Why did you dream of finding a wedding ring: the opinion of popular dream books

Ring in hand: Pexels Each popular dream book interprets the ring as a symbol that appears in dreams in its own way. Depending on the context and circumstances, this sign can portend both good and not particularly pleasant events. However, in most cases, if you dreamed of a ring, there is no need to worry. If you want to delve into the interpretation in more detail, read the article.

According to Freud's dream book

He interprets what someone else’s ring means in dreams, deciphering any images from a “sensual perspective.” Simply put, this interpreter interprets through the prism of sex.

  • with an elegant stone - you are a connoisseur of sensual sex;
  • gold or silver - you know your worth, preferring to dominate;
  • copper or tin - in bed you prefer to obey;
  • too huge or very small - you are sexually repressed;
  • bad taste, jewelry - you have vicious desires.

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What happened to the ring?

  • A found marriage accessory suddenly disappears - the dreamer will be given a chance to change his life for the better, but one should not place high hopes on it. The chance will turn out to be very doubtful: the new relationship will not justify itself and will entail losses.
  • You really liked the find, you looked at it from all sides and did not want to give it away - in reality, the dreamer is destined to create a strong family. For girls, such a dream promises mutual love, filled with tenderness: she and her partner will admire each other, and their union promises to be lasting.
  • If you find a wedding ring and don’t put it in your hands, it means lost opportunities. You will not take advantage of the chance given to you, which you will greatly regret later. If you know that the jewelry is buried deep in the ground and cannot dig it up, then such a dream indicates a lost chance that was given to another person. It could be about the opportunity to advance your career, restore relationships, or make peace with a friend.
  • A find that slips out of your hands is a warning - you will not keep your promises, which will entail separation from your partner. Moreover, with your actions and words you will disappoint both yourself and those around you, causing their disapproval.
  • The found ring is put on the dreamer’s finger by her lover - a sign of romance in the relationship. All disagreements that took place a little earlier will fade into the background, relationships will become easy, filled only with positive emotions and joy. If you try on the find yourself, then in reality you are destined to make promises that will be very difficult to fulfill. Putting it on the finger of another person means a close connection with him, complete trust and mutual understanding.
  • When the dreamer finds a wedding ring and breaks it with his own hands, this indicates that in life he will be drawn into a conflict situation and lose.

In general, a dream about finding a wedding ring promises something new: relationships, work, friendship, skills, abilities. You should take a close look at this symbol and understand what role it plays: a gift of fate or a test. In any case, you will be given a chance. Try to use it wisely.

According to Vanga's dream book

  • Vanga’s dream book predicts a new love or relationship for those who dreamed of someone else’s wedding ring.
  • If the ring adorned your finger, it means that you will meet an interesting person who has a chance of becoming your life partner.
  • And explaining why you dream of someone else’s ring that is not the right size, the seer states: a new acquaintance is more likely to become your good friend (and a true one) than your lover. However, this connection will bring you many pleasant moments and a “permanent” good mood.

Dream interpretation of a ring in a dream Interpretation of a dream

Dream interpretation of a ring in a dream Interpretation of a dream.

The dream book of the Magickum project is based on the analysis of dreams that have come true, which is why it is the best dream book on the Runet according to user recognition. There are many rules for deciphering dreams, however, after reading even this characteristic of the symbol, you will be able to understand the essence of what your subconscious has shown you.

Read the symbol options below and find those that match the plot of your dream. And the article, as always, will contain examples of the dreams of project participants about rings that have come true.

Rings in dreams always indicate a relationship with someone close to you, as well as partnerships, unions, alliances.

A golden ring dreams of fulfillment of desire, happiness and prosperity. The more beautiful it is in a dream, the more beautiful your future life and changes will be.

A silver ring is a sign of achievement, most often indicating work, service, business, money.

A gold wedding ring is a symbol of marriage or marriage, and for married people it is a symbol of marital relationships. Therefore, if rings break, burst, or crack in a dream, this means they are broken, lost, and are also a symbol of the “loss” of connection with a person.

Many gold rings - to a prosperous, happy life.

A pair of rings, two rings - for marriage, marriage.

A dream come true (from the Project's Dream Bank)

A month before the breakup, my boyfriend had a dream where I had two gold rings on my fingers. He didn’t remember which hand or which fingers. I took off one ring and gave it to some girl, according to him, he doesn’t know her. The dream came true a month later, I myself decided to leave him and we parted.

Three rings in a dream...

indicate another side in the couple’s relationship. It can also be an allegory or a prototype of a business relationship involving three parties.

A gold ring is given or given - a dream about a proposal. And if you chose a ring in your dream, you will choose your partner in the same way.

Trying on a ring is an attempt to establish a connection, a relationship, but at the moment not yet defined.

If the ring was stolen , the dream means a break in a relationship due to someone else’s fault. You can say this: someone stole your happiness. Of course, if the ring was beautiful and dear to you. Usually all this is visible and felt by dreamers. If such a dream disturbs you with its prophecy, change the projection of the future.”

A darkened ring indicates that you have stopped appreciating your happiness or that it has faded.

A rusty ring is a symbol of a damaged relationship.

A dirty ring means that the relationship is “stained” by the actions and actions of the people themselves.

A dream come true about tarnished rings:

Hello! I had a gentleman. About a week before breaking up with him, I dreamed that he gave me a ring. At first I was very happy about the ring and put it on my finger. And already on the finger it became somewhat dull with scuffs (at first it seemed golden). It turned out to be jewelry. In the dream, I scolded him for having a cheap ring. The dream came true in the following way. We went together to another city for a couple of days. I became terribly greedy. The last straw was that I didn’t buy lemonade. The toad strangled him :)) on the way home, he put an end to our communication with him. (If anything, the guy makes very good money).

Another dream from a project participant: I am a widow, I lived with my first husband for about 30 years. After a while, I met a man and there was already a conversation about marriage, and I wrote on paper the question: “What awaits me with him?” I dreamed that I bought pies and started eating at home, I felt something hard. I look, and this ring is a man’s, a wedding ring, but it’s broken, worn, and there’s rust inside. I understood the dream, but my feelings and hormones are playing, I think it was nonsense. But...... After 4 years I got everything in full and barely got rid of him. Got it, there was a warning!




A new ring means a new relationship.

In the near future you will meet a person who will change your destiny.

Diamond rings - to great happiness and prosperity. Such dreams can also indicate great success, fame and wealth. Of course, if the ring belongs to you in a dream, you see it on your hand, you put it on yourself, they give it to you, present it, offer it, give it to you.

Any rings with precious stones symbolize deeper feelings, high relationships, strong emotions, success, honors, glory.

The stones themselves mean certain previously deserved achievements, and with them a different, higher status.

For example, a ring with pearls - love after long disappointments. A dream in which you see a ring with a ruby ​​means passion, a strong emotional attachment, and often has a karmic trace.

A sapphire stone in a ring means a spiritual connection, kinship of souls, the love of a man, happiness from a man.

Emeralds - achievements in creativity and personal development.

Topazes dream of patronage, good luck in business and entrepreneurship.

By analogy, all rings (made of precious metals!!!) symbolize the following: a white ring - purity of relationships and devotion.

The red ring is ardor of feelings, passion. Green - devotion and new relationships.

Blue and blue - fulfillment of a cherished desire, personal achievements.

Black rings represent melancholy and sadness, which is hard to get rid of. Take off the ring in your dream! If you can’t induce such a dream yourself, use af.

But rings with black precious stones are symbols of protection, but they can be seen by people endowed with some kind of power or abilities. These are rare dreams.

Rings with signs or inscriptions almost always mean protection and patronage.

An old ring signifies a connection from the past. And an old or family symbol is a symbol indicating a family sign, a karmic connection. If you liked it in a dream, this is a sign of changes that you need to accept - they are for the better, especially since they are truly yours.

Seeing a big ring in a dream is a symbol of great love. If you put a ring on your finger, but it doesn’t fit, there are all the options: it’s small, it’s big, then you want the impossible, what doesn’t belong to you, and maybe unnecessary.

Putting on a ring means accepting the proposal.

Removing a ring from your hand or finger means refusing a relationship or proposal. Throwing away the ring, throwing it away means breaking the connection on your initiative or desire.

Dropping a ring or losing it means a break in the relationship due to your fault (the one who dropped or lost it in a dream), an accidental or intentional mistake.

Seeing someone else's ring in a dream means that you will soon learn about someone else's successes or engagement (depending on what kind of ring it was). If you see a wedding ring on the hand of a man you know, it means this person has a close relationship with someone.

A stone will fall out of the ring - a dream of great troubles, worries, suffering.

A dead man gives a ring in a dream - your plans are empty. Or someone who had a stone fall out of their ring in a dream.

A wooden ring is a symbol of difficult life in a marriage or union.

I dreamed of a ring in a box; the dream means prosperity and well-being of your home. If the ring was valuable and beautiful.

On the middle finger, a ring means wealth, on the little finger - for the well-being of children and pride in them. On the index - power and glory, on the ring - to a proposal or marriage, marriage.

And the rings on the right hand are changes regarding social status, people will learn about them. On the left hand - everything personal, perhaps secret on your initiative and what will happen in the future.

Synonyms for the word “ring”: circle, circle, link, ring, circumference





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According to Magini's dream book

  • Dreaming of a diamond ring is a very successful dream that promises you the achievement of your goals, successful deals and financial well-being.
  • With ruby ​​- a passionate, hot relationship with a member of the opposite sex.
  • A ring with an emerald - to mutual feelings or wealth.
  • With pearls is a well-deserved reward.

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Lose and immediately find an engagement ring

Sometimes the plot line of a dream turns out to be very confusing, and the dreamer manages to see several significant events at once.

  1. Such a dream promises success in all areas of life. This is news about the beginning of a white streak: past grievances will be forgotten, problems will be solved, unrest will disappear.
  2. Another source speaks of the trials of life that will arise against the backdrop of neglect of oath promises. We are talking about a partner’s infidelity, lies, a dangerous illness, an accident, which will entail a forced separation. However, you can overcome all difficulties and find happiness again.
  3. In a dream, you happened to discover an old ring that was previously lost - your chosen one was appointed to you by fate.
  4. A dream in which you lost your wedding ring and immediately found it predicts unexpected losses and financial difficulties. However, they promise to be short-lived.
  5. If you managed to discover the loss in a short time, in reality you will fulfill your promises that you once made to a loved one.

A dream in which you lost your wedding ring and immediately found it predicts unexpected losses and financial difficulties

Who dreamed of the ring

A married woman dreamed about rings

- an excellent sign. Her husband is truly a worthy person. The family hearth is filled with mutual understanding and happiness.

An offer of a serious relationship is foreshadowed by dreams of engagement or wedding rings for an unmarried girl.

. For lovers, the dream is very favorable and confirms the correctness in choosing a companion.

When a man

, in addition to the wedding, it is a symbol of increasing authority and power. Businessmen after such a dream can count on profitable cooperation.

An object as simple and filled with symbols as a ring has many interpretations. Let the most favorable ones come true, and let harmony reign in real life.


“Difficult decoration” as a symbol of problematic relationships

Did you dream of a pair of wedding rings on one finger? Pastor Loff's dream book suggests clarifying exactly whose wedding rings you saw in your dream.

So, for example, if one wedding ring is yours, the other is your spouse’s, then problems await you in your family life. And if on one finger you see wedding bands from different marriages, then in reality you will experience confusion from the duality of feelings for your own husband.

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