Why do you dream of a person with a broken or swollen face?

A dreamed human face reflects not only a person’s attitude towards his appearance, but also reveals many hidden fears, complexes, as well as internal needs and desires. The condition of the face, its appearance, as well as the circumstances of its appearance in a dream make it possible to interpret the image positively or negatively. Thus, a broken face is most often interpreted from the position of the dreamer’s dissatisfaction with his appearance.

What are you unhappy about?

In a dream, did you see yourself swollen and fat? Do not rush to panic - the interpretation of the dream is favorable. This is a sure sign that you will live in contentment and luxury.

Did you dream that you saw yourself fat, swollen and clearly unhappy? The dream book suspects that in your dreams you became acquainted with your true essence, hidden under a familiar mask.

But more often than not, seeing yourself with a swollen face means that you worry too much about your appearance and constantly think about how others evaluate it.

Trouble with your face

Why do you dream about a swollen face? It is believed that this symbol is generally favorable.

Why do you dream about washing your face?

Why do you dream of a boil?

Why do you dream about Injection?

According to the dream book, the dreamer’s swollen face promises him material profit in the near future. You will live in abundance without needing anything.

Hidden dissatisfaction

I dreamed of swelling on my face

If your face is simply swollen and “put on weight,” then this is a clear sign that you will soon receive additional money. True, this is not the only interpretation given by dream books:

  • you see your swollen and dissatisfied face - higher powers point to your real essence, to that part of your nature that you successfully hide not only from the people around you, but also from yourself;
  • in a dream you are worried that your face is swollen - in real life you pay too much attention to your appearance.

Such a plot suggests that the dreamer is constantly worried about how he looks and what other people think about him.

Opinions of interpreters

Seeing a plump appearance in a dream

A dream about a swollen face, according to most dream books, promises you a comfortable life and the acquisition of real wealth. True, if you experienced acute dissatisfaction at the sight of your face, then you probably realized your mistakes, understood how wrong you had acted in the past.

Chinese interpreter

Eastern cultures believe: if you dreamed of being overweight, it means that in reality you will gain material well-being. You will become a person who will not need anything.

Interpreter Longo

The white magician said that any part of the body that is swollen in your night vision means that you greatly regret and yearn for something you have lost.

Swelling on your face causes you an unpleasant sensation - you are trying to hide from the troubles that are pursuing you, but you are not succeeding. Longo said: in order to get rid of your fears and failures, you should not hide from them, but look them in the face.

Seeing a malignant tumor on your face means your mood will change dramatically.

Interpreter Meneghetti

Relieving painful swelling

Did you dream about your swollen face? A sleeping person is used to experiencing events alone, without showing anything to anyone.

It is not good for you to constantly suppress your dissatisfaction. These emotions are considered destructive and they literally eat you away from the inside.

Sigmund Freud's prediction

The psychologist believed that the face in the night vision represents the male genital organs. The face swells and becomes ugly - you may have problems not only in the sexual sphere, but also in communicating with people around you.

Muslim interpreter

If in real life you are completely healthy, but in a dream your face swells before your eyes, then you should sort out your thoughts.

I dreamed of many different faces

For those people who deal with weapons or are in military service, this dream is very significant. You should be extremely careful and avoid injury.

Interpreter of Gustav Miller

If you dream about faces, then such a vision shows what you should expect in the very near future. If the expression was angry, the face was swollen, and looked ugly, then the changes will definitely be for the worse.

Failures will haunt you.

Be careful!

Why else do you dream about a swollen face? If the tumor appeared after a blow, then ill-wishers spread unflattering rumors behind your back.

Unfortunately, those around you recklessly trust evil tales, and this can negatively affect relationships with those closest to you.

A tumor that appears in a dream as a result of a blow marks a painful condition that will arise due to excessive suspiciousness.

Dream Interpretation Modern

Seeing a cunning expression in this interpreter means that you risk dealing with people who want to deceive you. Beware, because you may lose everything valuable to you.

Seeing your face covered in pimples in a dream means you will have to go through conflicts with others. You will probably be to blame for them because you will not speak very highly of them. If you dreamed of some kind of stage makeup or bright makeup, it means your friends or loved ones are not completely honest with you.

Seeing a mask is a sign that you are very mistaken about someone. If you feel satisfied when you see your own face, it means that you will be lucky in everything. But seeing a lot of defects on your face that don’t really exist is a sign that you haven’t thought through your own line of behavior. Because of this, your business is in jeopardy.


Did you dream that you saw your swollen face in the mirror? The dream book thinks that something is oppressing you and you want to return to brighter times. But very thick cheeks reflected in the mirror promise a promotion.

If in a dream the face in the mirror is puffy, as if after a feast, then be sure to agree to some proposal. It will bring great monetary benefits in the future.

Miller's Dream Book

According to the interpreter, to see your face beautiful and ingenuous in a dream is the personification of the fact that you will indulge in the pleasures that you deserve. But seeing your face disfigured in a dream is a bad symbol. He says that unpleasant events will happen that will greatly spoil your mood.

If you dreamed that your skin was even and healthy in color, luck will be on your side. The events that take place will surprise you, but it will be a pleasant surprise. But poor skin color warns of disappointment.

If you dream of your own reflection, it means that you will be dissatisfied with yourself. You will not be able to complete the project you have started, which will lead to frustration and depression. If you see ugly lips, this warns of possible hasty actions, for which you will have to pay dearly. But pleasant lips with a smile are a sign that everything will go well in your relationship with your partner. You will achieve reciprocity if you have not yet confessed your feelings to the person.

When you dream of thin lips, it predicts difficulties that you can easily overcome. Lips swollen due to illness are a symbol of passions, losses or serious illnesses.

Go shopping!

Why dream that your own swollen face has become almost unrecognizable?

For women, the dream book guarantees a successful shopping experience, but men will clearly not be satisfied with the results of the work done.

Swollen and somewhat asymmetrical cheeks in a dream guarantee profit. This could be a successful deal, a new job or a bonus.

according to Miller

in addition to the fact that the face is swollen in a dream, it may turn pale, red, etc. which means predictions can vary depending on the details of the dream.

for example, a red, swollen face predicts in reality mistakes or an emotional showdown, as well as hidden vices. pale warns of humiliation and suffering. dirty, oddly enough, it appears to those who rest after completing a difficult task. Clear facial skin promises success in the profession, Miller’s dream book promises.

noticed pimples? probable, damages and losses. pockmarks warn of a serious illness, and scars mean that you have to take responsibility. what was the burnt, swollen face dreaming of? to the fact that you may be criticized, but everyone will soon forget about it or change their mind.

Deal with it immediately!

Did you dream that your face was swollen due to a bad tooth? The dream book advises you to worry less about trifles, otherwise you will not notice something important and significant.

If in a dream your swollen face itches, hurts and generally causes inconvenience, then you are trying to hide from some problem. However, she constantly reminds herself and prevents her from living peacefully.

The dream book recommends dealing with unresolved issues as soon as possible, otherwise you will forever be mired in difficulties.


Are you sleeping and see that your face is swollen due to an inflamed tooth? In this case, worry less about trifles, otherwise you will miss something important and useful, the dream book recommends.

When in a dream a puffy face itches or causes other unpleasant sensations, then think: are you in reality trying to ignore an important problem? It’s easier to end it once and for all than to get nervous from time to time and spoil your mood. And in general, make it a rule: do not put anything on the back burner, otherwise you will later get bogged down in piled-up matters.

Don't relax!

Did you dream that your swollen face became the same right before your eyes? In a dream, this is a sign that you are under the protection of a secret force that protects you from troubles and life’s troubles.

But the dream book does not advise relaxing! Excessive carelessness and carelessness can lead to the loss of this invisible favor and then all imaginable troubles will fall on your head.

Appearance, color

It is important what condition the skin on the face was in. The interpretation depends on this:

  • Soiled. The dream characterizes the dreamer as a person with changeable moods.
  • Pure - to the fulfillment of a cherished desire. All circumstances will be such that the sleeping person will be able to realize his old dream.
  • Pale - to great worries and anxieties.
  • White - the dreamer will have to be a hypocrite and lie.
  • An unusual color means receiving stunning news.
  • Black from soot - to an easy solution to a complex issue.
  • A closed appearance under a veil means the dreamer will be able to protect a close friend from danger.
  • Mutilated. Someone will take advantage of the dreamer’s responsiveness and kindness.
  • Scary. As the esoteric dream book insists, a face that evokes a feeling of fear indicates a greater likelihood of a magical effect on the dreamer.

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