“Why do you see glass in a dream? If you see Glass in a dream, what does it mean?

Dream Interpretation: seeing broken glass in a dream

Dream book of Gustav Miller

considers broken glass a sign of mortal danger. Stepping on it means meetings that will only bring grief and unpleasant conversations. Cleaning up broken glass means solving other people's problems. Picking up fragments and cutting yourself means illness in a loved one. Seeing your own reflection in broken glass is a loss of vitality. Someone from the environment skillfully takes away strength.

According to Vanga's dream book

broken glass in a dream foreshadows a tragic event. This may include committing a serious offense. Subsequently, the sleeper will greatly regret what he did.

Dream book of the 21st century

believes that a lot of broken glass warns of the collapse of ideas.

Chewing fragments means showing incompetence in the work sphere and becoming a source of problems for co-workers. It is important to perform your job duties more responsibly. Hearing the sound of broken glass in a dream, but not seeing fragments of the damaged object, is advice to listen to your own intuition. The inner voice will be able to give the necessary hint. According to the English dream book

the sound of breaking glass is a bad sign, foreshadowing the onset of a “dark streak” in life. Dreams of happiness will be shattered by harsh reality.

Freud's Dream Book

associates broken glass with fragile relationships. The atmosphere in a couple is greatly influenced by external factors, and at any moment the connection can be interrupted due to a trivial reason. If the sleeper values ​​his partner, he will have to make a lot of effort to strengthen the relationship.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

interprets the dreamed fragments of multi-colored glass as a festive mood, a joyful meeting. If they form a beautiful pattern, the dream portends good luck.

According to the wanderer’s dream book, if a sleeper deliberately breaks a glass barrier, in reality his cherished desire is likely to come true. Career advancement is possible.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

The interpreter believed that seeing fragments under your feet is a symbol that something very good will happen. Soon you will enjoy life like a child. Fun events, meetings with loved ones, joyful events and amazing adventures are not excluded.

If you were walking and suddenly saw broken pieces of glass, it means that you will encounter difficulties and obstacles on your way to your goal. Only if the fragments were multi-colored will the dream have a positive interpretation.

Why do you dream about breaking glass?

Break the glass in the window

own home is a symbolic reflection of defenselessness in the face of circumstances. The usual course of life can be disrupted by troubles, including those caused by malicious actions of third parties.

For vehicle owners to break car

- a plot interpreted as a warning. There may be problems on the road in the near future, and it is advisable not to drive.

If the dreamer happened to break the glass with force

, in reality there are many questions that are tormented by uncertainty. It's time to overcome uncertainty, consider possible options, weigh all the arguments and solve the problem.

Your actions after the dream

This dream invites you to take a closer look at your razor-sharp tongue, try to develop a softer approach and accept your own vulnerabilities. You should not be in constant readiness to defend your positions from attacks from others, but rather try to choose softer words to put an end to the disagreements in which you are currently involved. Staying on guard all the time unnecessarily can lead to stress, and if you continue to show your toughness to others, you will ultimately destroy your already weakened self-confidence. The right words, spoken gently, have much greater persuasive power than any, even the most sharp, criticism.

Where did you dream about broken glass?

Modern people often dream of broken glass on their phone.

as a reflection of real fears for the gadget. The dream is also interpreted as a lack of connection with the right person.

A frivolous relationship, which the dreamer mistakenly considers friendship, means a broken watch

. You have to communicate with an insincere person.

Broken glass in a car

— a warning about plans that will stall even in the initial stages. Nothing good will come of this idea in the future either.

The actions of the younger generation will cause great distress, which is what dreams of broken glass in the house

people raising children. The dream calls on everyone else to pay attention to their own behavior and habits, to realize and, if possible, correct mistakes. If there is a lot of broken glass, this is an important clue. There is probably quite a lot of information hidden from attention in the whirlwind of daily activities.

Broken glass on the floor

- a call for caution. Stepping on the fragments means deliberately taking risks, although common sense and experience hint at very unfavorable consequences.

Unlike the sign in reality, in the dream there is broken glassware

serves as a harbinger of life's adversities. Unexpected problems can even bring you to tears. Shards of a broken glass bottle mean long-term troubles at work.

For family dreamers, broken window and glass shards

in their own home indicate a lack of mutual understanding between household members. An alternative interpretation suggests that avoiding life complications will not be easy.

If broken glass in glasses

, worsening financial situation is ahead. You also have to learn the unpleasant truth about the motives of your loved one’s actions.

When you dream of broken glass in your mouth

, this is a hint that you need to watch your words more carefully. Throwing phrases in the hearts can greatly complicate the situation.

Holding broken glass in your hands in a dream is a reflection of excessive gullibility, which can give an advantage to ill-wishers. The plot seen calls for reasonable secrecy and caution in dealing with people.

What was the plot of the dream?

The semantic message of night dreams will depend on the accompanying details and the dream scenario. Seeing your own broken car is a bad symbol that speaks of mental imbalance, and an expensive, unfamiliar, damaged sports car hints at an increase in the dreamer’s capital. Taking into account small nuances, it will be possible to find out the message sent at night.

There was an accident

If there was an accident, but all the parts and the windshield survived, then the present will be safe. Such dreams can occur before making important decisions, for example: a wedding, an exam, or signing an important contract. In reality, it is worth taking a risk and agreeing to favorable terms of the deal.

A beaten-up car thrown to the side of the road will tell about problems in mutual understanding between relatives and the fading of feelings among lovers.

You are the driver

  • If in a dream a girl was driving her husband’s car and accidentally crashed it, then this will serve as a sign
    Create an accident in a dream

    mistrust. One of the couple is trying to hide something.

  • When you deliberately crash a car while driving, this indicates suicidal tendencies. With such obsessive dreams, it is better to seek help from professional psychologists.
  • Did you dream that you bought a brand new car, but it turned out to be broken? Pay attention to your lifestyle. Due to high psychological stress and poor nutrition, illnesses can appear.

The dreamer was not driving

  • When, in a dream scenario, you see someone else’s beat-up car and refuse to drive in it, then in reality you will be able to avoid financial losses.
  • Did you dream that a stranger was driving your husband’s car? Most likely, a crisis has come in your relationship with your significant other. If the car is broken, this may signal the appearance of a rival.
  • Did your friend who was in the driver's seat damage the windshield? Check your friends, there may be a traitor among them who will reveal your secrets.

Unfamiliar vehicle

I dreamed of someone else's broken car

An unfamiliar broken car that cannot be repaired will tell about the accumulation of unresolved problems, and broken glass that hurt your hand will be a symbol of an unpleasant emotional state due to piled-up matters.

A dream where you are in a junkyard of old, battered vehicles is a sign that in conflicts and quarrels, sometimes you need to compromise.

Actions with broken glass


shards of broken glass by hand - a multifaceted plot. First of all, it personifies the threat hanging over the dreamer and calls for caution. Another common interpretation is the desire to resume previous relationships, contrary to common sense. Cutting oneself means illness directly in the sleeping person or in someone close to you.

It’s good if you had a dream of cleaning

broken glass with a broom. This means that in reality the correct strategy was chosen. The plot is encouraging: there is no need to be afraid of inevitable changes, they will only be beneficial.

In a dream I had to walk on the fragments with bare feet - in reality there was a high probability of getting into a dangerous situation. You should not tempt fate, and you should try to avoid visiting areas with a crime situation, and not participate in extreme entertainment.

Having found out in detail why you dream of broken glass in various objects, you can predict which side to expect the trick from and fight back against troubles.

People's dream book

In the classical interpretation, they suggest taking into account not only the size of the pieces of glass into which the object shattered, but also what exactly broke:

  • dishes - to difficulties in the family, conflicts;
  • glass figurines - you will have a fight with a close friend;
  • aquarium - beware of gossip, bad gossip;
  • light bulb - ill-wishers will try to cause you a lot of trouble in order to prevent you from achieving your goal;
  • you are walking on broken fragments and have injured your legs until they bleed - a sign that you should not go on long trips in the near future;
  • saw a piece of glass stuck in your foot, although you were wearing shoes - in reality you will have to cope with difficulties in your planned activities;
  • glass stuck in your hair - soon you will have to come up with something new and interesting. Try to implement a non-standard idea;
  • driving a vehicle over broken glass - you have talent, but you do not allow yourself to fully reveal it;
  • collect the fragments - you will soon face very important changes. If you throw them in the trash, you are actually deciding to move along the path of spiritual search;
  • there are pieces of glass - you will find a non-standard way to solve the difficulties that have arisen;
  • you see that there are a lot of fragments around you - in fact, you are missing something important. Lack of information prevents you from taking advantage of emerging opportunities.

Decoding by type

A more accurate interpretation of the dream will be given by the quality and condition of the fragments in the dream.

  • Dirty - conflict with outsiders.
  • Clean – a sober assessment of the situation.
  • Matte - false illusions.
  • Brilliant - luck in love.
  • Colored - diversity.
  • Mirrored - a collapse of hopes.

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