Why dream of a stranger in the house, dream of a stranger in the house in a dream

Why do you dream about a lot of people in the house? The dream book considers this plot according to who they were and how they behaved. Therefore, a vision in a dream can portend a good relationship despite the machinations of enemies, great love, and meeting pleasant people. But it also warns of mistakes, strife or separation.

According to AstroMeridian's dream book

Often an apartment is housing for one person.

  • If you live in a house with others, do you have a subconscious desire to taste a little freedom, to find a home of your own where you can lock yourself away from others?
  • On the other hand, perhaps you are experiencing information overload, trying to digest too much data in your daily life, and your mind is asking for a break and a simpler environment.

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Love, prosperity

Did you dream that a large group of friends came? The dream book suggests: this promises great love, which will most likely end in a happy marriage.

Seeing many people in the house for whom you organized a feast in a dream is a harbinger of good income. If such a reception was fun and relaxed, you will meet a lot of easy-going, cheerful people with whom it will be a pleasure to communicate.

A dream about happy guests satisfied with your reception foreshadows wealth and prosperity very soon.

According to the dream book alphabetically

  • If someone is arrested in your apartment, this is a sign of surprises and surprises.
  • Taking on a tenant for your apartment is a sign that you will be included in the Don Juan list of your admirer.
  • If a tenant moves out of the apartment without paying you, you are in for trouble with men due to financial settlements.
  • Finding yourself in the hallway of someone else's apartment, waiting until the owner deigns to come out to you, is to be humiliated in reality.
  • Seeing yourself in someone else's bedroom means the jealousy of your husband or lover.

Visiting strangers

A dream in which you are already visiting strangers requires a separate interpretation. With modern interpretation, the determining factor is the impression made on the dreamer by the party seen in the dream. If the celebration in a dream was spoiled for some reason, this is not a very good sign and is a harbinger of scandals and discord.

If the party you saw in a dream made an extremely positive impression on you, this is an excellent sign that promises you good luck in business, respect and financial stability. If in the dream there was a sea of ​​alcohol, drinks spilled on guests’ clothes, etc., this further enhances its positive meaning: success, joy and wealth are guaranteed to you.

Some dream books claim that a dream in which you are visiting people you don’t know often comes to those who have recently changed their environment, for example, moved from a small town or village to a noisy metropolis, got a job with a large and noisy team, and so on. The reason lies in the fact that a change in lifestyle in real life causes a certain tension, which is transmitted to a person in a dream.

Interpretation of sleep with people in an apartment depending on the circumstances

  • I dreamed about strangers in my own apartment - the result of certain events that happened in real life. Such a nightly plot may be associated with an upcoming holiday to which a large number of guests are invited. The desire to arrange everything perfectly is not surprising; for this reason, all thoughts and worries will be reflected in night dreams.
  • Paying a visit to friends or relatives and meeting many unknown personalities there is a sign of conflicts and troubles in reality. If the peaceful flow of the feast was not disturbed by anything and the dreamer experienced only positive emotions, then reality will present something pleasant. As a rule, people who recently moved to a large metropolis feel like guests. At first, mild discomfort may appear even during sleep.

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  • 18-Dec-2021 Victoria I dreamed of many people in my house, whom I stubbornly kicked out and I felt very uncomfortable.
  • 28-Feb-2021 Elya I dreamed about my ex’s house, it was full of people, they were working, doing something. The owner is not at home, I look at everything.
  • 31-Jan-2021 Julia In a dream, my husband’s co-workers came as guests. Some I knew, some I didn’t. They came with treats. They brought beautifully colored salads, mostly cognac. Themselves drunk, cheerful. I can’t drink, but I wanted it so much that I took one sip of cognac straight from the bottle.
  • 6-Apr-2020
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