Why do you dream about your mother when you are young? Interpretation if you dreamed about your mother when she was young?

Mom - Miller's dream book

In general, seeing parents in a good mood means, according to Miller’s dream book, favorable relationships in one’s own family and changes for the better. If a young girl sees her mother in a dream, and even more so has a heartfelt conversation with her, this means that she herself will have good mutual understanding in the family, loyalty and devotion on the part of her husband.

Seeing a mother who actually died means it’s time to prepare for trouble. This dream should make you think: perhaps this is a warning about difficult times in life. Miller's dream book interprets the dream in exactly this way in relation to any of the parents. Seeing a mother crying means that there may be some risks to human health.

Dream Interpretation: young mother

According to the dream book, your mother warns that you have strayed from the right path.

If it is unhealthy, it threatens you with failure.

She is having fun - someone from your circle will give you a pleasant surprise, but if she is sad and has tears in her eyes, you will make excuses to management.

Your mother is no longer alive, but you dream about her - a change in temperature.


If you dreamed that your mother was in tears, most likely in the near future your family will face huge troubles associated with insoluble conflicts and even separation. Try to prevent possible problems.

Seeing your mother dead in a dream means her longevity and good health in real life, as well as the successful implementation of your plans.

If you are talking to her at the same time

A dream in which you are trying to shout to your mother asking for help, and she comes to you, portends you success in all your endeavors.

If she never showed up

According to the dream book, call your mother to help you

If you dream about the mother of your chosen one, with whom you are talking in a raised tone - be careful, you will find yourself in a society of quarrelsome and evil people, you will feel very bad among them.

If you get along with her

If in a dream you saw the mother of a young man with whom you had already broken up, it means that in real life you do not feel attractive and suppress your femininity.

Why do you dream about mom?

The dream book interprets the vision in which you gave birth to a child and received the status of a mother - as a harbinger that in the near future you will be able to realize your grandiose plans, you will be visited by interesting ideas that will bring you success.

If you are not yet married

A dream in which your mother gives birth warns that someone is trying to manipulate her subconscious, carrying out a psychological attack on her, distorting the usual value system.

Dream interpretation mom. Why do you dream about mom?

Why do you dream about a mother? The presence of a mother in a dream is not entirely suitable for interpretation if the owner of the dream regularly sees his mother. In other cases, in the dream book, mother has the following basic interpretations: A mother appearing in the house of a sleeping person who lives separately from his mother - the dream foreshadows an encouraging result of some business.

Why do you dream of a young mother or a beautiful mother - for a girl this is a very positive dream, since it indicates the development of her femininity, reconciliation with her nature, recovery from an illness, the birth of a child. For a man, such a dream speaks of the need to show more gentleness in real life and not abuse power and position.

Dream about deceased mother. Why do you dream about your mother's death?

Dreams about the deceased can be a projection of memories of them, but from the point of view of occultism, the connection between mother and child does not disappear after her death, therefore - why does a deceased mother dream - the mother’s soul protects the sleeping person. Perhaps it's also time to visit my mother's grave...

It is worth listening to the words of the deceased mother in a dream, and her appearance and emotions can tell whether the sleeper is choosing the right direction in his affairs, whether his new endeavor will be successful, etc.

If you dreamed that your mother died, do not be afraid. Most often, such an image appears in dreams as a symbol of growing up and independence. A person learns to stand firmly on his own two feet without resorting to maternal help in difficult situations. Such dreams also indicate increased anxiety and loss of a sense of security.

Sometimes such a dream can warn that it is better not to carry out your plans, since everything will turn into failure and a feeling of shame for what you have done. Often such a dream is an expression of the unconscious desires of the dreamer, who has a difficult relationship with his mother or is strongly dependent on her.

Seeing a living mother dead in a dream means the same thing.

As the dream book interprets it, if you dreamed about your dead mother being alive and telling you something or advising you, then it is recommended to listen to her words. Often such dreams have a mystical meaning, and following the advice of the deceased helps to avoid certain problems in reality.

When you often dream about your deceased mother, you should order a prayer service in the temple. Also, such a dream often accompanies depression, apathy, and the inability to adequately assess and accept the situation.

You should take care of yourself, strive to restore harmony, change something in your life, and engage in spiritual practices.

The second version of the dream - when you dreamed about your dead mother and she was crying, in real life it promises the negative consequences of the dreamer’s actions, which you will have to repent of. Feeling lost, following the wrong path.

The dream book interprets the funeral of a mother in the same vein as death - it is a symbol of independence. In some cases, humility before change. In most cases, it is a symbol of depression. Something new is knocking at life, requiring independent decisions.

The dream book recommends analyzing dreams in which the mother was killed individually, depending on the details of the events taking place - who did it and how, what feelings the dreamer experiences. In general, such a dream indicates difficulties in achieving a goal, the inability to freely defend one’s point of view and follow one’s own principles.

Sad or sick mother

Seeing your mother sad or scolding means that the dreamer is doing something wrong in his life.

If you dreamed about your mother crying, something threatens the dreamer. However, you should not exaggerate the negativity of such a dream, because ordinary trouble or illness can also threaten the owner of the dream. But seeing your mother sick or crippled is a really bad omen. You may soon become ill or experience great disappointment.

If you dreamed that your mother was crying, it often means that your plans will not come true.

The image of a sick mother in a dream book, if the dreamer is a girl, may foreshadow illnesses in the female part or denial of one’s female role.

Why does a young mother dream?

If the dreamer is a guy, this indicates a lack of energy, some undesirable events that you will have to get involved in.

Why do you dream about your stepmother?

The dream book considers the appearance of a guy’s mother in a dream as a projection of a real relationship with her. Therefore, such a dream must be analyzed individually. The image of a guy's mother may be caused by anxiety before an upcoming acquaintance, a fear of not liking her.

If you dreamed about your ex-girlfriend’s mother, you should expect some news from the past that could affect the future.

Why do you dream of a godmother - the image of a godmother is an appeal to the deep unconscious. If the birth mother is part of earthly life, then the godparents force one to turn to spirituality. Such a dream may be a direct indication of the need for spiritual development; there is a lack of harmony in your life.

Why do you dream about someone else’s mother? It matters whose mother it is. Often this is an indication of relationships with real people (mother of a guy or girl, mother-in-law or mother-in-law, mother of a friend, etc.).

The character traits of people in dreams are always accentuated and tell the dreamer something about himself (in other words, they are projected onto the behavior of another person).

If someone else's mother appears in a dream in the guise of a stepmother, the dream speaks of the interference of strangers in your affairs, which can ruin everything. It is also a sign of crisis, loss of self.

Quarrels and other problems

Why do you dream of a drunk mother - an indication of unconscious dependence on her and excessive admiration for her. Such a dream makes it clear to the dreamer that he should rethink his mother’s influence on his life and start thinking for himself.

Hitting your mother in a dream means an attempt to get rid of parental dependence. The meaning of such a dream for a teenager is clear. For an adult, such a dream predicts powerlessness in achieving some goal. Quarreling with your mother or fighting with your mother in a dream means the same thing.

Such dreams take a person back to childhood, returning unconscious feelings to parents, who are called upon to protect and protect the child while he himself cannot do this.

Why do you dream of an angry mother or if your mother swears? In reality, you should moderate your selfishness and stop indulging your whims. The inability to get out of a difficult situation due to one’s own passivity and uncertainty.

The dream book interprets looking for a mother in a dream as a long series of troubles and problems, falling one after another like dominoes. It will be necessary to seek help from someone. In some cases, such a dream is the result of a person’s active work on his personality; unconscious changes occur that have not yet manifested themselves.

What actions did you dream about?

Talking to your mother in a dream can have many meanings. It all depends on what and how the conversation is going. If the voice is raised, it means that the person already feels guilty or has to do something that he will later regret. Also, such dreams may simply be a consequence of conflict.

A conversation in which the dreamer does not hear what his mother is telling him means an unwillingness to understand and listen to other people's advice. The topic of the conversation is also of great importance, since in a dream only something very important can be discussed, although not always realized. If you only hear your mother's loud voice in a dream, it means fear and a desire to give up control of your life.

A conversation with your mother in a dream also often means receiving news.

Hugging your mother in a dream could mean longing for her or reconciliation. When a dreamer seeks to find protection in an embrace, this is precisely what he lacks in real life.

Calling your mother in a dream means loss of control over some situation, powerlessness, fear of the unknown.

If you dreamed that your mother left, this means a loss of authority and a call for independent action. In other cases, the dream also warns of some real danger for family members or the need to be careful in some situation, since there will be no one to help.

Kissing your mother in a dream means regression, a desire to return to childhood. For people leading an active, busy life, this is a call to stop for a while and forget about problems. For passive people, this is an indicator of infantility, the need to grow up.

If mom gives money, the person will be forced to accept other people's values ​​and principles. A dream can also mean sudden and unexpected help. In some cases, this is an indication that in solving a problem one should take the traditional path rather than the innovative one.

Vanga's dream book - what does mom dream about?

Mom is in a dream in her usual state at your home, then expect changes for the better in business, business, any of your work. If you have a calm conversation with your mother in a dream, then the dream means that you will receive good news about something you have been looking for answers to for a long time.

If a woman sees her mother in a dream, it symbolizes a prosperous marriage and a happy family life. A mother rocking you to sleep with a lullaby is a possible sign of your inattention to your own family.

Hearing your mother’s call in a dream means loneliness; you will be left alone, without the support of friends; can also mean the wrong path in your affairs. Maternal tears in a dream are always a sign of misfortune: beware of illnesses and troubles in life. Sadness and melancholy are foreshadowed by a dream in which you see someone else’s mother dead.

What did the young mother see in her dream?

Dreams are a special language of images, signs that predict our future and answer the questions that concern us most. Dreams, one way or another, are a kind of dialogue with the inner “I”, which touches the most secret fears, hopes, desires.

According to Vanga's dream book

  • The arrival of a mother in a dream is associated with a good and bright future for the family.
  • A rejuvenated mother rocking you in a cradle in a dream reminds you that she now very much needs the attention and care of her children. Take these “tips” and be sure to visit her.
  • A dream in which your mother is young and sings a lullaby to you means that you are too busy with what is happening outside the family, while she needs your constant attention. Don’t miss the moment – ​​now you can still maintain warm and trusting relationships with your loved ones.

According to the family dream book

  • Any dream in which you see your mother means well-being and blessing, premonition, recognition.
  • Seeing her face young or her doing something in a dream is a sign of receiving news from her, her concern for your well-being.

According to the Oracle's dream book

I dreamed that my mother was young - the dream book considers such a plot to be a reflection of your inner growth, transition to a new state. There is a renewal in your consciousness, a revaluation of principles, a change in thinking and lifestyle.

During this period, all financial-related endeavors will bring positive results.

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According to Loff's dream book

The meaning of dreams about a mother can vary greatly, and it depends on what kind of relationship exists between the dreamer and his mother in reality.

At a certain stage of your development, did you perceive your mother as the omniscient embodiment of love itself? Were there elements of a power struggle in your relationship, did it happen that she unceremoniously interfered in your personal life? Have you ever lost contact with your mother (due to her death or of your own free will), because of which some problems were never resolved? By answering these questions, you get the opportunity to decipher the meanings of those images that appear with your mother in your dream.

Deciphering a young mother in a dream depending on the scenario

  • in a normal environment - the set goals will be realized, there will be stability in business;
  • joyful, happy - the period most favorable for all kinds of endeavors is coming. It is quite possible to create your own family or reconcile with your partner;
  • talking to her - it’s worth paying attention to the topic being discussed with her. It is quite possible that the dreams contained a hint about solving pressing problems;
  • for a married woman - family life will be prosperous, the chosen one will be caring and gentle with her;
  • for a married man - it’s worth visiting your relatives, since they have not been given due attention lately.

According to the modern dream book

Seeing a young mother in a dream is a sign of joyful news about your family and friends, dear people.

According to Miller's dream book

  • A young mother in a dream means experiencing anxiety due to difficult memories. People see images of relatives under the weight of complex and difficult experiences. Most often, their reason is a feeling of guilt before family and friends. Let go of thoughts about the past - and it will go away with them.
  • If the dream brings unpleasant emotions, what should you do? Miller advises ignoring difficult dreams and their plots. What is seen in them does not come true literally, directly. Bad and difficult images do not always foreshadow bad events.

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According to Longo's dream book

  • Seeing a young mother in a dream is considered a good omen, promising blessings and prosperity.
  • The clear features of a mother’s face in a dream foreshadow a quick meeting with her, but if the mother is not alive, then you should definitely visit her grave and remember her properly.

When there were a lot of emotions the day before

Interpretation of sleep depending on whose mother was young

  • mother of the groom - the girl has certain concerns about communicating with her future mother-in-law;
  • mother of a former lover - the girl cannot erase her past relationships from her memory and often thinks about them;
  • mother of his beloved - the guy is going to connect his life with his chosen one;
  • Godmother - positive changes are coming in life, the planned undertaking will be successful;
  • friend’s mother – a person is very worried about his friend and wants to help her in every possible way;
  • friend's mother - a dream warns of impending danger. She can lie in wait for both the dreamer himself and his friend.

According to the lunar dream book

A young mother’s dream comes true most often during the first and second lunar quarters. These days account for the entire period of growth of the Moon, while it passes from the state of the new moon to the full moon. Also, on the remaining days of the lunar cycle, the probability of success decreases quite significantly, and is reduced to almost zero.

According to the psychological dream book

A dream in which your mother is young and sings a lullaby to you means that you are too busy with what is happening outside the family, while she needs your constant attention.

According to the erotic dream book

  • If you dreamed about your young mother, there is a chance that she will soon find out about your secret love affairs with a person whom you have long hidden from your family.
  • For a woman, a dream in which her young mother is present promises quick bliss and great pleasure from intimacy with her loved one.

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According to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

  • The image of a strict or upset mother in your youth is a harbinger that you may make a big mistake. In reality it will bring many unpleasant moments.
  • When your mother treats you with love and care in a dream, you will receive unexpected support. Perhaps at this moment you really need help in real life. Don't be afraid to ask your loved ones about it.

According to the English dream book

I dreamed of a young mother and a sincere conversation with her - it means that the rest of my life will be pleasant and comfortable.

According to the medieval dream book

  • Lying on the bed next to your mother means safety, protection from ill-wishers.
  • Seeing your mother young, alive and healthy means happiness, harmony in all areas of life, well-being.

According to the Wanderer's dream book

  • For a man, based on his appearance and behavior, this is a responsible period of life, aspirations, and achievements.
  • For a woman, responsibilities, reproaches, warnings, premonitions.

According to the children's dream book

Mom dreams of being young - a happy event will happen.


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Source: https://vo-sne.info/molodaya-mama/

Mom in a dream - interpretation according to Freud

Why do you dream about mother according to Freud?

If a young man or man sees his mother in a dream, it means that he is very dependent on her. It may also be associated with sexual complexes. For example, seeing a mother having sex with another man in a dream speaks of a pronounced Oedipus complex.

Behind all this there may be an attraction to the mother, as well as failures in his personal life. Often, men who are too dependent on their mother try to find a wife or girl who is similar to their own mother. But this usually ends in failure and disappointment.

Seeing your mother in her usual state means that you are not paying her due attention. But if a girl sees her mother in a dream, perhaps she has a rival in her personal life - it’s worth taking a closer look at her man.

Seeing mom in a dream - Longo's dream book

Mom is the closest and most loving person to you, so Longo’s dream book interprets a dream about a mother in a good way: this means well-being and happiness. If you see your mother with clear outlines, as if in reality, then you will probably meet her soon.

If she is no longer alive, then it is necessary to visit the mother’s grave. A mother in illness symbolizes conflicts, troubles at work, in family life; Perhaps more mature people are judging you for something. If your mother is cooking in a dream, then it’s time for you to go to the stove - wait for guests.

What does it mean to see mom in a dream according to women's dream book

The women's dream book advises you to pay very close attention to every word said by your mother in a dream. Perhaps in her words you will find answers to your questions or advice on how to solve certain life problems. If your mother is cheerful and joyful in a dream, then everything will be fine in your life. If she is sad, then you also expect the arrival of sadness, difficulties and problems in reality.

If you see a dead mother calling you, holding out her hand, under no circumstances should you follow her. This means that illness and death may await you too. If your mother dies in a dream, then in reality you are tormented by your conscience. Giving gifts to your mother in a dream means obvious indecision: you don’t know what to do best, you are at a crossroads.

Illness, injury and ill health

Seeing your sister sick, unkempt, in a nightgown or pajamas in a dream means problems. Perhaps some trouble will happen, because of which you will have to bother with your sister for a long time. Also, if it is small, there is a possibility of illness.

So you should monitor your baby’s health in order to control the situation. An adult sister in a nightgown, wounded or sick, in a dream predicts troubles and insults.

It is possible that you yourself may get sick if a relative is about the same age as you, or suffer due to some extremely unpleasant situation.

If you happen to see your own sister naked in a dream, it means that she trusts you and will reveal many secrets and mysteries. Although much depends on the exact circumstances under which she took off her clothes.

Seeing her naked in a medical facility or noticing any hint of medicine is a sign of illness or trouble. Such a dream predicts illness or some kind of misfortune for you. However, if you see your sister quite healthy, but almost naked, rest assured: you will soon learn something new about her personal life.

Pay attention to what exactly you see on it. If this is very thin, beautiful and expensive underwear, it means that big changes will soon happen in the personal life of this person.

If you didn’t like her clothes, then the secret that you will soon find out will be unpleasant. It is possible that she will feel useless and sick.

Why do you dream about a guy’s mother?

It is not possible to clearly interpret such a dream. A guy’s mother in a dream can mean both a rival and an ally. It all depends on the other details of your dream.

For example, if you quarreled with a guy and then saw his mother in a dream, get ready for reconciliation. Quarreling with a guy's mother in a dream means being among unpleasant people who will treat you negatively.

If a guy’s mother dies in a dream, then unpleasant news, problems at work, and illness await in life. Seeing how you live together with your boyfriend’s mother also promises troubles that you can solve, but you will have to spend a lot of time on this. When a guy’s mother praises you in a dream, expect good news and also gifts.

Miller's Predictions

Miller's collection of interpretations will help you find out the correct interpretation . According to his dream book, if a mother gives birth to a healthy baby, bright and interesting events are expected that will allow you to cheer up and forget about all the troubles. You need to take care of your backlog. They cannot wait.

If you clearly plan your schedule, you will be able to do everything necessary. If the sphere of personal life is of great importance for the sleeper, you should honestly admit this to yourself.

The dream book also provides the following interpretations:

Dream Interpretation – pregnant mother or that mother gave birth

If you see your mother pregnant or giving birth to another child, it means a lack of motherly love towards you. Under such a dream lies unconscious jealousy towards your mother: you do not want to share her love for you with anyone else.

A pregnant mother in a dream also portends profit, new knowledge that should bring benefits to your life. Also, a dream about a mother giving birth can relate directly to the mother: perhaps it means that your mother is full of strength and energy to change her life. Maybe we should listen and help her with this?!

What does the modern dream book say about mom in a dream vision?

  • The death of a parent in a dream vision does not predict anything bad for her in reality. Moreover, her supply of vitality will increase and a large amount of energy will appear.
  • A conflict with your mother predicts a quarrel with her in life. You will stop trusting her and listening to advice. Perhaps you will move out of shared housing. This state of affairs can lead to a cessation of communication with her for many years.
  • If in your dreams your mother appeared to you alive and well, although in life she is dead, it means that unpleasant events will begin to occur in your life. Perhaps one of your relatives will become seriously ill. An accident may happen to you or a loud conflict may occur. Troubles will go away if you show perseverance and perseverance.
  • If a dream shows you a pregnant mother, then good news awaits you in life. There is a good chance that you will be promoted or have your salary increased. Also, you will be inspired, which will serve as an incentive for personal growth.
  • A drunken mother tells you that you have a weak character and lack strong-willed qualities. You are easily controlled, you have no opinion, and you cannot stand up for yourself. The dream tells you that if you start to behave differently and become able to defend yourself, then in reality everything will go smoothly.
  • A mother who cries in her sleep speaks of a disturbance in the peace in the family. You will be careless in your statements and offend your relatives. You can avoid this only if you thoroughly work on your character.
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