such a plot encourages a person to pay attention to his health. He may develop a dangerous illness that does not manifest itself in any way at the initial stage. You should definitely undergo a medical examination.

A flock of crows in the sky dreams of death. In the near future, a person may lose someone close to him. Seeing a flock occupying a field means a bad harvest.

Modern combined dream book

A crow in a dream is a symbol of grief. A bird croaks - the dreamer, under the influence of a vile and selfish person, squanders his property. If a guy sees a crow in a dream, then in reality he may become a victim of an insidious and cunning girl.

A flock of crows is a symbol of bad news, depression, melancholy, illness.

The forest raven is a sign of negative changes in life associated with bad personalities in the environment. For a girl, a dream predicts betrayal on the part of her chosen one.


What awaits a person who dreams of a black crow? There is a possibility that someone will try to deceive the sleeping person in the near future. The dreamer should exercise maximum caution and control everything that happens around him.

Why do you dream of black crows? Many birds are a sign that the sleeper has serious health problems. He needs to see a doctor immediately. The earlier the disease is detected, the easier it will be to defeat it. Also, such a dream can predict health problems for someone close to you.

Did you dream about a dead black crow? Such dreams are a sign that the sleeper has nothing to worry about. It's time for him to relax and let go of his worries. Current problems will resolve themselves; no effort will be required from him. The dreamer is not in danger; he is completely safe.

What does a black crow in a cage symbolize? Such a plot indicates that the sleeper has a powerful influence on people. He knows how to manipulate, persuade, and lead. However, the dreamer should use his talent only for good.

You might be interested in a few important facts about prophetic dreams and more:

  • When a person snores, at this moment he cannot dream.
  • Even in the mother's womb, the baby dreams. Therefore, before the age of two years, a child dreams especially abundantly.
  • After sleeping, a person forgets more than 85% of his sleep.
  • In one night, a person can dream more than 8 - 10 dreams, but he can only remember a few.
  • We can only dream about what we have previously observed somewhere or what warns us.
  • A person's sleep generally lasts 5 to 30 minutes.
  • The state of drowsiness appears in children aged 8 - 10 years.
  • Sometimes it seems to us that we are falling, but it has been scientifically proven that this happens to all people and it is simply a muscle contraction, a surge of adrenaline, or a twitch.
  • If you wake up a person who has recently fallen asleep, that is, at the stage of REM sleep, he will remember his dream down to the smallest detail.
  • During sleep, each person can stop breathing for 9-11 seconds, and during the night there can be about 5 such stops, and with age the amount of time can increase.

Girl, woman

Much depends on the gender of the sleeper and his age. Why does a young girl dream about a crow? Such dreams are a warning that the sleeping woman does not know her lover well. It is possible that she is not even aware of some of the negative traits of his character. There is also a possibility that the young man is insincere with her. In reality, he has no feelings for the dreamer, he only uses her.

What does it mean for a married lady to hear the cry of a bird in a dream? Such a plot warns that a woman is preparing to make a fatal mistake. A careless act will negatively affect the dreamer’s entire subsequent life. She won't be able to fix anything.

Did the crow dream of the expectant mother? This means that the woman will give birth to a strong and healthy child. The sleeping woman has absolutely no reason to worry. She and the baby are not in danger.

Dead Crow - according to Loff's edition

According to Loff, a dead crow means a long journey and travel, visiting many new cities, meeting new friends. It promises a long journey, the opportunity to visit other cities and lands. It can be either very long-distance or long-lasting. It can last for weeks or even months.

In his analysis, Loff never divided dreams into positive and negative. He believed that most “negative” dreams are the result of inaccurate interpretation. The tendency of people to perceive the same signs in different ways also contributes. Therefore, you should not worry if you meet birds in a dream - this is a good sign.

Boy, man

Why does a young guy dream about a crow? Such dreams warn him of the need to be vigilant. There are women who weave intrigues against the sleeping man.

For a married man, a bird dreams of disagreements with his other half. A quarrel can start over a trifle and develop into a serious conflict. If the parties do not reach a compromise, the matter may end in divorce. If a man values ​​his relationship with his wife, he should make concessions.

Did the entrepreneur dream of a crow? Such a plot means that major losses await him. A person makes one mistake after another, which ultimately can even lead to bankruptcy.

White bird

Why do you dream about a white raven? The appearance of such a bird in night dreams is a good omen. This symbol promises the dreamer recognition of his merits in the professional field. It is possible that the sleeper will advance up the career ladder and take a leadership position. He should also count on an improvement in his financial situation.

The appearance of a white crow in a dream may have another meaning. Such a plot can predict a meeting with a bright and extraordinary personality. A new acquaintance will play an important role in the dreamer’s fate and will influence his worldview.

Keep your mouth shut

If you dreamed of an albino crow croaking not far from your house, expect trouble. It turns out that in a dream she actually spoke about the dreamer’s impending poverty and illness.

The dream book of Nostradamus speaks of the symbolism of what was seen and heard in a dream. Most often, annoying neighbors and distant relatives will not let you live in peace. They will burden you with their moralizing and condemnations.

In the house

Why do you dream of a crow in the window? The answer to this question directly depends on the color of the bird. If the crow was black, then this is a bad sign. The sleeper has a secret enemy. This man is jealous of him and dreams of ruining his life. It is also possible that the dreamer has several such enemies.

A white bird perched on a window is a good dream. Such a plot promises a person the fulfillment of a cherished dream. He will definitely achieve his goal, even if it is not possible now.

What does a crow flying around the house symbolize? Such dreams can predict an unexpected visit from guests. The sleeper will be glad to meet these people; he has not seen them for a long time and missed them.

A dream in which a crow flies around the house may have another meaning. Such dreams may indicate that the sleeper is not confident in himself. He needs to fight this problem, as it becomes a serious obstacle to success.

A crow flew into the house

A dream in which a bird flies into a home has two interpretation options. The first option foreshadows the unexpected arrival of guests. Moreover, a black crow means that unpleasant people will be visiting, and a bird of any other color promises a meeting with friendly and positive people. The second interpretation option is a warning that among the dreamer’s immediate circle there is a person with bad intentions and malice in his soul.

According to psychologists, a dream about a crow in your home is a reflection of a restless emotional state. The dream shows that a person has low self-esteem and does not believe in his own strengths and abilities.

If a bird flew into the house through a window, then when deciphering the dream you need to take into account what color it was. The black crow is a harbinger of bad news. A bird of white or other unusual color flew into the window - in reality you can expect positive news.

On a person

Why do you dream of a crow on a person? It depends on what place the bird has chosen.

  • On the shoulder. This means that the sleeper will have to defend his opinion. Fortunately, he will be able to convince his opponents that he is right.
  • On the head. Such a plot predicts a serious illness or death. The person should undergo a medical examination as soon as possible. It is possible that he is developing a dangerous illness that can be defeated at an early stage.
  • In hand. Such dreams predict a new acquaintance for the sleeper. However, the person he meets will have different views on life from him. Therefore, it is unlikely that he will be able to get along with him.


If the sleeper chased the black-winged creature for a long time, this serves as an important indication for him that he is trying to avoid excessive control from his mother. Also, this image personifies a person’s attempts to overcome the negative quality of his character, which prevents him from developing.

In some dream books, killing a crow means that you will soon be one step away from global changes in the personal sphere. The sleeping person will soon decide to make an important decision, which will result in a change in his entire life.

Human actions

Much depends on what the person did in the dream.

  • What does trying to catch a bird that keeps slipping out of your hands symbolize? Such dreams predict conflict with others.
  • Hunting crows means receiving a reward for your labors. The financial situation of the sleeper will improve, he will no longer have to save money. A person will be able to afford something that he could not even dream of just recently.
  • Kill a bird - what does it mean? Such a plot promises the dreamer victory over his enemies. Most likely they will disappear from his life forever.
  • Keeping a crow under your shirt means doing a good deed. The sleeping person will help someone, help another person out of trouble.
  • Taking chicks out of the nest is a good sign. Luck will be on the dreamer’s side, no matter what business he undertakes.
  • A person is trying to drive away a bird that has flown into the house? Such dreams indicate that he will be able to avoid serious troubles.
  • Feeding the crow means defeating your enemies. No matter what actions the enemies take, they will not be able to achieve anything.
  • Stroking chicks means finding spiritual harmony. The problems that prevented the dreamer from enjoying life will resolve on their own.
  • Shooting flying birds means getting out of an unpleasant situation with minimal losses. It is unlikely that a person alone will cope with this task. He will have to ask relatives and friends for help.

What does it mean depending on the circumstances?

  1. If you caught a crow in a dream, this definitely foreshadows victory over your opponent.
  2. If you dreamed of a dead crow, it means that all troubles are over. There will be a “white streak” in life.
  3. A dream in which a crow is killed means a long-awaited victory over enemies. Perhaps an unpleasant conflict situation will arise with one of the ill-wishers. But you will emerge victorious.
  4. A wounded bird means omissions with a loved one and disappointment in love.
  5. The meaning of a dream in which a crow flew in circles above your head is a conflict in relationships with friends and relatives. You probably behave with excessive pride and arrogance. Be more modest and kinder, otherwise you may lose friends.
  6. If a crow flew up, then this is a good dream. It means that all problems will be solved soon.
  7. A dream in which a bird flew down does not bode well. Sad events, troubles and adversities are likely to happen in your life.
  8. If a crow flies into the house, this is a good sign. After all the misfortunes you will be rewarded. Success and longevity await you.
  9. To dream of a crow flying and landing on the ground in the yard, while holding an object in its beak, signifies a great misfortune.
  10. And if you had a dream that a bird was circling around the house, this is a very bad sign. The death of the owner of this house or someone from his family is likely.
  11. A dream in which a bird flew across the sky promises betrayal. A lover may appear. Relationships with him will weigh on you. Perhaps your lover will blackmail you. As a result, an affair on the side can destroy your family.
  12. If a crow croaks in a dream, this is a bad omen; it can mean misfortune that will strike very unexpectedly. Also, such a dream means that you may receive sad news. Troubles may occur at work. Your colleagues are probably spreading rumors about you.
  13. To see a crow standing next to you in a dream means that you need to be decisive and make some important decision. Be bold in your actions.
  14. The meaning of a dream in which a bird was sitting on a tree is unfavorable; it promises poverty, suffering and hardship.
  15. The interpretation of a dream in which a crow sits on a nest is the appearance of a rival. Perhaps the relationship on the side has been going on for a long time. To understand how serious your partner's feelings are, you need to talk to him. But you must be prepared for the fact that he will make a choice that is not in your favor.
  16. If you destroy a crow's nest in a dream, this means that you should abandon your plans. Any undertaking will not bring success. All ideas should be put aside for now until better times.
  17. If a bird steals something, this is also not a good sign. You need to look after your health. The dream also means an accident that may happen to you. It could be a car accident, to avoid such troubles, it is better not to drive in the near future.
  18. If you try to fight off a crow in a dream, this could be a sign that your property will be stolen in the near future. Better watch your wallet.

Noble dream book by N. Grishina

What information is contained in this guide?

  • Why do you dream about dead crows? Such dreams symbolize the future victory of the sleeper. He will be able to defeat his enemies. These people will disappear from the horizon for a long time.
  • A bird sitting next to a person symbolizes sadness. Soon an event will occur that will deprive the sleeping person of the opportunity to enjoy life for a long time. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent it.
  • A raven hovering above your head in a dream? In reality, a person is in danger. He needs to be careful in the coming days.
  • Seeing a bird in a cage is a bad sign. Such a plot means that the sleeper’s suspicions will be confirmed. The truth he is about to learn will be extremely unpleasant.
  • The cry of a raven is a bad omen. Something bad is going to happen soon.
  • Eating a bird means trouble in different areas of life. For example, there is a possibility that the dreamer will lose his job.

Big trouble, bad news

Did you dream about this bird hitting the window with all its might? This is a warning of impending danger. You could get seriously injured, lose your job, or break up with your loved one. Be more careful, don't take unnecessary risks.

Seeing a crow knocking on the window is a harbinger of very unpleasant news about a person close or dear to the dreamer, says Hasse’s dream book. Such news will seriously disturb the peace of mind. After such a story, you need to be ready to support this person.

Dream book of the 21st century

What stories are covered in this guide to the world of dreams?

  • Why do you dream of black crows? Many birds are a bad sign. Such dreams symbolize an upcoming meeting with scammers. If a person does not want to become a victim of deception, then he should remain vigilant.
  • Seeing a screaming bird is unlucky.
  • To kill a raven is to defeat a dangerous competitor.
  • A bird in flight promises bad news. A crow sitting next to a sleeping person predicts trouble.
  • Did a person dream that something was falling out of a bird’s beak? This plot predicts unexpected profits.

When did you dream?

The dream book reminds us: in order to establish what the murder of a dream character symbolizes, it is necessary to remember exactly when the vision appeared.

  • On Monday night - a difficult problem to solve, a task.
  • Tuesday - everything is going even better than you expected.
  • Wednesday - there is a possibility of severe food poisoning.
  • Thursday – financial difficulties are expected.
  • Friday - a victorious clash with the enemy.
  • Saturday – trip abroad.

If you are lucky enough to kill a crow on Sunday, then incredible changes will occur in your personal life that will completely change your destiny.

Ancient Persian dream book Taflisi

You should definitely take a look at this guide to the world of dreams. It deals with interesting subjects.

  • Just seeing a bird means encountering depravity, depravity.
  • Holding it in your hands means wasting time on a person who is absolutely not worth it.
  • Making friends with a raven means exposing a liar, a fraudster.
  • Hunting a bird symbolizes a meaningless pastime.
  • Plucking a crow's feathers is a sign of a romantic date. The connection will end quickly, but will leave pleasant memories.
  • Killing a raven is a sign of danger. In the near future, a person risks becoming a victim of criminals.
  • A green bird promises pleasant events. The dreamer's life will soon begin to change for the better.
  • The yellow crow symbolizes health problems. Even if a person feels great, he should undergo a medical examination. The disease may not manifest itself in any way.
  • A black bird predicts trouble.

Go for it!

In a dream, did you have to chase a black cheat? The dream book suspects that in the real world you are trying to get rid of the obsessive care of your own mother. The same plot symbolizes the dreamer’s attempt to get rid of the most negative side of his personality.

Managed to mortally wound a black bird? You are on the verge of enormous changes, including personal ones. Very soon you will have to make a serious choice and literally start living in a new way.

Bird actions

Much depends on the actions of the bird in its night dreams.

  • Why do you dream of a crow that speaks in a human voice? Such a plot predicts the appearance of a wise mentor to the sleeper. Initially, the dreamer will not like the new acquaintance. However, later he will appreciate his wisdom and begin to turn to him for advice.
  • A bird attack is an unkind sign. Such dreams warn a person that he has too many enemies. It is possible that he himself is to blame for this. His behavior irritates those around him.
  • Does a crow bite the dreamer? This means that he is in vain counting on gratitude for pulling someone out of trouble. This person will not only not show gratitude, but will also cause harm.
  • Is the crow eating something? This plot indicates the possible infidelity of the other half. If a person has long suspected his partner of cheating, then his assumptions will soon be confirmed.
  • Does the bird not pay any attention to the dreamer? Such dreams predict a plunge into deep melancholy.
  • A crow making a nest is not a good dream. The sleeper may experience serious health problems. A person should beware of epidemics and take precautions.
  • Is the bird looking intently at the dreamer? This means that he will soon learn something important. The main thing is to be able to discern the signs of fate.
  • Keeping a crow in the house is a good omen. This plot predicts positive changes.

“Why do you dream about crows? If you see Crows in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

↑ to contents

A crow is a sign of unpleasant news, sadness, and poverty.

Many crows - misfortune, someone's death.

Killing a crow means getting rid of suffering and rivalry.

American dream book

↑ to contents

Crows are the unknown. Death. Flying into unknown areas of yourself. Fear of the unknown.

English dream book

↑ to contents

Crows are a bad dream. It means that trouble or illness is approaching, or that you will suffer from someone’s injustice, poverty and other misfortunes. A time of sadness awaits you. This dream warns lovers about the treachery of your chosen one, which needs to be treated with greater sobriety.

Assyrian dream book

↑ to contents

If a person eats crow or crow in a dream, prosperity will come to him.

Vedic dream book from Sri Swami Sivananda

↑ to contents

Raven - foreshadows a sad funeral ceremony.

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream of Crows in a dream according to the dream book?

↑ to contents

Crows are a sad messenger, announcing with their cry and their very appearance about misfortunes and troubles.

Seeing a screaming raven means someone's death.

Children's dream book

↑ to contents

Crow - gossip and slander behind your back or in your presence will force you to sort things out with your friends.

Ancient Persian dream book Taflisi

↑ to contents

The crow is usually a symbol of depraved and vicious people! In some cases, it can also mean a quarrel, the cause of which is a certain woman.

If you dreamed that you were holding a raven in your hands, in reality you will meet a person who is completely unworthy of your attention, and will only waste your time.

A dream about friendship with a raven is auspicious and means that in reality you will be able to catch a robber red-handed.

A dream about hunting a raven is a harbinger of a meaningless pastime.

Plucking a crow's feathers means a love date; Most likely, your chosen one will be a citizen of another state.

When you kill a raven in a dream, the most important thing is to remember the place where you finished with it! If, upon waking up, you are able to remember where exactly this place is, then it is best for you not to go there, since it is currently a refuge for criminals.

In addition, sometimes killing a raven means that your family is in danger of trouble.

A flock of crows symbolizes a military army.

Green Raven - portends good things.

White and yellow crows herald an imminent illness.

The black raven is a symbol of trouble.

Idiomatic dream book

↑ to contents

“Crawling trouble” means misfortune; “counting crows” is an aimless pastime; “to miss” - to miss.

Italian dream book

↑ to contents

The crow is wisdom that looks on.

Crow - indicates the presence of guardianship on the part of the mother or another woman, and negative guardianship - like hyperpromotion. Reflects a person's desire to be wiser and his inability to independently find the right solutions to his specific problem. This situation indicates the presence of dependence on another person, a wiser one, and indicates hyperprotection on his part.

Lunar dream book

↑ to contents

A screaming raven signifies an upcoming pregnancy.

Maly Velesov dream book

↑ to contents

Crow - there will be a thief, an adulterer, grief, misfortune, loss, sad news, illness; carries anything and drops it - you will find money; flies a lot - funeral; hear croaking - death, enemy, bad news; a lot of crows on a tree - family gathering; catch - avoid misfortune; kill - defeat the enemy; Eating crow meat means charm, poverty, trouble.

Black raven - death, misfortune, infidelity, news; screaming - the deceased has appeared, bad weather, grief.

Mythological dream book

↑ to contents

A crow, especially a croaking one, from centuries-old folk observations is a clear sign of negative, destructive influences: trouble, accident; gossip and slander; a lot - for funerals, death.

Raven is a mythical character among many primitive peoples of America, Asia, ancient Rus', including shamanic traditions; one of the "wonderful birds".

Lives for a very long time, feeds on carrion, corpses - a symbol of greed, loneliness, wisdom, time, demonic, in a dream it often acts as a harbinger of sad news, misfortune, evil fate or someone’s death; less often a sign - initiation into magical knowledge.

Killing a raven means victory over enemies or a way out of a critical, dangerous situation.

Newest dream book

Why do you dream about Crows in a dream?

↑ to contents

Raven is a warning dream: be careful, in the near future (within 28 days) dramatic changes in your destiny are likely.

Crow - to illness if it flies; croaks - to a long illness, but with a positive outcome.

Psychoanalytic dream book

↑ to contents

The Crow is a priest as he wears black clothing and takes part in funerals and thus death.

Raven is a shaman. The devil, who is also black and winged. Father's image. Shadow.

Russian dream book

↑ to contents

Crow - death of a loved one; kill her - defeat the enemy; raven - dreams of lies

Russian folk dream book

↑ to contents

Raven is a harbinger of trouble and trouble; but also a symbol of wisdom.

Family dream book

↑ to contents

Usually a crow dreams of sad events.

Hearing a crow cawing in a dream means bad influence and wrong actions.

This dream warns young men about tricks and intrigues against them on the part of the fair sex.

Slavic dream book

↑ to contents

Raven - unfortunately.

Dream Interpreter

↑ to contents

Seeing a crow sitting in a dream means a quick end to old affairs: killing a crow or a crow is a sign of triumph over the enemy; catching a crow means avoiding some misfortune; Eating crow meat portends hunger and poverty.

Seeing a raven in a dream portends misfortune and disfavor, and it also portends the wife’s infidelity to the husband, and the husband’s infidelity to the wife; a raven flying at a person foretells his death; A croaking raven promises bad weather, unpleasant news and grief.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Crows?

↑ to contents

Crows - depressive news, boredom, illness

A crow in a dream is a sign of failure and grief.

Hearing a crow cawing means that, under the influence of others, you will use your property unwisely. For a young man, such a dream means that in real life he will succumb to the tricks and tricks of insidious women.

Seeing a raven in a dream means a change in fate and an unworthy environment. For a young woman, such a dream foretells that her lover will betray her.

Dream Interpretation 2012

↑ to contents

Raven is the herald of the Force (for an accurate interpretation, take into account the intensity and direction of the flight). The need to look deep into yourself and find the source of Strength there.

The crow is a harbinger of change. Reflection of messages from the world of the Spirit. The need for integrity. The need to pay attention to the limitations of one's perception. The need to transform and experience a different reality. Need for a straight path.

Dream book of the 21st century

What did Crows dream about in a dream?

↑ to contents

Seeing a screaming raven in a dream is a bad sign; killing it means saving yourself from a dangerous rival; seeing a flock of ravens means an upcoming meeting with a swindler.

A raven sitting next to you means sadness; a raven in flight means bad news; there is a raven in a dream - means trouble.

If you dreamed of a crow that was carrying something in its beak and dropped it, this is a good sign; such a dream promises you profit or an unexpected receipt of money, a find.

Azar's Dream Book

↑ to contents

Crow - bad news

Dream book of the future

↑ to contents

Crow - unfortunately, bad news.

Vanga's Dream Book

↑ to contents

The raven is a sad messenger, announcing with its cry and even its very appearance about misfortunes and troubles.

If you dreamed of a flock of crows circling in the air, a military conflict will soon occur, many people will suffer, the earth will be covered with corpses, and they will not have time to bury the dead, so there will be a feast for the crows and sorrow, mourning for the people.

Seeing a screaming raven is a sure sign that death is looming over your house, you need to pray, and salvation will come.

A dream in which crows build nests in trees foreshadows a disease that will strike people and livestock, so that they will stop eating animal meat. Salvation will be found in water, herbs, prayers and mercy.

If crows completely cover the ground (field) with their flock, such a dream predicts a lean year, bread will be expensive, and the birds will not find grains, they will die in large numbers, if they are not saved, flying to the southeast, where there will be a harvest.

To kill a raven in a dream - in reality you will be powerless in the face of the fatal illness of someone close to you, medicines will not help, no matter how much you rely on them and on doctors, only compassion and patience at the bedside of a dying person will make his last days in this world bright.

In a dream, you kill a black bird (a fatal disease), considering it the source of suffering - a relief for the patient, and he knows it, and you need to come to terms with it.

Dream book for lovers

↑ to contents

If a young man dreams of a crow, it means that women will intrigue against him.

Hearing a crow cawing means falling under the bad influence that your lover will have on you.

Dream interpretation horoscope

↑ to contents

A crow is a sign of danger or the onset of illness.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

↑ to contents

Raven - merciless truth / a certain sage.

The one sitting next to you is sadness.

Flying raven - news; most likely sad.

Hovering over you is misfortune/catastrophe.

There is a thief in the cage / your suspicions will come true in the most unpleasant way.

The cry of a raven is unlucky.

Killing him means victory/getting rid of dangerous rivalry.

Eating it is a nuisance.

Crow - joy / witch, woman with the evil eye.

Eating her meat means being bewitched, enchanted.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

↑ to contents

In many cultures, the crow is considered a powerful sign.

The ancient Chinese claimed that the crow symbolizes the isolation of an individual living in higher spheres.

The American Indians endowed the crow with mystical powers and considered it the creator of the visible world. Similar properties were attributed to it by the Celts, Germans and the peoples of Siberia.

It was believed that the raven's eye is the entrance to supernatural worlds and the mysteries of life. The crow also carried messages from the spirit world.

The natives believed that the crow had the ability to transform and could enter other spheres of consciousness. According to their ideas, the crow could not only take on any physical appearance, but also be in different places at the same time. The abode of the crow is outside the world of time and space. She can penetrate the past, present and future, fly into the light and plunge into darkness.

The first alchemists used the crow as a symbol of the “primordial” state, in which both spiritual and physical principles merged.

If this sign appears to you, be careful, as the crow is a harbinger of life changes. She points out to you that you should get off the beaten path and look at your life differently, try to see its deepest areas. In order to accomplish this, you must demonstrate impeccable integrity. If you have behaved unethically in some way, correct your mistakes. Always tell the truth and keep your word. Get ready to transform and experience a different reality, get ready for the changes that will come in your world. Listen to the messages sent to you from the mysterious inner realms. In some traditions, ravens are feared because they are associated with death. This association arose due to their black plumage and the emptiness emanating from the inner spheres symbolized by these birds. Are you afraid of your death and inner darkness?

If a crow appears before you as a sign, take the trouble to explore your inner darkness and listen to your own wisdom.

Raven and crow belong to the same family, and their symbolic meanings are very similar.

To fly like a crow means to move in a straight line. Always take the shortest path. Go straight.

A raven can symbolize delving into the darkest corners of one’s own soul. Do you want to go on a journey into the darkest corners of your own being in order to find the truth? It's time for a journey deeper into yourself.

Dream book for the whole family

↑ to contents

A crow croaks - portends death and suffering.

If you had a dream from Monday to Tuesday, then in the future you will encounter a problem that will be difficult to solve.

Sleeping from Tuesday to Wednesday indicates that you should beware of poisoning from stale foods.

Raven - it all depends on its color.

If it is black, someone close to you will become seriously ill; if white, on the contrary, he will recover.

A croaking raven brings evil and misfortune to the house.

Dying raven - a new friend (girlfriend) will appear.

If you had a dream from Monday to Tuesday, it couldn’t be better, everything is fine; if from Saturday to Sunday - upcoming changes in your personal life will be of great importance and consequences not only for you; a dream from Sunday to Monday means a trip abroad.

Most often, if a raven does not pay attention to you in a dream, it means that your “other half” is going “to the left.”

Dream book for a bitch

↑ to contents

Crow is sad news.

If a crow was carrying something and dropped it, unexpected cash receipts will make you very happy and help you out.

The croaking of a crow means you have a bad influence, which can lead to rash actions and very unpleasant situations.

The cawing of crows means you have to try very hard to solve the difficult problem facing you.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

↑ to contents

The image of a crow in a dream is always a harbinger of trouble. Such a dream encourages you to be more careful.

Hearing crows cawing in a dream is a warning that you risk suffering because of someone’s gossip or harmful advice. On such days, be careful with others and do not give them a reason for gossip or comments.

At the same time, seeing a wise raven sitting on an oak tree in a dream is a sign that your troubles will ultimately turn out for good.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

↑ to contents

Seeing a raven means illness; hear - bad news.

Dream Interpretation of Love Relationships

↑ to contents

Crows - this dream suggests that you enjoy sex with your partner, simply not paying attention to other aspects of communication. You have not yet understood what feelings you have for this person. Sometimes you realize that, apart from sex, there is, in principle, nothing connecting you, you have difficulty finding common topics for conversation, and do not share your partner’s point of view. Of course, if you are satisfied with such a relationship, no one can prevent you from continuing this relationship, but sooner or later such one-sidedness will get boring.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream of Crows in a dream?

↑ to contents

Seeing a crow is a loss; hearing a scream is misfortune; to see them flying around the house - death; to see someone stealing - you experience mortal fear; scare - track down a thief or swindler.

Flying crows - imminent death; catching with hands - disagreement; in the trees - a family meeting; to hear croaking - to receive bad news.

Miller's Dream Book

↑ to contents

A crow in a dream usually means sad events.

Hearing them croak means an unfavorable influence on you and, as a result, wrong actions. This dream warns young men about the tricks and intrigues of the fair sex against them.

Chinese dream book

↑ to contents

The crows are noisy, quarreling with each other - foreshadows drinks and snacks.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Crows in a dream?

↑ to contents

Seeing a raven in a dream foretells a turn in fate for the worse. For a young girl, this is a warning about the infidelity of a loved one. A raven flying around a house is a harbinger of someone's death in the house. A croaking raven is a sign of misfortune in the family of friends or neighbors. A raven pecking at something - you will experience mortal fear.

To scare away a raven that flies away from you screaming means to track down a thief or a swindler. To kill a raven means to escape from a dangerous opponent. Eating crow meat means trouble in love.

Seeing a crow in a dream is a harbinger of sad events, losses and bad news. Flying crows - for a funeral. Cawing crows - you will make a number of mistakes under the influence of those who are extremely interested in this.

Catching crows means you won’t find a common language with those with whom you previously had, it would seem, complete mutual understanding. A flock of crows sitting on a tree means you have to go to a meeting, which will be of no use. Wounded crow - men are planning something against you.

Dream book of the past

↑ to contents

A crow in a dream indicates a lack of independence, negative care from a mother or another woman. Get rid of old, painful addictions - and gain the ability to independently find the right solutions to your problems. You already have enough strength for this!

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

↑ to contents

A raven or crow is a sad messenger, announcing with its cry and even its very appearance about unhappy events and disasters.

The cawing of crows in a dream warns that as a result of unfavorable external influences you will commit wrong actions. Such a dream warns young men against feminine tricks and intrigues.

If crows completely cover the ground (field) with their flock, such a dream predicts a lean year and high prices.

Solomon's Dream Book

↑ to contents

Raven - sad news, melancholy, illness.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Crows according to the dream book?

↑ to contents

Raven - news of someone's death; the negative aspect of generic influences, the father, the destructive personality traits of the sleeper himself.

Crow - trouble; bad news; witch, induced damage; croaks - to trouble.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

↑ to contents

I dreamed of a raven - expect bad news.

If you dreamed of a dead raven, one of your friends will receive bad news.

In a dream you became a raven - get ready for big troubles in business.

If you dreamed that you were throwing a stone at a raven, know that soon things will go badly, and you will have a lot of trouble to correct them.

You watched someone throw a stone at a raven - to unpleasant news from distant relatives.

Freud's Dream Book

↑ to contents

If you dreamed of a crow or raven, this indicates that your existing relationship is at a stage where the external obscures the internal essence. You feel good in bed, but you yourself don’t really know what feelings, other than passionate desire, bind you and make your new union so attractive to both of you. Upon sober reflection, you begin to understand that harmony and mutual understanding reign between you only in bed, whereas in normal times you have difficulty finding something to talk about. Most likely, you are truly connected only by intimate relationships.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

↑ to contents

Seeing a crow means loss, misfortune; croaking - bad news; flying a lot - for a funeral.

Aesop's Dream Book

↑ to contents

A raven seen in a dream is a harbinger of trouble, trouble, failure and even death. Many people associate their grief with this bird, perhaps because of its black color, or perhaps because crows are an integral part of any cemetery and, according to legends that have reached us, peck out the eyes of the dead. There are many folk superstitions associated with this deadly bird.

Perhaps these signs, deposited in your subconscious, evoked the image of a raven in a dream: “A raven croaks - to a dead man”, “Whoever sings in the forest and sees a raven will stumble upon a wolf”, “A raven croaks at a church - to a dead man in the village; croaks on the ground - to the dead man in the yard”, “Through which the yard the crow flew cawing, there will be a dead man there.”

Watching a raven leave its nest in a dream is a harbinger that you should abandon the business you have started, because it will only bring troubles and misfortunes.

Seeing a raven sitting on a tall tree in a dream means that your troubles will not end soon, and therefore in real life you should gain strength and overcome all life’s adversities with dignity.

If in a dream a raven looks at you intently, you will become an involuntary witness to a sad incident.

If you dreamed that a raven was circling above your head, such a dream prophesies trouble.

If a raven circles above you screaming, this is a fatal symbol, indicating a serious illness or death of a person close to you.

Destroying crow's nests in a dream is a sign that you should abandon the business you have started, because it will bring great misfortune. Perhaps such a dream means that unexpectedly you will cause the death of someone close to you.

If in a dream you saw a raven carrying a snake in its paws, such a dream suggests that soon you will have the opportunity to make what you think is a valuable acquisition, which will cause you a lot of trouble.

If you dreamed of a loudly croaking raven, the dream warns that in real life you should be very careful in communicating with other people, because with your sometimes very harsh words and unfounded remarks you greatly offend others, as a result of which there is a possibility that Soon you will be completely without friends. So this dream is a clear confirmation of one simple truth: before you say something, you need to think several times.

Medieval dream book

↑ to contents

To chase a raven means that no terrible dangers will frighten you.

Keeping ravens is a great blessing.

If someone sees a raven flying above him, he should beware of the demonic seduction.

Seeing a raven sitting on a person means danger.

Eating crow chicks or holding them in your hands - this portends a calm life.

French dream book

↑ to contents

Seeing a raven in a dream is a sign of imminent sadness.

A raven's wing spread over you means imminent danger in reality.

Croaking - dreams of losses.

If in a dream you participate in a raven hunt, a good harvest is expected.

Flocks of crows that you dreamed of on the plain predict disasters and famine.

Seeing crows dead is a very good sign.

Crows in flight warn of mortal danger awaiting those to whom they fly.

If your husband turns into a raven in a dream, this is a sign of sadness.

Explanatory dictionary of dreams

↑ to contents

To hear a crow screaming - to the dead; kill him - escape from a dangerous rival; I start to see them - a swindler.

Seeing a crow is a joy.

Ukrainian dream book

↑ to contents

A raven in a dream means death. Cunning.

Like a crow cawing, it’s an enemy.

If you dream of crows, then this is a bad omen - there may be some kind of trouble, grief or misfortune for this person.

Crows are sitting in the trees - family council.

The cawing of crows is news.

Folklore dream book

↑ to contents

A crow croaked - to trouble, death, misfortune.

Gypsy dream book

↑ to contents

The crow is the favorite bird of the gypsies.

Many dream books interpret the vision of this bird as an evil omen, but gypsies believe that a raven in a dream means a family reunion, many joys and happiness.

A flying raven means the reunion will be unexpected; if it sits, you yourself will have to work on it.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of the dream: Crows according to the dream book?

↑ to contents

The crow is a slander that cannot be trusted.

Dead - there will be no harm.

Croaking - it will be very offensive.

A lot of crows will persuade you publicly.

Online dream book

Meaning of the dream: Crows according to the dream book?

↑ to contents

According to the dream book, a raven is a harbinger of some kind of misfortune; humiliation, need, or illness may await you.

More interpretations

I dreamed that they were croaking loudly - perhaps someone would die.

If you dream of a black raven, expect misfortune.

The black sheep is to meet an extraordinary person who does not listen to public opinion, but lives by his own laws and rules.

Talking Raven - remember what he said, this is the key to understanding what will happen to you in reality.

If you dreamed that you were eating their meat, difficulties await you in your personal life.

If in a dream you scared the crows, in reality you will expose some villain.

If in a dream you saw this bird in a cage, it means that all your fears will not be in vain.

If you dream that you are holding them in your palms, an unwanted meeting awaits you, which will bring you nothing but trouble.

If you dreamed that a raven was sitting at the very top of a tree, you still have a lot of problems to solve, be patient.

A dream in which you see him flying away from the nest warns that you have taken on some undertaking in vain.

If you dreamed of his keen gaze - you will see something that you will not like.

If you dream that a crow is sitting, you will soon sort out your affairs.

If in a dream you pluck its plumage, expect a meeting of a love nature with a foreigner.

If you dreamed of dead crows, in reality something very good awaits you.

A black raven in a dream means a serious illness will strike one of your relatives. Surround your loved ones with the attention and care they really need.

Killing a crow is some kind of negative sign; it is possible that difficulties in work lie ahead, the need to overcome the illness of a loved one.

Dead crow - a bright streak in life begins. The troubles are over, you can relax and give yourself a well-deserved break.

If you dream of feeding a raven, it means that you will have a reliable partner in business, your colleagues will work as one solid team, and you will be able to rely on your team.

If you dreamed that a crow was attacking you, try to carefully analyze your investment methods, think through your actions and actions, otherwise there is a risk of losing your savings.

A flock of crows means distress, deterioration of financial situation. The situation can be improved through hard work.

A crow pecks at something - in reality you will be very frightened of something, your fears will be in vain.

Interpretation of Aesop

What stories are discussed in this dream book? Are there a lot of crows cawing? Such dreams warn that a person needs to think about his behavior. His words and actions offend others. The dreamer not only alienates his friends, but also risks acquiring dangerous enemies.

Destroying crow's nests means quitting a job halfway. A bird sitting on a tall tree is not a good dream. The dark streak in life will not end soon. A person needs to be patient and wait out the unfavorable period. It is better to refrain from active actions until the clouds that have gathered overhead dissipate.

Does a raven leave its nest in a dream? Such a plot means that a person has lost his way. He needs to take a break and think about what to do next. Otherwise, he will continue to achieve what he does not need at all.

Is a bird carrying something in its beak in a dream? An acquisition that at first glance seems profitable, in reality is not.

General interpretation of the image

Interpretation in popular dream books

Indeed, many dream books interpret the appearance of a raven in a dream as a negative omen:

  • Vangi : seeing a raven in a dream means receiving sad news associated with illnesses and losses;
  • Persian dream book : birds indicate vicious, deceitful, godless people;
  • Wanderer : the influence of negative generic programs, destructive personality traits of the dreamer himself;
  • Samokhvalova : shaman, devil; negative father image;
  • Velesov's dream book : raven – thief, adulterer;
  • Meneghetti : negative influence of a mother or another woman on the dreamer's life;
  • Miller : tricks and intrigues on the part of women;
  • Freud : unbearable relationship, despite mutual passion; tendency to violent sexual games;
  • Family dream book : a crow in a dream is a warning about deception.

Independent interpretation

Despite the predominance of negative interpretations, exceptions can be found. To begin with, you should distinguish between a dreamed raven and a crow. Although they are largely similar in their symbolism, there are also differences. Both species are omnivores and predators, with a high level of intelligence.

However, the crow is a typical city bird. Gets along well with people, obtaining food by cunning and ingenuity. She is more associated with the image of a swindler, a petty pest and an intriguer.

The raven is larger and smarter, more careful, and comes only in black color. Avoids people, preferring to live in forests and mountainous areas. It is almost impossible to find him near settlements. He is the personification of a much more serious danger, a strong adversary. Sometimes - the personification of a patron. As a long-lived bird, it is a symbol of life’s wisdom and insight.

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