Why did you dream about a dead man but they said that he was alive, you had a dream about a dead man but they said that he was alive in a dream

Talking to a dead person in a dream

Why do you dream about talking to the dead? Interpretation of dreams. A conversation with a dead person in a dream is interpreted depending on who you were talking to. In any case, this is usually a warning dream. In our dream book you can find out not only what dreams about “talking to the dead” mean, but also about the interpretation of the meaning of many other dreams. In addition, you will learn more about what it means to talk to the dead in a dream in Miller’s online dream book.

To find out more specifically why you dream of talking to someone who is dead, you need to remember who it was, as well as the content of the conversation. Particular importance should be given to dreams in which you communicated with deceased relatives, namely, parents and grandparents. A conversation with them in a dream encourages you to be extremely careful in new endeavors and acquaintances.

Seeing previously deceased relatives or close people alive in a dream and talking to them foreshadows some changes in your life. If they call you to their place, then such a dream warns you of mortal danger.

Often, talking in a dream with people who died not long ago warns of a real danger that threatens you.

Seeing previously deceased relatives calm and serene is a sign that you can trust your fate and not worry about trifles.

If you dreamed that a deceased relative was making a request to you, perhaps this is a warning about impending mental depression or a decline in business.

Dying (deceased) relatives and acquaintances in a dream (but living in reality) report their well-being, or the breakdown (separation) of relations with them.

Deceased parents in a dream (who died earlier in reality) - their appearance in a person’s dream after their physical death has several aspects of interpretation. Among them: an attempt at psychological defense to neutralize strong feelings of loss, grief, loss in connection with what happened; which, as a consequence, leads to the harmonization of the mental activity of the sleeper.

At the same time, deceased parents (relatives) act as a connecting element of human consciousness with the transcendental, otherworldly world. And in this case, the meaning of their image in a dream is significantly enhanced. Our deceased parents come “from there” at important periods in the sleeper’s life and serve as a sign of guidance, advice, warning, and blessing. Sometimes they become messengers about the death of the dreamer himself and even take and accompany the person to another world (these are prophetic dreams about one’s own death!).

If you dreamed that you were talking with your deceased father, this is an encouragement for you to carefully think through the business you are starting and all the operations associated with it. The dream warns of intrigues planned by someone against you

Dream Interpretation of the White Magician Yu.Longo

Dream Interpretation Dead - Having seen a dead person in a dream, you need to prepare for something bad that will affect your family. Perhaps one of your children has gotten into the habit of coming home late; this is at least alarming, and sometimes even dangerous. Try to prevent trouble with all the tact available to you. Reviving a dead man in a dream or seeing how he himself comes to life - soon you will again have to face a problem that you thought was solved long ago.

The first thing you experience, as if returning to the past, is shock, reluctance to do anything; you just want to run away from the “living” difficulty. However, you need to overcome yourself and calmly, without panicking, find a solution. Talking in a dream with a person who, as you know, has died a long time ago, according to the tradition of dream interpretation, means a sudden change in the weather.

Dream Interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

Seeing a Dead Man in a Dream

Dead Man - Unexpected Danger

Sigmund Freud calls such dreams symbols of human regrets about their missed opportunities, about any memories and about past successes. If the dreamer sees that his parents have died, while in reality they are healthy, this may indicate the dreamer’s subconscious desire for their death. Freud justifies such a cruel interpretation: apparently, the parents once prevented the dreamer from implementing his plans, for which he was very offended by them.

Dream Interpretation Dead

Why do you dream of a dead man in a dream?

In general, dreams about the dead, as well as about death in general, have the opposite interpretation, that is, they are good omens. Details and details depend on the circumstances. For example, a coffin may be present in one way or another in a dream - this is a bad symbol, foreshadowing possible losses and tears.

If, when talking with a deceased relative, he tries to force you to make him some kind of promise, the dream advises you to listen to wise advice in order to overcome stagnation in business.

– To be present at someone’s birthday, wedding, holiday is someone’s unexpected help.

– To see a ball, dances, round dances, dances around you in a dream - expect deception, slander, a bad surprise.

– Having your birthday at the table, in the circle of loved ones, is the most favorable dream; you have a long, happy life ahead.

If you dreamed of a dead person in a coffin, most likely you will return to your loved one from the past, in other words, you will try to enter the same river a second time. Such resumption of relations will not lead to anything good. Seeing a deceased person dead in a coffin is usually simply the result of your long-standing and prolonged experiences associated with the loss of this person; Such dreams only speak of pain that has not subsided enough.

Talking/communicating with a deceased non-relative in a dream is the same dependence on details as with a relative, but in the absence of a blood connection, such a dream is more a manifestation of the yang energy of Heaven. The physical impact (illness) is minor. We need to pay attention to the spiritual side: past relationships, the content of the conversation, which most likely will be everyday. People who are not related to us by blood, but who are spiritually close to us, more often in a dream warn or convey important information for future life.

Explanation of dream books

Very often, modern dream interpreters do not give an accurate explanation. In this case, you need to turn to various books by psychologists , astrologers and fortune tellers. In this case, it is worth taking into account the events accompanying the conversation with the deceased.

Miller's opinion

This famous American psychologist had his own understanding of such dreams and examined their meaning in detail in his dream book. Interpretation taking into account specific circumstances:

  1. Talking with deceased parents in a dream means serious illnesses are coming for the sleeping person or his loved ones. It is worth paying attention to your health and treating chronic diseases.
  2. In night dreams, swearing loudly with your deceased grandfather means struggling with something in reality, but without much success.
  3. Seeing a dead person alive in a dream and talking to him is a warning about dangers; you should think about your immediate surroundings.
  4. A dream in which a stranger lies in a coffin and talks with the sleeping person represents doubts and the inability to get out of the current situation.
  5. Hugging a deceased relative tightly and talking to him is a sign that the dreamer’s health will soon deteriorate greatly.
  6. A dead person in a dream is alive and talking on the phone - the sleeping person cannot let go of the deceased and protects the connection with him.
  7. If you dreamed of seeing yourself sitting near the coffin with the deceased and listening to his speech, then the dream foreshadows a pleasant and exciting journey.

A dream in which the sleeper communicated with the deceased in a cemetery and received an invitation from him to go with him is an alarming sign. It is necessary to be careful in reality , because a person is in danger. In this case, it is important to remember whether the dreamer responded to the invitation or followed the person who passed away.

Freud's interpretation

Sigmund Freud was sure that dreams involving deceased relatives or unknown people often predict various changes in a person’s life. It is important to remember the mood of the deceased and the approximate content of his words:

  1. In a dream, seeing an undead relative in a grave and at the same time talking to him - the dreamer in reality has uncertainty about upcoming important matters.
  2. Conducting a conversation with a deceased person immediately after his death is a sign that in the near future the person will begin to have serious health problems.
  3. If in night dreams the deceased grandfather warns of danger, it means that the sleeper has ill-wishers who can cause him grief and harm.
  4. Hugging a deceased grandmother, talking to her and crying - a person will soon begin a bright streak in life. You can plan any endeavor.
  5. From the outside, observing the communication of several dead people means bad memories of events in the dreamer’s life do not allow him to start living again.

If dreams with dead people are repeated too often, and their meaning never changes, then it is necessary to carefully evaluate the actions that the sleeper has taken in recent years.

Tsvetkov's interpretation

The esotericist deciphers such night visions, relying on the emotional state of the sleeper . At the same time, it is worth understanding what emotions a person experiences after waking up:

  1. In a dream, talking to your dead grandmother and crying at the same time means a strong longing for the deceased. Sometimes a night plot foreshadows difficulties in reality.
  2. Hugging the deceased and talking to him - in reality, the dreamer was able to survive the loss of a loved one and continues to live on.
  3. Communicating with a dead relative in a black suit means that a friend or neighbor will die in the near future.
  4. Asking the deceased for a lot of money means receiving financial profit in the near future.
  5. A dead person in a dream is alive and talking - the sleeping person will have to face injustice.
  6. Seeing a dead stranger and talking to him means that weather conditions will change in the coming days.

Dreams in which the deceased are seen always evoke not very pleasant sensations and emotions. Although quite often such dreams only mean a change in the weather. To understand exactly what a conversation with a dead person means in a dream, you need to take into account all the circumstances of the dream, as well as the mood of the dreamer.

Talking to your dead father in a dream

Dreams about dead people are mostly our feelings and emotions. They should be interpreted neutrally if the deceased behaved quietly and caused disturbances. A conversation with the deceased, however, may contain some important information. How accurately one can remember the words and what the dream setting is often determines how circumstances will turn out in reality.

Why do you dream of talking to a dead person? If a deceased close relative came to you in a dream, then in reality you need to be extremely careful in relationships with new acquaintances or in business endeavors. It is worth once again analyzing the situation and being more careful in making any decisions. It is possible that secret spiteful critics or outspoken doctors will make an attempt to thwart the plan.

Late parents often appear in dreams to warn of upcoming difficulties and trials. If the dreamer talks to his mother, illness or health problems await him. In addition, it is worth taking care of preserving your reputation. A conversation with a deceased father promises problems of a business or material nature. To cope with them, you need to mobilize your will and efficiency. Perhaps the planned deal is unprofitable and should be abandoned.

Why dream of talking to a dead person if it is the dreamer’s grandfather? To an imminent illness or some health problems. In addition, the dream indicates mental confusion and severe anxiety that poison life. Proactive action must be taken to correct the situation.

If a conversation took place in a dream with a deceased brother, in reality a friend or relative will soon turn to the dreamer for help. Under no circumstances should you refuse, otherwise life circumstances will change for the worse. A deceased friend appears in a dream to warn you of important news. It cannot be ignored: using information, you can get benefits.

Why dream of talking to a dead person on the phone? To receive important information. If the dreamer remembers the essence and details of the conversation, this is very good. The information can be used to improve your personal or business life. Hearing the voice of a deceased friend means you will soon receive bad news. Be prepared for downturns and minor setbacks.

Swearing at a dead person is also a very bad sign. After such a dream, be prepared for a major conflict. Restraint, prudence, extreme caution after a negative dream will help to avoid big problems. Another interpretation may be related to the influence of the past, which the dreamer does not want to let go of.

If you made some kind of promise to the deceased in a dream, this does not mean that in reality you should take some action related to this person. The dream suggests that the advice of wise people around you is what is needed at the moment. In addition, the current crisis will soon pass; we just need to hold on a little longer without losing optimism.

If in a dream you communicate with people who have recently died, it means a real danger to life. You need to mobilize and be on alert: circumstances may not be in the dreamer’s favor. He will either have to flee or prepare for a long period of losses, disappointments and failures.

According to this dream book, the dead come to warn of impending disasters or illnesses. After such a dream, you need to be more careful with your health. If the deceased himself looks very bad (sick, depressed), then in reality the dreamer will face injustice, from which it will take a long time to recover.

Why do you dream of talking to a dead person? The interpreter believes that big changes await the dreamer who spoke with a deceased friend. We need to remember what the conversation was about. Perhaps the words of the deceased contain a hint or a warning that will help in reality cope with some difficult situation.

A dream about a conversation with a deceased person is directly related to the emotions that the dreamer experienced towards the deceased person. If a conversation takes place, you need to treat it as a warning. The words spoken by the deceased must be taken literally, as if they were spoken by a living person.

If a deceased person comes to the dreamer’s house, rows and screams, then in reality troubles and serious dangers await. If you dream that the deceased behaves quietly and talks on neutral topics, then in reality you should expect a change in the weather for the worse.

If a person came to you in a dream, at whose funeral you personally attended, and if he warns about the danger that threatens you or someone else, you must definitely listen to this information. In this case, the deceased gives valuable advice: you should not go on long trips or take important steps that can have a great impact on the dreamer’s life. It is especially important to follow this advice in the first days and weeks after the dream: a dream can warn of a real danger to the dreamer’s life.

If a deceased person comes to you in a dream and is silent, it means that he does you only goodness, happiness, wealth, which he himself had during his lifetime. A cheerful dead man in a dream predicts receiving some pleasant news from family or friends. The sad dead man warns of the presence of enemies and of the imminent receipt of news of their machinations.

If in a dream a dead person called the dreamer or took him away, then in reality he will face a quick death or a death similar to the one that befell the deceased. If such a dream occurs regarding deceased relatives or good friends, then instead of death the dreamer will face many adversities in life, problems, and serious illnesses.

Dreams about the dead are interpreted by the interpreter as a warning. A conversation with the deceased father means that in reality the dreamer will face the failure of business plans, the unsuccessful completion of a planned or already implemented business.

You need to be extremely careful when talking with others: among them there are hidden enemies who are just waiting to annoy or destroy the dreamer’s life.

Why do you dream of talking to your dead mother? Such a dream warns of an imminent illness, as a result of which the dreamer will be thrown out of his usual rut for a long time. In addition, the dream should be taken as a recommendation to be more restrained in business and personal contacts and not to show negative emotions towards people around you.

A dream about a conversation with the deceased may also mean that the deceased is waiting for some significant promise from you and that it is this promise that can prevent negative developments and ward off real danger or trouble from the dreamer.

If dead people behave relaxed in a dream, have fun, laugh and generally look alive, then in reality someone has a strong and negative influence on the dreamer. This can lead to financial losses and the rapid emergence of financial problems. They can only be solved with great effort.

A dead person who appears in a dream is regarded by the interpreter as a sign of something unpleasant, nasty, painful, and this is connected with the dreamer’s family. A living dead man who says nothing is a sign that very soon a long-forgotten problem will return to his life. Even if it seemed resolved, you will have to re-solve some unpleasant issue or account for old debts.

If in a dream the dreamer ran away from the deceased, then in reality he will be stuck in the situation for a long time. If you managed to overcome yourself and talk to the deceased without fear, then you will still be able to find a solution.

Why dream of talking to a dead person in a neutral tone? This may be a harbinger of a change in weather, most often for the worse. Another interpretation of a conversation with the deceased is an indication that a relative or good friend of the deceased is looking for the dreamer to hear something important from him or to resolve some significant issue.

Unfortunately, people close and dear to us die one day. However, sometimes they may come to you in your dreams. For what?

Some bring disappointment, others warn of future danger, others predict future events. How to react to such dreams? It is imperative to understand all the details with this.

Dreams are very different. Sometimes we see incredible events and even do something out of the ordinary that we would never do in reality.

Sometimes, on the contrary, we dream about ordinary and familiar things, and we miss such dreams without paying due attention to them. But in vain! Because it is precisely such scenes in dreams, the most ordinary and unremarkable, that often mean something very important, hint and indicate what will happen soon.

Don’t we want to know what will happen soon, what to expect and what to fear, what to do? Dreams can help, and the dream book will always give you wise advice.

We have to talk and communicate constantly; our whole life consists of communications. We live in a society, and communication constitutes our entire existence, all areas of life - work, friendship, love, family - are communication. But why do you dream of a conversation, what does it mean in a dream?

It happens that in dreams there is nothing unusual, and we talk with mom, dad, a loved one or boyfriend, but it also happens that in a dream we have to talk with a dead person, a deceased person, a celebrity, even the president! Whether in person or on the phone, such conversations are thought-provoking and haunting.

The dream book knows what this means, and it is not difficult for us to find out. Such visions should not be overlooked, because they are sometimes important. Before looking at the interpretation, remember all the details and nuances:

  • Talk to somebody
  • Talk to an animal in a dream
  • Hear the conversation
  • Quiet conversation in dreams
  • Talk to yourself
  • Talk loudly
  • Heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one
  • Unpleasant conversation in a dream
  • Chatting with the man you love
  • Talk to the guy you like
  • Talking on the phone in a dream
  • With a celebrity, with a president, living or dead
  • Talking to a stranger
  • With a dead man
  • Talk to your ex-lover
  • With a deceased relative
  • Chat with mom
  • Talking to a friend

All these conversations in a dream carry important information, and it can give you a lot in reality. Be careful, don’t confuse the details, and find out what the conversation is about in your dream - no matter who you have to talk to in your dream, with a living or dead person, with a former or real man, on the phone or in person.

Let's talk!

How to understand that the soul is bored in the next world

It is believed that dead people miss the living most of all during the first time after they left our world. This happens during the period when the soul undergoes so-called adaptation (transitions from earthly life to existence in the spiritual world). Most of all, the deceased may miss their children, grandchildren, parents, and loved ones.

There are signs that indicate that the deceased misses you and is trying to make it clear:

  1. Amazing dreams. This is the most common way to see the deceased, since the consciousness of the sleeping person becomes more open to interaction with the otherworldly.
  2. Heightened feelings. Such phenomena occur in reality and may look like the presence of a smell that the deceased loved, a sudden sensation of cold or touch. Sometimes you may hear the faint voice of the deceased.
  3. Frequently encountered representatives of the fauna. The dead, who have not yet completely left for the afterlife, are able to temporarily inhabit various living beings. To show that it remembers its loved ones, the soul may appear before you in the form of a butterfly, dragonfly, bird or other creatures.

The dead can make it clear that they miss the living by moving or disappearing objects in the house where they lived, or by frequently playing their favorite music. Sometimes the relatives and friends of the deceased have a feeling of the presence of something inexplicable. This suggests that the deceased is nearby, sees and hears them, and, perhaps, is trying to say something

With a dead woman

Sometimes in your dreams you can meet people who have died a long time ago. For example, there is a possibility of seeing a deceased woman acquaintance. Let's see how dream books interpret such a vision.

If you communicate with her exclusively on everyday topics, then subconsciously you are drawn to this person and simply cannot forget him.

When the image of the woman you are talking to in a dream turns pale, this is a very good sign. It is likely that some joyful event will happen.

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